‘Iron Man 3′ Writer Drew Pearce Hired for ‘Mission: Impossible 5′

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Drew Pearce Mission Impossible 5 Writer Iron Man 3 Writer Drew Pearce Hired for Mission: Impossible 5

Drew Pearce has been on quite a roll over the last few years. The screenwriter has lent his talents to a number of high-profile upcoming projects, including Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, Sherlock Holmes 3, and, most recently, the blockbuster smash Iron Man 3, which he co-wrote with director Shane Black.

Now, Pearce has agreed to take on another massive franchise: Mission: Impossible. According to a new report, Pearce has been hired to write Mission Impossible 5, the sequel to 2011′s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the news, noting that the film is expected to shoot in the fall after filming Tom Cruise films The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Ghost Protocol was the most successful film in the Mission: Impossible franchise, and Tom Cruise’s most successful film ever, so it will be a tall order for Pearce and company to come up with something that builds on that success. Since it’s Mission: Impossible, though, you can expect plenty of globe-trotting spy action.

Mission Impossible 5 starring Tome Cruise Iron Man 3 Writer Drew Pearce Hired for Mission: Impossible 5

With Pearce on board now, and Tom Cruise officially signed on for the film, it’s likely that a director’s announcement is coming soon. Christopher McQuarrie, who directed Tom Cruise in last year’s Jack Reacher, has been a lead contender to direct the film for some time, but he may be busy with other projects, including the submarine thriller Ice Station Zebra.

Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick gave Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol a four star review, calling the movie “an in-your-face action adventure with a number of enjoyable performances and exciting set pieces.” Hopefully, Pearce can bring some of the same impressive action sensibilities he showed in Iron Man 3 to earn a similar review for MI5.

What do you think of Drew Pearce scripting Mission: Impossible 5? Is it a good choice, or were you one of the people who didn’t like Pearce and Shane Black’s take on Iron Man 3 (like Screen Rant Editor-in-Chief Kofi Outlaw in last week’s podcast)? Let us know in the comments.


Mission: Impossible 5 is expected to hit theaters in 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. Look out for the twist: it will turn out Ethan Hunt isn’t really Ethan Hunt, and he’s really, uh, er, well….”Bozo Circus Is On The Air!!”

  2. Ummm…will this also be a comedy???

  3. he knows action.

  4. Uh oh!

  5. Great, it’s ganna be filled with one liners and cheap comedy….

    • Those “one liners” and “cheap comedy” were more a product of both Shane Black and RDJ’s approach to the character of Tony Stark. Or should I say Tony SNARK?

      Downey’s “one liner” approach to Stark/IM had gotten tired with IM2.

      It would be better to just re boot the IM franchise with a fresh new actor, writer and director. The smart allecky Stark routine has run it’s course. Leave that shtick to Peter Parker/Spidey.

      • This is blasphemous! Someone abhorring RDJ’s punches?

        Or is this the usual human tendency to go against the tide to get noticed?

        • Oh, please.

          Blasphemy? Nope. I’m not a RDJ sycophant. His annoying, arrogant, snarky “punches” are irritating and tiresome. Predictable. It might have worked in the first IM, but after 3 more of these Tony Snark portrayals they are reductive and annoying.

          Iron Man was never an A hole like that. Tony Stark isn’t a smart allecky jerk in the books.

          If anyone is seen as “getting noticed” for going against “the tide” simply for making a comment then you are just as guilty. Right?


          As if “Iron Man 3″ was such a great movie. Right?


  6. Still haven’t seen IM3 and Pacific Rim still isn’t out yet so I can’t pre judge anything of this film. Someone made a crack and “one liners and cheap comedy”; that’s Shane Black though. And I love Shane Black. Either way, the Mission Impossible series is a lot of fun. I don’t care for Jeremy Renner anymore. I lost interest after his portrayal of Hawkeye. So I hope he isn’t going to be connected to this series anymore. This franchise will probably last as long if not longer than Fast and Furious.

  7. o please god no, no

  8. The Iron Man 3 hate IS TOO DAMN HIGH! ;)
    Seriously though… really?

    …anyway, this kind of feels like old news. I could have sworn I read about this a few months back (or am I confusing this news with something similar?)

    • It’s pretty revealing isn’t it?

      But you can’t argue with the truth. You might want to “defend” but it seems that the final verdict rendered for IM3 was that it “failed” to deliver.

      That is not simply myself saying it. That is the consensus.

      • Consensus?
        That’s weird… here I thought the consensus says it was good… what with a 7.7 om IMDB and a 78% on the tomatometer with an average rating of 7/10 from reviewers and 4/5 from audience members… sure… people ~hate~ this movie ;)

        To me it looks like it’s mainly the comic book die-hards who think it was terrible. My main gripe with the movie was the Mandarin (surprise surprise), and the overall product was a little disappointing (but with expectations set so high from last year’s TDKR & The Avengers, that’s understandable), but I still thought it was a good movie. Still better than most CBMs out there imo :)

        • You’re right about the die hards. I happen to be one.

          But honestly, overall the flick has been very disappointing. Not only for die hard fans who know the books, but the general movie going audience as well.

          If you have to wonder why there’s so much “hate” as you call it about the flick on THIS thread – an article that doesn’t even have to do with the IM3 – what does that tell you?

    • Yeah, people are really hitting hard on the quality of IM3. It’s not the worst, but it’s definitely not the best.

      Personally, I’d call it the “Quantum of Solace” of Marvel movies; while I do enjoy the overall picture and understand perfectly what it is trying to do, I know it could’ve been handled much better.

  9. And once again a thread turns into a CBM debate..

    Dont have much to go on from Pearce, but I attribute the writing flaws people are pointing out in IM3 to the Tony Stark character.

    Ghost Protocol was an extremely fun movie. Im sure MI5 will be similar.

    • At least no one is saying DC is better than Marvel… YET…

  10. To “The Avenger” – I have always enjoyed and respected your posts and am curious about your take on IM3. I did not get to see your take on that movie, but am curious when you mentioned that you are tired of all the hate towards IM3. I say this because I just saw the movie a few days ago and felt it underwhelmed me for alot of reasons that I am sure you have heard already (i.e. SHIELD lacking, IM suits easily getting smashed by a semi, the twist on the Mandarin, etc). Thoughts?

    • I kinda made up my own “review” of the movie on the comment section of Screen Rant’s official IM3 Review (fyi, I thought ben’s review was pretty spot on). I think my comment/review was on page one if you want to have a look.

      …But to answer your question, I thought it was a good movie, but as a comic book fan, I felt disappointed with the overall productSHIELD didn’t bother me too much since I think it’s obvious they’ll explain their absence later on, the Mandarin twist was a big disappointment, but at least it was funny, no AC/DC was a HUGE letdown, and as for the rest, I’m not really a nitpicker and I can read between the lines fairly well so a lot of the other problems/”plot holes” people complain about don’t bother me either since there are explanations for most of them.
      Still, it was a terrific character driven flick and they made an effort to change up the Iron Man formula, which I respect. I’d give it a 7.5/10.

      Thanks for the interest! :)

  11. I remember before Ghost Protocol the talk was that Cruise would be handing over the torch to Jeremy Renner. But, I don’t think anyone expected the success the film would have both critically and financially so now it’s “Sorry Jermey but Tom isn’t given this up yet.”.
    I don’t blame him though and I’m actually happy that it won’t happen. I think we’ve already seen the best Renner can do and while he wasn’t bad, not at all actually he’s just not “franchise leading” talent.

    • So, no stand alone “Hawkeye” flick??

      Aw, man!!

    • I’m not a huge Jeremy R, fan but I thought I would put in a plug for him, in that I read an article that he was frustrated with the portrayal in the Avengers, in that he felt that the part demanded he wasn’t even himself through most of it, and I can see why he’d be frustrated. What I think I see with him hasn’t let him come to his full potential. That said, IMO don’t see why TC shouldn’t helm another MI – think he is great in those and the part suits him, as opposed to trying to be the 6’2″ force of nature that was supposed to be Jack Reacher. If they can match the quality of Ghost Protocol should be a great ride.

  12. Folks like us who post on these websites only represent a small minority of the movie going public and we need to acknowledge that. Fact is that audiences polled by Cinemascore gave Iron Man Three an “A” and the continued strength at the box office both domestic and international would indicate that the word of mouth has been positive. You can love it or you can hate it but you can’t pretend that the evidence clearly indicates that the movie satisfied the majority of filmgoers.

    • That’s true, but I would also say that the average audience member for IM3 probably doesn’t take a whole lot to be entertained. IM3 was definitely made for the general audience and not for the diehards. The majority of the people who watched IM3 probably don’t even know who the Mandarn is and therefore wouldn’t have had a strong reaction to the twist like diehard fans would.

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