First Look: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2

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iron man 2 splash First Look: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2

For months there was speculation as to which character Mickey Rourke would play in Iron Man 2. Since it was revealed that the character would be Russian, fans of the comic (myself included) speculated that he would play an armored nemesis of our favorite armored Avenger – either Titanium Man or The Crimson Dynamo. So when word came that Whiplash would be in the film, people thought maybe Sam Rockwell would play that character and we’d have a double-villain scenario.

Well we still have a double-villain thing happening in Iron Man 2: Rockwell will play business rival Justin Hammer and Rourke will definitely be playing the super-villain Whiplash, albeit as a Russian character – and we’ve got the first look at Mickey Rourke in full Whiplash gear for you right here thanks to!

mickey rourke whiplash First Look: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2

Click for larger version

This looks like the Whiplash version of the Mark I Iron Man armor – very raw, just the basic components. Based on what Rourke is wearing I’d say this is probably the first time he’s donned the weaponry and I’ll bet that later on in the film, financed by Justin Hammer, he’ll have a protective suit as cool as Tony Stark’s armor.

So what do you think? Up to the standards of the the first film?

Iron Man 2 opens on May 7, 2010

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  1. I’m definitely getting a “Stark testing his repulsors” vibe from the pic.

  2. Vic, what’s up with all these weird comments? It’s kinda creeping me out. lol And how did you score this pic?

  3. LOL, those comments are in portugues and from a Brazilian site. Not sure why they are posting on here though. It seems they are “advertising” their own website…But let me see if they respond :)

    Ola, este website e em Ingles. Porque estas a escrever ca em portugues??

  4. I think that it looks okay right now but we will have to see more pictures later on.

  5. @Oscar

    When the comment template was modified the section where trackbacks are listed wasn’t removed. That will be corrected.

    As to where I got the pic… :-P


  6. ok Vic, thats one out of two. So what’s the answer to number two? :)

  7. It looks really cool to me, kind of a Spartan warrior bear bones approach to the chartacter. I also think it would be cool if that generator in his chest would act as a minature shield to protect his vital parts

  8. I actually like that they’re using Whiplash instead of the Crimson Dynamo. Whiplash has a very specific ability unlike the Dynamo who has sort of general energy based powers like Iron Man.

    I think Whiplash could be very visually interesting, like Doc Ock in Spiderman 2, spinning the whips around to deflect bullets or swing from stuff with them or whatever. There’s a lot of cool effects they could do with the whips.

    Put me down as “excited”.

  9. Hey Vicster what’s up with the comments diasappearing?

  10. @Lord Garth

    Remember those weird looking comments? Those are called “trackbacks” and they’re links to this article from other sites. I’ve stopped those from appearing in the comments section and those are what’s vanished.


  11. Don’t worry Vic; Lord Garth did have that mental problem on that penal planet and then killed that hot-looking green Orion girl. :-)

  12. OK now I have a headache.

    We need a Tetro Talkback I need to see it

  13. Not…sure…what to think. All I know is, putting him in a black suit with flared boots, gloves and green ponytail would have been even gay-er.

  14. Mickey Rourke is a bad ass, I can’t wait for this movie, it will be EPIC!!!!

  15. If you guys take a look at the first picture you guys posted from IM2 with Stark you’ll notice the screen he is looking at has an outline of the race track that Rourke is at in this picture. It’s Monaco grand prix i believe and the outline looks just like it from what I remember of the track. This must be where he first finds out about Whiplash.

  16. @greenknight

    It’s early yet. I’m sure there will be some awesomeness unleashed for this film at Comic-Con at the end of July.


  17. Vic you’re probably right I mean this can’t be as possibly as disappointing as Watchmen right? :)

  18. Are you guys kidding? This looks disappointing? This is either the opening scene or a part early in the movie where stark finds out about whiplash. Gonna be sick!

  19. And obviously it’s just an early version of his armor suit.

  20. That outfit puts me more in mind of Omega Red…

    Anyway, I know Jon F won’t let us down on this. He did such an amazing job with the first!

  21. @ voice of reason
    that pic of Micky Rouke as Whiplash, thats not what hes gonna look like throughout the film is he? i mean, wont he have chest armor or somthing when battling Iron Man?

  22. @chrisj

    sorry it took so long to respond. still trying to get through my emails because of transformers lol.

    Whiplash won’t look like that throughout the movie, at least I’ve heard it’s an early version of what he develops as a suit. That should be the opening scene of the movie or early on at least to introduce the character.

  23. im sick of peps saying watchmen sucked??? how did that suck that movie was awsome so creative and unique. it was very deatailed in everyway 1 of my favorite movies of all time lay off on it, IT KICKED ASS

  24. Oh yes, a murderer and rapist is one good guy, and a child molestor another. Then someone who kills millions of people, his actions are justified and somehow brings world peace where everyone drives the Prius. Then let’s tell the story in endless flashbacks, even flashbacks within flashbacks, oh, but how about flashbacks within flashbacks that are within a flashback?

    I thought the movie was pretty annoying, just saw it the other day… I like how in one scene Dr. Manhattan says that a world without nuclear weapons will still be in danger, then in the end he’s all like “oh, that will make them not use nukes at each other, I agree that will bring on world peace.” I guess he forgot what he had said earlier. Not to mention, even if he would have let that guy go to tell the world the truth about the bomb, they probably would still “unite” to try to take that person down. Except now they will try to take down that Adrian guy instead of Dr. Manhattan, big difference… Way to use your brain Dr. Manhattan…

    Too bad in real life a tragedy like that will only unite people for a very short period of time. When the pain fades, the memory will too. Hm… what would be a perfect example of that?…

  25. I think you may have missed the point that it was a parody of superheroes. A dystopian society in which Nixon never left?

    I don’t think it was ever meant to be a nice little superhero film, where the good guys are always right, in the end.

    I liked it.

  26. About Nixon, could they have found an actor that looked less like him? I don’t think so. Seriously. And did they REALLY need to super exaggerate his nose like that? There were just a lot of things that I found annoying to watch. But that’s just me of course.