‘Mirror Mirror’ Trailer Boasts Colorful Costumes & Whimsy Galore

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mirror mirror lily collins Mirror Mirror Trailer Boasts Colorful Costumes & Whimsy Galore

Universal got a head start in the Snow White race by being first to release a trailer for its spin on the fairy tale, a.k.a. Snow White and the Huntsman. Now, Relativity Media has countered with a theatrical preview for its respective treatment of the famous princess tale, titled Mirror Mirror.

Mirror Mirror was previously being sold as more of a light-hearted and family-friendly version of the Snow White story, in contrast to the darkly epic tone of Huntsman. Early imagery from the former likewise teased a project that would boasts some genuinely imaginative outfits and sets, courtesy of director Tarsem Singh (Immortals) and his frequent collaborator, Oscar-winning costumer designer Eiko Ishioka.

This early footage from Mirror Mirror makes one thing clear: Singh’s Snow White flick is going to be worlds apart from Huntsman, with regards to tone and atmosphere. Mirror Mirror doesn’t look so much like somewhat of a whimsical romp as it does a full-blown (annoyingly? charmingly?) comical affair – complete with some of the odder gags you’re bound to see in a movie anytime soon.

See what we mean by watching the Mirror Mirror trailer, following the official synopsis below:

In Relativity’s ‘Snow White’, a spectacular reimagining of the classic fairy tale, an evil queen (Julia Roberts) steals control of a kingdom, and an exiled princess (Lily Collins) enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the imagination of audiences the world over.

Singh’s films in general are well-known (or, if you will, infamous) for being cases of dazzling style triumphing over substance. It’s partially for that reason that Mirror Mirror seems like it could be a better match for the director, given that it appears to be much more of a unabashed silly and comical adventure – one that’s focused on telling a fun story full of eccentric characters and evocative settings, as opposed to a narrative with multiple layers of meaning (a la Singh’s The Cell or The Fall).

Collin’s Snow White comes off here as a feistier variation on your average old-school Disney movie princess – or, rather, more like Rapunzel in the Mouse House’s more recent animated flick, Tangled. Likewise, Robert’s Evil Queen isn’t so much sinister as she seems to be more neurotic and pompous (which also explains the whole peacock motif of her dresses) – again, like more recent Disney villainesses.

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror Trailer Boasts Colorful Costumes & Whimsy Galore

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in 'Mirror Mirror'

It would seem safe to assume that Mirror Mirror isn’t going to be quite as erratically fanciful or filled with nonstop quirkiness as this theatrical preview indicates. So, should that prove to be the case, the film could make for a pleasantly fun and enjoyable romp, as well as a nice alternative for moviegoers who aren’t so much interested in Snow White and the Huntsman‘s action-packed brand of fairy tale.

That’s assuming that Mirror Mirror doesn’t go so far over-the-top with its whimsy that it crosses over from being enchantingly goofy to obnoxious, of course…


Mirror Mirror arrives in theaters around the U.S. on March 16th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. no longer available!!!

    • ok its working again

  2. doesn’t feel like julia roberts is even actin in this movie she just turned up on the set and started spouting nonsense… this trailer was a bit to erratic for me to think it will be good

  3. I was actually looking forward to this movie, but after seeing the trailer my interest dropped a lot.

  4. Huh. So Julia Roberts is basically playing herself: a not-as-good-looking-as-you-or-people-think-you-are b**** that treats everybody like human filth and nothing is up to her standards.
    Yeah, I’ll pass on this crap. I’ll take the Huntsman.

  5. Huh. So Julia Roberts is basically playing herself: a not-as-good-looking-as-you-or-people-think-you-are b*tch that treats everybody like human filth and nothing is up to her standards.
    Yeah, I’ll pass on this crap. I’ll take the Huntsman.

  6. looks a little bit like ella enchanted.

  7. Lol….HELLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ NO, Im cool with the other Huntsman/Snow White movie.

    • definitely !!!

  8. Huntsman looks 100xs better.

  9. Snow WHite and The Huntsman looks sooooo much better than this trash. This seems like ‘The Princess Bride’ for Snow White fanatics. I think it will fail.

    • Exactly !!!

  10. this will be amazing!!!!!!!! after watching immortals how amazing is the film i bet Mirror Mirror also will turn out great!!!! Tarsem Singh will be one of the best director in Hollywood.

  11. It looks funny… but really prefer the other vertion Snow White and the Huntsman, it is more excited to me…. maybe I’m gonna see both.

  12. This looks fine for what it is….but Huntsman takes the cake.

    • I guees you mean SW and the huntsman ???

  13. So Screenrant crew or anyone else, is this based on the Gregory Maguire book, “Mirror, Mirror”? Just wondering because the plot is eerily similar and the subheading that we are told to experience “The Untold Adventures of Snow White” sounds very “Maguire-ish”. I would really like to know if this based on the book or if it is an original screenplay.

    • Mirror Mirror is indeed said to be based on an original screenplay – though, like you point out, the film does bear a resemblance to one of Maguire’s “fairy tale revisionist” novels.

  14. I was hoping so much to see the trailer for tarsam porq mirror mirror did a great job of immortals, but it really disappointed me, it appears snow white is a senseless comedy, and then I saw the trailer for Snow White & the hustam wow this
    far better in all respects, better special effects, best performances, best photography, best music, best song, best scenery, is serious and dark gives a natural tone and makes it credible, superior performance primarily on Charlize Theron does an amazing Starring it if it is true the evil queen, far better characterizes him, julia roberts for nothing looks like the evil queen, Snow White & HUSTMAN is much better, and sure will do very good movie, it has everything to be, we’ll see

  15. This looks awful. And this is coming from someone who was really looking forward to seeing the movie in action. Aside from the tone and the writing, which are bad enough, Julia Roberts is completely unbelievable as the evil queen. I really dislike how this movie is portraying her character. Yeah, this is definitely a pass.

  16. This looks frickin’ terrible, but when Hammer said, “you can rub my tummy”, I almost laughed.

  17. Yeah.. that was not what I expected. Could be entertaining though. But for now the other snow white movie looks better.

  18. So this is more of a comedy while the other is more fantasy action? Interesting.

  19. I am a bit dissapointed in the trailer… It does convey that this is more of a comedy, but it really didn’t strike my interest. And I was actually looking forward to the two Snow whites, SWATH actually brought out a brilliant trailer. This leaves me skeptical. Plus Charlize is doing a better job as the evil queen than Julia.

  20. So both Snow Whites have pretty much the same plot?
    I still say Mirror Mirror is going to be better- although after seeing this trailer, I am slightly less confident (that “say hello to my little friend” bit was just terrible).
    I just don’t like Huntsman because it looks too cheezy and predictable … well, I guess Mirror Mirror is too, but at least you have all the pretty colours and silliness to fall back on. Plus, the kids will love the slapstick.

  21. All the comedy and ironic pop culture references really puts me off. I was hoping it was going to do what Tim Burton’s “Alice in wonderland” completely failed to do.

    Snow White looks pretty though. Good to see women with eyebrows again.

  22. We may all want to go see the action packed serious film but in theend all of our young daughters, nieces, cousins, ect. will all have us take them to see Mirror Mirror. I looks like it may have that cookiness that Ella Enchanted had but then again looks like another twist so that the girl doesnt seem so innocent and the prince isnt so charming. But whatever. Its a movie made for entertainment. If it entertains then great. If not, it was a waste of two hours I could have spent sitting on my butt in another screening room watching another “life fufilling film”

  23. “Snow-who?” “Snow-way!”

  24. What’s with all these adaptions of old-timey fairy tales…?
    I’m not really complaining yet, but… wow. TV Shows, movies galore! Yowza!

  25. Wow I was not prepared for this one. How horrible was that ‘teaser’ trailer? I thought from the set photos this would play out like a Shakespeare play, instead it’s very cheesy and uninspired.
    -How corney is it that there are 2 movies coming out with absolutely the same theme? Well at least visually Huntsman looks impressive.

    -I could live my whole life and never see this crap.

    -That is all.

  26. Funny isnt it? Before the two trailers every one had expectations for Christan stawrt’s version of snow white to be bad and this version to be great… not that both trailers are out expectations have switched.

    This looks awful. Like The smurfs live action movie awful.

    • No, that was just you I think. SWATH has been shaping up to be something special from the beginning(since Comicon). Mirror Mirror was more of a question mark on what to expect. Sadly, what we have before us is the outcome. I guess the kids will enjoy it. I think we can stop comparing these two movies now…

  27. …definately the huntsman

  28. Snow White and the Huntsman looks a whole lot better even tho I think Kristen Stewart is one of the most boring actress I have ever seen in any movie she is human ambien

  29. Snow white & the Huntsman looks soo much better ooh myy did i say i liked a Kristen Stewart movie better ???? Gawd what is happening to me