Michael Keaton Describes His ’90s ‘Batman Begins’ Origin Film

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Michael Keatons Batman Begins Origin Film Michael Keaton Describes His 90s Batman Begins Origin Film

“What If?” discussions regarding Batman films are now a common indulgence – but one silver lining of Internet pontification is that we sometimes get to dust off little gems of knowledge that have only recently gone viral thanks to digital media.

The latest such discovery has to do with Michael Keaton, who ushered in the modern era of Batman films by playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in director Tim Burton’s seminal 1989 film, Batman, and its 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. According to Keaton, he had plans to do a Batman origin film – long before director Chris Nolan released Batman Begins in 2005.

Keaton appeared on comedian Marc Maron’s ‘WTF Podcast‘ recently, and The Playlist nabbed the following quote:

“The guy who’s doing them now, Chris Nolan, he’s so talented, it’s crazy. [Christian Bale] is so talented. It’s so good. But I say that like I’ve seen them, and I actually haven’t. I didn’t even see much of the second one that I did.”

“You look at where he went, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I was having meetings about the third one. I said you want to see how this guy started. We’ve got a chance here to fix whatever we kind of maybe went off. This could be brilliant.”

At that point in the franchise Keaton refers to, Burton had already moved on; director Joel Schumacher was coming onboard and would go on to release the lesser-loved Bat-films, Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). The latter of those films was considered SO BAD it forced Warner Bros. to shelve the franchise for more than half a decade, until Nolan came calling with Batman Begins. Schumacher is still receiving angry letters (and occasional death threats) to this day.

Keaton didn’t hang around to go down with the ship after Batman Returns; he left the role behind and Schumacher was paired with Val Kilmer and then George Clooney as the Caped Crusader in his two Bat-films.

Batman 1989 vs. Batman Begins Dark Knight Michael Keaton Describes His 90s Batman Begins Origin Film

On the one hand, hindsight is 20/20; it’s easy to say NOW that Keaton was on the right track – especially if you speciously look at Batman Begins as the measure of how Keaton’s plans for ‘Batman 3′ would’ve turned out. But that sort of thinking is just wrong.

There are plenty of people who would point to Batman Returns as evidence of where the studio and filmmakers – as Keaton put it – ‘kind of maybe went off’; those same people might be inclined to argue that another film with Keaton (Burton or Schumacher) attached might’ve still gone down the wrong path – origin story or not.

As stated at the start, though, discussing the “What Ifs” of these situations is half the fun, so let’s take a poll:

[poll id="494"]

The Dark Knight Trilogy is now available on DVD/Blu-ray – as are Batman and Batman Returns.

Source: WTF Podcast & The Playlist

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  1. I really loved Batman 1989 and Michael Keaton as Batman. Batman Returns was okay but Keaton was what kept me on board. It would have been interesting to see what Tim Burton and Keaton would have done in a third movie. After Batman Returns there was just a black hole for a few years until Batman Begins happened. I still say in a Batman Beyond film we get Michael Keaton back as old Bruce Wayne.

    • Man, a Batman Beyond movie would be amazing! Trying to think of someone to play Terry though…

      • Joseph Gordon levit. That would have made more sense than the nolan film. He would fit as Terry.

      • I agree with all the rumors about Joseph Gordon Levitt playing batman in the justice league I he that he is the one to play batman beyond I always thought that was such a great creative idea for batman and I’d love to see a live action batman beyond as well and I think it would work well in the justice league alongside Cavill’s superman

        • Gordon-Levitt as Batman? Why not? He definitely has the ears for it. Even without the cowl.

          • He kinda looks like Terry

      • a Batman Beyond film WAS in development, but was ultimately shelved, which kinda sucks. But bringing it up now, and creating it with someone who has Vision would be pretty interesting, but could also fail.

  2. Batman 1989 is the ultimate Batman movie IMO, dark but fun, cooler car, hot leading lady and better joker, killer soundtrack and awesome henchmen aka Bob!

    Nolan take note, that’s how you make a Batman movie!

    • Chris Nolan seemed to do well enough on his own, and seeing as he’s done with the franchise, he doesn’t really need notes.

      • Its more,he doesen’t really care !
        The old Batman Movies are much better imho ! But yeah,a matter of taste in the end !

    • You can’t really compare those 2 honestly, they were going for completely different visions. Burton as he almost always does, went for a comic book look, so everything was over the top and in your face, such as the car, the costumes, the make up, even the steam in the alleyways and what not. I adored that film, and the second was good but not up to the originals’ par.

      Nolan on the other hand went for a really dialed down, authentic, and grounded approach, which i also adored, and had it’s own niche, if you were to ask me which were better, i couldn’t answer it, because i like them for completely different reasons, if you asked me which actor i liked better, than that’s a whole different story and rather easy question for me.

      Hands down Keaton, i think he personified Batman, and embodied the character dramatically better than Bale, but on the flip side, i thought Bale’s Bruce Wayne was equally better than Keaton’s, he had the charisma and gravitas that made it more appealing, one thing is for sure, they were definitely the Top 2 batmans, seeing as Val Kilmer and George Clooney were both beyond dreadful.

      • I know you can’t really compare them, ive just been so annoyed with the whole Nolan trilogy since TDKR came out that the only pleasure I have got out of Batman on screen has been from the Tim Burton movie and the 90s animated series, I may watch TDKR again some day but right now I have nothing but hate for it lol

        • here is my only issues with nolan’s batman films ..

          christan bale can not pull off handsome playboy .. instead looked more like dirty euro.

          and his cancer voiced batman

          and i hated hated banes voice in tdkr ..

          i really dont understand how he thought making bans voice sound like a cross between dr evil and darth vader would be a good idea .. it was horrible .. and then the whole cartoon style way he had bane bash the stone once it was obvious batman had dodged his puches .. was just silly.

          • Good points, victor. I much prefer Keaton’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne than Bale’s. And I hate Bale’s Batman voice.

      • Its hard to compare both actors as well. One had an origin story which made for an emotional connection. I prefer Keaton over Bale. But Bale did get the sob story and grueling adventure of what it is to become a symbol.

    • are you kidding me, I loved the Tim Burton Batman as a kid but Nolans take on the character was brilliant

        • I agree about TDKR. It was lazy. I expected more from Nolan. I think that is probably the problem. People expected so much, and then Nolan turns out a half-ass movie with a bunch of cheesy one liners and drawn out chase sequences. Disappointment.

          • I just didn’t understand why he had to make it this epic trilogy and why Warners let him, surely the adventures of Batman with his world of villains and story lines would have been much more interesting than ending on such a downer?!

            The end monologue from Jim Gordon in the dark knight gave me goose bumps and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, omg the next one is going to be awesome and open us up to so much more, he’s going to be fighting crime and taking crap from all angles, more villains, more crimes to solve, more Batman actually in his suit………but no, we got the Godfather part 3 and a massive full stop but really a question mark at the end, nice one Nolan way to ruin all franchise potential for the next five years when we have to wait for the reboot!

          • Looks like quiet a lot of work to me.

            • I meant opening us up to more movies, not just the one

          • I like Nolan’s batman movies more. And think Rises was a great achievement. 1 of 2 of the best batman films.

        • even though it’s supposed to be funny, it is spot on. like you, i loved the 1st 2 nolan batfilms, but TDKR sucked. it just plain sucked, for all the reasons stated in that vid, and so much more. i also liked the HISHE vid.

          …kristen stewarts mouth…brilliant!

          • @Jeffro, finally someone who agrees with me on here! Thank you sir, BFF’s?! Haha

            Yeah all of those HISHE and Screen Junkies videos are pretty funny, I love the diner conversations between Batman and Superman, genius!

            • I just spent the last 2 hours watching all of those videos and I think I pee’d atleast 6 times! Thank you so much!

              • Haha you are very welcome my friend! I did exactly the same thing!

    • Just throwing this out there, imagine if young Mark Hamill had played joker in the original Bat film? I loved Jack, but it was just Jack being Jack, not Jack being Joker.

      • Now that I’d love to see. Several fans claims that Hamill is the best Joker, based on his admittedly great voice acting as the Clown Prince of Crime. What happened if he’s actually acting as the Joker? I can’t say much because the only films I’ve seen Mark Hamill in are the original Star Wars trilogy, but I’d love to see him as the Joker.

        • He should play an old Joker in a Batman Beyond film.

          • *an old, overweight joker ;)

  3. While I think Keaton’s idea would have been interesting , the timing wasn’t right back in the early 90′s. The BB style origin story benefited from the fact that the previous Batman franchise had been exhausted , and from the fact the Spiderman, X Men, Blade , and even Smallville had already begun taking these characters seriously before Nolan began his trilogy in the early 2000′s.

    You didn’t have that type of landscape in the early nineties as it concerned Superheroes. They could have tried a year one type story, but chances are, it wouldn’t have been that extensive in terms of background and would probably have been in flashbacks to the main story anyway.

  4. It would be cool to see a Dark Knight Returns film with Keaton as an old Batman.

    • Now that is an amazing idea!

    • I’ve thought that. I’d even like Burton to do it even though all the fanboys would hate it. Make it in the same style as the others and call it Burton’s Batman Trilogy.

  5. For me, it would depend on how it would have affected Nolans films. I LOVE the Dark Knight Trilogy so much, that if there is ANYTHING good I can say about Batman and Robin is that it led to Batman Begins. If Batman and Robin was good, I just don’t know if the Dark Knight Trilogy would have still happend.

  6. I would like to see Keaton and Bale team up and make a Batman film. Hate me if you want, but TDKR, kinda felt…. half *** compared to the previous two. I think we deserve an encore finale.


    • How would Keaton and Bale be in a Batman movie together?

  7. Could’ve been cool but honestly, I’m glad it never happened because we got the brilliant Dark Knight trilogy.

    Despite going to see Batman Returns on release back in 92 and enjoying it then, it really hasn’t aged well and seems way too goofy for me and I’m starting to fall out of love with the 1989 movie too for the same reason.

    • Spot on Nicholson was ridiculous as the joker.

      Comparing the Buron/Nolan films is like comparing a local theater group production to a multi million dollar broadway production.

  8. Keating was an awesome Batman, same with Bale, I really love both Burtons and Nolans take on it, I watched Batman for first time in years the other day and Id forgotton how good it was! its Dark but its also funny as well, and I think I prefer Keating as Bruce Wayne..

  9. I really liked Keaton’s Batmans and I really didn’t mind Returns at all, I in fact, liked it. The penguin army was pretty sweet, to me, those Burton movies were like watching the comics come to life. They had all the color, one-liners and over the top presence of each character. Let’s be honest, the Tumbler is practical and cool, but the 89 Batmobile was BOSS! I think an origin of Keaton’s character would have been cool and I think he looked great in the cowl and suit, but I gotta say, he never struck me as being extra-ordinary physically. I mean, the guy just looks like a typical “dad” to me! As I get older, there’s a lot less of me that believes he can go out there and kick some bad guy a$$. I also kinda thought the same of Bale, but it always seemed like he was putting forth full effort and getting his energy from a place most humans dare not access because it was so dark, which made him powerful. Bale’s Batman at least got the formal training in, which I thought really enhanced the believability of the character. It’s just funny when you look at the comics and character in general, the dude is JACKED beyond belief and keeps that figure into his 50′s with the broad shoulders and bulging muscles and chest. I guess Arnold got the wrong role as Mr. Freeze, I just wonder what someone his size would look like in that suit, it would be quite imposing. But of course there’s the other crucial half, his agility. Batman is a freak of nature. Huge and bulky in once sense, and swift and flexible with his nimbleness. Pretty killer combo they got right in the comics, but most bulky actors just can’t move that way. At least Bale bulked up for the role, not sure if Keaton ever did.

    What would really sell me is if Keaton went DeNiro “Raging Bull” on us and literally pumped himself up for a role as an older Batman. That would be pretty sweet, especially since he’d have to make up for his age with something more than his smarts. Would like to see way more of his detective wits as well, something Nolan covered partially, neither too well nor too little.

  10. I went to see the Val Kilmer Batman the first weekend it opened up. It was the #1 movie with a $50+ million opening and stayed #1 for awhile from what I remember. It was appropriate for the times. I don’t think a dark and gritty Batman Begins would have worked.

  11. I loved the entire Dark Knoght Trilogy as much as anyone all of them I found fantastic, I also really liked Batman and although it was not as good as the first one I really liked Batman Returns. Schumacher is actually a really good director and if he teamed with Keaton for batman 3 it would’ve been good but his two movies were god awful as hell Keaton was very wise to leavened saved his career a lot of hatred and pain. However if they were gonna do basically a prequel kind of thing to Keaton’s movies I think that would have been good and I think Schumacher would have been fine. It was honestly just the dumb as hell writing that required dumber than hell directing to ruin it.

  12. I’d like to hear Keaton talk about Sean Young’s crazy antics when trying to shoehorn herself into the role of Catwoman. I heard she showed up on the studio lot in her own homemade Cat suit and scared the s*** out of Burton. Meeeooowww!! Hiiisssssss!!

  13. Only liked the second of Nolan’s trilogy… didn’t really like Keaton as Batman at all… or Bale (yes… I’m in the minority).

    I didn’t mind Schumacher’s Batman movies… not any more campy than the TV series and it had a bunch of Hollywood “royalty” in them.

    Since Tom Welling got passed over for Supes… they should cast him as Bruce Wayne in the JL movie… hehe.

  14. I would have liked to had this movie then the borrendous and horrendous Nolan/Bale movies. Keaton is Batman end of story ( exceptions can be made for West and Conroy). Bale is annoying as batman (to say the least) and is absolutely unconvincing as a billionaire playboy. He should have started watching RDJ in the Iron Man flicks to see how it’s done. Nolan and his “team” are fast becoming the most overrated movie makers in the business. Dark Knight Rises had plot holes big enough to drive the batmobile ( oh I’m sorry…. a tumbler) through. The acting he gets out of his stars is laughable ( see Talia and her demise ). Lol, I laugh just thinking of that scene. The idea of Keaton for a dark night returns film is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Thank you. Seriously. People always bash on me because I don´t like Nolan´s Batman films (even if I think TDKR isn´t that bad even though there´s a busload of plotholes and errors, etc.).

      • Agree wholeheartedly with you SG. Nolan is a great director but I just can’t get excited in any way for any of the 3 films. That just wasn’t Batman. It was some guy who fought other regular guys. Nolan may have proven anyone can be Batman, and in his horrible realism Batman world that’s true, primarily because Batman isn’t very special.

        • Exactly. And one of the biggest problems I have with TDKR is the strange pace. I think that´s because the movie spans over 5 months.

  15. Cast Keaton as an older, grumpier Batman in the Justice League movie.

    He’d be great. Perfect for that Frank Miller, Dark Knight Returns vibe.

    • @Heustis

      Keaton would need to bulk up a ton, though. He pulled off Batman in Burton’s universe, but if it’s Frank Miller’s TDKReturns, he’d need to be huge.

  16. As much as I love Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, I equally love Burton’s films Batman and Batman Returns. I have great memories of Batman 1989 and everything of that year. I would have loved to have seen Keaton do an origin story like Batman Begins. It would have been interesting to see what they would have done with it. To date, Michael Keaton is my favorite live action Batman. Bale was good and loved his Bruce Wayne and would have loved his Batman more, if he didn’t have that awful voice.

    • @ Bo

      I feel the sameway about both director’s films. Imo,id say Michael Keaton was the better Batman because he just looked more intimidating,especially in that sequence at the Axis Chemical plant when he faces Jack Napier. As for Penguin, i know people didn’t like what Burton did with him. But i found the character more appealing lookin the way he did & served the plot of the film of-course. Penquin was never really one of my favorites from the comics & i surely didn’t want him lookin like the 60′s version. People forget Burton cleaned up the character & had up in the public eye for a short while as seen in the comics before reverting back to his sewer clothing. Even Bruce Timm & the show creaters of Batman:TAS admired Burton’s version of the Penguin but still kept with the comics.

      I thought Bale was good as Bruce Wayne/Batman aswell,except his voice disturb me too. To be honest i thought his voice was decent in Batman Begins but was too much in the two sequels.

  17. Once again your polls don’t offer the choice I wanted:
    “Hell yes it would have been better than the Nolan Films!”

    • That´s exactly what I just wanted to comment on. The poll is very one-sided. Kinda like “Be a Nolan fan or screw you.”

      • @ Scapegoat

        That’s what irritates me aswell. Theres things i like & dislike from Burton/Schumacher & Nolan’s Batman films. It’s why im glad i have Batman:TAS as imo that’s the best adaption of Batman other than the comics.

      • @Scapegoat

        In all honesty, the poll was kinda odd. I would have preferred the simple “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, and “I don’t know”

  18. The whole Burton universe was wrong.

    Where Frank Miller brought a darker sense to Batman he did so in a real world setting that made it work.

    Burton simply went dark (in a camp sort of way) but in a world so surreal you could hardly relate.

    So any origin story in that universe would never have worked.

    And Keaton was a total miscast.

    Clooney was the best Batman even if you didn’t like his film. He was the first to play the character that looked like a man.

    • @Chris:

      I agree about Clooney. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a confident playboy and businessman… and Clooney pulled that off best.

      Not only was Bale’s Wayne not very charismatic, but his Bats was worse. Am I the only one who thought Bale’s “BatVoice” had a lisp?

  19. Bottom line is Burton is great for visuals but he is not a good film maker.

  20. I love both Keaton Batman films, but I’m kind of glad they stopped after ‘…Returns’, in the long run it gave a lot of leeway for Chris Nolan to explore as more of an outright saga approach… and now we have five great films rather than just three!

    Michael Keaton remains for me the definitive Bruce Wayne/Batman; his was a genuinely screwed-up and eccentric Wayne, but with an underlying darkness that made him potentially lethal and just one snap from going psycho on Gotham’s rogues gallery… that and the Keaton bat-suit still looks just awesome 24 years later!

    • I agree about Keaton’s Bat-suit. Would like to see that kind of costume again.

  21. I’m posting my answer.

    Over Nolan’s Batman Films? Absolutely!

    • +1.

      • -1

  22. I saw Burton’s batman films are a dark version of the tv series.

  23. he hasn’t even SEEN any of them???

  24. I get about as much fun from watching the new Batman movies (well made though they are) as I do watching the damn news. Dark. Depressing. Nihilistic. I like a little more fun (seems to be an uncool word to use these days!) and escapism! It’s a man dressed up as a bat bringing criminals to justice! It’s not bloody Shakespeare! The Keaton era got the balance between drama, fun, escapism, gothic art just about spot on (with the jarring exception of the Prince songs which never fitted in). The gothic sensibility suits BATman down to the ground. This new Nolan-verse is far too self conscious and introspective. Stylish in a 90s yuppie way, but very cold.

    I’d love to have seen one more Keaton Batman film to complete that trilogy of takes on the character.

    I think for the next incarnation, thy should really embrace the gothic style again and make it a fantasy world. A Batman set in a film noir 50s era would be amazing. Less silly gadgets then. More imagination. Sultry heroines. Crazy villains. Old school film noir-esque cinematography. A bit of a steam-punk edge…

    Something that distances itself from the Nolan films, as much as the Nolan films distanced themselves from the Burton era…

    • Interesting ideas, but I’m not sure we can go back now. The next iteration of Batman will likely be a melding of Nolan-Bat with a more fantastical sensibility. It will be the Batman who comes out at night in The Avengers type of world.

  25. Okay if they did go with the Batman Beyond story as the next wave of films. JGL wouldn’t be Terry he would be John Robin Blake. No where in the trilogy was Terry mentiond. The idea would work though with the Bat Vehicle being introduced. They could even bring in a new batsuit to resemble the one in the show to a degree.

    I also think WB should do everything they can to bring Bale back as a mentor like in the show. Nolan said he was done but that isn’t written in stone. Look how many directors said they where done with a Franchise and ended up coming back to it a few years or decades later. It’s all about a little word called Paycheck.

    I’d rather Nolan write the next few flims than have a cluster f*** happen like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Pardon my french.

    • I think that would be amazing. They, WB, should scrap the JL plans for now (as it would not make sense to general movie audiences if we had a DCCU, im guessing they would recast batman, and then went back to the nolanvese)and do some awesome superman films then in 2018 to 2020 put out the batman beyond style movie. The audiences would go ape for this s***!!! Imagine getting that epic cast together again – people seem to forget just how amazing the cast is, all those award winners.

      This might be the chance to do the riddler for the Nolanverse, no reason why they cannot use a classic batman villain in a batman beyond movie. Plus you could have the fuly developed batman beyond bat suit and as you say they have The Bat vehicle which resembles the one in the batman beyond cartoon. Then in the final fight sequence you could have John Blake being badly beaten and then bale’s batman could swing in and save him.

      They could then leave an Easter egg such as maybe having a scene early on in the film in which arkham is visited and and there could be something as simple as a badge left lying around with the name dr Quinn on it, don’t need to cast anyone yet. Then could be a final fifth film in the series in which you have Quinn and a newly cast joker vs the two batman of bale and levitt. Hopefully people would be ok about a new joker as recasting has happened before after tragedy such as Gambon coming in to play dumbeldore in HP after the first actor died- this was a big series and here was it that much problem there. Don’t think it wold happen as WB I think are trying to create a DCCU but that would be amazing IMHO

      • Def. A Batman Beyond is the way to go. We have seen Batman done amazingly several times and going the Batman Beyond-ish route would make for great new blood for the franchise. They should combine the attributes of and stories of Dick Grayson as Batman and Terry Mcguiness as Batman with the John Blake character for the new Batman in the upcoming Justice League movies.

        This new Batman could be the more detective type Batman who is not focused on a single purpose as Bruce was (taking down the Mob) and could work well with the progressively more fantastical stories now that Superman has been introduced. As nolan’s trilogy balanced the triple beam of Private Bruce, Public Bruce and Batman this new John Blake Batman would focus primarily on his alter ego.

        For a solo Bat film, I think bringing Mr Reese (mysteries. get it?) from TDK back as The Riddler would be a great villain who knows that this Batman isn’t the same one as before and his a personal grudge against him. Throw a secondary villain in who has a plan of his own and I think you have a fantastic story.

  26. I voted ” Over Nolan’s (Batman Begins)’? No Way! Other than that, Id would of said: Dude…there’s no use looking back. It is what it is. Both Batman & Batman Returns were great films imo. Batman Forever was good but Batman & Robin killed the franchise. The franchise should of ended with Batman Forever if WB & Schumacher couldn’t come up with a better follow-up sequel.

    Im not defending Schumacher but surprised he still gets hate mail & death threats. He was part of the problem while Warner Bros. was the main for wanting to take the franchise into a family-friendly direction. More so with what they wanted outta Schumacher with the 4th film.

    I always compared T3 & T4 to Schumacher’s films because they too are under WB’s name & they didn’t match up to Cameron’s first two films.

    I remember Jon Hamm sayin they never wanted to start with a origin film first. Forget why on the dvd.

  27. Batman 1989 is a terrible film. It lacks character development and a cohesive story. The film is all style and no substance. Batman Begins is an actual movie that happens to respect the source material. First off Burton has stated that he doesn’t read comic books or care to, if you watch the movie that is obvious. Also Burton doesn’t care about telling Batman’s story, he spends more time on the Joker. Keaton is a great actor and he was good, but the writing hindered him to be honest. Bruce Wayne had no depth, also the Burton version simply wasn’t Bruce Wayne at all. He was a generic vigilante. Nothing about the way he was written echoed Batman. His Batman also wasn’t very Batman like. Nolan’s Batman over 3 films showed many facets of the comic book version. His Bruce Wayne was also the Bruce Wayne I remember reading. Elements from the work of Denny Oneil and Frank Miller were utilized to make him a rounded, cinematic, character. He went on a journey. You have to divorce yourself from nostalgia and look at the films and performances. If you’re a Batman fan I’m assuming you can do that because you want the best told story of that character. Bale is a much better actor and the scripts are better. No one remembers the bad writing from the two Burton movies? Or how about when Keaton turns into Beetlejuice and says “You wanna get nuts?” How about the Joker killing Batman’s parents? How is any of that good? The 1989 version is like watching a Gothic high school play that would rather showcase scenery than a story.

    • You need to put things in perspective. Look at other super hero films of the day. The Burton/Keaton Batman films were groundbreaking at the time. Maybe they don’t hold up against the Nolan films, but nothing really holds up against Nolan films. The word of the day: “perspective.”

    • +1.

      As a 6 year old watching the ’89 Batman I thought it was kind of silly so I just went back to reading the comics. I remember thinking “why is Batman not using any martial arts?”.

      After all the years of reading Batman comics Batman Begins made me cry tears of joy because I felt like someone finally got Batman right.

    • @ Joshum

      Sorry but you’re in the minority there id say. If you Burton was that bad, well Nolan aint so perfect himself imo. Imo Burton was respectful to some source material of the Batman comics. How Joker came to be. Hinting that Bruce Wayne & Harvey Dent were friends even though they weren’t on screen together. The way he did the flashbacks of Waynes murder was done as if it were Joe Chill & Burton said if any villain of Batman’s would round up killing Bruce’s parents as a child, The Joker fits perfectly as Batman would envision any criminal as that same guy who killed his parents. I recall Ledger’s Joker stealing the show just as Nicolson’s did. Bale acted like a Clark Kent at times as Bruce Wayne. I have to agree with Bob Kane that Val Kilmer probly nailed Bruce Wayne the best outta all of them.

      Bad writing, Obviously you missed the point of Keaton asking Joker (if he wanted to get nuts) He was intimadating the crazed clown & for a moment Joker was silent at the way Bruce acted towards him. Joker Killing Batman parents? Joe Chill might of pulled the trigger in Batman Begins but i recall Ras’ Al Ghoul really organized that to happen when he mentioned to Bruce that the League Of Shadows underestimated some of Gotham’s citizens such as his folks. So id say he was just as responsible for Bruce’s parents deaths as Chill was, if not more.

    • While fun, Burton’s Batman was more his own gothic nightmare. Nolan’s Batman really nailed the character of Batman and Bruce Wayne as a whole over the course of a trilogy. Some of the minor details might have been missed but the trilogy manages to capture the essence of Batman, Public Bruce and private Bruce.

      • I salute you.

  28. Keaton is one of those rare talents that can do just about anything. I’ts a shame he isn’t offer more decent scripts. Whether he is a lead or a supporting actor, he is great to watch.

    IMO Joel Schumacher is the Bill Buckner of the film industry.
    He had a solid career going before he let the ball that is his Batman movies roll between his legs. And now that major error is the only thing he’s remembered for. :)