Michael Rosenbaum Is Returning To ‘Smallville’ For Episode 20

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michael rosenbaum lex luthor Michael Rosenbaum Is Returning To Smallville For Episode 20

[Update: Michael Rosenbaum IS Returning For The ‘Smallville’ Finale]

A few days ago, the always resourceful Smallville fans noticed an interesting addition to the cast list for episode 20. The yet untitled episode included Michael Rosenbaum in the role of Lex Luthor. Could this be it? Is Rosenbaum returning to the series? Well, probably not…. But maybe.

Putting aside the fact that Michael Rosenbaum recently stated on Twitter that he hasn’t talked to any Smallville producers in a very long time, there’s also the IMDb effect. The wonderful thing about IMDb is that you can instantly find information about your favorite film, television show, actor, actress or animal performer (the dog that played in PBS’ Wishbone died in 2001 – sorry). The unfortunate thing about IMDb is, like Wikipedia, anyone can change it – anyone.

Sure, there are notes posted along the user-based edit phase that say the information will be checked by a team to insure its validity, but it’s still much easier than you think to change elements on the site – especially if they’re small. If you don’t believe, keep an eye on the IMDb pages for some of your favorite shows, you might be surprised to find a Mr. Fart Masterson (Mary Stuart Masterson’s “son”, naturally) snagging a few guest spots (perhaps a reoccurring role).

Still, rumors have to start somewhere and even a small addition to IMDb needs to be checked. So, like any good Smallville fan, we asked around.

Here’s what we found out from those “in the know”: (we’ll continue to update it as we receive more information)

  • Michael Rosenbaum’s manager said that they don’t know anything about his name being added to the cast list of episode 20 and that there’s nothing to it.
  • Producer Rob Maier said that he’s not allowed to – can’t – discuss anything related to Smallville.
  • Warner Bros. has yet to respond, but we left a message and sent a few emails.
  • The CW has yet to respond, but we sent a few emails that are being forwarded around.

So, what does all this mean for the rumor that Michael Rosenbaum might be returning to Smallville for episode 20? I’m not completely sure, but I know that each person will certainly have their own take.

Out of all the people we talked – or attempted to – Rosenbaum’s manager seems like the most trustworthy source. While Rob Maier was kind enough to give me a polite “no comment” when he was busy in the Smallville writers room, I honestly believe his no comment was a general statement and had nothing to do with the Rosenbaum rumor – he’s simply not allowed to talk to the press directly without Warner Bros. setting things up.

As for Warner Bros. and The CW? Well, we’ll just have to wait to hear back from him. Although, I’m sure their their lengthy response time might help fuel this rumor. And you know what? That line of thinking might be correct. As for me, I’ll wait until I hear something concrete.

Let the speculation being.


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  1. I hope so, but the real question is: bald cap or headshave?

    • bald cap.

      • it wont be either, have you not realised, with the Lex clone, he shaved his head but on the promo when he is with Lionel his hair has grown back. This is obviously so MR wont have to shave his head or wear a bald cap.

        • Who knows what they are planning, something could happen to him in his aging process to make him loose his hair. In the future, when they showed the newspaper with his picture, lex’s head was shaved. Was that a mistake? are they still headed for that future that clark saw?

          If so I think the producers would try their best to make him bold. But on the off chance that they have to change things around because the actor does not want his head shaved, that could be a reason they are going with the hair, to leave it open for hair or none.

          But really, there is nothing a bold cap and cgi can’t fix!

          • bald cap*….

  2. This hasn’t been confirmed…

    • I never said it had been confirmed, I was just providing more information and starting a discussion.

      Actually, the reason for this post was to tell everyone that Wishbone is dead. ;-)

      • I wasn’t saying you did. I was just posting a link to where I saw this earlier. Sorry.

        I wish he was though. But I also think it would be sweet if they kept it a secret and he just showed up! That would rock ;)

  3. What else is going on in his career, I mean seriously.

    Has he done anything since playing Lex?


    • He has a short film out: GHILD http://www.vimeo.com/18904518

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc35maKOWGo

      Pretty much proof that he needs to return to Smallville… FAST!

    • foopher,

      LOL, thanks for the warning – although at this point nothing surprises me. But knowing it’s coming will take the edge off. A little. 8)


      • Haha you’re welcome :)

        I read something with the producers talking about it and they said something along the lines of “We get to do our ‘Hangover’ episode”.

        Apparently, Zatanna gives them a special cocktail (that can effect Clark, because normal alcohol doesn’t) and they have a crazy night and can’t remember anything.

      • http://www.kryptonsite.com/fortunedescription.htm

        There’s the “official” description ;)

        • That actually sounds quite funny! Will Zatanna actually be in the episode? I hope so.

          • I wish she was, but I fear she isn’t. The description only says that she “sends” the superbooze… :(

            • Shame, would have liked to see those foxy fishnets one more time.

              • Oh me too. But kryptonsite doesn’t have her listed as a guest star, and they’ve been the most accurate with news like this so… :(

          • Now that actress would make a great Catwoman.

            • Indeed she would. Hopefully a live action Batman will get made at some point.

              • i dont know why but i dont see it happening

                • After TDKR, we wont be seeing Batman on the big screen for quite a while before they either make a quasi sequel or do a reboot. It makes sense for Batman to return to television, with the budget of modern television and the calibre of actors gravitating towards tv instead of movies, Batman could be fantastic on the small screen. The chance to really explore some of those classic stories that havent yet been adapted.

                  • Just think of how many Superman villians have appeared on Smallville that haven’t (and probably won’t) appeared in any Superman movie.

                    Doing the same with Batman would be cool. But that’s how Smallville got started. They wanted to make a Batman series, but they went with Superman instead ;)

                    • i’ll still say when i watched “Smallville”, i thought to myself this kinda stuff happens in Gotham !!

                    • And to top it off, Green Arrow seems to be a “poor man’s” Batman… so to speak. Arrow has gone through quite a bit that Bats would have done, including intensive training, being the one without superpowers but with money and tech, the one with a sidekick, very good friend with Clark, and almost part of a substantial Lois/Clark/BruceOllie triangle!

  4. Oh! For all the people who didn’t like the “Matrix rip off” episode, watch out. The episode “FORTUNE” is going to be a “The Hangover rip off”. Just so everyone’s prepared. Haha ;)

  5. This used to be my favourite show many moons ago…… What really pi##es me off is the fact that he still can’t fly.. Never mind the last episode as he was in a virtual world.

    Getting that out the way, I’d like to see Lex return, the last show might just be good.

    10 long long long long long seasons…..

  6. I’m hopin he does come back, and as was already stated, he’s not doing much. Also, I would bet on the cap if he does do it, he’s been quoted saying how much he loves to be able to have hair again.

  7. Episode 20 is called “Prophecy”.

  8. I’ve only watched the first season so far (the price for the second season almost everywhere is ridiculous (42.99 at best buy)) and from watching that MR looks like a natural baldy. So I don’t know if I want to see him with hair it would be different.

    • The dvd boxsets are between 15-35 dollars on amazon.com

      I guess I’m lucky for once, as the box sets are ridiculously cheap in the UK.

    • or check out movie stop , they have them for 20

    • Seriously…. you pay for box sets?????!!!!!

  9. Probably will use him in the end to find out this was all a download from brainiac or something Hollywood; perhaps just to make it seem like all this happened within seconds in a coma after the car crash…just my guess.

  10. I personally would love to see him back as Lex, he was a great Lex Luthor and personally he has been the best Lex besides animated Lex, and as far as animated Lex ‘s go the best one IMHO was the one from Superman : Doomsday

    • Loco,

      Yeah, I agree. Rosenbaum was a great Lex. Actually, IMHO the BEST Lex Luthor ever isn’t really Lex – it’s John Glover as Lionel. Personality wise he was perfect… only thing is he didn’t look like Lex at all.


      • True stuff. I cannot wait to Lionel back to his old manipulatice ways this week, the ‘nice’ Lionel in season 7 was a bit too much to stomach. Smallville may be cheesy and silly a lot of the time, but it has had some excellent character dynamics over the years, the relationship between Lex and Lionel was positively toxic. The friendship between Lex and Clark, watching it bloom and then slowly wilt away into animosity over 7 years was compelling viewing.
        It’s things like that I will rememeber about the show when it finally ends.

        • I agree. Having the Luthors back in full bad boy form is gonna be awesome!

          • How brilliant would it be to have Lionel and Lex back together! MR and JG for one last time.
            Would also be cool to see Johnathan and Lionel sharing a scene again, but I don’t think JG is in the same episode.

        • Fully agree with you on the Clark/Lex dynamics. That was one of my favorite parts about the show early on, watching them almost like brothers and then to watch them grow apart.

          • It really gave the show some tension, because we as the audience always knew from episode one that they were going to be mortal enemies, but to actually watch that unfold over 7 season was truly masterful. It was an excellent disection of how and why friendships fail.
            And I never blame Lex, not really. It was Lionel who effectively turned him into a monster and Clark who couldnt find it in himself to trust his best friend. The awful personb Lex became was a product of lies and fear. It could happen to anyone, it was very realistically done and a testament to both actors skills.

            • I blame Clark more than Lex for the failed friendship. I know that sounds weird but in all honesty i felt like Clark was unforgiving and kinda childish in moments. Lex tried to patch things up with Clark in many instances… and Clark just wouldn’t cooperate.

              • I agree, Clark’s secrets destroyed his friendship with Lex, he was never willing to trust him. And Clark is stubborn as hell, much as Superman is in the comics, he only sees things as black and White, when Lex was always a shade of grey.

      • I agree Vic , Glover has been one of the best actors on the series, and he is what a Luthor should embody, Evil even when you think they are good. However i will say this VIC , he does look like the long haired clone of Lex from Action comics 670. He looks like lionel

        • Agreed! The Australian looking red head version? I think that’s the one you are talking about, and had hoped Smallville would go in that direction at some point, Spidey Clone Saga fiasco be dammed!

      • u dint “love” Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor???

  11. I think he is coming back for the finale and that it is being kept tightly under wraps. Rosenbaum is almost 40 and the only solid thing that he has under his belt is smallville and it’s fans. Not doing the finale will just aggrevate most of his fans and ruin what little image that he has. It would be a huge mistake for him not to do the finale. Honestly how bad could doing the show possibly be? If they are willing to give you a bald cap, pay you a decent amount of money (which I am sure they are) why not not just do the show and get a few more episodes out? What the hell has he done these past few years?

    • Hopefully… :D

  12. What is the deal with these vain, self important actors? Just like Welling wearing the suit. It’s a job! Take it or don’t, but don’t whine about it. Good grief! Reminds me of Ben Affleck refusing to do another Daredevil because it was beneath him to wear the suit again. British actors are just happy to have a job. Which is why they play so many American roles.

    • Wearing the suit isnt Welling’s choice.
      But I do agree to some extent, they should be lucky to have such high paid jobs and to be well known all over the world, Rosenbaum should be in Smallville again because the fans want to see that very much, but ultimately no one can force him to do it.

      • It is a job, but if Michael doesn’t want to do it that’s his choice. I wouldn’t want people telling me to do something I didn’t want to do.

        Do I want him back? Hells YES! But if he doesn’t come back oh well… :(

  13. I automatically dismiss anything from the ever-unreliable IMDB.

    • I do that with anything from CBM, my brain automatically tells me it isnt true.

      • I take everything they say with as a rumor, unless, they cite a source.

  14. There is no such word as reoccurring.

    • To happen again? To occur again?

  15. They need to end smallville with MR coming back! I was thrilled to see Pa Kent back in Lazarus! Ma Kent is coming back obviously. I’m pretty sure Perry White will appear in at least one more episode. I’m cautiously excited for Supergirl and Zod’s appearances. Wouldn’t mind seeing some old superheros like Impulse/Cyborg/etc. I really liked how they brought Lionel back on the show. and the Lex related teases since Lazarus have been… well ehhh. But Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor is where it’s at! No mistake about it! He needs to just come back for the last three episodes, be brilliant! and please, let’s see the cape, red blue and yellow, and some REALITY flight action! Mista Superman!! (note*** didn’t mention Lana Lang! who really misses her?? :P)

    • I don’t think anyone misses Lana. If they do, the terrorists win…

      • HAHAHAHA!

        Nice one, foopher. :-P


      • Remember on one of the other Smallville htreads, there were the militant Lana supporters. They were a scary bunch.

  16. Well, the latest is Entertainment Weekly says Rosenbaum has said no. I just don’t get it. All he has to do is show up for a couple of days of work and he will make millions of fans elated. instead he decides to piss them all off. Can you say professional suicide? That’s the difference between a class act and a jerk. Terri Hatcher who definitely doesn’t need to do the show agrees to as an homage to the character that helped make her and to the fans. Rosenbaum can’t be bothered.

  17. Well..Last week I watched the first season. I miss the old group! Lana made life interesting, and I had totally forgot how her “choker” made him so clumsy! Yes, I also miss her!
    In any case I saw the GHILD trailer. I am going to the opening. MR has shown me that he has more talent than to be on a serial show for weeks a time.

    But as far as another Lex? He is the best so far in any Superman, TV, or Movies, hands down! I really think that he needs to do the finale, even if only for 10 minutes. I think he was tired of having to shave his body to do the part. I heard his comments here and there. So perhaps if they don’t make him shave…? I just know thatif they use the Lex they had in the Fall I will NOT like it!~ But I think that CW and WB are holding out because they know if they say he is not coming back the fans will be in an uproar! SO they are being quietly hopeful!

  18. I relish, cause I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye