Millennium Developing ‘ExpendaBelles’ Spinoff From ‘Legally Blonde’ Writers

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female expendables Millennium Developing ExpendaBelles Spinoff From Legally Blonde Writers

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Millennium hopes to capitalize on the success of Expendables by launching an estrogen-fueled romp known as ExpendaBelles, with a script co-penned by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, the writing duo responsible for feminine comedy titles like Legally Blonde, She’s The Man, The House Bunny, and The Ugly Truth.

ExpendaBelles is just one of two developing variations on an ‘Expendables: Ladies Edition’ that we began rooting for over two years ago. The other is a still-untitled action flick from producer Adi Shankar (The Grey, Dredd 3D), with ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) as the first two actresses attached to star.

Many people are starting to realize that Shankar’s project isn’t shaping up to be so much a carbon-copy riff on Expendables (only with women), as it is a hard-hitting thriller featuring female actors with a penchant for playing badass onscreen (or real life, in Carano’s case). Deadline, however, indicates that ExpendaBelles is going to a true ‘female Expendables,’ as it will attempt to show “the feminine side of the mercenary business” with a cast of seasoned stars “who’ve logged time in action films over the years.”

That could include leading ladies with their own franchises from the past ten years – like Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) – as well as graduates from action/thrillers in the 1980s and ’90s such as Geena Davis (Long Kiss Goodnight) and Cynthia Rothrock (Undefeatable). However, it’s worth pointing out that most of those same names are still considered fair game for Shankar’s project, as far as the general public is concerned.

charlies angels movie Millennium Developing ExpendaBelles Spinoff From Legally Blonde Writers

Now, as it stands, I envision these two ‘female Expendables‘ movies will go in either one of two directions:

  • The Charlie’s Angels movies – ie. a mix of grrl-powered camp and kinetic action, and hopefully less exploitation of its female leads.
  • Grittier thrillers such as Salt or Haywire - ie. action movies that just happen to star women, but still possess a distinct feminine (rather than masculine) flavor.

ExpendaBelles seems more likely to go with Option #1, given the description from Deadline, as well as the collective writing resume of Lutz and Smith; meanwhile, Shankar’s project seem to be traveling the second route, judging by initial casting and the producer’s own filmography. Between the two approaches, I would have to go with the latter, as that not only feels like the more genuine and progressive way to take – it’s also proven to be more entertaining, in my opinion.

Haywire Clip First 5 Minutes Gina Carano vs. Channing Tatum Millennium Developing ExpendaBelles Spinoff From Legally Blonde Writers

Who DOESN’T want to see more of this, right?

Bear in mind, this is all speculation right now. Lutz and Smith could very well be planning to stray far away from their previous work, much like the Russo Brothers are leaving behind their broad comedy roots by making Captain America: The Winter Soldier a darker and more visceral superhero flick. Moreover, Millennium is not expected to begin casting for ExpendaBelles until the first script draft has been finished, so things are in flux right now.

Still, since all we really have to judge right now – with respect to both projects – are the films previously made by the people behind them… well, Shakar’s movie has got my vote so far. How about you?

More on ExpendaBelles as the story develops.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Wow. Just the title alone… wow.

  2. Wow, this sounds horrible, Legally Blonde? Really??

  3. Come on guys you know your all going to watch it anyway for the ladies. It’s worth the price of admission and you don’t get the strong fish smell ;)

  4. I’ll take Option 2 thanks. Option 1…. Pass.

  5. Has there ever been a more obvious case of money grabbing, I could think of a few but this one is right up there. First, I think they are forgetting what made the expendables so much fun, It was a throwback to the action stars of the 80′s, No CGI, big explosions and cheesy dialogue. In a day and age where most action movies have to be smart and innovative, the expendables was a trip back in time. Although this movie, so far contains two young actresses who barely have an action movie between the both of them, Haywire was bad and as much as I love Gina, she can’t really act, although I remember two fight sequences were generally good plus Battlestar Galactica and 24 are not really impressive in the action department for Katee. Even if they do get ladies like Jovovich, Beckinsale and Rodriguez, they are still products of the latest CGI and stylized action fest of the late 90′s, Resident Evil, Underworld, Avatar and Battle LA etc. This will not be a throwback to anything, just another mediocre, CGI filled, action flick bordering on exploitation and judging that the brains behind this scheme are the same action geniuses that wrote She’s the One, Legally Blonde and the House Bunny, I am leaning towards the latter. I have nothing against the new action movies but I feel they are missing the point of why the expendables succeeded. I know people will say that the Expendables was all guys so why can’t there be an all woman one and my answer will be pragmatic, most mercenaries are guys, although they did include a woman in the second expendables even though she didn’t work in my opinion, I would have preferred to see someone like Rhona Mitra or Zoe Bell involved who I thought was very under rated in Angel of Death which contained some of the more realistic depictions of a woman fighting a guy I have seen onscreen, avoiding the mistakes of movies like Colombiana and Salt but still far from perfect. Like the article speculated and I agree that this will turn into a Charlies Angels type action movie and I use the term action here rather loosely.

    • I agree! Plus if you are going to have women fighting men. please be realistic. Using techniques that a man would use against another man (punching in the face etc.) would be next to useless for a woman. Most women do not have the strength or mass to do serious damage with typical fight techniques, smarter fighting such as Aikido and moves that do more damage would look more believable. Besides wouldn’t you rather see smart fighting instead of macho face punching?

  6. Worst. Title. Ever.

  7. I enjoyed both Expendables for what they were worth, good fun explosive cheesy one liner action but this??….I’ll pass

  8. I am fine with an all female version of Expendables. But as to a title of Expendebelles? Nope. I reject that title completely. That is a deal breaker, ladies.

    • I would prefer the title “Fifty Shades of Red Pants” if you know what I mean ;)

  9. ExpendaBelles?

    Happy Love Day everyone!

  10. ExpendaBelles sounds like something The Asylum would produce.

  11. The Expendables was built on 80s action nostalgia. Most characters in this female version were ‘made’ in the 2000s (save for Rothrock who deserves to be with the boys IMO and Weaver whom I wouldn’t really brand an action flick lady). So the main ingredient that makes Expendables excusably, and perhaps enjoyably, campy is missing here. I don’t think they should bother.

  12. “ExpendaBelles?” REALLY? I mean the title I hope is a tentative one, nevertheless I hope this movie isnt the campy style of the Charlies Angels type cause those movies were more overtly sexual and had the girls showing off more of their bodies, which was alittle bit reminiscent of the tv series. I understand “Expendables” was great cause it was loaded with cheese, but the actors that starred in the movie (Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.) were in on the cheesiness and most of their lines during the 80′s & 90′s action movies were pretty cheesy as well. However female action stars during the 80′s and 90′s, in my opinion, weren’t really cheesy, but more serious in tone, so I expect “ExpendaBelles” to be a gritty thriller with the women expressing their feminism. If actresses like Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver, Cynthia Rothrock, etc. are going to be in this movie, I expect a serious tone with the occasional joke, but not chessy

  13. Kate Beckinsale, Linda Hamilton, Rene Russo, Lucy Liu, Milla Jovovich, Uma Thurman, Michelle Rodriguez, Pam Grier, Lucy Lawless, Rhona Mitra, Gina Carano, with Sigourney Weaver, and Angelina Jolie

  14. ExpendaBitches. Please.