Mike Myers on ‘Austin Powers 4′; Early Reviews of ‘Shrek 4′

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While attending the Tribeca Film Festival for the premiere of his new 3D animated sequel, Shrek Forever After, comedian Mike Myers let out a few details concerning his long-in-development sequel, Austin Powers 4.

Additionally, the early word is in on the fourth Shrek and it’s, well, what you’d probably expect.


It’s been almost eight years since Austin Powers in Goldmember grossed over $296 million worldwide in theaters and about three years since Mike Myers announced he was writing the screenplay for a new pic starring the international man of mystery – around the time that Shrek 3 hit theaters, coincidentally.

Well, the newest (and supposedly final) Shrek film is out now and Myers assured MTV News at it’s premiere that Austin Powers 4 is still “chugging along,” a statement in line with recent comments from Austin Powers Trilogy director, Jay Roach.

So what exactly has been the holdup?  Well, here’s what Myers had to say:

“Things are on track.  It’s hard to keep a Stanley Cup team together and I’m very happy how insanely well it’s gone.  Then it gets hard to get everybody all together.”

Assumedly Myers is referring to his co-stars having scheduling issues since the only major projects he’s taken on since he last donned his shaggy Austin Powers wig have been a live-action version of Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat, the three Shrek sequels and his 2008 Razzie Winner, The Love Guru.

love guru 1 Mike Myers on Austin Powers 4; Early Reviews of Shrek 4

Remember this film? Yeah, Myers hopes you don’t.

Fans can only hope that – since Austin Powers 4 is looking more like a sure thing – Myers recaptures some of the original Austin Powers‘ clever, raunchy sense of humor in his new spy comedy screenplay.  The less it has of the inane, juvenile jokes that plagued his last film, the better.

We’ll keep you posted on any future developments concerning Austin Powers 4 as they come in.


shrek forever after 1 570x242 Mike Myers on Austin Powers 4; Early Reviews of Shrek 4

The critics in attendance at the Tribeca FIlm Festival this week have weighed in on Shrek Forever After and the consensus so far is, well, while it is an improvement over Shrek 3, most critics seem happy to hear that this SHOULD be the last Shrek film.

Numerous comparisons between the Shrek 4 plot and It’s A Wonderful Life have already been made in the early reviews, though most critics seem to find Shrek’s mid-life crisis tedious at best.  Add to that the fact that Shrek is apparently once again upstaged by his costars – notably Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and a plump Puss n’ Boots (Antonio Banderas) – and the onslaught of asides, pop cult riffs, and visual gags that have become staples of the Shrek franchise, and the plot sounds all the more tired.

That said, the 3D effect is reportedly put to good use in the film – especially during an elaborate chase sequence that involves Dragon – and, like I mentioned before, most critics seem to think that it is an improvement over the last Shrek film.

For some specific excerpts from the early Shrek 4 reviews, you should check out the article on /Film.

Shrek Forever After hits regular and 3D theaters on May 21, 2010.

Source: MTV News, /Film

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  1. Anxiously awaiting another Austin Powers film but they can keep their Shreks.

  2. i thought the last Gold Member was good, it wasnt as original as the 1st but it had more of a professional comedy feel

    AND I SAID IT HERE AND NOW, in no more than 20years time, they will announce a live action remake of the 1st shrek movie. and it will be awful

  3. should do a 3rd wyans world :D

    • My guess is, if you had the chance to ask Mike directly, he would tell you, “I’m sorry, but I’m done with Wayne’s World.” That would almost be like suggesting Keanu Reeves do another Bill and Ted, after this much time.
      Though I may not be a Star, if I done a movie back in say,, 1993 and did a sequel in 1995, I wouldn’t suddenly do a new sequel in 2010 or 2011.
      As a matter a fact, if I suddenly hit the acting world this late in the game, at 40-years-old, it’s very possible I’d wanna do mostly once and done movies. I already know one of the only names who I would do a sequel for.
      And if I had my choice in it, it would probably be Tim Burton. So many stars seem to like to work for him, that he’s who I’d like to work for.
      I would still express concern, about not wanting to do sequels however.
      I do not believe I’d wanna work for Disney,, ever!

      Sure it would be neat to see another Wayne’s World, but I don’t believe Mike would do it,, after this much time..

      Fieve.. ;-) :-)

  4. Well at least with some time having passed since Goldmember there will be some new material for Myers to work into the new movie and those who were slightly disappointed by the juvenille Goldmember may have forgotten all the bad bits.

  5. I can’t wait until the 4th Austin Powers, however, rumour has it he’s basing it more around doctor evil rather than austin powers. Not sure how it will turn out if he does that but, i’m sure he’ll make a hilarious film no matter what. I hope fat bastard is in it again!!!

  6. People who have posted bad comments about Goldmember must not know a good movie when they see one. I was reading somewhere people cutting it down.
    You can cut down a movie, if it only brings in 70 or 80 million, just barely doubling the budget. Some movies, only cost 40 million. Many Friday The Thirteenth movies, had a budget of only 40 million. If they gross 60, that’s still making just enough of the mark, for people to get decent pay.
    The third Austin Powers movie, I believe cost them close to the 100 marker.
    I use to know,, but I forgot. Clearing nearly 300 million, is plenty to pay everyone. This will probably have a higher budget then any other Austin Powers movie. I shouldn’t say this, but it’s always possible he’s co-writing this one with Seth Greene. They’ve both written some decently funny things. And having Seth come up with ideas, would help to continue to tell the story after Goldmember.
    It’s hard to say. Do a brother against brother,, just to do DR Evil?
    Early life,, and early life problems of Austin Powers seems also like a cool idea. Of course it would require less of Mike, but why not?
    Tell of his collage years, getting drunk, and all that stuff. Ending in a crazy Frat battle, DR Evil’s frat,, against Austin Powers Frat.
    Of course, Austin Powers wins.

    Fieve.. ;-) :-)

    • Honestly i would like to see Seth Green get involved with the writing process a little bit, but i would like to see some new characters. Maybe something like a weirdo group of assassins hired to kill Austin and Dr. Evil? and lets get some of Mike Myers old SNL buddies in some of those roles. i wouldn’t mind seeing Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, David Spade, or Dana Carvey making cameos in the movie. and of course, bring back Will Ferrell to play Mustafa, he’s already been killed like twice anyways. Oh, and as far as the Austin babe, here’s a list: Mila Kunis, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Brook, Christina Hendricks, Stacy Keibler, Jamie Chung, Diora Baird, Nicky Whelan, and last but not least….Drew Barrymore

  7. Goldmember was my favorite out of all three of them. The goldmember character had me in tears during the entire movie. Seeing Mike play a ton of roles in his own movie I found to be very funny. I hope they pick a villain or two from the bond movies and continue to spoof them. Maybe spoof Baron Samedi now that would be funny.

  8. I hope they come out with a fourth Austin Powers movie. All when i grew up I could always find myself watching them. They’re the type of movie where you could watch it a million times and still want to watch it again. Though I believe the third movie was not as quite as ‘groovy’ as the other movie, it was still hilarious and fun to watch. About the topic of it focusing more so on Dr. Evil, I hope that is not the case. Austin is the star and in my opinion should still remain the focus of the Austin Powers movie.

    • “I hope that is not the case. Austin is the star and in my opinion should still remain the focus of the Austin Powers movie.”

      Well that’s really not up for us to decide, is it? Mike Myers was the original writer / creator, so what ever he decides.
      I have a feeling though, there will be a lot of focus on Seth Green.
      This also gives Mike an excuse to write more, if he feels like it.
      So far, the Austin Powers franchise made him what, half a billion dollars?
      A lot of money. So as to continue a crazy rein of terror, Dr Evil’s son, probably takes over the business. At this point, Mike Myers could put together a complete flop, and it wouldn’t make a difference either way.
      There’s also having a third brother, which for some reason, nobody knows about. There’s so many crazy things you could just suddenly add, which the audience just wouldn’t be prepared for. Hardly anyone reads my stuff, but I write myself. In writing, the sky in quite literally the limit.

      Ty For Reading.

      Fieve… ;-) :-)

  9. Cant wait!!!!!!! I wish it was coming sooner so my class can all go see it but unfortunately we all graduate this year

  10. I chose “Austin Powers 4 For your thighs only” out of the title selections from the name poll. Iwas at “Austin Powers 4 DR. No means No!”