‘Man of Steel’: Michael Shannon Praises Henry Cavill’s Superman & Zack Snyder’s Direction

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Michael Shannon Talks Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel: Michael Shannon Praises Henry Cavills Superman & Zack Snyders Direction

The Superman reboot Man Of Steel, controlled by director Zack Snyder and producer Chris Nolan, has revealed precious little about itself. Aside from a very early publicity shot of star Henry Cavill in the iconic suit and an enigmatic trailer, the filmmakers and studio have been tight-lipped with details. Even the official synopsis paints a vague picture.

We now have at least one positive review of Henry Cavill’s performance as Superman next summer, and it comes from his co-star Michael Shannon, who plays villain General Zod.

As the Shannon told The Daily Blam:

‘I always felt like I was in a scene with Superman. I never looked at him and thought that’s just somebody trying to be Superman — he felt like the real deal.’

To hear a good report from inside the camp, especially from an actor with a pedigree like Shannon’s, is a good sign. He added:

‘I really admire Henry’s work ethic… I really haven’t seen anybody in this business work quite that hard. Obviously it’s a tremendous responsibility, and an intimidating one, to wear that suit. But he had the confidence and the work ethic to accomplish it.’

Even so, the latest incantation of Superman is by no means a sure thing. Sure, Snyder’s back catalogue proves his visual chops (no matter what you thought of Sucker Punch, it was a visually artistic film); Shannon also commented on how Man of Steel is coming together, saying ‘I’ve seen a little bit. Zack puts a lot of time into post production on all his films because he’s such a visual stylist. But the little snippet I saw was mind-blowing, and it wasn’t even finished.

It’s also hard to argue with Snyder’s casting. Cavill is known for the TV show The Tudors and last year’s Greek myth blockbuster, The Immortals, while Shannon is in the midst of a meteoric rise thanks to Boardwalk Empire, Take Shelter and Premium Rush. Then again, signs looked good for the last Superman film, too.

Brand Routh Superman Returns 570x334 Man of Steel: Michael Shannon Praises Henry Cavills Superman & Zack Snyders Direction

Brand Routh in ‘Superman Returns’

Bryan Singer, a director with a string of smart hits from The Usual Suspects to X-Men and X-Men 2, had a great premise about an outsider looking for a place to belong in Superman Returns. The untested Brandon Routh was supported by solid co-stars like Frank Langella as Perry White and Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor – yet the final result was flat.

Shannon’s comments come at a good time for Superman publicity. Outside the teaser and synopsis, eager fans have been left to share rumors about Man of Steel. One rumor involves details of the climax, with Superman, Zod and Faora fighting at the Clark farm, following Zod’s attack on Superman’s adoptive parents.

Another source from inside Warner Bros hinted at Man of Steel being the first step to a Justice League movie, bringing the DC Comics characters together the same way The Avengers has for Marvel. According to the story, the character DC really wants to reference is Wonder Woman, leaving fans wondering if she’ll make a cameo in Man of Steel.

Man Of Steel is releasing on June 14, 2013

(NOTE: General Zod Fan-Made Costume Image via SHH)

Source: Daily Blam

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  1. *Premium Rush

  2. I was hoping that wasn’t Zod’s costume. Id take Routh’s Superman costume over Cavill’s except for the Small S emblem. Chnnging Superman’s costume was one thing, but having darker colors is somthing else. The colors should be brighter imo. Hope Shannon has a beard for his role.

    • @ WallyWest…why we don’t want just another repeat of Superman II…new Zod, new costumes, new plot, new soundtrack for a Post-Nolan Batman, Post Wheldon Avengers generation

      • @ IcemanHill

        Repeat of Superman 2? I think thats what Snyder & Nolan have done by telling a new origin story AGAIN & having their own version of Superman 2 all wrapped up into one film is all. Plus like you said, new Zod, costumes, etc. but the kind of plot for the film has been done in different ways on television. Sorry im not as thrilled most Snyder/Nolan fans are but im still hoping for the best.

    • Actually is isn’t thats a manip. Tho we’ve seen he wears a “chainmail-esqu” suit without a cape similar to Cavill’s there is still the issue of not having seen w/e that armored suit he wore in the comic con footage is.

    • I like everything about the new costume except the bulge.
      From the picture I thought the other guy was bizarro or something.

    • Though he should have a beard, I do not think he does. Pictures of him on set show him beardless which is unfortunate. It has a certain atmosphere to the character and gives him a bold presence.

      • @ Roguedork19

        I agree.

    • Am I the only one that can see that Zods costume is photo shopped, look closely and you can tell its Cavills costume wrinkle for wrinkle, color changed black and the s turned into a z, even the neck is Cavills.

      • Exactly, that’s the 1st thing that I noticed too.

        • Pretty sure that isn’t official art. The article states that, to date only the shot of superman and the ‘comic con’ teaser have been released, so…

  3. Sorry but does this article have any real point ? Shannon praising his co-star, of course he is going to praise him, he is under contract to do just that, even if Cavill was the most inept actor ever he would still get praise. Means nothing, it’s just a studio telling us “this movie is great”, how many times have i heard that before….

    • Makes me think of Brad Pitt saying that all the reported problems on the World War Z set aren’t a big deal at all. What else would he say? He’s the producer and star. I highly doubt he’s going to come out and say how terrible everything is. He’s going to put a positive spin on the production no matter how badly it’s going.

    • But still, it’s how he says it that gives it wings. Not just “oh yes, he’s a great actor i love him i love everything we get along yea we’re buddies”, but instead he highlights specific things and feelings he has about all of it.

  4. in the older pics is one where he wears and what looks like the same armoured suit like sups. you just couldn´t see him from the frontside,but i think that he has not a cape like sups,maybe his suit got some cool gadgets . and i can´t believe that he would wear a z-for zod sign on his chest. one thing at least: i love the new suit fom the movie and also the one from the new 52s comics,there he got a neckpart but i think it wouldn´t fit in the real life suit. i´ve read after a long time some comics online,and as i readed the different sups comics i was disliking his red undertrunks more and more. and i did read my first sups comic with 6 or 7 years old,but it was no tragedy for me that they´ve take his red trunks.

  5. bring out the film already :P

  6. I’m already anticipating a great film, so Shannon’s words did not reveal anything. Still, nice to hear…

    I wonder if anyone else will get a “Nazi Bizarro” vibe from that (Photoshopped?) Zod suit above…? I knew it wasn’t real, but sheesh.


  7. I hope that picture is just fantasizing about what Zod will look like as supposed to a serious depiction. Because if it is, then it suggests that Zod is simply an evil analogue of Superman, he looks like him, dresses like him, has the same powers, just for evil. I hope Zod is a bit more different than that. We’ve seen too many villains to superheroes who are simply the evil version of them.


    Back on topic..

    Of course, he does praise the others, he has to. But it still gives me hope if such talent as Michael Shannon praises someone else’s acting I take his word for that they deserve it.

    • mseci…

      I’m not being being flippant…I really AM curious: WHAT did Snyder mess up in “Watchmen”? That stupid squid creature from the graphic novel surely is not missed…is it? I thought the visuals, the acting, and (most importantly) the storyline/implications were accurately portrayed on film, imo.

      • Not sure either. I thought that getting rid of the creature as the threat was a big improvement. In fact, it made more sense. If Snyder could be criticized for anything it’s sticking a bit too close to the novel, but I can hardly say that’s a criticism. When people always complain about how so-and-so changed the story from the book, Snyder should be praised for being very faithful.

        • This.

        • I don’t get it either. ‘Watchmen’ was so like the comic book come to life. There were changes true, costume differences, and the ending come to mind but they seemed to me to be enhancements not detractions. The only reason I think it didn’t do better at the box office was the rating and perhaps the tone being too dark for the subject matter. That could’ve been alleviated in various ways the best way is being used but it’s not a surefire solution, we’ll just have to wait and find out…

          • I completely agree with everyone above. “Watchmen” was awesome. Very faithful and the changes were actually of great benefit. Just because it didn’t do very well at the box office doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great movie. Most people had never heard of “Watchmen”. It’s not like Superman or Batman – everyone knows those characters. Plus it wasn’t aimed at kids, so that drastically cuts your audience and merchandising.

          • Personally, I think Watchmen didn’t do as well as it should have in the box office because the “masses” were clueless about the characters, story, etc. Without the extra financial “padding” from the general eye-candy loving public, a movie won’t generate the same cashflow.

            This is the same kind of fate a movie like GotG will have without proper marketing, in fact, I would guess the bulk of the same viewers who go to Guardians will be initially clueless about it being connected to the other Marvel properties at all.

      • Why make it close to the source material if you put in idiotic slo-mo fight scenes, unnecessary gore and that never happened in the graphic novel. The kidnapper’s death, over the top violence, heroes with super-strength for example..

        Why not just develope per say Laurie’s character or the story I didn’t feel for her when she learnt who her father was in the movie like I did in the novel.

        I watched the movie before reading the graphic novel, but after it I just got pissed off how many unnecessary things were in it that could have been easily erased.

        The ending is obviously better in the movie(although I kinda missed the squid, don’t ask why) so is Rorschachs’ death. Still had a bad taste in my mouth after the movie.

        Watchmen was the only movie that wasn’t just meh. But now I feel like there’s a good chance he will put somehing in Man of Steel that that both fans and the general audience won’t like.

      • watchmen was the most accurate adaption of a comic book.

    • watchmen was great, f your alien squid.

      • I didn’t have any problems with the lack of squid. The ending is obviously better and more realistic in the movie.

        I had problems with that although only Dr Manhattan possesed superpowers the others seemed to have super-strength, too.

        Not to mention the idiotic slo-mo fight scenes, the over the top violence, the excessive amount of gore(the kidnapers’ death, bones and flesh hanging form the ceiling).

        FYI, I watched the movie before reading the graphic novel and I liked it.
        But after having read it I got pissed how many unnecessary things were in it which could have easily been erased.

        I feel like he will most likely put something in Man of Steel that both fans and the general audience won’t like.

  9. The production still we saw of Shannon in a motion capture suit makes me think Zod’s suit will look very different from Supes.

    • Haven’t they learnt anything from Green Lantern?

      No f****** CGI suit!!!!!!

      Oh god I hope Shannon’s face won’t be floating like Reynolds’…

      • Well he has his clothing and then he has his armor. I am pretty sure the armor will be CGI like Iron Man’s suit.

  10. I personally liked the singer superman film, and all the performances. I think it stayed true to the Superman in my head from 20 odd years ago. And I think it will make for a good transition picture to lead us into untested territory, like this upcoming flick. Sure it was nothing special, but I can´t say it was flat, it had it´s moments.

  11. aren’t they wearing Kryptonian Armor now? it makes sense they would look similar. Just like two Samurai have similar armor or two soldiers in camo gear/armor.

    what I don’t want is a plain-out remake of Superman 2 with a little Nolan flair added in. I want a fresh take on both Superman, General (?) Zod, Metropolis, etc.

    I have “super” (pun intended) high hopes for this movie and am looking forward to seeing the preliminary reviews…[fingers crossed]

    • What Nolan flair? He pitched an idea with David Goyer, he didn’t write it and he’s not directing. His input is mininmal. He gets a producer cred for helping to come up with the basic premise, that’s it. People going into this looking for a Nolan version of Superman are going to be disappointed. This is not a Nolan film.

      • You didn’t see any Nolan feel to the teaser cause I did. I think Nolan and Snyder have similar styles.

        • How are their styles similar? Nolan is realism to the point of being drab while Snyder leans towards hyper-stylized fantasy. Thematically they are both dark, but that’s the only similarity. These two directors are pilot opposites as far as story and visual style.

          • Polar not pilot

          • The first teaser, not the convention trailer that has been pulled, is depressingly drab to me :P

    • Samurai armor is all highly personal to the individual and clan and each suit looks different while still having the same functionality. So while similar would be acceptable, being exactly the same except for a chest logo (in the same diamond shape) and color scheme would be just lame.

      I’ve never been a fan of the new look with the silly hip and leg filigree, faux muscle detail and colors so this Zod look, if true, would just compound that.

  12. In truth zod suppose to be like a evil version of supermans biological father not in the literal sense he’s not a clone but in the metaphorical sense. They are both a lot like besides the evil part. I think they should have gone with an older looking actor

  13. Not really a superman fan, my top DC character has always been Batman, but I may check this out since Nolan is involved and cause I’ve enjoyed some of Snyders films.

  14. I wonder if Zack will end up directing The Justice League.

    • hed be my pick.

    • If this is a success I’d say yes lol

  15. A few comments on some of the other comments of this movie,I think most of us are worried with direction of this movie fora couplke of reasons. First, the lack of information that has come out about this movie, I mean in this day and age we really didnt have much in the way of info except for casting and some rumors that have come out with a few pics. The other thing that is got me on edge is that after almost a year of them working on the movie, the rumors of them shoe horning in the Justice League lead ins sounds very problematic. Im sure like many other fans of Superman we want this to be great and im one of those fans! However, if we have another debacle by WB/DC, like we had with Green Lantern and Returns, then I really hope that they hang up there ideas of doing a Justice League Movie. I really cant handle them butchering more of the characters that I love. Oh and please NO creepy stalker/peeping Tom Superman’s

  16. Good points Loco Lobo 73,
    I agree, if MOS is a failure, I think WB/DC need to step away from JL. In this day and age, after all the success with Avengers, Chris Nolans Batman, and all the failures, (Green Lantern, Superman Returns) Zack and DC should know wat to do and what NOT to do.

  17. The reason Routh’s superman failed was because it was uncompelling, they turned Spacey into a nincompoop, and there was no legitimate action.

    I think this one will fix all of that.

  18. Problems i had with Superman Returns

    1. Superman having a kid.

    2. The film was too much like Donnor’s original Superman film.

    3. Imo, not much of a return story. Especially when Lois writes “Why the world still needs Superman”.

    4. Not a great cast. Though i did like Brandon Routh & Kevin Spacey. The rest needed replaced imo.

    • Don’t forget Superman lifting what basically amounted to an entire ISLAND of kryptonite! You could even see the green crystals.

      I saw that and groaned audibility.

      • @ Mongoose

        That didn’t bother me because clearly Superman flew up to absorb yellow sun first & then flew down to use his heat vision to cut out the island with alittle of the ocean floor to shield him long enough to launch the island into space. Its that kryptonite was breaking through as he flying up further.

        • but traditionally, mere proximity is a near instantaneous drain on his powers. This ploy has been used time and time again, from the comics to the original Superman movie, to animated series and even Superman Returns itself. So this deviation was not a welcome change.

          Plus “earth” (or in this case the sea bed) should do nothing to protect him from the effect. Only lead can effectively shield him from kryptonite’s power draining ability.

  19. photoshopped

    • It’s so obvious !!!

      • Obvious and hideous.

  20. hoping at least a ww or batman cameo in man of steel

  21. Its not the nolan superman, it’s the Snyder superman, and i for one am grateful for this

  22. I think Hollywood has a hard time looking at itself subjectively. On one hand, like many of you, I am tired of the origins-hero-has-to-find-himself story, but on the other, Snyder is great with action. I’m hoping we get fight scenes on the scale of Dragon Ball Z with this one. And I think we will, knowing Snyder.

    • Set photos show massive destruction and collateral damage, so I’m thinking the action will be good. I saw one pic of a semi-truck impaled on a tree. I’m predicticting epic battles with Zod.

      • Alrighty, then. All my chips are in.

  23. Has anyone noticed that both Superman and Zod went to the same custome designer in the movie, they even have the same muscle lines, didn’t realize that Zod’s body was a clone of Superman.

    • Did you read the end of the article?

  24. I was actually kinda hopin that was zods real costume lol but newaaayyy

  25. SO???????????? we may all have different opinions gee i`m not clicking on any more superman links until the movie comes out

  26. I am holding out cautious high hopes for this new Superman movie. I did not like previous ones, tho. This might be the last desperate Hail-Mary shot at a good one for Supes. Zod kind of looks like the demented school janitor in my old alma mater, tho.

  27. Why does Zod look EXACTLY like Superman? I get why, but Shannon looks like some sort of Negative Zone (Yeah, I know the Negative Zone is Marvel) version of Superman.

  28. Apropos of nothing, one way you can always tell if muscles are part of a costume, as opposed to being real, when they are exactly the same from one individual to the next.

    • Ummm, you DO realize that Zod photo above is a fake, right?