‘Minecraft’ Live-Action Movie in the Works from ‘LEGO Movie’ Producer

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minecraft movie Minecraft Live Action Movie in the Works from LEGO Movie Producer

There’s a wave of video game movie adaptations on the horizon (including Need for Speed in March), which aim to usher in a new generation of quality entertainment for a genre that doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation, as far as its entries breaking new creative barriers. It’s not just Microsoft and Sony games that already boast fully-formed narratives either, as even Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds has a 3D-animated feature in development for release in 2016.

In other words, today’s news of a Minecraft video game movie adaptation being in the works – with Warner Bros. having acquired the rights to the gaming property that was originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and then published by Swedish developer Mojang AB - doesn’t exactly come as a shock, all things considered.

For those unfamiliar, Minecraft is an “open world” game where players construct various items and structures using textured cubes (composed of sand, stone, dirt) in a 3D environment; depending on what mode you play in, players may also have to battle the natural elements (weather, hunger) and/or monsters that come out at night (“creepers”), while harvesting plants and animals for food and supplies. (For a much, much more in-depth look at the Mincraft game property, you should check out the archives at Game Rant.)

Deadline is reporting that the Minecraft film adaptation is (surprisingly) being developed as a live-action vehicle, rather than, say, as a computer-animated feature. Presumably, then, the human characters won’t carry over the charmingly rudimentary designs featured in the source game – a la how The LEGO Movie retains the simple architectural aesthetic of the original toys that inspired it (often for comedic effect, no less). As it were, LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee is overseeing the Minecraft movie for WB through his Vertigo Entertainment banner.

minecraft video game movie 570x294 Minecraft Live Action Movie in the Works from LEGO Movie Producer

The Minecraft gaming franchise is exceedingly popular right now – with the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions reaching new sales heights in recent months – so chances are good that WB will push to get the ball rolling on this project sooner than later. Lee has a hand in a number of upcoming projects – including the LEGO Movie sequel that is scheduled to arrive in 2017 – but the next key step will be to recruit a screenwriter to shape the Minecraft concepts into… well, an actual story.

Therein lies the rub, as the saying goes. A Minecraft movie could be anything from a strangely literal-minded adaptation, where the protagonist wanders about the wilderness and builds things – like some kind of indie minimalism/nature drama a la All is Lost – to a dark and gritty post-civilization thriller, where the last remaining humans struggle to build and maintain shelter, in a sparse landscape where dangerous monsters roam about under the cover of darkness, with a setting reminiscent of Oblivion.

Or maybe it’ll just be about a Minecraft player who gets stuck in the game, like how the upcoming Goosebumps movie is about an R.L. Stine-esque author (Jack Black) whose spooky novels come to life in the real world. Given Hollywood’s track record, we’re going to bet that an approach that falls on the less imaginative side will be used (though, as with The LEGO Movie, we could end up pleasantly surprised).

Got your own story ideas for a Minecraft movie? Pitch it to us in the comments section!


We’ll keep you updated on Minecraft the movie as it develops.

Source: Deadline

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  1. A live-action movie seems like a bit of a stretch.

  2. wut

  3. When Lego The Movie was announced, I laughed at the idea. After seeing the trailer and the movie itself it’d work and it’s a success. Perhaps this might work and be a good movie. BUT it’s live action…..

  4. Live-action…holy…I got chills!! This could be the crapiest thing ever, or perhaps, the best thing seen on screen, the creepers blowing up…that would be sick on screen!!! The Ender-Dragon, sweeet…one thing though…is Steve gonna build his own house outta dirt? Deheck…..I hope it has a different story-line. Oh, btw, RDJ for Steve!!!!!!!! Lol JK. Or am I?

  5. Minecraft has a story line. Once you beat the game, there is like an hour long explanation, then you can resume to your world. It was more of a test wether humans could be transferred into this cube world to survive. Which is still an awesome and radical concept. So basically the movie would be to test human’s mid and skill to survive? Like Hunger-Games….? I don’t know how they will handle this…Fighting a giant dragon is pretty radical doing it all by yourself.

  6. Oh god no, the Lego movie was a terrible P.O.S. and if this comes from a producer I doubt it could be something good.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of The Lego Movie. What in particular did you not like about it?

    • You must be the only person on the planet that didn’t like The Lego Movie…

    • @Alex – Armond White, is that you?


  7. Get Tom hanks in there basically playing his role from castaway, only add the creepers and such plus the twist at the end.

  8. Im being punk’d right?

  9. My nephews have been playing minecraft for quite awhile now and they kept trying to get me to try it out, but just looking at the graphics on their screens it didn’t interest me enough to try it. Well, I finally caved in and tried it when my youngest nephew wanted someone to play with and was crying that he was bored.I was hooked right away once I started playing it. It really is a great game. It is so fun building whatever you want.

    Also, they were always playing in creative mode. I tried it in survival mode.

  10. Next up a live action movie about Flappy Bird. Can’t wait. I hope they cast it right. I don’t want to get all nerd raged when they say Flappy is being played by Macaulay Culkin.

  11. These big youtubers were just trying to make a live action minecraft film (just the people were real everything else was minecraft) mojang shut down the fan film the. Day after the released the kicks tarter for it . This has to be why because it was competition

  12. These big youtubers were just trying to make a live action minecraft film (just the people were real everything else was minecraft) mojang shut down the fan film the. Day after the released the kicks tarter for it . This has to be why because it was competition. The film looked ok. That they were making but not that great hopefully this movie will be good


    • Alright this guy wants it to be animated, guess we have no choice.

  14. I have a baaaaaaaaad feeling about this… PLEASE BE ANIMATED LIEK THE MOVIE The Lego Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notch( or other producer or whatever) Do it like the people that did The Lego Movie NOW! ASP!

  15. I think that if it’s live action, it couldn’t be minecraft.
    The whole thing about minecraft is it’s made out of blocks. It wouldn’t make sense in real life! Unless it’s someone who has been transported into the world of minecraft, that might work better but I couldn’t imagine them pulling it off very well.
    I personally think they should get Element animation to make it, or at least make it in a similar style.

  16. Steve has to be played by Hugh Jackman

  17. I think it should be animated. A live action film wont look like Minecraft. I wouldn’t be as eager to go see it if it were live action.

  18. I’m going to love watching this movie! I also think it should be animated.

  19. Let me get this out of the way: I highly disagree with whoever thinks live action is the right way to go with a minecraft movie. Animation would be a much better way to go, as while live-action may be cheaper, animation would look much better and be able to catch the feel of minecraft better. Moving on, there is much more potential in a minecraft movie than any other game franchise. Mainly, there is no main storyline to follow, they just need to make sure they follow the mechanics correctly. We can all assume this will end in killing the ender dragon, so we will expect to go through the process of getting equipped, mining, going into the nether, and finally going to the end. But how they interpret the interactions between characters and more than likely drama to go between them is up to the writers. Again, the only doubt I have is the live-action portion, but we can all tell that a animated minecraft movie would be amazing.

    • If you make it live action I will probobly give a bad rating and hate you guys youtube even does animations and I bet u guys are richer so y not

  20. You should make something like wild adventures on YouTube by mlghwnt and add all the famouse Youtubers like on the Lego movie adding all the superheroes add people like mlghwnt, skydoesminecraft, aviatorgaming, burtgasm, filmyz, delivince, kuledud3, you always win, and zexy zek

  21. If it were in live action i has to have good actors/actress’ Drama,Comedy,Action,Creeper explosions,and more creeper explosions,Nether,i mean like Ghast,Wither Boss,Wither Skeleton,Magma Cube,Zombie Pigman,and Blaze,And the EnderDragon!And probably Herobrine and other players that can help or hurt Steve.But if this were animated it would still be awesome!!!:D

  22. live action for minecraft?!!! NOO!! that sucks! they need to make it how minecraft actually is!!!! the need to make it an animation like slamcow and Dig Build Live!!
    if I watch the movie I would want it to be animated!

  23. My idea will be that Steve needs assistance from 8 Xbox 360 players; 4 boys and 4 girls, to stop erobrine from destroying a minecraft world and other Xbox systems. These players must not die, once they do, they will never come back alive in a real world or minecraft world. The leader of the group is Tim Tim. The brains is a college scholar named, Brooklyn. The brawler, also an otaku ( Anime and videogame expert) is named KO, her real name is Kate Olivia (She hates that name). There is also a Batista, who is also a Goth named Jaqueline. There is an athlete named Johnny. A last female is a pun using reporter, Dora. There is also Tobuscus. Finally, the twin brothers, Jack and Mack.

  24. On erobrine, I meant Herobrine.

    • On Jaqueline, she is a Barista, not Batista.

  25. WHAT!!! They alredy ruined the Mario Bros. games with a live action movie I don’t think we need to ruin another one of the greatest game frachises of all time, whats next Pokemon and Soni the Hedghog!?

    • Sorry to tell you this, but they ARE making a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. :/

  26. Something that has to do with Herobrine. It just makes sense.

  27. If this film is going to be good it will need the minecraft movie good if the film featured the big minecraft you-tubers as the main actors as thousands of children would find them more likeable and interesting than some big Hollywood actor that has never played the game.

  28. They should make a computer animated minecraft movie, which could be great if they take advantage of the games popularity, and have guest stars in it like sky or Jason.