Michael Fassbender Is Magneto in X-Men: First Class

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michael fassbender magneto Michael Fassbender Is Magneto in X Men: First Class

With Matthew Vaughn directing and Bryan Singer overseeing the project, X-Men: First Class is well on its way towards bringing moviegoers back to the origins of the superheroes known as the X-Men, kickstarting the franchise in a new direction with some new characters and an entirely different cast. We already know that the man responsible for creating the X-Men, Professor Charles Xavier, will be played by James McAvoy, but now we know who will play his counterpart.

Showbiz411, the folks who exclusively broke the initial report that Fassbender was in the running for both the part of Professor X in X-Men: First Class, but also for the primary villain role in Sony’s 3D Spider-Man reboot, now have confirmation that the German actor has sided with the X-Men.

Fassbender has demonstrated an incredible show of force in recent years which began with his memorable role in 300, leading to key roles in Inglourious Basterds and Centurion among many others. He has 7 projects currently in the works and many more to come. Adding him to the cast, alongside McAvoy, emphasizes the direction that Fox wants to take the X-Men franchise in, a higher quality one.

Of the four X-Men films that have debuted since 2000, two of them (the most recent) have left a bad taste in many a mouth and we hope the negative feedback is helping force a change in the quality of product. By bringing Bryan Singer back in the loop, the director who made the only two good X-Men films, hopefully we’ll get a return to form.

xmen first class magneto Michael Fassbender Is Magneto in X Men: First Class

Will Fassbender's Magneto sport any sort of superhero/supervillain costume?

Now that we’ve got the two leaders of X-Men: First Class cast, it’s time to move on with the selection of the actual X-Men team members. This has been a sticky point for fans as we all know that the roster of mutants of Charles Xavier’s first students will differ significantly from the X-Men comics history, due to a broken film universe continuity and the film not acting as a reboot, but as a prequel.

Here’s where we stand with the X-Men: First Class cast so far:

Fassbender is a perfect choice to stand in the shoes of Ian McKellen for the role of young Magneto and an actor everyone can get behind. With X-Men: First Class seemingly including large elements of the story that would have been presented in the not-happening-anymore X-Men Origins: Magneto, Fassbender is the right fit to play the friend and eventual nemesis of Xavier.

We know director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer are hard at work testing for the key roles of Cyclops and Jean Grey, so we can expect more announcements very soon with the film set to begin its UK shoot in the coming weeks.

What do you think the casting of Professor X and Magneto?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Showbiz411 (via IESB)

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  1. I def approve!

  2. Woah. more and more I have been changing my mind about this movie. Dude is such a great actor he made me feel like I spoke german with his role inglourious basterds.

  3. Wow – can’t believe no-one is mentioning this guys tremendous role as Bobby Sands in Hunger! Yeah, great 300 but talk about major acting talent. I think this casting choice definetly brings the whole level of the movie up. Just don’t drop the guard when it comes to cyclops et al.

    • He was solid in Hunger for sure, but I listed the mainstream titles everyone is familiar with. I could’ve listed another 5+ roles he had where he was a star :)

  4. Excellent choice!!! This movie (which I would see regardless) is getting better with each new addition.

  5. I knew he would choose the magneto role. Even though Ian was a very well played magneto, i think that fassbender can be more creative and do different things with his powers since he is younger. If magento could lift an entire bridge as a old man i cant imagine what he could do as a young one.

  6. i still have a bad taste in my mouth from x-men 3 and wolverine origins. i would rather see marvel/disney get the rights back and remake this. and maybe even do grant morrisons version with the new x-men in it as well as generation-x. and maybe we would get to see a district-x film get made as well.

    • This property has made Fox a gazillion dollars. There is no way that the rights will ever revert back to Marvel any time in the foreseeable future. As mediocre as those 2 movies were (even though I liked Wolverine), they made ALOT of money. With Singer producing, I am hoping that he can recapture what made the first 2 (especially 2) so good.

  7. OOH1 Can’t wait to kick some butt!!!

  8. I liked them not sure why you called them mediocre but they should had resolved the mystery of whatever happened to Cyclops and the Professor i do hope they go back and pick up where it left off.

    • my links never wanna work right :(

  9. Hi Dan how do post a link i tried but mine wont either..?

  10. The first two movies were pretty good. The last 2 (X3 and Wolverine) were pretty much garbage. I am mad that they didn’t start this series off from the beginning. Instead it was all about money because Wolverine is money. They could have had him in it and did the first movie as one big flash back. I am just sick of production companies messing with these franchises and rushing them just to make a buck. Hopefully Marvel/Disney will not make that mistake and they are starting out with a cannon blast. Iron Man 2 was great and Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite comic movies to date. These other companies wanted to pack everything in to 3 movies and be done. 3 movies should be the tip of the iceberg for some of these characters. Here it is 4 movies into the X-Men series and people are still excited about them even though 2 of the 4 movies weren’t good enough to make a coaster out of when they came out. I was always thinking that 6 movies for X-men and Spider-man would tell the whole truth.
    X-men 1. Origin story they are doing now… duh.
    X-men 2. Sentinels
    X-men 3. Juggernaut
    X-men 4. Mr. Sinister.
    X-men 5. Phoenix Saga.
    X-men 6. Apocalypse.
    Though all this they intro new characters and give real depth to the people they already have. But instead they start in the middle and leave out half of the important stuff and don’t even give us a Phoenix that is ON FIRE?!! Oh sure, they hinted and teased it in part 2 and did a great job with it. I wanted to see the real Phoenix though. I mean straight up rise into the sky and send a burst of flame that the Avengers could see. But I guess that is just me.

  11. I wouldn’t lie, every time I hear more about this film I get excited :-)

  12. The trouble with really calling X men 3 and Wolverine terrible movies is that they both featured a few remarkable characters. Ian McKellan, as in the previous two films, was brilliant in X-Men 3. I actually cared more about him, and empathized more with his motivation and his overall goal. Liev Schreiber’s turn as Sabertooth is another example. His performance gave the role a sense of gravitas that might not have been present even under Bryan Singer (I’m looking at you Tyler Mane).

    Michael Fassbender is a fantastic choice to play the young Magneto. His performance in Inglorious Basterds alone should be sufficient enough evidence to support the director’s choice, and seeing the other comments, I’d say that most people would agree. For James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, I look forward to it. Though even if he fails miserably, he’ll still be better than the Professor X of X-men 3. Note to director: Professor X = not a dick.

    And, to answer Bob, i agree. If you choose to do a story with the Phoenix, do it right. Please?

    • I enjoyed Wolverine WAY more than X-Men 3. I mean how can they kill off Xavier?? Dumb move. I still think that X-Men 2 is one of the best comic book movies ever made. It took a good first film and expanded upon it. Plus it had the scene with Wolverine defending the kids in the school. If the new film can recapture that with Singer, than I will be a happy camper. If the new one is just a movie that they see how many new characters than can fit in one movie, than they will probably lose me for the rest of the franchise.