‘Minecraft’ Live-Action Movie in the Works from ‘LEGO Movie’ Producer

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minecraft movie Minecraft Live Action Movie in the Works from LEGO Movie Producer

There’s a wave of video game movie adaptations on the horizon (including Need for Speed in March), which aim to usher in a new generation of quality entertainment for a genre that doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation, as far as its entries breaking new creative barriers. It’s not just Microsoft and Sony games that already boast fully-formed narratives either, as even Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds has a 3D-animated feature in development for release in 2016.

In other words, today’s news of a Minecraft video game movie adaptation being in the works – with Warner Bros. having acquired the rights to the gaming property that was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and then published by Swedish developer Mojang AB - doesn’t exactly come as a shock, all things considered.

For those unfamiliar, Minecraft is an “open world” game where players construct various items and structures using textured cubes (composed of sand, stone, dirt) in a 3D environment; depending on what mode you play in, players may also have to battle the natural elements (weather, hunger) and/or monsters that come out at night (“creepers”), while harvesting plants and animals for food and supplies. (For a much, much more in-depth look at the Mincraft game property, you should check out the archives at Game Rant.)

Deadline is reporting that the Minecraft film adaptation is (surprisingly) being developed as a live-action vehicle, rather than, say, as a computer-animated feature. Presumably, then, the human characters won’t carry over the charmingly rudimentary designs featured in the source game – a la how The LEGO Movie retains the simple architectural aesthetic of the original toys that inspired it (often for comedic effect, no less). As it were, LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee is overseeing the Minecraft movie for WB through his Vertigo Entertainment banner.

minecraft video game movie 570x294 Minecraft Live Action Movie in the Works from LEGO Movie Producer

The Minecraft gaming franchise is exceedingly popular right now – with the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions reaching new sales heights in recent months – so chances are good that WB will push to get the ball rolling on this project sooner than later. Lee has a hand in a number of upcoming projects – including the LEGO Movie sequel that is scheduled to arrive in 2017 – but the next key step will be to recruit a screenwriter to shape the Minecraft concepts into… well, an actual story.

Therein lies the rub, as the saying goes. A Minecraft movie could be anything from a strangely literal-minded adaptation, where the protagonist wanders about the wilderness and builds things – like some kind of indie minimalism/nature drama a la All is Lost – to a dark and gritty post-civilization thriller, where the last remaining humans struggle to build and maintain shelter, in a sparse landscape where dangerous monsters roam about under the cover of darkness, with a setting reminiscent of Oblivion.

Or maybe it’ll just be about a Minecraft player who gets stuck in the game, like how the upcoming Goosebumps movie is about an R.L. Stine-esque author (Jack Black) whose spooky novels come to life in the real world. Given Hollywood’s track record, we’re going to bet that an approach that falls on the less imaginative side will be used (though, as with The LEGO Movie, we could end up pleasantly surprised).

Got your own story ideas for a Minecraft movie? Pitch it to us in the comments section!


We’ll keep you updated on Minecraft the movie as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. My idea is this should be a animated movie and my idea is that this guy named Craig joined a server because Herobrine destroyed the others and got teleported to a distant are and sings a parody of a song in his head and a girl finds him and helps him defeat Herobrine. So the girl Melissa has a twin sister named Jessica who is half enderman do to an accident and is working with Herobrine to destroy all of minecraft. So Melissa and Craig go on a journey to kill Herobrine while trying to survive all the attacks and not dying if they die they die. Along the way they meet up with other youtubers to help with their journey and there are a lot of parodies in the movie (3 movie story)

  2. I will put up with live action if and ONLY if Morgan Freeman narrates the movie.

  3. First of all: Live-action? WHAT? I’m trying to picture how that would translate to actually being Minecraft and not just a movie about someone lost in a random world. Is the world going to be block-shaped? Is the iconic imagery going to remain? I think they should go with an animation instead. There are tons of people out there with amazing skills to use and hire who’re already doing this.

    Second: I really hope they do go with a more creative twist. Recent news said they got turned down for their script by Mojang. It’d be nice to actually be more about the creativity that drives Minecraft and not just… “oh so-so is lost in a cave fighting zombies.”

    Third: dude how cool would it be if the movie was First person view?

  4. testing

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  6. OK, here is my idea:
    1.) The movie should be animated, because the movie would just get messed up like other video game movie adaptions such as Super Mario Bros (1993).
    2.) Microsoft had recently bought Mojang (Makers of Minecraft), so they should make it so that you can stream this movie on your xbox, if you didn’t catch it in the theaters.
    3.) The main protagonist should be Steve, because he is the main character.
    Here is what I think the plot should be:
    Steve is just in his house, minding his own business, when all of a sudden a blonde haired guy named Chris shows up. Chris has news that the Ender Dragon had returned, because the Ender Egg had hatched and created a brand new Ender Dragon. Steve and Chris team up and fight off many mobs of monsters and go on Mining trips for resources they need to fight off the Ender Dragon. Along the way, they meet meet many GOOD monsters that have been transformed long ago during a scientific experiment. There should be a good Enderman voiced by Morgan Freeman. So I think this is the best approach that I could come up with for this movie.

    • CHris could be replaced by alex The other default skin

      • Chris should be named alec with the alex default skin.

  7. I would much rather seen a Minecraft movie about Notch himself. How Minecraft became what it is and the story behind it. It would be interesting considering Notch life hasn’t been all roses. His farther committed suicide in 2011 and has struggled with substance abuse. He himself struggles with depression and seem to at times be stuck between two worlds. It would make for a much more interesting story then anything along the lines we are talking about here, just my two cents.

    • I don’t know how disappointed kids would be to find out the whole movie was just a documentary about Notch’s life. Of course, it would make the movie more appealing to the adults then to the kids. Obviously, Warner Brothers main target is to make it a really cool movie for the kiddos. I for one would think your idea to make a Minecraft doc about Notch would be interesting to see on the big screen, but who knows they might either make a documentary separate from their movie idea or they could make it the movie itself, or maybe they could just not shoot for this idea, and think of something. I

      • (continued) I do think this idea of yours is interesting though.

  8. as far as the begging like I’m thinking basically it’s worse then this but what happens is steve is greifed and he respawns and has to start over its really bad and makes friends with a iron golem and dogs and build this gigantic castle that has loads of redstone defences and the greifers come back and there’s this epic battle as far as the story that’s all I can think of but there need to be something kinda like the Lego movie when he goes thru the portal into our dimension with the live action part something with a good message perhaps the kid is getting bullied by some other guys and he shows them the game and the bullies like the game idk dang i have a feeling this movie is either gonna be 20 times better then the Lego movie or its gonna be the worse movie in production I can really understand why it’s taking a while to get a script

    • I think the movie should yes be animated, but all of these story lines are obvious.it should be more like this- the main character is named Steven but other peoplease call him Steve for short. Steven should live in a medieval world and is the son of the king, king Harrison, and lord herobrine is growing his evil army of monsters and as Steven it’s his job as a knight to protect his kingdom and defeat herobrine and his army. I also think the wither should be herobrines brother or something.

    • There are things things called periods. You should try using them sometime. Bt dubs, go to my village bcuz we have pie + iron golems….period.

  9. Halt! This is so confusing for me that its already hurting my head! Okay, if an animated movie is good enough for the (already 3-d) Angry Birds & Lego then why not Minecraft too???? I mean…. The idea of shooting Minecraft as a live-action film is such a foreign concept to me (especially since they didn’t do that with the other two)… What makes them think executing the movie in such a format would be better than it already is? How would that work? I guess I’m just not quite getting this is all…. x_x

  10. :D I’m writing a STORY of me and my friends getting sucked into Minecraft, and in the end, we beat the Ender Dragon!!!!! But I hope they make it an animation like Slamacow or something close :)
    (Squeals of excitement) oops… You didn’t see that…

  11. I Think you should have Steve (noob)and he struggles to achieve his full potential to defeat herobrine.
    Then he should be in love with the 1.8 Steve (pro) but herobrine makes it night and hacks servers to earn more coding power. So when Steve experiences parkour, mining, meeting notch in heaven and building he feels ready to take on herobrine to bring back peace to the overworld.But with a herobrine on an enderdragon Steve will need all the power from every minecrafter in the world!

  12. Should be where its animated and a guy named steve, just arrvies in the world and has no idea who he is and what he does, the only thing he kinows is his name is steve. he encounters a girl named alex [the new female character added to the game] who happens to know everything about him. he learns about the threat of the ender men, and that herobrine has risen again{some how got killed before by captain sparkles} so he must figure out how to destroy this army of monsters and save the kingdom. also i think the backstory of herobrine is he is a computer virus trying to destroy minecraft. and steve should have a pet pig named willie.

  13. Should be where its animated and a guy named steve, just arrvies in the world and has no idea who he is and what he does, the only thing he knows is his name is steve. he encounters a girl named alex [the new female character added to the game] who happens to know everything about him. he learns about the threat of the ender men, and that herobrine has risen again{some how got killed before by captain sparkles} so he must figure out how to destroy this army of monsters and save the kingdom. also i think the backstory of herobrine is he is a computer virus trying to destroy minecraft. and steve should have a pet pig named willie. And notch should be voiced by morgan freeman

  14. i thiink lachlan graser stampy nitro luke and vikstar could get stuck in the game and steve told them he waS STUCK

  15. They definitely should use the same writers as from the Lego Movie. It has the potential to be hilarious if so

  16. I, for one, am EXTREMELY EXCITED for this movie! MINECRAFT MOVIE?!?!?! =D But I think that the movie should be animated, because MineCraft animation ( Examples: youtube animations from the youtuber animators like Slamacow, SubZero&Sk3tch, etc.) because I don’t know how this movie could be live action… but still, either way, I think I will enjoy this movie. If the guys that are creating the movie agree with me (which would be awesome), they should try to get some famous youtube animators to help with the movie. But any way, I REALLY hope this movie can come out soon!

  17. If anyone is thinking they should make a Live Action movie version of Minecraft, then they either are just full on insulting the game entirely intentionally, or they are complete idiots, and don’t know sh*t enough to even have the right to touch it.

    Minecraft might not have existed as long as legos, but its the same consept. IT DOES NOT WORK IF IT IS NOT ALL IN BLOCKS. Just like a Lego movie does not work, if the characters and structure of the world they live in, is not legos. Its ALL about Building. Building blocks.

  18. For everyone who is concerned about this becoming a reality, I feel like I should post this here http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Minecraft-Movie-Shawn-Levy-Explains-Why-He-Finally-Abandoned-Project-68681.html

    ..I honestly have to say myself that I am relieved that Mojang also wasn’t too keen on the idea themselves & turned the concept down. Lol, I feel like I can sleep better now after having read that article…… P:

  19. I hope they add the enderdragon or Herobrine.

  20. If it is a live action movie, I would rather have Steve have magical powers or something and fight off the Ender Dragon who is in league with Herobrine. (P.S. Have Herobrine ride the Ender Dragon.)

    • Wait a minute! U say u like live-action, Steve with magical powers, and want Herobrine in a movie? Then check my comment buddy because, even though its not yet finished, its a working progress. I already have 10 people out of 10 say they loved my book with a passion. U may like my material…

  21. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice the plots and ideas in these comments. No offense, but these story bases are just simply overused in animation on Youtube and are completely unoriginal. However, I decided to add a dark side of Minecraft, not to mention intended live-action (if it was a film). Just for anyone out there reading this, I got a story. Not only this, but I have typed 8 complete chapters and growing. Please, consider my story for it is not your average fan-fiction. Here’s the link for those interested: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J7lzzML44GqLhdwcAl58PU4PJc3StxbZ6M6xM5d3LWI/pub

  22. The story is called “The Steve Origins: Evolution of the Creepers”. The backstory is this: An advanced geneticist named Dr. Steven R. Daniels (Steve) was one of the best known genetic experimentalists of his time (keep in mind that I started this book in 2014). But he was kidnapped one night by a group of men that put a bag over his head and dragged him into a car. He didn’t know that he was being driven to a top-secret experimental facility hidden in the side of a mountain that even the United States Government didn’t know about. When the men took off the bag, Steve was introduced to a man by the name of Dr. Wallace J. Ender. In fact, Dr. Ender owned the entire mountain, so he named it Ender’s Peak. Dr. Ender explains to Steve that he is a geneticist himself and that humanity was being threatened without knowing it. Then, Wallace showed Steve the threat: a zombie virus. No one else on earth new about the infected people because they were all quarantined within the hidden base. The project Dr. Ender wanted to accomplish; it was to mass produce a creature that could destroy all infected people to prevent the spread. There was no other choice. They did too many tests on the patients and nothing cured them. So, the experiment became a success. They created a creature that could mass-produce itself and destroy all of the zombies. They called it the Creeper because of its stealth, agility, and it just looked creepy. But, a test subject Creeper nicknamed Pete had escaped its containment. It felt threatened and went on a rampage in the lab. It exploded and released a couple of zombies that weren’t destroyed yet. All the scientists except for Steve either died from the explosion or became infected. As for Steve… I’ll just let you read the rest for yourself.

  23. i think that the movie should be placed after the minecraft book series where a famous troller gets hit by his dads invention which puts him in a minecraft server where he learns that things aren’t what they seemed to be.

  24. It should be about Steve’s world being taken over by undead mobs(other than wither skeletons and zombie pigmen.)Steve must join forces with Herobrine,Notch<Jeb,Stampy and much more players to defeat the king of the mobs(The Wither.)

  25. Company director, Steve (surname), is travelling from his home to America to England. While inside his private jet the plane driver flies over the Bermuda Triangle and the plane, which was full five minutes ago, suddenly runs out of gas. Steve and the plane driver fall out of the sky and into the triangle. Steve wakes pup on an island where he has to face starvation, no shelter and the monsters of the night. Not too long later, Steve faces a zombie that doesn’t attack him, they become friends and together start a civilisation with the other mobs and create peace.

    • f*** NO

  26. i think, like in the game, you wake up in the forest no memory of who you are or where you are and as you try to survive and piece it together you discover a series of mined out tunnels. the character “steve” will eventualy come across nether and the end. I also think that herobrine should be a character but instead of the vengeful spirit the community makes him out to be, the spirit of a miner who dug out those mines in the first place who ultimately helps “steve” find a way to defeat the ender dragon who keeps his soul bound to the world

    just a thought thou

  27. first film
    guy gets sucks into game has to defeat the dragon to escape

    second film
    guy finds out he has to stay in game t best the wither to save the minecraft world

    third film
    guys son gets sucke in game and captured by witchs, guy has to use redstone and potions to find and save his son