And The Villain In Iron Man 2 Is…

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 3rd, 2009 at 8:57 pm,

mickey rourke crimson dynamo And The Villain In Iron Man 2 Is...

The Crimson Dynamo!

[UPDATE: OK, maybe Rourke is NOT the Crimson Dynamo after all.]

According to Variety, Mickey Rourke is in talks to play the Russian bad guy in Iron Man 2.


Also being considered is the very cool Sam Rockwell as a secondary villain in the film.

From Variety:

“Rourke is in discussions to play a villain described as Tony Stark’s Russian alter ego, a heavily tattooed bruiser who is in the arms trade and battles Iron Man in his own nuclear-powered armored suit.”

sam rockwell iron man 2 And The Villain In Iron Man 2 Is...So there you go. As far as I know this is the first confirmation of who the villain will be in the Jon Favreau-helmed sequel. The article says “speculation is that villain is likely comicbook nemesis Crimson Dynamo” but anyone familiar with the comic knows that’s who it is from the description above.

I don’t know what “secondary villain” might be played by Rockwell, but I can tell you that the phrase “secondary villain” scares me. I prefer ONE villain per movie. Two is one too many. Sam Rockwell is slated to play Justin Hammer, corporate nemesis of Tony Stark. I’ll take him as a secondary villain in the film as he is instrumental in the downfall of Tony in the comics which led him into deep alcoholism and losing everything he had.

Good news all around (if it sticks).

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  1. yay for Rourke.

  2. yaaayyyy sounds good

  3. I was hoping to see the Mandarin in the sequel, but Crimson Dynamo is still a great choice. (perhaps the will save Mandarin for a near-the end appearance?) I think they could put out a trailer for the film at this year’s ComicCon

  4. Rourke is certainly making a loud comeback…kind of like a certain actor who portrayed a certain golden armour clad super hero last summer..Will the Iron Man movies rejunvenate one career after another during it’s tenure on the big screen..First RDJ and now Rourke.(although he did that pretty much himself with his turn in the Wrestler..I am glad for Mr. Rourke as he has paid and repaid his dues and is getting another shot at the superstardom that eluded him the first time of like RDJ as will be awesome to see these two great actors square off with each other..I hope it works out and he gets the role!!
    Very promising news..

  5. … and then there’s this from The Hollywood Reporter:
    “[I]t is known that Rourke would play a tattooed Russian heavy named Ivan who becomes Whiplash, a man with deadly, technologically enhanced coils.”

    I’d rather see Whiplash than the Crimson Dynamo, as it’d be less of redux of the Iron Monger from the previous flick.

  6. It’s Whiplash now they say.

    I dunno which would be a better character

  7. Well, Justin Hammer is a bit older (Peter Cushing was Micheline and Layton’s model), but I actually envisioned Stane’s twin kids being good villains. That was back in 2003 when I was dreaming of Iron Man movies. I thought Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal would be perfect.


  8. Rob, i think Whiplash would be, just because Dynamo would be too similar to Iron Monger. I dont think they would want the audience to think that its only robots vs. robots ;) thats what Transformers is for.

  9. Rourke is striking while the, ehem, Iron is hot. Not only is his Wrestler flick earninng noms, it’s practically forced Wienstien Co. to *finally* release Killshot (co-starring Diane Lane and Tom Jane) …Rouke is also considered for a part in Stallone’s Expendables

    and now this!

    Crimson Dynamo or (Ultimates) Whiplash? I never been big on the Ultimates Marvel versions, but I’d be okay with Ultimates Whiplash here. There are several Dynamos throughout Iron Man’s run, however, and I actually think it would play out better since there’s lots of SHIELD and Black Widow connections.

    I like the idea of Justin Hammer coming into play as well-and if Sam Rockwell plays him, that’s stellar.

  10. i was hoping the villain was going to be Mandrin or Hulk because the crimson dynamo is very similar to, well, almost every iron man villain like iron monger and Mandrin and hulk are the only ways to break the cycle of men in big armored suits. Thats just my two cents.

  11. And hear I was looking forward to the racially questionable stereotype of Mandarin appearing on the big screen in all his Fumanchu glory. Bummer.

  12. I hope its Whiplash for Roarke.
    Rockwell might make an interesting Hammer.
    He was great In Frost/Nixon.

  13. “I’d rather see Whiplash than the Crimson Dynamo, as it’d be less of redux of the Iron Monger from the previous flick.” Totally agree. As a long time fan, I would still dig it but you gotta keep it fresh. Which is why I also like Justin Hammer entering the picture. One of my favorite villains from the comic. Unlike Tiberius Stone.

  14. “I’d rather see Whiplash than the Crimson Dynamo, as it’d be less of redux of the Iron Monger from the previous flick.”

    I was thinking the same thing – that this sounds like a rehash. I have faith in Favs tho

  15. Another possibilty is BOTH Crimson Dynamo
    and Whiplash are in the film .
    Whiplash as a henchman to Hammer,
    Maybe Hammer Finds a way to pit Russia against Stark.
    Hence Crimson Dynamos involvement .
    just speculating on a possible reason for the confusion.

  16. Didnt Favreau say awhile back that they had a found a way to include a number of armored advesaries in the sequel?
    I only ask because Hammer sure employs a LOT of them !
    perhaps we should look out for the casting of Blizzard!

  17. money b,
    Who is Tiberius Stone?
    did you mean Obadiah Stane?

  18. One of the two source sites (Variety and Hollywood Reporter) have their details wrong. If it’s a Russian character named Ivan who is Tony Stark’s (I’m sure they meant “Iron Man’s”) counterpart – that’s Crimson Dynamo.

    I’m not saying Whiplash WON’T be in the film, I just think people are combining the two into one and that’s just wrong.


  19. Hm… could be pretty good…

  20. I actually prefer the two villian set up. If done right it works out great. For instance Batman begins did it perfectly and everyone had a good presence on screen. The Dark Knight would of done it great had the very end been diff and two face lived.

  21. Great news! I’m most excited about Rockwell as Justin Hammer, not that Rouke isn’t an excellent addition.

    IMHO, if Justin Hammer is developed second Ironman and not killed off in, THEN we could see a variety of different villians with a strong foundation for motive and direction in destroying Ironman. Justin Hammer(ruthless, cunning, multi-billioniare, businessman rival to Stark Industries)develops and/or hires a huge gallery of mercanries like the following: 2 different Spymasters, Whiplash, 4 different Blizzards, Force, Adueduct, Blacklash, Beetle, Bleu Streak, Boomerang, Discus, 2 different Eels, Porcupine, Man-Killer, Melter, Cyclone and several others!
    Just check out Vic’s other site, tons more villians there.

    With S.H.E.I.L.D.(Blackwidow, Nick Fury, and maybe Hawkeye) and possibly Hammer Industries in the mixes, this IM movie could vastly expand the Marvel Universe for the Avenger film.

  22. I am ok with any villian, as long as they keep it grounded and in the same context and reality of the first one, the last thing we need is ti see IM suddenly go all Fantastic Four like.

  23. Don’t worry Metallicat, Fox isn’t producing IM2, so that shouldn’t happen, lol. Imagine if he was like “My suit is powered by a Hemi.” :-D

  24. @Hube:

    HUBE! Yes indeed, it was the Marrs twins. And I think you and I talked about this over the phone 6 years ago.

    Email me sometime.


  25. when I was dreaming of Iron Man movies. I thought Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal would be perfect.

    Hmmm, Heath. Sounds like a certain Marrs twins!!