Michael Shannon Compares Snyder to Scorsese; Says ‘Man of Steel’ is ‘Edgy’

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After this year’s The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is the next major superhero movie on deck. But will it be any good?

Obviously, it’s impossible to know this far in advance, but the one thing the filmmakers have (arguably) nailed is the casting.

Man of Steel‘s General Zod, Michael Shannon, recently talked about Henry Cavill’s take on Superman, the “edgy” tone of the film, and Zack Snyder’s cinematic resemblance to master filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

On Cavill, Shannon said (courtesy of The Playlist):

“Henry is a fantastic Superman, he’s got a little edge to him and he’s smart, clever and I had fun working with him.”

“Edge,” eh? Perhaps this iteration of Superman is grittier and angrier than the one we saw in Superman Returns and the series of movies starring Christopher Reeve? This would jibe with the current comic book version, as written by Grant Morrison in Action Comics, who is a throwback to the Superman of the 1930’s.

Henry Cavill is an Edgy Superman Michael Shannon Compares Snyder to Scorsese; Says Man of Steel is Edgy

On the actor’s comparison between the style of director Zack Snyder and movie-making icon Martin Scorsese, Shannon stated:

“I think Zack is the master stylist, visually. I mean, he’s up there with Scorsese, in my book, in terms of visual composition, orchestration, et cetera.”

Can’t help but notice that he qualified his comparison of Zack Snyder to Martin Scorsese several times over with an emphasis on what is arguably Snyder’s strong suit – visuals. He’s a “master stylist, visually” and “he’s up there with Scorsese […] in terms of visual composition.”

Shannon also commented on the tone of Man of Steel, comparing it to Christopher Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader:

“[‘Man of Steel’] is edgy in a way like when Nolan took over the ‘Batman’ franchise.”

It’s anybody’s guess as to exactly what Shannon thinks has made the Batman films so successful. Presenting an “edgy” superhero movie doesn’t automatically translate into success (just look at Punisher: War Zone), so it’ll be interesting to see how Snyder balances Superman (who most moviegoers perceive as being lighter in tone) with an “edgier” (hopefully not necessarily “darker”) tone. To that point, Nolan’s Batman films aren’t really so much “edgy” (whatever that actually means) as they were “more realistic” than previous Batman films. Is Shannon implying that Man of Steel is going to be hyper-realistic in the way that Batman Begins and (especially) The Dark Knight were?

We’ll just have to wait for the trailer to find out.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. I think this movie is going to rock! Period.

    • I just saw Sucker Punch. Weak story but the action – OMG. This guy can put his camera eye anywhere.

  2. You people are all dorks, make an opinion when the movie comes out. Not a year and a half before.

    • lol…here’s the thing that will probably happen. Many opinions will then be based on the reviews. If it’s a bad review then most will continue to bash the movie, likely state they won’t see it, and in some shape or form say “I told you so” without seeing it. If it’s a good review, most will continue with the adoration, give doubters/skeptics a glimpse of hope, and of course many “I told you sos” will be passed around, again without seeing it.

      I will just wait until the end credits are rolling and state my approval or disapproval of the movie.

      • Well said…I can formulate my own opinion of this after I see the finished product..

        • Too right! If people refuse to see it then they don’t have the right to tell others that “It sucks”.

  3. Edgy hero with “god” like powers…hmmm…this does not sound like Superman at all..call it a reivention if you like but Superman is not “edgy”..he is The Godfather of Superheroes for a reason..The original is still the best..

    @ DSM.. :)

    Dude I’ll give you this..when it comes to this character you ARE uncompromising in you’re expectations for this film..I applaud your efforts to express your opinions so passionately..It shows you really love this character. Just give it a chance…you gave Green Lantern a shot so try it for this film too…you may actually like it..

  4. You know what I find interesting; people keep saying “stop bashing the movie because you can’t predict the future” but then come back and say “it’s going to be awesome”, like they CAN READ THE FUTURE! We all have our opinions, one way or the other, so let people share their thoughts without degrading them.

    My personal opinion is that Snyder was not the right director for this. Sure, his visuals are great but Superman is not all about effects and violence. If this movie is anywhere near what TDK was, I won’t be happy.

    • @ Kahless

      I agree. I mean people claim Nolan made the best Batman films ever but yet they don’t mind Snyder changing Superman to make him edgier, etc to make his film as interesting as Nolan’s Batman films.

    • Well since I singled out people for predicting the future then I have to counter with the fact that I say if something “Looks awesome!”. I never out and out say for definite if something will be “Awesome” or “Terrible”.

  5. Well im not a psychic but i have a strong feeling this will be a great movie and im pretty good at judging films that i have a interest in.Also someone said it already but it seems like alot of people are rooting for this movie to fail which doesn’t make any sense to me.You obviously aren’t real superman fans to say the least. When this movie is all said and done & if the movie actually sucks feel free to draw blood from anybody involved in the project,hell i’ll be drawing blood myself.But untill then everybody chillout and eat a bowl of ice cream.

    • I don’t think people are wanting it to fail, but I think there’s many (myself included) that are expecting it to fail. Honestly, I have yet to see anything that gets me excited about the movie. Will I see it? Yeah. Superman is my second favorite superhero, so of course I’m wanting a good movie. But like I said, I don’t see anything that would expect it to be good. I hope I’m wrong, but I have some serious doubts about it.

      • @ Ghost

        I agree. Superman is the first hero ive seen in my life so he’s even though i him & Batman 50/50 like, if i had to chose who comes in first it would be Superman as he’s the hero id look up to and think of being so iconic over the years. Im wanting a good movie myself. I looked forward to Superman Returns & was little let down & feeling the same way about this film from whats being revealed so far. Reason why is because it seems like this reboot seems like the kind not to have heavy hitters like Darkseid, Doomsday, Mongul, Bizarro, Parasite, etc. We’d be lucky to see Braniac. After General Zod, i can see them use Lex Luthor again, Intergang & Morgan Edge which id prefer over Luthor. Maybe Metallo. I hope things work out.

  6. I disagree with some of the things said. I do think that the Nolan Batman films have been ‘edgy’. Not neccessarrily in terms of violence, or making the protagonist an antihero rebel, or other characters, or the movie itself being shockingly rebellious, but in it’s audacious reinvention of the material into something darker, more mature, and more advanced. What I mean by more advanced is evolved, raised to a whole new level artistic integrity, and taken to a dark, sinister world of epic scope. Nolan’s films take the material to astonishing new heights(as far as Batman movies), and it doesn’t feel acccurate to me when people fixate too much on the so called ‘realism’ of Nolan’s Batman films. He paints a gritty, vivid portrait of this world and the characters who inhabit it, and he makes Batman and his gadgets as ‘realistic’ as possible, but come on now, he’s capturing the gritty ‘realism’ already existent in dark adult graphic novels, and I can’t deny a certain realism to it, but I mean, of course, the more realistic it is, the more intense it is, the more you’re immersed in this world. And this world is a heightened fantastical on that Nolan paints a realistic picture of, but it’s simply a ‘realistic’ depiction of a very fantastical world.
    I think Shannon means this new Superman will dare to take the material to the grand heights it deserves instead of stuck in some pre-pubescent/teenage wasteland. Who, of course is kind of the target demographic, but I think a more accurate description of the target demographic for these more evolved reinventions of these superhero movies is adults who are kids at heart.
    Also, I definitely want this new Superman to go into ‘darker’ territory. Now that doesn’t mean the whole film has to be dark and brooding, but the aspects of the story that ARE or SHOULD BE treated as ‘dark’, you know, should, ironically, see the light of day. That’s exactly how it should be: exciting,thrilling,funny,dark,scary, suspenseful, fun. I think all of these elements need to be in place, and thank God, it looks like they will be.

    • Honestly, the thing I don’t like about the new Batman films is that they don’t feel like comic book films. Yeah, I know, comic book films are formulaic (even though Batman Begins followed the same formula as many in the genre do), but they just didn’t have that feel to it.

      • At Ghost, could you elaborate on why the new Batman films don’t feel like comic book films? I’ve heard this a few times from others, but have yet to get a straight answer. I would appreciate your response.

        Personally I love the Batman movies. The represent everything I could ask for in a Batman movie, especially Batman Begins. Sure I would love some of the more fantasy/sci-fi elements to be present, but for the world/universe/or whatever you may want to call it C. Nolan and company have created an excellent Batman representation.

        I agree with Tim Boone’s statement above and I believe that can parallels with Superman. One can hope that Doomsday or Darkseid would make some appearance in the future and both of those story arcs would require some “edgyness”.

      • @ Ghost

        Im glad im not the only one who feels that way. Way i read it somewhere, Nolan’s Batman films were merely made for adults mostly than all ages. After Batman Returns & issues around that film, we all know WB found Burton’s style was too dark & decided to take the franchise into the “family-friendly” direction starting Batman Forever. Michael Keaton didn’t like where the franchise was goin, that’s why he didn’t reprise the role in the 3rd film aswell that Burton stepped down as director & be producer instead. Of-course things got worse WB pushed Batman & Robin to be even more “family-friendly”. We all know the outcome. Only thing Nolan’s done different was base his films as realistic as possible. So i get what you’re sayin, sorry for writing so much,lol. I feel the sameway that they don’t have that comic book film feel to them. Even films like X-Men, or last two Punisher films had little comic feel to them. Can’t say the same about Blade films, because Vampires aren’t real.

    • I agree completely. Below I copied my previous comment which in some ways can coincide with mine.

      In terms of being edgy, I do not think the word is a stand in for “dark” take on Superman but rather show other audiences that Superman was not always a “boy scout” that they believe him to be. It has been stated that Superman was a rough social activists in the ’30s when he first appeared and some of those same characteristics are making a come back to in some of the modern comic books being published. On the same note I don’t also think the word edgy applies to a Superman who won’t be inspiring. Since Superman’s inception, there has been different takes on the character and his stories from him being the arrogant vigilante, the inspiring hero who caught Hitler, the ridiculous out-of-touch character, etc. In all the mediums, depending on the writer, artist, or actor, we have all witness different versions of the character who can still be instantly recognizable no matter the tone.
      Even in the DCAU, the Superman portrayed had his ideals and was an inspiration but was shown to be have his limits in tolerance and didn’t always to follow the rules to battle Luthor, Darkseid, Cadmus, or Batman himself. There was an edge to this character which I think is what the writers and filmmakers want to tap into in MOS.
      If you look in the Nolan’s Dark Knight Saga, we see a side to Bruce/Batman that is not necessarily comparable to the animated series version of the character but has some characterization of that not unlike Superman. (That is something I see but I digress at this point- topic for another day.) Point is the characters of both Superman and Batman are a lot closer in their morals and in some ways methods. So what some may see as characteristics solely belonging to the Dark Knight can be applied to the Man of Steel and vice versa. It has been done in the comics and tv shows.
      I don’t know how the film will turn out but I am not going to start bashing it until I actually see it completely.

  7. Oh Comic-Con 2012 hurry plz! We need some footage. One of my most anticipated and it’s a year away. Dying to see what the aesthetics of the film looks like and an idea of the acting and effects….my mind just explodes when I think of what it could be.

  8. What’s with all the hate for Zack Snyder out of nowhere? Guy makes ONE bad movie and everyone totally loses faith. I bet if Man Of Steel is good all the people saying “NOLAN’S NAME IS JUST TO SELL THE MOVIE” are gonna be saying “NAH IT WAS ALL NOLAN HOLDING SNYDER’S HAND”…like what’s the problem? Is everyone THAT fickle? What did you think Sucker Punch was gonna be AMAZING??? C’mon noww

    • I loved Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, 300, and even Sucker Punch is a guilty pleasure for me. But Snyder’s style is completely wrong for Superman.

      • See i’m the same way with his work i love all of it, and even still i just can’t help but disagree. I feel like Snyder’s style is the only way a GOOD superman adaptation can work and stand on it’s own without being tacky or cheesy and even though the character IS cheesy, after ten years of Smallville(which lets face it, had it’s moments of cheese) and the success of the ‘Darker’ dare i say it ‘EDGY’ Batman films, perhaps it’s time to try to take the character in a different direction. Superman earth one type stuff. But like how Watchmen was visually, really hard on Blues and bright colors yet still made them Badass it could really bring a more i guess ‘updated’ feel to superman, I would imagine a few people laughed when they saw the Routh version of the costume and it still looked like it was from the 80’s. Snyder’s superman look is a bit more intimidating,for a guy in big red cape..

        And changing pace a little here, even seeing Cavill in his recent roles he definitely has the Clark Kent type of times of weakness to him, like in Immortals when his mom is killed and he’s all “NOOOOO” or in the trailer for Cold Light of Day when he comes back to the boat and he’s like “HELLO??? MOMMM?? DADD??” It just feels like it’s meant to be at least on that front.

  9. I am optimistic, mainly because (as a comic book fan) I still believe that Zack Snyder is one of us. I love Superman because of his strict moral code of boy scout values and his godlike power. Any of you read Birthright? That’s what this movie should be like. It was the Superman we know in our world, dealing with real world problems on top of the obligatory Lex Luthor related ones. He knew what was right, and when evil people did wrong he got really pissed off. Wouldn’t that count as an edge? Let’s try and have faith, at least until we get a teaser where he’s all brooding or something. Remember, the new Spider-Man’s costume looked like crap in the set photos, too. In fact, I bet (and don’t quote me on this) by the end of summer 2013 we’ll be drawing a lot of comparisons between those two movies.

  10. @ Ghost- I don’t comment very often on this site but I have to say that it seems that you will be unsatisfied with whatever director/screenwriter/cast combination that the Hollywood machine could come up with for Man of Steel. I’m not gonna’ say that this film WILL be awesome, but I think it has promise. A lot of people complain that Singer’s Superman Returns was a rehash of the Donner films, and now that it seems an entirely fresh take on the character is about to happen people are hesitant about that as well. There’s really no pleasing anyone. As for the Nolan Batman films- fantastic. I see all these comic book movies and The Dark Knight is probably the best out there.

    • @”and now that it seems an entirely fresh take on the character is about to happen people are hesitant about that as well.”

      Rehash of the origin, rehash of General Zod, and the story looks to be just a remake of Superman I and 2. Yes, very fresh (please not sarcasm). This film looks to bring nothing new to the franchise.

      • That should say “please note sarcasm”.

    • @ Brian Earl

      Alot of people would have good reason to complain about Superman Returns was a rehash of Donnor’s film because it looked that way to me instead of a good return story. So far from what’s been revealed about MOS,again it’s the samething only it’s a rehash of both Superman 1&2.

      Nolan’s films are good as for having a realistic tone. But imo i don’t see Batman Begins nor TDK as the best comic book movies ever. Ive notice online & in person people who really like TDK really well don’t like it as much as it first came out. As if they’ve grown tired of it.

      • Why, why, why? I asked eariler about why BB and TDK are not comic book movies in your opinion(s). After years of chatting at comic book shops I have never heard anyone state that BB or TDK are not comic book movies. Different tone, indeed, but still a great depiction none the less.

        @ Brian Earl, I agree. I’ve been coming to this website for, i don’t know 5 or 6 years, and rarely commented. There was so much love for BB and TDK now I read opinions about them not being “comic book” movies. No extraordinary elements are presented in the movies and thats fine, I mean look at the Joker, Zasz, and Hush. Great characters who don’t need to be depicted in an outlandish fashion…O whatever, lost my train of thought, love the Batman movies, comics, etc.

        I am ecstatic that Superman will grace the big screen again. Superman deserves not only a great story, but some great visuals. I will blantantly state that it does need some “edgyness” as many are calling it. Sure he can still be the moral “boy scout”, but with “dark” (oooo, I said dark), maniacal, or just evil villains such as Doomsday, Darkseid, Braniac, Bizarro, etc it makes since. I mean those villains will bring destruction and suffering so why not have some edge. Makes Superman more of a “hero” if he can challenge and defeat these wrongdoers.

        In my opinion everything is a “rehash” these days. I mean the Avengers is basically an alien invasion flick with Marvel characters. For me Iron Man 2 seemed like a carbon copy of a far superior Iron Man. Batman Begins was a retelling of a story that we knew and somewhat saw in Burton’s film, it was just better because I believe it captured the essence of who and what Batman is.

      • @Wally West.Superman Returns was suppose to be a rehash of the Donner film’s,it was suppose to pick up where Superman 2 left off meaning Singer was completely ignoring 3 & 4 like they never happened.And with Nolan’s Batman film’s i think you just have to be in a certain mood to watch them b\c of the tone they have.It’s not something you can view on the regular,i can vouch for that personally,the last time TDK was on t.v. i watched it for 20 minutes and then changed the channel cuz i wasn’t in that particular mood.

        • I feel you but that particular mood happens in my case with movies like Thor and Captain America and Transformers to name a few.Just not deep enough to immerse me.
          TDK,Watchmen and V for Vendetta to name a few again,are the opposite of the above movies.

        • @ Hi-C

          Singer respected Donnor’s film & does intend have his film take place after Superman 2 aswell make it into a return story. Point i was makin was he made Superman Returns too similiar to the original film. Other people thought so aswell as no physical foe he fought for the world to see why the world needs Superman still,etc.

  11. I haven’t seen any Snyder films to be honest they do sound like a lot of fun and i think its good choice of Director because everyone knows Snyder to be a very different director than Richard Donner Or Bryan Singer or Richard Lester or anyone else who directed a superman movie. I hope this movie is good i really am looking forward to it thats why i was bummed when it got pushed back to 2013, i was like “ahh c’mon if this had come out 2012 it would have made 2012 the year of superhero movies (considering the Avengers, Amazings Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises ect…” But overall the pictures do look very promising and i am dying for a trailer rumors are its coming out with Dark Knight Rises so that i’m already down for. I find the casting quite intersting because its so different from the other casts for superman, Henry Cavill is the first foreigner to play Superman, Amy Adams is a red head, Lawrence is obviously Black, Shannon is more of a regular looking guy while Stamp was more shakespearean looking to me, Martha Kent is a lot younger (and more attractive i might add…lol), so yeah its all a lot different. I’m glad to hear that they are using Zod as the villain and not Lex because they need some more time to make Lex a more interesting and more deep character, like they did with the Joker in Dark Knight, personally i think that Bradley Cooper would make a great Luthor (i read in one of the other posts) as long as he is as different than he is in both the other movies and the comics. So overall i’m really interested in this movie, love Christopher Reeve’s superman movies to death, superman 2 being my favorite because they stepped it up a notch and even though i’m sure it was a complete pain in the a** to make Superman finally found worthy opponents that he actually punched and threw and it was so awesome, its probably one of my favorite movies. I look forward to seeing what all these new guys have to offer.

  12. WallyWest you are absolutely right that was a huge, huge flaw of Superman Returns. Returns i actually saw for my 9th or 10th birthday and i am not ashamed of saying that I fell in love with it because at the time Christopher Reeve’s superman was the only one that i was familiar with. Returns wasn’t terrible though, from a sequel standpoint it was actually quite good. The reason why a lot of people don’t care for it that much is really because it wasn’t a new superman, parents or adults may like it more because it was a superman that they grew up with (it resembled Reeve’s films so much) the younger audience on the other hand wasn’t that into it because it wasn’t a superman for them, there hasn’t been one for our generation yet a 21st century yet or if there is i simply haven’t seen one. Thats what i hope they do with this film, that they make him a hero of the new generation instead of the past generation looks like they are trying to do that.

  13. I am a bit late, but to all the people who think Snyder is the wrong choice for MOS director, not because he’s necessarily bad, but because of what his previous films are… Originally I agreed with this point of view, but then I remembered, Richard Donner directed The Omen before he did Superman! Now I know the tone of MOS is going to be completely different to the original Superman BUT my point is, I don’t think we can judge Snyder on the style of his past work, because I’m sure picking the director of one of the more controversial horror movies of the 70s to helm the very first ever comic book film seemed like a weird choice back then too! Open mind everyone, just try to enjoy the film :-)

  14. there are still skeptics eh? well check the trailers for god sake..