Michael Rosenbaum Talks ‘Smallville’ Series Finale Return

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With Michael Rosenbaum confirmed to return for the Smallville series finale, everyone’s favorite “pool hall junkie” is discussing the thought processes behind him deciding to become the hair-less Superman antagonist one last time.

Speaking with his hometown paper, the Evansville Courier & Press, Rosenbaum reflects on his decision to return to Smallville, how he made the decision based solely on the boisterous fan-base – and why he’ll be wearing a bald cap for Lex Luthor’s long-awaited return.

Implementing the “Rosenbaum humor” that made him a fan favorite, Rosenbaum makes sure to highlight the fact that after 10 years, Tom Welling is well passed the young Clark Kent look that the series was built upon. In fact, he notes that Clark looks much more like a 30-year old man than a mild-mannered adolescent farm boy with an inability to fly.

“Now it’s been on three more years. Clark is starting to look like he’s in his 30s.”

Sticking with the Smallville mythos that was built well after Rosenbaum left the series, he acknowledges the fact that there needs to be a showdown between Clark and Lex (hopefully Superman and Lex):

“Obviously there’s unfinished business between Clark and Lex that has got to get resolved. Our future is depending on it.”

Noting that while he wants nothing more than to move on from Smallville, Rosenbaum acknowledges that he wouldn’t be returning if it weren’t for the supportive fans:

“I just felt like it was the right thing to do. I felt the fans created the show, and they followed me at such a level that I couldn’t say no. … I felt after 160 episodes, that was it. But the fans didn’t think so. I’m doing it for them.”

Of course, Rosenbaum explains that while Lex is an important part of Superman’s story, he felt that playing the same role for seven years was a pretty good run:

“Lex is an integral part of the show. No one expects a show to last 10 years. I gave them seven years and I thought it was pretty commendable.”

Even though Rosenbaum is known for continuously shaving his head for the role of Lex Luthor (a commendable act, no doubt), he reveals that this time, his return to Smallville will involve a bald cap:

“There are other projects that I am working on that requires hair. [My hair] takes four months to grow back.”

While fans of the series may scoff at Rosenbaum wearing a bald cap, I have no doubt that the Smallville producers will make sure it looks natural. If the series finale ends like everyone hopes it will be – with Clark flying around as Superman – I’m sure they’ll have enough left over in their visual effects budget to blend in the parts of Rosenbaum’s bald cap that make-up couldn’t cover.

Still, with Rosenbaum’s return, the question has to be asked how his inclusion will be implemented into the plot. Considering the Alexander Luthor that we’ve seen growing during Smallville season 10 is actually, well, I’ll let you read it for yourself (I’ve learned my lesson), how will Rosenbaum’s Luthor return?

As I’ve been watching Smallville’s final season progress, I figured that Alexander Luthor would simply grow up to be Lex Luthor – and would no longer be the kid from High School Musical (Lucas Grabeel) and become Michael Rosenbaum. Given the revelation in the episode two weeks ago, that outcome seems unlikely – so what now?

Hopefully those questions will be answered as we close in on the Smallville series finale.

Smallville airs Friday’s @8pm, on The CW

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Source: Evansville Courier & Press

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  1. Ah, Lex…How we have missed you.

  2. It would have been nice to see him back for more than one episode. I hope he’s in the final episode for more than just a quick cameo.

  3. I hope they bring him back in a cyborg type of state to eventually get the suit.

  4. Oh Michael. You had us fans so worried. Then incredibly angry when we heard you “weren’t” returning. Now we’re all crazy excited!!!

  5. I saw a screen capture of tess and lionel at the cadmus labs where alexander was found, I think they’ll make another lex clone, that’s just my thought, I’m not too sure.

  6. If Clark walked away from the fortress unharmed between seasons 7 and 8, then Lex could have too. Yes we saw a truck get blown up with remains that were identified as Lex’s, BUT (as was proven in season 10) there are Lex clones. A cline could have easily been in the truck that exploded. We see Lex all messed up, and we see illumination on him when the truck explodes, BUT we never see fire around him. (If you remember there was a screen in front of him) He could have been watching the whole thing on that screen.

    My guess is that Lex is alive and well.

    • I agree. I never bought the idea that Lex was killed; and it happened way too easy, Lex would never go out that easy, letting Chloe track him that easy and stay in one spot while Oliver walked right up and put an explosive toy under his truck? No sir. Much more likely, he manipulated it all, counting on the fact that Oliver would try to take him out, in order to fake his death in a way that would actually convince Clark, so he could retreat into the shadows, to recoup, regroup, and come back stronger than before… We’ll probably find out he’s been working against Clark in the background this whole time.

      • Exactly!

  7. I just hope Darkseid doesn’t possess him or some crap like that. I want to see a real epic Darkseid and Superman fight for the final episode. Lex awesum he is coming back ,but I hope he gets the screentime he deserves.

  8. i approve. his portrayal of the character was the only highpoint in this otherwise crappy show.

    • Considering the show has been at the top of its game the past two seasons, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

      • Yeah, the show’s been just as good (if not better) these past couple seasons without him. But it is great to have him back!

        • wow, ok. to be honest, i stopped watching after he left cause Lex was the only thing that maintained my interest

  9. So when exactly did he decide he was coming back? Did I miss it or was it just announced today?

  10. doing it for the fans eh?
    pro bono?

  11. It’s gonna be one hell of a finale!

    • hlll yhh

  12. Yes, Lex comes back a Cyborg hell bent for revenge!

  13. The show definitely went downhill after Lex left. And to replace such an epic character with Tess Mercer?? I hateeeee her character. I blame it on the writers. And why are there 87 superheroes on the show now? It’s like the writers ran out of ideas so said “Hey let’s go buy a bunch of random comic books and try to throw as many of these characters into our show!”
    And what idiot came up with the horrible name “Red-Blue BLUR”? And then they shortened it to just “The Blur” cuz he threw away his red-blue clothes and opted for tight black pants and a long black gothic jacket? What a disgrace to the Superman legend!

    • Actually they’ve added plent of characters from Superman and DC comics. Aquaman, Green Arrow, the Flash, Cyborg, Black Canary, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Zod, Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, Metallo, Gordon Godfrey, Granny Goodness, Desaad, Rick Flag, Deathstroke, Amanda Waller, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, Supergirl, Conner Kent, Silver Banshee, Deadshot, Cat Grant, Perry White, etc.

      I’d say that the show hasn’t only done Superman justice, but DC comics justice…

      • I forgot Dark Archer, Icicle, Maxima, Plastique, Toyman, Speedy, Roulette, the Wonder Twins, the Star-Spangled Kid, and Sandman… to name a few more

        • You proved my point exactly. Theyve spent so much time introducing characters that had nothing to do with Clark’s rise to Superman. Look at that long laundry list of characters you just mentioned! A few of them might be relevant to the story line, but 90% of them were just filler episodes because the writers have run out of ideas. That’s what happens when you take an awesome story that should’ve been told in 4-5 years and try to stretch it 10 years just for the money. He can’t fly yet, but they’re throwing in TONSSS of random villains and characters that he’s not supposed to meet til years later. Whatever…I’m not trying to bash the show as a whole…it’s just certain things I disagree with.

          Ill admit, Season 10 has been pretty enjoyable thus far, but I still think the show has lost it’s edge from years ago.

          • Ther is something we both agree on though, “Red-Blue Blur” is a TERRIBLE name 😉

          • Anyway, my point was, no other show or movie has covered THAT MUCH ground in the character department. Yes some were inroduced just as fillers, but they’ve used most of them throughtout the series (JLA) pretty regularly.

  14. He didn’t have to but is doing it for the fans of the show. Class act.

  15. can’t help but think he means…I’m doing it so that I don’t piss-off the large fanbase that could actually follow me to future projects. 1 show – I’d shave my head. I’d just be a good sport, collect the check and be proud of my work. Academy award nominees are on General Hospital these days… Is he really that in demand. Wouldn’t it be so funny to read about a cast member from Seinfeld or Friends saying – I gave the show a comendable 7 years. I’m glad he is back, but, enough with his talk of fan appreciation and what he gave. I guess they don’t pay much and it is a horrible work experience. I guess he received little compensation for his 7 years.

  16. I loved the wonder twins episode. Very cute.

  17. I stopped watching after season 7, the first 4 were the best without doubt, then it became too much drama, too much about Lois and the fight scenes were so brief, like they were filler. I might go back and check out som episodes later but the story has just gotten to complex.

    • I’m still laughing at season 4 being one of the best. Haha. I will say it had an excellent premiere and finale, but I have one word… KRYPTO. :)

  18. smallville has been my favorite show since i was about 10 but now that im 15 im starting to understand how this show is gonna play out. imma be so sad when its over i hav always been kinda a loser with school and people and smallville has always been my way of just escaping my reality i love the show. my dad still has to get me saeson 9 on dvd but i got the rest. i have 3 hopes for the finale. 1: that clark will fly 2: that he will start wearing the superman suit and 3: that clark and lex have there final showdown

  19. we have miss you so much thank you for comeing back to smallville for us.your fan wiil aways love you.

  20. I am beginning to think that they will bring him back to help Clark in the end against Darkseid..I don’t know if I like the idea but remember at one time they were best friends..

    • Interesting idea but I highly doubt that’s how it will play out. The creators have specifically said that Lex’s return will undoubtedly solidify him as Clark’s nemesis and the ultimate villain in the story. So I can’t see imagine him teaming up with Clark. If he does, it will be truly disappointing. We didn’t wait 3 years for Lex to return just to see him hop, skip, smile and fight crime with his old buddy. We wanna see him BAD-ASS.

  21. Love the idea of Lex coming back that will make the last season end the way it should end…but what im mad about is the fact that Tom Welling isnt playing superman in the nxt film Man of Steel…they better reboot the whole Superman movie franchise and cast him as Superman!!

    • Tom Welling is a decent actor for a low-budget TV series….but I guarantee you will never see him on the big screen. Let me rephrase – you will never see him on the big screen in a GOOD movie. He’s just not that believable as an actor. And even if he was the greatest actor in the world, no director would ever EVER cast anyone from Smallville in a real Superman movie. Smallville has created it’s own absurd history and origin for the man of steel, and no serious director would ever want their Movie to be associated with a cheesy show. If they ever create a movie called “THE RED-BLUE BLUR”…then by all means I think the part should def go to Tom Welling. But other than that, I believe this is pretty much it for his career.

  22. That’s crap. Part of the problem with Superman movies since Christopher Reeves is that the audience couldn’t identify with the actor playing Superman. There was always a comparison to Reeves. Tom Welling has developed a large following who see only him as the heir apparent to the role. Because of the popularity of the show I believe the studio made a big mistake in not casting him in the role in the new movie. He has the same type of appeal that Reeves brought to the role but has shown a more serious and complex side to the superhero. I for one am deeply sorry that the series is ending. I find that the writers have been creative in keeping true to the superman legend while adding fresh touches, particularly tongue in cheek references in varying episodes like references to “mild mannered reporter” and recently in the Scion episode with Lois’s comment about “faster than a speeding locomotive.” I wish that the producers would reconsider ending the show, I know the fans would welcome additional seasons.

    • There are also fans of the show, like this poster, that think casting Welling or as some prefer, Bradon Routh, as Superman in a reboot makes no sense what’s so ever. Both of those actors carry too much baggage, they would be too distracting in a reboot. It’s also always odd to me when fans insist that an actor they new nothing about before they played their beloved role, can’t be played by someone else who might turn out to be as good at it if not better, and be their new favorite to play the role. As far as identifying with the character, that requires a good actor and a good script. Henry Cavill is a good actor. Let’s hope the script is good.

    • “the writers have been creative in keeping true to the superman legend”

      Woww…now that’s crap. NOTHING about Smallville has kept true to the Superman legend. He can’t even fly yet, but he’s already met EVERY villain and character from the comics. When he puts the suit on, there’s gonna be nothing left for him to do! I admit, I like this current season because they are finally putting in some good superman references and glimpses of the future….but I’m tired of people saying “Smallville has kept soooo accurate to the legends and comics!” it’s not true! Smallville has gone down a completely different path than the comics. They made Doomsday look like a scrub. Doomsday KILLSSS Superman in the comics. But in the show he was a wimp and Clark beat him after 2 minutes of fighting. And just because the writers have thrown in 100 different characters from the comics, that doesn’t make the show “accurate”.

      • Ummm…Where did you get the idea that people have been saying that “Smallville” is accurate??? Your own quoting of someone else’s words doesn’t even indicate that…”true to…legend” is NOT the same as “accurate”. Calm down.

        • So..ur saying Smallville is not accurate but it IS true to legend?….how does that statement make sense?

          • I stated NO opinion, one way or the other. All I DID say was that you were jumping to a conclusion with absolutely nothing to back it up. In other words, it DOES make sense. YOUR original comment made no sense.

            For the record, I enjoy watching “Smallville” and will be sad to see it (or, at least, the IDEA of it) go. I do NOT think it is an accurate portrayal of the comic book OR movie versions of the legend. It does, however, hold to the spirit of the (future) greatest superhero on Earth learning how to be that hero. The show changed a lot of the history but kept the essence of the character, which (imo) is vastly more important.

  23. Lex makes appearence in the last episode, only to have an alliance with Lionel and Darkseid. I think someone will die and other will be turned into a weapon against humanity, maybe Supergirl or Oliver ?
    My guess is that if this will be the last season, some things won’t fit, like arrival of Supergirl, Jor-El’s avatar and maybe another stuff in this series. Will see Zod as a guest ?
    And what about Black Zero ? Won’t be a recurring villain in 11th season if 10 is the last ? Returning of Perry White and Jimmy Olsen to be a part of Daily Planet members ?
    Would be cool if this show will continue untill 12th season, just like we see in both Clark and Lex’s future: Hourglass, Scare, Apocalypse, Salvation.

  24. I think that Lex still lives, regardless of what has been established on the show. He was hurt really bad, and needed to heal. Having him come back after several years recovering makes it more realistic if we see a fully functional Lex in the Finale. Remember Lex and Superman will tie up for years to come, so its unquestionable that he returns.


  26. I love Smallville it need to be aired not only at 5am&6am but during the night, what a great show!