Michelle Rodriguez Back for ‘Fast and the Furious 6′; Joins Mel Gibson in ‘Machete Kills’

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As was teased during a mid-credits scene in Fast Five, series alum Michelle Rodriguez will be reprising her role as Letty in Fast and the Furious 6 (a.k.a. Fast Six), which begins production in Europe next month.

M. Rodriguez has also been confirmed to reprise her part as Luz from Robert Rodriguez’ Machete in the sequel, Machete Kills. Mel Gibson (previously said to be circling the Machete followup) is reportedly now locked as one of the film’s villains.

The sixth Fast and the Furious flick will follow Fast Five further down the road (pun intended) to becoming a full-blown caper flick – where street car racing is merely part of the show, rather than the sole attraction. That partly accounts for why series stalwart screenwriter Chris Morgan and director Justin Lin will be shifting the action overseas, setting it against a virtually identical backdrop as that featured in titles like The Italian Job and Ocean’s Twelve (among others).

In addition to Michelle Rodriguez, whose involvement was confirmed by Variety, Fast and the Furious 6 will for certain feature returning players from Fast Five like Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – with familiar supporting players such as Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Sung Kang and Gal Gadot as possibilities. There will be new acting blood too, in the form of Gina Carano (but not Jason Statham, as long rumored).

Mel Gibson Machete Kills Robert Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Back for Fast and the Furious 6; Joins Mel Gibson in Machete Kills

Before Michelle Rodriguez leaves the State to go work on Fast and the Furious 6, she will be re-collaborating with Robert Rodriguez (no relation) on Machete Kills, wherein the titular, tattooed ex-federale (Danny Trejo) takes on Mexico’s head drug cartel dealer, Mendez the Madman. Variety reports that Mel Gibson, as previously rumored, is onboard to play Luther Voz, “a cunning arms dealer and death merchant who aims to spread war across the planet by launching a missile.”

R. Rodriguez begins shooting Machete Kills this month, in the hopes that he’ll be able to complete production before setting to work on the recently-confirmed Sin City 2. If all goes according to plan, after Rodriguez wraps both of the aforementioned sequels, he may set to work on a Machete threequel (rumored to be titled Machete Kills Again in Space), wherein Gibson’s character could become the main antagonist who faces off against Trejo. How’s that for a crazy climax?

Are you looking forward to both/either/neither the new Fast and the Furious and Machete flick?

Fast and the Furious 6/Fast Six rides into theaters around the U.S. on May 24th, 2013.

We will let you know when Machete Kills lands an official release date.


Source: Variety

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  1. Didnt her Character die??? I honestly dont care anymore. Fast and the Furious 38 can come out tomorrow. they aint getttin my money.

    • We thought she died in Fast and Furious (part 4). In a mid credits scene for Fast Five it is shown she is still alive.

  2. YES!!! so happy michelle rodriguez is coming back! she has matured a lot as an actor since Fast and the furious 1 and i was really mad when they “killed” her off in the fourth. i just wish they wouldve kept it a secret for a while. it wouldve been nice to catch a glimps of her in like a teaser trailer and have people debating whether or not it was her.

    • Well if you saw Fast 5 you knew she was “coming back,” but I guess for the people who didn’t see it, it would be cool for them if they did tease it. I guess all these take place prior to Tokyo Drift since Haan(sp) is still alive?

      • @ Fresh,

        I believe your right and I kind of find it funny about Haan. Though I like how they don’t complete ignore it in the films. I know if Fast and Furious he mentions to Vin Diesel (towards the beginning of the film) that he was thinking about heading to Tokyo because he heard they are doing big things over there. Then at the end of Fast 5 when Gal Gadot asks that she thought they were going to Tokyo and Haan says, “We will get there eventually.”

        I know it doesn’t make sense timeline wise, as it would place Tokyo Drift sometime in the future, but I think it’s just being used as a running gag now.


      • yeah i saw fast five and the mid credit scene. but still, they could try to keep it more of a secret. i guess we dont know how big of a role she will have yet though.

  3. I love Michelle, she’s one of my favorite actresses. So glad she is back in the Fast and Furious franchise.

  4. Letty’s death was never confirmed, they just showed Dom’s interpretation of how she died.

  5. Here is some stuntcasting, take out Rhianna (huh?) as the villain of FF6 and put in Gibson. Mel behind the wheel would suffice if he is not going to be in Fury Road. Even for a cameo.

  6. Man ff6 is looking good just hope they dont add rihanna in it she was terrible in battleship. Cant wait to see michelle return

  7. The whole Tokyo Drift thing and Haan really doesn’t make sense because all the cars they drive in Fast Five the new Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, The Nissan GTR and others weren’t around when Tokyo Drift came out unless Tokyo Drift is supposed to be furthur in the future than the year the movie was actually made. I guess it does really matter that much but I would think since Vin Diesel shows up at the end of Tokyo Drift they might want to explain that in Fast 7 or at the end of Fast 7, maybe they’re bring back Lucas Black for Fast 7.

    • I am getting tired of the chronological inconsistency myself regarding Sung Kang’s (Haan) and Lucas Black’s characters. They gave Sung Kang some time to shine…it’s time to have the crossover to the events of Tokyo Drift. If they wait too long, Kang’s will be far too old to portray his character at the age he allegedly dies for any of it to ever make sense (and Lucas Black will look way older than he did as well).

      They should approach it this way:
      At the end of Fast Five, they show Haan driving to Germany (or somewhere in Europe, at least).
      In the credits, they mention that Letty was spotted in Germany.

      What I *hope* they are doing is having the beginning of Fast Six be Haan working with Letty (i.e. he knew she was alive all along), then skipping town for Japan when things go wrong, where the events of Tokyo Drift occur. Dom (Vin Diesel), who gets wind of Haan’s knowledge, travels to Japan to confront him and/or recruit him, and discovers he is dead. Upon realizing this, he meets Sean (Lucas Black)…which is the last scene in Tokyo Drift, and where the stories intersect on screen.

      Lin *needs* to do something like this before the chronology is permanently ruined.

      • lucas black is probably already to old to portray the kid he was in tokyo drift. idk how they would make that convincing. i guess they could just ignore the fact that hes aged seven years.

        • That’s all they CAN do. Not much choice, really.

          • They could prolly have it work out if they use make up

          • They could prolly have it work out if they use make up.

  8. Oh yeah and Rihanna sucks! she would really ruin the movie for me.

    • Oh c’mon, she’s this generation’s greatest rapper! How can you deny the genius of lines like “I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I”. The creativity is astounding. And by that, I mean she needs to go play in traffic.

      • Oh, wait, that was Nicki Minaj. I get them confused. Thy are so similarly untalented.

  9. Glad to hear Mel will be in the film. Hope he gets his apparent bipolar disorder under control and makes a comeback. Also would love to see his planned viking epic!

  10. Hells ya, Mel Gibson in Machete Kills, this will be his ultimate comeback flick and I cant wait to root for him as the ultimate villian to Dany Trejos kick ass Machete! This is going to be the surprise hit of the year, and i dont care what Mel Gibson does in his personal life, he is a kick ass actor and director.


  11. Mel Gibson has no bipolar cause if he had then it will make all the medias and tabloid to be big jackasses to criticise a disable for being disable and tghey will all be ready to be sue for discrimination and harrassemnt of someone mentaly impaired..

    Beside that I thinkt hat al whats said against Mle Gibson is BS repeated non stop by ignoratn medias who never do any research andbeleive the first to come and that a man has the rigth to be mad at a worker tha the has paid for a year and who has pretened all that time ot have done his work but who show up with nothing when its time ot deliver and in worse come up as if it was for a vacation trip, to his ressort in costa rica when he knew it was a work week involving a lot of other big shots in the movie industry, and dint even clal Mle Gibson ot say sorry its best i dont come and that you cancel it cause i dont have written a line.. but instead come wait 2 days and ot be asked to tell that he came wiht nothing and then record his employer and host, Mle Gibson, who leave, bwhile that jackass stay 3 more days in mle Gibson’s ressort enjoying his food swiming pool, hospitlaity and private beach, and keeping that recroding to be used later on as bargain for extrotion.. it didnt work, and that recroding was altered, tmaopered with, and edited, using an audio softawre as anyone can hear it . and joe had ot give a fske trasncript of that recroding to casn come as if he had anything on mle gibson. but he hadnty. Mle GHibson only talk of the script in that tape, and adress joe, and was in another room downstairs so you cant even say he did it in front of anyone, family or kid or staff.
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    • Mel Gibson also said in those tapes:



    • You actually expect someone to read all this crap?

  12. Oh my god, I’m so excited! And yes, there is no logical order to the timeline of the films. But they are action movies- take the for what they are and nothing more. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. And I’m really glad that Michelle Rodriguez is rejoining the team.

  13. the chinese dude is still alive? when will they finally get past tokyo drift on the timeline?? he dies in tokyo drift which means that all this is happening before that and we wont be seeing any drifting then… *sigh* >_>

  14. Idk why did tokyo drift !! I just take it out my brain !!! Doesn’t make sense they try to connect but the haven’t and it kills !! Like haang u supposed to b dead !!!! Letty u not supposed to come back even though I’m happy u are !!! Wat was don doing in tokyo drift ?? Why does eva mendez come bak in da credits ?? I never understood fast furious 2 with robert piercing!! Idk I guess we all wanted an order and they didn’t give it to us!!! As for rhianna ewww if she comes to fast 6 I’m not watching it I give up !!! So all in all we have to see these films as independents because there is no order given !! ” Me sad. They b killin the good stuff they have going on !! “” .Man der you go wit all that negativity ” !!!

    • Only one movie in the franshise dont fit where they have it the rest do and eva prolly showed up like that because shes the only fed that a girl they showed thats well known there not going to have some random girl do that unless there in the 6 th movie and eva prolly wont be in the movie maybe

  15. as for Fast and the Furious, only movie i liked was the first, now their just milking the hell out of it (same thing just with diffrent cars) “lame”! oh and dont get me started with all the tokenizing…. thats when i stopped watching.

  16. Bring it on i love the new fast and the furious really stepping up the game and nice twist on letty coming back

  17. Cool!!!

  18. I loved the first fast and the furious saw it in high school but now im just getting confused i thought fast five would be the last one when it first came out the movies aren’t getting better and im just getting confused

    In fast and fuirous six you will find out that the man who supposibly killed letty is in fact her uncle. Now letty actually runs off and makes lots of money as she shows up in Fast 6 with a aston martin. Domanic trys to hunt her and find awnsers then All comes CLEAR
    Thank You

    • YAWN!!!!!!!!!
      Sorry,… what were you saying?

  20. I think Lucas black should take over as the new star of the series… I know Tokyo Drift was in the future… but I think they just made Tokyo drift as a quick movie to see if the series was still alive and if the movie flopped then they wouldn’t make any fast movies… well obviously tokyo drift didn’t flop and turns out its one of my favorites of the series… because I like the shiny cars, nightlife action, girls, fights, and adventure and action throughout the whole movie… I think they are starting to lose that in the series… they are going for like a james bond meets the Italian job feel… and I am not liking how the series is going..

    They really need to bring Lucas Black back and Vin Diesel and move forward from Tokyo Drift… because obviously they left that movie open for a sequel after T Drift… and its killing me… I wanna know what happens!! Please Please continue the Drift Story line.

  21. liked them all so far;can’t wait for 6.

  22. This movie will suck eggs just like the stupid Fast & Furious films. What are you people on?

  23. OMG I can’t wait to see the new Fast & Furious 50! You people need lives!