‘Mission: Impossible 5′ Gets a Christmas 2015 Release Date

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mission impossible 5 release date Mission: Impossible 5 Gets a Christmas 2015 Release Date

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was a pleasant surprise, in the sense that relatively few moviegoers predicted that it would be as much fun as it is. After all, five years had gone by since J.J. Abrams released Mission: Impossible III – still the lowest-grossing installment – and Tom Cruise’s luster had started to fade, which gave rise to rumors that Ghost Protocol would see IMF point man Ethan Hunt hang up his hat, for a younger lad to lead the missions heron out (Jeremy Renner, to be exact).

Instead, director Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible movie gave Cruise’s waning star power a blast of fresh energy, with the added bonus of reinvigorating the TV series-inspired espionage adventure franchise (resulting in a series-high $695 million worldwide tally). As such, we’ve been looking forward to the announcement that Mission: Impossible 5 will be released in late 2015, where it will duke it out at the box office with Jedi, Boston crooks, furry martial artists and (possibly) orcs for dominance.

Paramount has officially scheduled the fifth Mission: Impossible movie for release on December 25th, 2015, just over four years after Ghost Protocol hit the scene. The secret agent thriller reteams Cruise with Jack Reacher writer/director Christopher McQuarrie at the helm, with the latter drawing from a screenplay written by Drew Pearce (co-writer of Iron Man 3). There’s no word yet on who will join Cruise in front of the camera, though we should have a casting update soon (what with production set to get started in London by February 2014).

tom cruise mission impossible 4 Running Mission: Impossible 5 Gets a Christmas 2015 Release Date

Where it concerns the plot, your guess is as good as ours, though we’ll venture so far as to say that Mission: Impossible 5 will involve Ethan bouncing around real-world landmarks (with assistance from a crack team that could include returning players like Simon Pegg and/or Ving Rhames). This franchise tends to mix it up in terms of Cruise’s supporting players, so it’s possible that Ghost Protocol operatives Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner won’t be making an appearance this round (especially since Renner might be preoccupied with filming on The Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Similarly, each Mission: Impossible film has its own unique cinematic flavor, varying from the operatic action style of John Woo’s Mission: Impossible II to the do-daring Saturday morning cartoon spirit of Bird’s installment. McQuarrie, if we judge by his work on Jack Reacher, could instill his film with something of a classic B-movie action/thriller vibe. Indeed, Mission: Impossible 5 could have something of a European caper throwback feel to it, though perhaps more pronounced than in this year’s Fast & Furious 6 (another Italian Job-esque throwback).

As mentioned before, McQuarrie’s film will have strong competition at the box office, with Star Wars: Episode VII and Warcraft having opened a week earlier; in addition, Kung Fu Panda 3 opens two days before MI5, while Ben Affleck’s Live By Night also opens on Christmas Day. While there’s a reasonable chance that Universal will blink and move Warcraft to avoid it being slaughtered (something /Film is predicting), Ethan Hunt should be able to handle the difficult opposition regardless. After all, for him “difficult” is a walk in the park.


Mission: Impossible 5 opens in theaters on Christmas Day 2015.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Tom Cruise just assembled his Avengers at the end of MI4, remember how everyone accepted his offer? It’s a good likable team, they should continue with it!

    There’s no way Jeremy Renner has to give up MI5 because of a crappy role in Avengers 2.

    • my guess is Renner will star in both Avengers 2 and Mission Impossible 5. with any luck both will turn out to be fun big movies and he’ll have a similarly busy year like 2012 :)

    • Did you just use “Likeable” and “Tom Cruise” in the same sentence?

      Thats gotta be like a scrabble double word score or something.

    • I agree….I want the whole exact team back! Ghost Protocol is my only favorite mission impossible film.

  2. Renner was the reason I watched Ghost Protical in the theatre, if he’s not in it I’m not interested.

    • Excuse me, Protocol.

    • Me too James. Cruise is a huge star and this is his franchise, but I don’t think he has enough pull anymore to justify these massive budgets. Word of mouth will do it if the film is great, but having a strong supporting cast with their their own fan bases will really help to make it profitable. With Renner in it I will be there on opening night, without him it will just be one of the many many new releases battling for my money.

      I don’t mean to be down on Cruise, he is great and without him this franchise would sink, it is just that his name alone does not put a film at the top of my list.

      • I think the problem is, in these movies, that Tom Cruise plays ‘Tom Cruise’.

  3. Wow, 2015 couldn’t get any crowded… o_o
    Anyway, if Renner is in this, then his double agent role in 2012 is happening once again (In 2012 he was a SHIELD in Avengers and also an agent in Bourne).

    • dont forget Bourne Legacy sequel will also release in 2015. quite a busy year for Renner.

  4. Can we please stop acting like mission impossible title alone will guaranteed its success?

    Last installment was breathtaking and one of the best imax experience of all time

    They better bring their A game and i am very nervous with this new director.

    • Thing is, it’s the Mission Impossible brand name and the constant footage of that epic tower climb in Dubai that got people to watch Ghost Protocol. It’s also why the studio added the MI name instead of just releasing it as GP in case audiences didn’t recognise it as the new movie in the franchise.

      Can’t speak for IMAX, I’m not sure many here saw it in that format (most still go 2D unless forced into 3D via lack of 2D screenings or no mention of a 2D option, plus I didn’t see it myself until it was on TV last Christmas).

      Anyway, I’ll watch the 5th one, I just hope they don’t increase Renner’s role because the last movie did just fine as an ensemble movie with Ethan just edging ahead in importance and screen time.

      The first is still the best though.

      • Agreed that first one was awesome

        I just wish everyone had opportunity to see mi:gp at true imax

        And yes I will still go see the next one but still nervous

      • I saw it in I-Max to see The Dark Knight Rises sneak peek. Remember that?

        • HA! I did that too. So glad I went.

      • Agreed the first one felt like a real Mission Impossible film, I like John Woo but the second film was awful and full of continuity errors, the third I enjoyed for Philip Seymour Hoffman more than anything else and Ghost Protocol I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would.

        I will watch a 5th installment but I wouldn’t bother going to an IMAX theater, actually I wouldn’t bother seeing them in a theater at all, I seem to actively put off watching them but when I do their usually is something enjoyable about the franchise.

        Cue Tom Cruise running to the box office and away from gay thoughts!

      • There was a lot about the first one I liked, but I still felt that TEAM must be the most important aspect of these films, they kind of threw that away in MI1, but really got it right in MI4.

        About increasing Renner’s role, it should go up a little because he only turned up half way through last time. Once they were all together I think the mix was about right. If nothing else I do hope Cruise passes the running scenes to Renner, Cruise running always cracks me up and completely ruins the moment; Renner actually runs like a sprinter, he is a nimble little minx.

        • I dunno, I still feel like Renner is better as a supporting actor and can’t carry a major role yet so his presence in GP was just fine. Any more would have completely ruined it for me.

          I can’t say anything about the way Cruise runs because the rare times I’ve had to run since my high school sporting days, I’ve been compared to the way Tom runs with “the whole body being put to explosive use” as one expert said like professional sprinters do.

  5. This a bad move

  6. Thought the world was a little too harsh on ‘Jack Reacher’ personally. But I came fresh with no prior knowledge of the source material, so perhaps the distance this afforded offered such allowance of praise.

    Still, assuming McQuarrie is allowed to retain his individuality and not become a yes man to Mr Cruise (a fatal flaw of ‘Oblivion’ I thought with Kosinski) I will find a reason to enjoy it on opening weekend. Mr Cruise always does his best work when paired with a director who couldn’t give a flying fudge about his personality. Which is what he usually protests about, yet still caters to his (belief of) expectations to his audience.

    Could be quite an interesting analysis actually of actors who grow older and trust their audiences to do so also compared to those who do not (looking at you, Mr Will Smith)…

    • You’re not alone in your opinion of Jack Reacher.
      I didn’t see it in the theater but when I checked it out on Blu-Ray I thought it was one of the more solid action flicks I’ve seen lately.
      The action was done well, the villain was solid and it move along at a decent pace which IMO are the basic needs for any action flick.

      • Yeah, I saw it on TV back in early summer and regretted not going to see it on the big screen because it was really good.

  7. MI 3 and 4 were really good so I’ll be seeing both movies… although I’ll probably watch Star Wars VII till it isn’t showing in theaters anymore.

  8. I really liked Ghost Protocol, but I think it’s time to replace Cruise.

  9. Ghost Protocol was a great movie, and Mission Impossible 3 is my favorite in the franchise. However, I did not see 3 in the theater because I expected it to be horrible after how much I disliked the second film.

    It’s going to be difficult to top the last two films, and I think it is time for Cruise to hand the franchise over to another actor…like Bond.

  10. Tom Cruise is a huge star here in India. Atleast here, MI5 will be watched for him. His MI2 AND 4 were classsics!!

  11. I think mission impossible should be where Julia has a kid and the father/son/daughter have to save the world