Might Rob Zombie Direct Conan?

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conanpic Might Rob Zombie Direct Conan?Rob Zombie.

I have nothing against the man (well maybe his terrible name, but that’s it), so when news broke on Bloody-Disgusting that he was meeting with Lionsgate and Millennium/Nu Image to discuss directing the new Conan film, I didn’t have a strong immediate reaction.

Zombie is known mainly for his very loud music and directing the horror films: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects and the remake/re-imagining/reboot/rehash of Halloween.

He’s a strange choice for sure, but I think that might be an indication of the direction the producers are taking the film.

The new film is currently in the prepping stages and no director has been officially announced yet. According to Aintitcool, Zombie hasn’t signed for the film, and the producers have been meeting with other directors as well, so we will see if they like the “cut of his jib”.

I feel that if the producers are meeting with Zombie then they are obviously looking to make a violent and gory epic, in the mold of 300. I wonder how long they’ll keep that approach – in the end it’ll probably end up being a kid friendly cartoon.

But if it doesn’t end up kid-friendly, this all seems like good news to me: The original Conan film was a violent and iconic movie that went on to launch the career of Ralf Moeller… whoops, sorry, that was the short lived television series. I will however hold back on my excitement until Millennium/ Nu Image (which, speaking of bad names, who the hell names a company Millennium/ Nu Image?!) announce who will be playing Conan.

I’ll keep you posted if Zombie makes the grade or I might just let you know that Brett Ratner has signed up for directing duties.

Now wouldn’t that be funny?

Sources: Bloody-Disgusting & Aintitcool

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  1. Zombie would be the weirdest choice ever for this.

    BTW, I saw “1000 Corpses”: It was like experiencing a root canal without novocaine.


  2. He’s already said on his MySpace that he finishing up his cartoon The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and that the next movie he’s doing is called Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    What T-Rex is about, wasn’t revealed but it has nothing to do with dinosaurs.

  3. LOL, well THAT figures, doesn’t it?


  4. I think Zombie would RUIN Conan. I saw Devil’s Reject’s and thought it was awful. It was preposterous, even as gore flicks go. I haven’t seen the Halloween remake, so I can’t comment on that. However, Conan might be a brutal movie, but it DOESN’T have to be super gory and loaded with F-bombs like Zombie’s movies seem to do.

    I’m not sure who I would like to play Conan. It’ll be weird not having Arnold in that role…kind of like not having Arnold as the Terminator.

    BTW, I do like Rob’s music, well most of it. For some reason I can’t seem to grasp his movies. I am sincerely hoping that someone else, even Ratner, directs this film.

  5. This entire film is a waste of time.

  6. Vic I hate to say it but what did you expect from “house of 1000 corpses.
    I mean the title says it all.
    That’s one film I avoided all together.
    Devils rejects was entertaining and prob zombies best film so far.
    IMO his music is worse than any film he’s done

  7. Another remake bites to dust…

    Yeah, sure, some (“re-imagined”) remakes actually work (more or less). But for every “Battlestar Galactica” well done we get another dozen “Planet of the Apes”!

    I wonder which franchise they will try to ruin next. Well, “Mad Max” is a pretty good candidate if you ask me! Just like they did with “Rollerball”…


  8. Hahaha. Steve your opinion on his music doesn’t count because you’ve already been tagged as anti-metal. As a life-long metalhead, I can say that his music is MUCH better than his movies. LOL

  9. I was soo hoping to see a sequel to “Beyond Thunderdome” but nooo,, Cap. Walker had to go tell the tale about his passion.
    Andy, did you know that US Forces use rob zombies music to drive suspected terrorists out of there holes in Iraq. (That’s not heavy metal) that’s weapons grade sonic amplification.
    I’ve heard in some states his music is considered a firearm. Check your local law inforcment Andy, you could have contraband in your Ipod.
    Boy the projects zombie has wrapped also sound like typical zombie gore and violence.

  10. I don’t know if Zombie a bad choose or not. The remake of Halloween was entertaining not great, but good enough for a slasher film. IMHO, there are ALOT of much better/seasoned directors to take direct this franchise film.

  11. I got to say that Rob Zombie does not seem like the right choice for a project like Conan. The original Conan was a masterpiece, everything from the casting (Arnold & James Earl), to the story, even the music. I’m looking forward to this movie but I really hope they keep it in line with the original. Judging by some of the other movies that Zombie has done, who knows what Conan might end up like.

  12. Holloween-Good, Every other movie-Bad, his wifes a$$-Priceless

  13. He’s not going to do it no where in conans world is there a guy sitting and talking about rubbing his pecker on a kids mothers face and thats all Zombie can direct he is a very bad script writer

  14. Oh, boy. It’s not a remake. Little factoids.

    1) Conan existed long before the movie or the comic books. They were a short stories by Robert E Howard. They were written in the late 20’s/ early 30’s. They don’t really have a continuity, as they were written for magazines, paid by the word. There are numerous collections of Howard’s original stories.Also, the new comics by Dark Horse are actually trying to piece together actual continuity, with the actual stories, and stories in between to establish a timeline. They are all very good. Read them before throwing the term “remake” around.

    2) The first movies had nothing to do with the stories. Oliver Stone, the original screenwriter, read them, but decided to base his Conan on various late antiquity Germannic leaders that challenged and eventually even took over the Roman Empire , like Odovacer, or Alaric. He created a sort of Aryan hero. However, if you read the books, you would see that Conan is actually a CELT! Oliver Stone took numerous liberties, as Thulsa Doom was usually associated with another Howard character, Kull the Conqueror. I do believe it was the Marvel series that introduced Doom in Conan’s world. It was a great movie, but not really Howard’s Conan. Well, that is what they want to do here, even with Thulsa Doom, as it will combine the old/new comics with Howard’s stories as source materials.

    3)HP Lovecraft eulogized Howard after he killed himself.

    4) J R R Tolkien was actually a big fan of the Howard stories, and they predated his own work.
    Rob Zombie makes disturbing movies,and Conan doesn’t need that. Rob Zombie’s overall work is subject to various opinions (which I have seen none truly relevant here) but if they want a real epic Conan, why not Guillermo Del Toro?

  15. not a bad choice, would certainly not be kiddie freindly.
    Blood gore and boobs. But we need an epic desert scene like in a witch shall be born!

  16. Hell, yes!

  17. house of 1000 corpes bad, devils rejects even worse, halloween ok, conan remake a defo no, i like the 1st film alot n no 1 is gunna beat arnie at this roll, plz say no to this film.

  18. House of 1000 Corpses was hideously awful.


  19. Corpses was a good movie for those who enjoy gory schlock stuff like that.
    I liked those kinds of films in the 1970’s- so when Zombie did an homage of sorts to those cheapo flicks – I did get a kick out of it. BUT he is the wrong choice for CONAN and the producers should hold out for Guillermo Del Toro – he’s directed another Dark Horse hero and did well – HELLBOY .

  20. Zombie is too good to take this job it would be an insult to his career, I don’t think hollywood is prepared for what this man is capable of!
    He is a diamond
    He’s too good for Hollywood!
    He should create his own.
    He would rock this film, but I’m sure someone would try to limit, add, or do something to dry it up witch would probly piss him off hence jeopardizing his future in HOLLYWOOD!!!
    Rob is not a kiss ass, and I highly doubt
    he’d start with CONAN THE OVERSIZED BARBIE DOLL!!!!!

  21. Wow, looks like Rob Z’s publicist is a member of Screen Rant. So when’s he going to come out with an album that doesn’t suck? This Rap/Techno/Metal thing is crap.

  22. No- I have thought about it and no.
    Rob Zuvembie would not be my choice for Director.
    What’s Guillermo Del Toro doing? He’d make a fantastic film.
    Peter Jackson? Anybody talk to him?
    Pass it on-start rumors.

  23. @Bryce

    Well I run this site and I think Zombie should stick with B-movie horror.


  24. ZOBIE!!!! Is THE CURE for hollywoods B.S. bogus directing and producing!!
    I love movies in general, but I’ve never
    been effected like this before. He moves
    I really hope he can move past the b******* and save hollywood!!
    Zombie is The HILBILLY, who WILL
    He cured me! HILLBILLY STYLE!!
    HOLLYWOOD should be on their KNEE”S
    BEGGING HIM to save their ass’s!!!

  25. They should have made Conan 3 when Arnold was still making movies. Only he is the right choice for the role. Rob Zombie does only horror and gothic movies. If he directs this movie, I’m not sure how it will turn out.