Michael Shannon Compares Snyder to Scorsese; Says ‘Man of Steel’ is ‘Edgy’

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After this year’s The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is the next major superhero movie on deck. But will it be any good?

Obviously, it’s impossible to know this far in advance, but the one thing the filmmakers have (arguably) nailed is the casting.

Man of Steel‘s General Zod, Michael Shannon, recently talked about Henry Cavill’s take on Superman, the “edgy” tone of the film, and Zack Snyder’s cinematic resemblance to master filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

On Cavill, Shannon said (courtesy of The Playlist):

“Henry is a fantastic Superman, he’s got a little edge to him and he’s smart, clever and I had fun working with him.”

“Edge,” eh? Perhaps this iteration of Superman is grittier and angrier than the one we saw in Superman Returns and the series of movies starring Christopher Reeve? This would jibe with the current comic book version, as written by Grant Morrison in Action Comics, who is a throwback to the Superman of the 1930′s.

Henry Cavill is an Edgy Superman Michael Shannon Compares Snyder to Scorsese; Says Man of Steel is Edgy

On the actor’s comparison between the style of director Zack Snyder and movie-making icon Martin Scorsese, Shannon stated:

“I think Zack is the master stylist, visually. I mean, he’s up there with Scorsese, in my book, in terms of visual composition, orchestration, et cetera.”

Can’t help but notice that he qualified his comparison of Zack Snyder to Martin Scorsese several times over with an emphasis on what is arguably Snyder’s strong suit – visuals. He’s a “master stylist, visually” and “he’s up there with Scorsese [...] in terms of visual composition.”

Shannon also commented on the tone of Man of Steel, comparing it to Christopher Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader:

“['Man of Steel'] is edgy in a way like when Nolan took over the ‘Batman’ franchise.”

It’s anybody’s guess as to exactly what Shannon thinks has made the Batman films so successful. Presenting an “edgy” superhero movie doesn’t automatically translate into success (just look at Punisher: War Zone), so it’ll be interesting to see how Snyder balances Superman (who most moviegoers perceive as being lighter in tone) with an “edgier” (hopefully not necessarily “darker”) tone. To that point, Nolan’s Batman films aren’t really so much “edgy” (whatever that actually means) as they were “more realistic” than previous Batman films. Is Shannon implying that Man of Steel is going to be hyper-realistic in the way that Batman Begins and (especially) The Dark Knight were?

We’ll just have to wait for the trailer to find out.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. I want this film to work. I am looking forward to it. Where is the trailer already?

    • Trailer comes in 4 months mate :)

      • bah still to long to wait :/

  2. Each one of those comments is disturbing.

    Superman shouldn’t have an edge. At all.

    Comparing Snyder to Scorsese shows that Shannon has a damaged mental state.

    And the whole Nolan/Batman thing, its a lazy thing to say. And the very last thing Superman should be, is like Nolan’s Batman.

    • Comparing Snyder to Scorsese is just an epic fail.

      • It’s an unbelievable thing to say. I hope it was a misquote.

        • Just consider this movie to be “Superman Begins.”

      • Why can’t he be compared to Scorsese?

        • @Ezee-T – Really? 1st off, Snyder’s career is only beginning while Scorsese has had a long and illustrious one. Secondly, Scorsese is hailed as one of the most significant and influential American filmmakers of all time. Lastly, Scorsese has won the Oscar for best director and been nominated multiple times. So Shannon’s statement is like comparing Helios (Snyder) to Zeus (Scorsese). His quote is a perfect example for defining blasphemy.

          • All he did was compare the two, that’s all. He didn’t say that Snyder was better or worse, he never even implied it. What you should do is find similarities, what one does well or what the other does badly but don’t think that he cannot be compared to Scorsese. They’re both directors like both Helios and Zeus are gods.

            The definition of “Compare”: Estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between…….

            • His comparison is preposterous. Visually yes, they both use slow motion shots. That’s the only similarity that is able to be compared. Dissimilarities run the spectrum with this statement. Shannon made a statement that I’m sure in context (in his mind) made sense, but to the rest of the film watching world, it seems insane. Can you honestly say that 300, the Watchmen, Dawn of the Dead, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, and Sucker Punch are in the same league as The Departed, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Casino, Cape Fear, The Color of Money, The Last Temptation of Christ, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, and Goodfellas?

              • I wouldn’t have included Last Temptation in your post (I hated that movie) but I agree.

                • @Kahless – Yeah, I just started rattling off Scorsese movies that I could remember. It’s not on my favorite list either, but I thought it ranked as well as Sucker Punch.

              • He meant in method, not in style. Both directors push the boundaries of visual camera work. Both also do two very different types of films.
                You’re completely misinterpreted what he meant by his comparison.

                • “I think Zack is the master stylist, visually. I mean, he’s up there with Scorsese, in my book, in terms of visual composition, orchestration, et cetera.”

                  I understood what he said. I even said “visually, they both use slow motion shots” as my own comparison. I gave Shannon the benefit of the doubt and said that the quote probably made sense to him. I’m sure he was making a point about camera work and wasn’t saying that Sucker Punch is the next Goodfellas. Still, a statement like that is going to get a lot of backlash. Methods, style, visuals…I don’t care, it’s just an outlandish comparison. What if someone compared Tim Burton to Kevin Smith because they both made a black and white film (Ed Wood and Clerks)? I’d say that person is insane because nothing else is comparable about their movies…one uses colorful costumes and the other uses colorful dialogue. Or what if Garry Marshall’s technique of filming a movie about amnesia was compared to Christopher Nolan’s technique of dealing with short-term memory loss? (That one is a bit of a stretch, but I really wanted to draw comparisons to Overboard and Memento). All I’m saying is that Snyder is not in the same league as Scorsese.

                  • There is no justification for the comparison.

                    Meanstreets, Raging Bull, Goodfellas? Heck, After hours was great.

                    I wonder what the entire budget for all of those movies would be in today’s dollars. And I know Scorsese isn’t cheap with costumes, music, and editing. But Synder looks a little spoiled and undeserving if you compare his resume.

    • Superman does have a edge to him. if u push him too far he will fight it has been shown in comic books, cartoon, tv, and etc.

    • Agree. This whole article was LOLworthy

    • Glad I’m not the only one (this time ;) ) who thinks a dark an “edgy” Superman is just not the correct way to go.

      Superman is the all American kid all grown up, the Boy Scout. *queue star spangled banner music* He stands for truth, justice and the American way. Upholding the law in the best way possible and beating evil while never having to resort to the villains level.

      While that may sound a bit corny, that IS who the character is. So changing that and giving him an “edge” would be like taking Batman and instead of going the Batman Begins route, go with lighthearted and silly direction like the TV series (it worked for the day but would NEVER fly in movie form today)

      Just because this angle hasn’t really been explored before doesn’t mean it should.

  3. And the casting? Seriously Ben, you think it’s good?

    I like Shannon but he’s a weird choice for Zod (and if anyone says Heath Ledger was a weird choice for the Joker but that worked out blah, blah, blah, I will strike you down with great vengeance and furious anger)

    Cavill looks the part but from his previous performances he isn’t a very good actor.

    Amy Adams as Lois Lane. I still keep hoping this is a joke, she’s kinda cute, but I have never seen her display a quality that screams Lois Lane.

    Costner and Fishburne are good choices.

    • “(and if anyone says Heath Ledger was a weird choice for the Joker but that worked out blah, blah, blah, I will strike you down with great vengeance and furious anger)”…lol

    • Yes, I think the casting is interesting as opposed to predictable. For the most part, they’re casting good actors (or actresses) as opposed to people-who-kind-of-sort-of-I-guess look like the characters. The only one I agree with you on Cavill, and even then I’m willing to give him a shot. He’s got more presence and ability than Routh did, and even Routh was sort of surprisingly good as Superman (read: still not all that good).

      • Jon Hamm should have been Superman, the guy looks like a piece of Alex Ross art. And Rachel McAdams would have been a great Lois.

        and Hugh Laurie as Perry White.

        • I would’ve been fine with Hamm, but I get why they didn’t use him. Rachel McAdams is a perfect example of a predictable choice. I like her. I’m sure she was on the runner-up list. But she’s not all that interesting, as far as casting goes, and I don’t think she has the acting chops that Adams does.

          • They didn’t use Hamm because of his age but he’s a thousand times the actor Cavill is, Superman should be an authorative guy that you trust, not a young man.
            And honestly, I don’t think Amy Adams is a great actress, good yes, but McAdams is better. And better looking, that might sound awful, but Lois should be hot.

            • Superman can be young or he can be authoritative — both versions work. The Superman in the current Action Comics is young (not to mention the complete opposite of authoritative) and it’s excellent. There’s not just one version of this character in existence, and many different versions have proved effective and interesting and entertaining, etc.

              • The current Action Comics Superman is what has driven me away from DC and back into the arms of Marvel

                • You do know that they’re not making this movie solely for you, right? I don’t say that to offend you, but Action Comics is doing better now than it has in years, because of Morrison’s take on the character. You might not like it, but there was a time when it wasn’t uncommon for Superman comics to rarely reach the top ten, to rarely do better than Flash or Wonder Woman or — etc. Now it’s always in the top of the top ten. Marvel? Not so much. Not even in the top ten. Despite DC driving you into their arms.

                  • Who are they making it for? I’m not saying for me, even I’m not that self absorbed lol, but for the fans…

                    This DC reboot might be popular, and there are some good titles in there, Aquaman for example is excellent, but my favourites, Superman, The Flash, Green Arrow, I don’t recognise those characters anymore.

                    • But I’m a fan of those characters, and I like Action Comics. The people who are buying this reboot, at least in the direct market, aren’t new fans, so it seems like the old fans are enjoying it as well, for the most part. On top of that, the Superman in Action Comics isn’t unrecognizable — he’s a young Superman (it’s a flashback), so he has yet to grow into the authoritative guy you love so much, and he was also the original version of the character.

                      I would hope that they weren’t making it “for the fans,” at all. They should just try to concentrate on making a good movie, whatever that entails.

                    • The Superman reboot (comic) is entertaiing. I love it and really appreciate what Grant Morrison can bring to the table. I’ve been on and off with Superman comics for years, but for the past 6,7 months or so I have been picking up every issue that I can. So yeah, there are alot of us who enjoy the “new” Superman. As for the whole 52 reboot, I’m still shaky about it, but thoroughly enjoying it.

                      As for the Man of Steel I like Cavill. I liked the performance he gave in Immortals, etc, etc.

                      I will anxiously wait for the movie to come out, because dissecting every detail will ruin the overall experience, for me that is. If it’s bad, then darn it…but if it’s good, well hell yeah. Maybe DC will hit their mark outside of the Batman movies and go from there.

                      I do appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for this character. Hopefully you will be satisfied with the end prduct.

                      O yeah, I thought Heath Ledger was an excellent Joker even though people thought he was a weird choice.

                    • I still think it’s too bad they couldn’t get Joe Manganiello to play Superman… due to his True Blood obligations.

                  • Agree, Ben. The sense of entitlement is completely undeserved. Great article, by the way.

            • They probably didn’t use Hamm because he didn’t want to do it. He may have thought doing a comic book movie was not the direction he wanted to go. Besides looking like Superman he may have sucked.

          • I agree and plus Cavill and Adams had to have alot of chemistry for them to cast her.

            • Ah but by that supposition, surely Routh and Bosworth had a lot of chemistry for them to cast her.

                • I thought Cavill was their second (or later) choice and that Joe Manganiello had to decline because of his True Blood obligations.

        • Amy adams was great in the fighter she will be good in this movie also

      • I’m not against Shannon as Zod, I like him in other things so I’ll give him a shot. He can do weird and creepy well.

        And yes, Bosworth was the worst thing that happened to a Superman movie since Richard Pryor!

    • I was “COMPLETELY DISGUSTED” when I learned that Heath Ledger was selected to be The Joker. He turned out to be one of my favorite villians of all time. I think Agent Smith is my true favorite, in case you are now curious.

      • haha proooobably cause Hugo Weaving is the MAN.

    • Ledger WAS a weird choice! The thing though is the Joker is himself weird so it worked in an odd, twisted sort of way that no one saw coming.

      • Smart Comment Mongoose

  4. Snyder is like Scorsese? I don´t know if I´m supposed to laugh or cry.

    • I’m doing both.

    • He doesn’t mean that Snyder is as good as Scorsese or anything like that. People who believe that are mad. But in visual composition and I believe that. All of his movies have been great visually and stylish. They’re just not that good. Well Watchmen was cool.

  5. Comparing Zack Snyder to Martin Scorsese seems blasphemous in the film world, however I’m looking forward to Superman on screen once again. I think Snyder can make the visual aspects and special effects work well, but I’m concerned about his story telling after seeing Sucker Punch. Still, Snyder isn’t writing this screenplay, so I shouldn’t be concerned. Snyder directed the Watchmen and 300 which both turned out to be surprisingly good films.

    • @”Still, Snyder isn’t writing this screenplay, so I shouldn’t be concerned”

      Yes, yes you should. David Goyer wrote the screenplay.

      • Goyer wrote Death Warrant. Need I say more ;)

        • Goyer also wrote/directed Blade: Trinity.

          • oh Lord, we’re in trouble. :-D

  6. In terms of visuals, yeah, Zack Snyder is probably up there with Scorsese…if only that was all there took to make a movie…

  7. Wow. The goodwill engendered from myself towards Shannon for his work on Boarkwalk, The Runaways, Take Shelter, Thirteen etc has taken a severe beating. I can only hope his repetition of if being a comparison of style was his attempt of making clear to everyone he wasn’t completely losing his sanity. Even then, it’s a trite comparison. A director with a costume fetish and a reliance on slow motion should not even be considered to wipe the rear end of the great Marty.

    This movie can do one in all honesty, and it usually takes an appearance from Freddie Prinze Jnr for me to write off a project almost immediately. It’s a Watchmen thing, I’m afraid.

    • I’m not sure it is possible to agree more with everything you just said.


    • Comic books are all about “costume fetish” and splash pages are the printed version of “slow motion” shots.

      Snyder has his visuals and commitment to movies like this down. Just as long as he isn’t coming up with the story and script because that’s not his strong point (He sucks at that). Just let him direct it and I’m positive it will be stunning.

  8. Silly actors. Trix are for kids.

    • Succinct!

  9. My 1st thought when I read this was that I’m about to get banned from my favorite site for bashing the bejesus out of Michael Shannon for that comparison.
    But, when I think about it I can say it’s fine. He know’s better than any of us ever would because he has worked with both directors. And I don’t think he’s saying Snyder is better, just comparable in certain aspects.
    From my daily visits to ScreenRant I can see that you’re about the biggest Superman fan here. I even remember reading once that you wear an article of SM clothing every day. So I’m curious who in your opinion would be the ideal director for a Superman film and cast? IMO it looks like they have the perfect cast and a logical choice for director. And of course WB hired Goyer to write because of the success of the Batman films and his association.
    But then again I’m not the biggest Superman fan out there. I grew up watching the Donner films and forgeting about the other 2. I’ve always been more into Batman or X-Men.
    I’m just curious. Don’t take my question as an opening to try and bust your chops.

    • @”And of course WB hired Goyer to write because of the success of the Batman films and his association.”

      Goyer has nothing to do with the success of the Batman films. Majority of the credit goes to Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.

      • He is credited for the story on both so he deserves some credit.
        Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to defend all things David Goyer but the way Hollywood works if you’re associated in any way with films as successful as Nolans Batman you’re going to get a lot more work.

  10. Edgy may mean a lot of things…dont exaggerate please. Edgy may be more dark, more realistic, more alive – in a way of how the characters are shown, how their story is told, it may mean. If Nolan’s Batman is edgy, I think he meant the realism of the characters – all of them were fully explained, they struggled with sth, if you remember how The Dark Knight is all about chaos, anarchy, revenge, the psychological development of characters was fully believable. I wish he meant that :D

    • @”Edgy may be more dark, more realistic, more alive – in a way of how the characters are shown, how their story is told, it may mean.”

      Superman isn’t a dark character though, Batman is. And as far making Superman “realistic” goes, well, good luck with that.

    • Hopefully you are right, but he was using “edgy,” Nolan, and Batman in there. But maybe we should just assume he’s insane since he started with Scorsese.

  11. EPIC FAIL. I will be skipping this movie as a Superman fan. This Superman isnt who i grew up with.

    • “This Superman isn’t who i grew up with.”

      I think that was the whole point…

  12. You can say all you want about Zack Snyder, but if the man knows how to do one thing it’s how to make a film look good. His other talents are debatable, but I can definitely see where Shannon’s coming from with this comparison.

    • Megan Fox looks good, but it takes soo much more to make a decent woman. The same can be said for a film. Visuals can only do soo much to make a film enjoyable. Example: Sucker Punch.

      • Agreed, but that’s why “Sucker Punch” sucked, because it was all visuals, concepts and little else. Where as “Watchmen”, “300″, “Dawn Of The Dead” etc… were very good. They had great visuals backed up with good scripts and storylines.

  13. This is going to be a very interesting Superman by all accounts, It seems to be moving along the lines of BG and TDK. Its a something that has worked well for the Batman series, and seems to be the right road to take, I am a big Superman fan and I am looking forward to this version of Superman.

    I cant wait to see Russle Crowe doing Jorel, it will be epic I can imagine his voice speaking with Kalel, He tweeted a while back about a fight scene had to do with Michael Shannon and he got a great kick out of it.

    This is something I am so excited about and Im open to seen this version of Superman, even tho I loved the Superman 1+2, but Superman returns which has its place I did like it to a certain degree, I could see what they where trying to do, and for some it was not to their liking.

    But its good to keep Superman alive in some shape or form as long as its not in the form of Superman 3+4, they where not so good but do you ever find yourself when it is on the tv you kind of veer towards watching it any way or you watch some of it and you switch of.

    How and ever I cant wait for this film and if your a bit reluctant sure that no prbs, we are all of wide views of Superman. Thanks for the news on this Screen Rant ,, the Blessings of God on You …

    • @”This is going to be a very interesting Superman by all accounts, It seems to be moving along the lines of BG and TDK. Its a something that has worked well for the Batman series”

      And that’s why this film is gonna be an epic fail.

      • And suppose it isn’t an “epic fail”.

        Unless you can see the future, I’ll wait and see for myself.

        • I was about to say the same thing.

  14. Haters gonna hate! Michael Shannon is an acting genius. This take on Superman will rock. Fanboys you know you have to hate but you will go and watch it and you will kneel before Zod!

    • Snoochie boochies

  15. Superman fans are also “edgy”.
    I know what the comments above are saying without even reading them.
    “O brother”………..

    • Good one.

  16. My first reaction is that this sounds bad. It makes me recall the report that Warner was ordering a sequel to Green Lantern. Comparing Zak Synder to Scorsese is crazy simply because anyone has got to be aware of how people are going to react to that. The ONLY saving grace is that he did qualify it by speaking of visuals specifically.

    I’m going to leave it at that for now. Not good. I mean I was worried about Spider-man with the talk of it being gritty, and I think the trailer does have a dash of Batman Begins, although it looks like it could be Okay. But the idea gives me pause.

    I’m glad Avengers is looking like straightforward, brightly colored fun. And Joss Whedon is no Scorses, but I like them both.

  17. Wow Fanboys you really do get yourself wound up over nothing!!!
    First of things change. Who you are today is not really who you were when you were a kid. That’s the beauty of life.
    If we had the same take on Superman (Superman Returns!!!!) with every movie wouldn’t that be completely uninspiring? What was the outcome of Superman Returns? Not a success in terms of the expectation.
    Therein lies the problem for you Fanboys! You want some groundbreaking movie that will be “like” Donner’s movies but still be fresh. Well news flash it’s not fresh if it’s like what’s gone before. Hey even the custodians of Superman (DC Comics) felt the need to move the character in a different direction and present him in a different light. That is life. Things change!!!!
    The George Reeves Superman is different to the Christopher Reeves Superman! Even in the comics things change from time to time so why not the movie!!!!! Superman Returns to me was one of the most disappointing uninspiring movies I have watched, because it added nothing to Superman! It was a nostalgic ode to Donner’s movies which was a complete waste of time. The movie needed to stand on it’s own and soar and it did not!!!!!
    I am looking forward to this take on Superman and yes I do hope it will be great.
    So Fanboys relax it’s just a movie!!!!!

    • Okay, Michael Shannon. I think we’ve heard quite enough out of you today.

    • amen brotha!

      • sorry, the “amen brotha” was directed at alex. well said my man!

    • And yet I NEVER got bored watching the Superman Animated series or whenever he appeared on a JLU show. Certain things can be timeless and there is absolutely no need to change them (especially if they are working).

      • But even that incarnation of Superman evolved from a previous one. It can be very personal which version of a character someone grew up with. Even younger generations are gonna identify with the version that surrounds them and that they are most familiar with.

  18. I’ll probably watch this one on Netflix.

    • *Snyder* not sunder. Damn autocorrect

    • “How many of you on this rant have worked with Scorsese?
      Any of you worked with Sunder?”
      That’s a terrible rationalization. I’ve never worked for Major League Baseball, but I assure you that the guy who knocks it out of the park for every at bat will play before the guy who has more strike outs than homeruns.

      • Which has nothing to do with my comment…but whatever

    • There has been a so called “Fan” that has been doing the same about the new “Dredd” movie. He’s been actively trying make people boycott the film. Apparently he had sent them a script and is hurt that they don’t think it’s incredible.

      He’s been banned from several forums and keeps coming back under new names repeating the same guff and spreading bad feeling. I don’t know why some people wish for a project of something they’re supposed to love to fail. It seems to be so they can have the sad satisfaction of telling everyone “I told you all it was gonna suck!”

      I know some things sometimes jar with fans, but at least judge something after you’ve seen it. You may not like a costume, casting decision or director, but people should watch it first. Then if they aren’t happy tear it apart if it will satisfy them.

  19. I think what Shannon was saying is really just his technical and visual style, not his storytelling. All of his props where visually related words. Given that Shannon has worked with both, he may not be that off his rocker.

  20. You know I’m seeing this now, just because DrSamBeckett is going to see that poser Spider-Man flick.

    • Really? Oh dear. I hate that I have inspired you to go and see this dross.

      • I see you can see the future too.

        Maybe it won’t be “dross”, but a good movie!?

      • LOL just kidding with you DSB, I already saw Superman II

  21. Edgy superman scares small children

    • So does Barney the creepy purple dinosaur.

      • yes but he scares them for an entirely different reason. Because he ” loves” them. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a giant child molesting T-Rex? First he degrades and emotionally scars you, then he eats you

        • After singing you an atrocious song!

  22. Don’t know why people are shocked that it will look “edgy” with Zack Snyder at the helm look at his resume. As for the comparison there’s few actors who have worked with both Scorsese and Snyder so as a professional Micheal Shannon knows what he is talking about he has worked with Oliver Stone and Sam Mendes so he knows and understands directors.

  23. Meh, this whole darker/angrier god they’re makin Superman out to be like in this reboot is bad form imo. Not to mention opening it up as they did with the Batman reboot with Batman Begins because how much money the films brought in. People forget how Batman is the flipside of Superman as day & night are opposite.

  24. In terms of being edgy, I do not think the word is a stand in for “dark” take on Superman but rather show other audiences that Superman was not always a “boy scout” that they believe him to be. It has been stated that Superman was a rough social activists in the ’30s when he first appeared and some of those same characteristics are making a come back to in some of the modern comic books being published. On the same note I don’t also think the word edgy applies to a Superman who won’t be inspiring. Since Superman’s inception, there has been different takes on the character and his stories from him being the arrogant vigilante, the inspiring hero who caught Hitler, the ridiculous out-of-touch character, etc. In all the mediums, depending on the writer, artist, or actor, we have all witness different versions of the character who can still be instantly recognizable no matter the tone.
    Even in the DCAU, the Superman portrayed had his ideals and was an inspiration but was shown to be have his limits in tolerance and didn’t always to follow the rules to battle Luthor, Darkseid, Cadmus, or Batman himself. There was an edge to this character which I think is what the writers and filmmakers want to tap into in MOS.
    If you look in the Nolan’s Dark Knight Saga, we see a side to Bruce/Batman that is not necessarily comparable to the animated series version of the character but has some characterization of that not unlike Superman. (That is something I see but I digress at this point- topic for another day.) Point is the characters of both Superman and Batman are a lot closer in their morals and in some ways methods. So what some may see as characteristics solely belonging to the Dark Knight can be applied to the Man of Steel and vice versa. It has been done in the comics and tv shows.
    I don’t know how the film will turn out but I am not going to start bashing it until I actually see it completely.

  25. This day & age, a superman movie can only work through Snyder’s like…comic/movie filter animation style type thing where it’s really dark (the look not so much the content). Plus the girl from Pandorum??? THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE THE BAWM