Michael Shannon Reveals ‘Man of Steel’ Dialogue; McG Laments His Lost ‘Superman’ Film

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Michael Shannon and McG Talk Man of Steel Michael Shannon Reveals Man of Steel Dialogue; McG Laments His Lost Superman Film

Despite the fact that the blogosphere has been inundated with set photos and interviews pertaining to Man of Steel, Zack Snyder’s take on Superman is still more than a year away. By the time this film finally arrives, will we already know everything there is to know about it?

Michael Shannon – who plays General Zod – recently discussed how evil (or not) his character is and even shared a line from the upcoming film, while directory McG (This Means War), who was attached to a previous cinematic iteration of Superman, talked about his lament at not being able to see his vision come to fruition.

On the topic of how villainous Zod is, courtesy of IFC Fix, Shannon said:

“He’s actually a not very scary guy. He’s just trying to do his job, just like anybody.”

On whether or not moviegoers will connect with the character, as Shannon did:

“I don’t know, you know? I don’t want to say. Some people might hate him, some people might love him. But I’m fond of him. I respect him.”

It’s probably fair to say that if you don’t respect General Zod by the end of the film, the filmmakers did something wrong. Isn’t that right, Terence Stamp?

On the topic of General Zod’s dialogue, courtesy of MTV, Shannon said:

“Zod has some speeches; he has some cool speeches. I got to say some cool stuff, but I can’t say any of it right now.”

Without prompting, Shannon went on to say what is likely an actual line from the film:

“Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?”

Of course, prevailing theories state that the universe is actually expanding and has been since the Big Bang, but perhaps Krypton’s lack of serious scientific knowledge is why it, you know, exploded.

As for looking back on what Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman could have been, while promoting the action-romcom This Means War, McG talked about Cavill, whom the director had cast years ago in his unrealized Superman film. Courtesy of Digital Spy:

“I did indeed cast Henry Cavill [as Superman]. He’s a fantastic actor, he’s very, very strong and he’s wonderful. I think Zack Snyder’s going to do a great job with Henry Cavill. I can’t wait to see that picture.”

McG Heartbroken About Not Making Superman Movie Michael Shannon Reveals Man of Steel Dialogue; McG Laments His Lost Superman Film

Ultimately, McG was very sad about not being able to make his Superman – subtitled Flyby – probably because his cinematic track record since has been less than amazing, both critically and financially. He said:

“I’m heartbroken that I never made my ‘Superman,’ but it was my own ****-up because I was afraid of flying and couldn’t get down to Australia. I got properly thrown off that picture, sacked for being a mental case! You live and learn, you keep on truckin’.”

It’s actually very interesting how similar Man of Steel has become to Flyby, at least on the surface. Aside from sharing Henry Cavill as the Man of Tomorrow, both Zack Snyder and McG make similar films and have similarly troubled track records, both films utilized a brief-less supersuit, and both films were intended to be massive action blockbusters unlike any Superman to come before.

Of course, Flyby also featured a living supersuit – a la Venom – that gave Kal-El his flying powers, a Lex Luthor (to be played by Robert Downey Jr.) who was not only a CIA Agent, but also secretly Kryptonian (twist ending!), and a magical Kryptonian heaven that Superman visits after he temporarily dies. Needless to say, McG is just about the only person who is heartbroken about it not being made.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


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Sources: IFC Fix, MTV, Digital Spy

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  1. The world needs Superman (movies)!!

    • The world needs good Superman movies. Alas, I fear this will not be one of those.

      • Agreed, but I hope I’m wrong

        • I agree @ Ghost i have a horrible feeling about this one , i had never seen Cavil in anything until IMMORTALS he was as wooden as Pinochio add to that Snyder carnt edit his super slow mo styleised B.S into a cohernt story to save his life the two things going for the film are Shannon and Crowe !

          • I have to say that I will wait until I see the final product. I have seen Henry Cavill in The Tudors and he was amazing. I have faith in Zack Snyder and will not judge something I haven’t seen. And as far as his style of film style, that was one of the reasons that Warner Bros, and Nolan chose him. I think everyone will be shocked at how good this film will be

        • I also have that feeling.

          And “The One Guy Who Liked Quantum Of Solace”, you’ve inspired me to change my screen name (at least for today :) )

        • People stop being negative, this film is aiming to be a great SUPERMAN film with David Goyer as writer & Nolan as Producer are you kidding me this will be Zack Snyder’s Master peace. With Snyder’s visual effects like in WATCHMEN I think the film will look awesome.

          • You just listed almost every reason I have no hope for this film.

            @”With Snyder’s visual effects like in WATCHMEN I think the film will look awesome.”

            Yeah, Superman is much more than VFX, and with David Goyer writting the script, I have no hope it will be good. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong.

          • @ Mercy

            Goyer wrote Ghost Rider 2 and that film was terrible.

            • doesn’t mean MAN OF STEEL will also be terrible, SUPERMAN is a well known Comic book Superhero I believe Goyer can make better story for this film. Look at the bright side (BATMAN TRILOGY, BLADE TRILOGY)

              • Goyer only helped write the Batman films, but most of the credit is for The Nolans. And he also was the one who directed/wrote Blade Trinity…just saying.

              • @ Mercy

                Also doesn’t mean it will be terrific neither. Can’t use Batman as a excuse because he’s the flipside of Superman despite Snyder lookin like he’s makin the film just as Nolan made Batman Begins. Blade Trinity speaks for itself as a bad film & Ghost already beat me to who made it.

          • Agreed :-D

      • @ Ajeno

        I agree aswell.

  2. Wouldn’t Zod be more likely to call him ‘Kal-El’ than Superman?
    Oh, whatever.

    • Most likely

    • I was thinking the same thing…

    • Not necessarily. It would depend on the tone and inflection. He could call call him Superman very condescendingly.

    • Maybe he didn’t realizes immediately that he is Kal-El (how should he know it?), for him he could be just another survivor from krypton.

  3. McG Let himself get fired off a Superman film over a fear of flying? I’d have left a month early and sat on a ship for that job! It’s kind of ironic, being that it was a Superman movie.

    • Son of Jor el

  4. LOL yeah like that was his problem.. The man has the mentality of a retired old guy. He needs to get out of the business…

  5. Snyder or McG, what’s the difference? We’re probably going to get around same level of quality… and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

    • the two snyder movies i saw(dawn of the dead, watchman) were both better than anything mcg made and im a huge terminator fan.

      • That’s true and I agree (Watchmen was good)
        But all the other movies Snyder made have been terrible IMO.

        That said, I’m still rooting for this movie.
        As much a I hate Snyder, I’ll always wish the Man Of Steel good luck.

  6. I really hope this movie turns out great, the cast they have is really top notch (imo), i have very high hopes for this one, and if it turns out like ghost rider 2 (god forbid) what’s next?
    another reboot? another version with yet another director and different leading actor?

  7. I need to find a site that has that script. It’s sounds like it would be interesting to read but a terrible movie.
    I’m not the worlds biggest Snyder fan but I’ll take him over McG.

  8. Who is McG?

    • Music video director turned film director. Directed Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation

  9. I’m so confused as to where the hatred for this film is coming from. Is it uncool to be excited about it? Lame.
    I’ll always be excited about a Superman film.
    Remember Snyder is being babysat by Nolan, so there a lot of promise…

    • Exactly. Something tells me that when Nolan got this film rolling he swept in and took charge of Snyder’s usual take on things like Cesar Millan would an angry chihuahua. The worst thing about this movie will be the lack of red underpants, which means it’s gonna be amazing.

      • In some pictures it show’s he has red lining around his waist and in others it don’t.As far as the underwear is concerned im sure alot of people who are mad about him having none it will grow on them once they see the film a few times.

        • Yep. Batman didn’t have his trademark underwear in any of the Dark Knight movies and nobody even noticed…

          • And to be sure, nobody ever said, ‘well, Superman Returns was pretty terrible overall, but at least he had his red underpants on!’ :)

          • Batman never underwear in any of the films.

            • Personally, I never underwear in any of my films either.

  10. these are my super heros that everyone should look
    at once in awhile,they make you feel proud and stand
    tall,have faith and honor and believe in others :the
    Man is Steel is one,Captain America is another,James
    T.Kirk is yet another although he dont have super
    powers he stands for truth justice and everything right
    he went up against klingons borg ,his own friend Gary
    Mitchell.And let us not forget the best when I was growing
    up my mom ,why not a movie about mothers or fathers without
    them none of us wouldn’t be here :)I Miss you mom .

    • Ok…just had to point out one thing…The Borg came up against Packard in The Next Generation, which was the first encounter with them…So kirk never face the borg…Im surprised this wasnt pointed out sooner…

      • It wasn’t pointed out because I just got to the thread. :-D

        Also, I wouldn’t say Kirk stood for truth; on many occasions, he cheated. And it was Picard, not Packard and he was not the first human to encounter the Borg…Seven of Nine’s parents were (the Hansens).

  11. I believe that when General Zod says “Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?” hes saying it in the same sense that people say the earth is constantly skrinking; that technology is making the world seem smaller and that that is happening in the universe as well.

    i also think that there going to give General Zod some of the same motives as Bar-El and Lilo, the Kryptonian astronauts in the All-Star Superman comics. The Kryptonians question why Superman hasnt become the ruler of Earth and see it as an insult to his Kryptonian heritage that he hasnt.

    • Also, by referring to him as Superman and not his true name, Zod may be using it as a dehumanizer (or a dekryptonianizer? :) ) So it almost becomes a term of belittlement.

      • I’m thinking the same thing. Zod will say “Superman” very arrogantly and condescendingly, letting the audience – and Superman himself – know he thinks it’s a little stupid.

  12. The thing most filmmakers don’t get about Superman is that some superheroes are open to a wide range of interpretation, Batman and Spiderman are great examples of that. Superman is not. He must always be done traditionally and the trick is to prune the idea back every 20 years or so to get back to the original idea.

    Nick Cage as Superman? Superman ditching a pregnant Lois and going on a trip into deep space??? Flyby?!?!!? F@$% that!!!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more!!!

    • Well, he didn’t know Lois was pregnant but I get your drift.

      • Well, one could argue that he split before knowing whether she was pregnant or not, which is just totally out of character for Superman.

        Or maybe he was just really drunk and blacked out and forgot the whole thing…? :)

  13. wait so is the MG freak apart of production or what b/c if he is i wont be watching this, or anything else, not after that PoS excuse of a terminator movie he threw at us >:(

  14. As long as i get to here the classic three words “kneel before zod” i’ll be halfway satisfied followed by a asskicking so bad its heard around the marvel universe.

    • No doubt! Christopher Reeve, Terrence Stamp and Co. set the bar darned high for Superman, god help them if they try to top the John Williams theme song… :)

  15. I don’t know why everybody’s already putting this film down. Yes, Snyder tends to go a little overboard on the slow-mo but directorially speaking I’ve never seen a movie of his I didn’t like as a matter of fact superman may be the one movie he makes where slow motion actually makes sense, think about it, if you’re moving faster than a speeding bullet wouldn’t everything else seem to stop?

    • Did you see Sucker Punch?
      I like mindless big budget popcorn flicks as much as anyone on this site and even I thought that movie was horrible.

      • no I haven’t watched sucker punch yet. It’s in my Netflix queue but it’s not at the top of my list with all the negative reviews it’s been getting

  16. I don’t think that is actually a line from the movie.

  17. All i can say is thank fook McG is scared of flying lol if that dont tell you he was the wrong man for the job then god help the weak.the man of steel pics and footage look amazing and anyone can see that the focus is gonna be on action.it has to be.this is gonna be on the back of some of the biggest action blocbusters ever made and needs some serious punch.lets not forgot that the last thing Superman did on the big screen was just lift heavier and heavier objects.he never through a punch.er thats what supe’s doe’s.leave the light comedic to Clark but not to much geek pplease dont make him a fooking dork !

  18. Man of Tomorrow? Man of Steel surely!

  19. Everytime I read Shannon’s line I have Terence Stamp’s voice in my head. It’s always English. I can’t get around it… IT’s SUPERMAN 1 & 2 Ranters! Almost a century of supe stories and they keep telling the origin, what is this? “The Amazing Superman”?

    • @ Pitt Man

      I know what you mean. Everytime i think or hear the name General Zod, Terence Stamp’s voice pops in my head aswell. Even when i was watching Smallville when Zod was played by another actor, boom, Terence Stamp’s voice over the actor’s when he speaks,lol. Ive seen Superman’s origins explored, let’s see… Superman: The Movie, Superman:TAS & Smallville. How many times does the origins of a hero need to be told honestly?

      • “How many times does the origins of a hero need to be told honestly?”

        Oh about the same amount of times Paramount has to tell The Wrath Of Kahn story, which They’ve been telling since.. ‘Star Trek #5′!!!
        At least Zod hasn’t been seen in the movie houses since 1980. The Kahn or his clone I should say, we saw as recently as 2009…

        • Star Trek 6 was distinctly different from 5 and 4 was far different from 2 or 3… SO.. I’m not sure where you got that from.. Also there are/were no similarities between Nero or Khan

        • AND by all accounts we’ll see him AGAIN in a “Kahn proper” story in 2013…

          • Again, we have NO idea what the story will be for Trek 2013, But Abrams has said that the villain is not Khan.. that would defeat the purpose of the new timeline…
            Just saying

            • Well last I checked 3 and 4 come before 5 and while you or I can make an argument for some differences from Wrath of Kahn and succeeding movies past 5, doesn’t it seem a little too coincidental that so many of the stories boil down to the Captain or one of the crew facing off against a single villain and his followers? Duh, where’s the boldly go where no one has gone before hum? OH and #3 had Kruge standing in as “The Kahn” of the story…

              • If you remember, all Star Treks be it movie or TV series had the Captain and/pr crew face off against a single threat and/or enemy so that statement is very broad. So I am not sure what you are trying to say Kruge was a Klingon villain and not a Khan clone. And 6 had the Klingon Empire AND members of the Federation as enemies so A Khan template villain? Not at all

                • You obviously don’t get it so I’m not going to even try.. Stop casting a shadow on my monitor and go bother somebody else. If you want to debate to feed your inflated ego and crow you won against the old guy.. Ok you won! Happy now…

                  • I am sorry if I offended you, but I am not sure what you were trying to say. It wasn’t intended as an attack and I apologize wholeheartedly if you took it that way. it wasn’t about winning or losing, I was simply trying to understand your point of view. I have no ego to bruise or inflate, so I hope you will understand when I say that I apologize again if my words were taken in ill spirit.

                    • No ego to bruise?! I don’t see no points on yo’ ears, boy! (said in the southern drawl of Leonard McCoy) 8-)

                    • :-D

                    • Well in the spirit of understanding, like I said a single true villain and his followers, “City On The Edge Of Forever,” “The Naked Time,” “Miri,” “Shore Leave,” Tomorrow Is Yesterday,” “This Side Of Paradise,” “The Devil In The Dark,” “Amok Time,” ” The Paradise Syndrome,” they didn’t have a Kahn. Interesting stories can be told without a single super villain with his followers. The fact is I feel that having no clear true personal villain are the best stories! Just complicated characters like you and me! ;)

  20. I have to admit that when i first heard Zack Snyder was making superman I was really excited. I loved Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, 300 and even Sucker Punch (which i know probably wasn’t to everyones taste).

    I think the main problem that any Superman movie suffers from is that Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman and Terence Stamp et al create such a huge legacy with the first two movies that it is hard for any actors to come in without having comparisons made. That being said, even if you get the right actors the story needs to match the material (something that Superman Returns got seriously wrong, even though I thought Brandon Routh was a great Kent/Kal-el).

    Maybe an idea would be to have a slightly older Superman so we can see the inspirational experienced character from the comics, rather than the young “still coming into his own” character that will be in this movie. It’s very easy to ground a movie like Batman in reality because it works really well for that character. Superman is an alien with amazing powers, so give him a suitable threat that really tests him (and not Zod/Luthor).

    I do love the thought of Laurence Fishburne as Perry White though. And as for the costume, who cares? It’s not as though it has nipples on it!!! lol

  21. O.K. here’s what I’m gonna say: For all of the people complaining about the fact that Zod is the villain in The Man of Steel, the reason for that is that he HAS to be. The Man Of Steel is a new jumping off point. They are doing with Superman what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek, and what Nolan did with Batman.
    Goyer and Nolan wrote the script for the Dark Knight rises, and that movie was awesome. They also wrote the script for The Man OF Steel.
    Zod HAS to be the main villain in this movie because if this movie is successful, we could in fact get Brainiac, Darkseid, Metallo, etc.
    EVERY director is allowed a movie that wasn’t as good as his previous efforts
    This movie will be an origin story because the filmmakers are re-introducing Superman for the 21st Century. And as I said about Trek ’09 I will say about Superman. Great movies and they always will be, but this movie has to stand on the merits of its own and NOT the Christopher Reeve movies. We may even get a new score/Theme song similar to what the Dark Knight is getting.

    This movie will no doubt be better than Superman Returns. I loved Superman Returns, but I think it was too literal in the Donner-verse that was previously created.
    Let us go to this movie looking for something new, fresh, and not judge it on what has come before

    • Amen !

    • @”Goyer and Nolan wrote the script for the Dark Knight rises, and that movie was awesome”

      That film doesn’t come out til July 20th, so how can it be “awesome” when you haven’t seen it? oh, and Nolan didn’t write the script, Goyer did. Nolan only came up with the idea.

    • @”Let us go to this movie looking for something new, fresh, and not judge it on what has come before”

      That’s the problem. We aren’t getting anything new or fresh. We’ve already seen Superman’s origin. Heck, they just ended Smallville that was a ten year explanation of him becoming Superman. We’ve already seen Zod as the villain. This film is looking to be just a remake of Superman 1 and 2. The only thing new in the film is a red-headed Lois Lane, and a black Perry White.

  22. Hahah …Yeah we really feel for ya, McG *Intense Sarcasm*

  23. We need something more on this already..ive been hearing about this movie for such a long time right now…give us a teaser trailer or something….I actually am really looking forward to this flick I gotta say. With all teh time and money that they are investing I just cannot see them messing this 1 up

  24. McGTFO

  25. I just hope this works out. I have been waiting for truly powerful over the top Superman film that truly shows off what the Man of Steel can truly do. I have no trouble with Snyder. I liked 300, Watchmen, and even Sucker Punch to a degree.

  26. The last line is SO true.

  27. “Needless to say, McG is just about the only person who is heartbroken about it not being made.”

    Boy, you said it.

  28. Bad news folks. It’s gonna suck! Just like the series finale of Smallville after 10 years. All of the waiting & anticipation just for 2 hours of crap, & coming away pissed off for having wasted 2 hours of your life you’ll never get back again!

  29. Why all the hate?
    Is it because it’s another DC movie?
    There isn’t even a trailer out yet…Weird(os)…