Michael Fassbender Talks Playing James Bond After Daniel Craig

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One of the more entertaining aspects of X-Men: First Class is its obvious 1960s-era James Bond influence. Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, a Holocaust survivor on a quest for personal revenge, is heavily reminiscent of Sean Connery’s cool, charming-but-deadly version of Bond.

Recently, First Class director Matthew Vaughn offered up Michael Fassbender as a potential candidate for 007. So at the X-Men: First Class press conference today in New York, we asked Fassbender how he felt about the idea.

Check out what the esteemed actor (and fast-rising star) had to say below:

Screen Rant: There’s a lot of Sean Connery-style James Bond stuff going on in First Class and you seem very at home in that role. Once Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond is over, would you be interested in taking over for him?

Lucas Till (the actor who plays Havoc): Yes, he would!

(Laughter from the cast)

Michael Fassbender: You know … I don’t know. I really don’t plan anything ever because it never seems to work. I’m just [like] – let’s just get this film out and see how this one does. And I’m sort of in the middle of doing [Ridley Scott’s Prometheus]. And, you know, Daniel [Craig] is doing a great job. We’ll see what happens. I’m very flattered that people are sort of making that link, but – I don’t know. We’ll see.

Despite Michael Fassbender’s reluctance to talk about playing Bond, his cast members – particularly Till – seemed incredibly keen on the idea. It’s worth noting that if Fassbender was absolutely not keen on the idea, he probably would have said so. Take that how you will.

Indeed, his combined work in both Inglourious Basterds and X-Men: First Class have established that Fassbender would be more than capable of following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig — not to mention Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and even Sean Connery. Fassbender’s cool, he’s charming, and he can stay likable while ruthlessly assassinating bad guys in cold blood. Not many actors can pull that off.

michael fassbender talks possibly playing james bond Michael Fassbender Talks Playing James Bond After Daniel Craig

Fassbender as Magneto in ‘X-Men: First Class’

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool, here’s the Matthew Vaughn quote where he talks all things Bond, including the possibility of Fassbender playing 007:

“I was very keen to direct Bond. I don’t know if I am any more, to be blunt, now that I’ve done this. I really love Daniel [Craig], though, you know, it might be interesting if they one day decide to cast Fassbender as Bond, then maybe I’ll go ‘Hey!’”

That would be very interesting, indeed. Vaughn would probably have enough time to film a First Class sequel (Second Class? First Class: Semester 2?) before Bond 24 would even go into pre-production.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see Michael Fassbender take over for Daniel Craig after he’s done with the Bond franchise, or do you have someone else in mind? Let us know in the comments.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011. James Bond 23, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, hits theaters November 9th, 2012.

SIDE NOTE: Be sure to stay tuned for more of our interviews with the cast of X-Men: First Class.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Fassbender as Bond, this could work.

  2. I’m so okay with this.

  3. Michael Fassbender as James Bond strikes me as inspired.
    Craig is a very good actor but I could never buy his Bond.

  4. This would be perfect. Either him or Tom Hardy as Bond. It would’ve been interesting to see Henry Cavill in the role, or maybe even Clive Owen. But Fassbender or Hardy for the next 700!

    • Tom Hardy would be an interesting choice, yeah.


    • I always thought Clive Owen would be great. He’s kind of a mix of Connery & Moore.

  5. i would honestly like to see him take over magneto for x 4 and 5 but i dont know how that would work because his incarnation of magneto reminds more of the comic verion than sir ian nothing against him he was awsome just i think he might be getting a bit old

  6. if he gets cast as bond that will be 2 bonds in a row that i cant stand.
    Tom Hardy would be a great choice for bond or even Colin Farrell, clive owen would be awful as bond he’s just to bland and boring to watch.
    i always thought ewan mcgregor wouldve been a good james bond

    • Ewan McGregor… I am intrigued and curious about how that would play out

      • to me he’s just got the look of a swarve arrogant spy and plus he’d bring back the scottish accent to the role loool

        • No Germans as Bond thank you very much!!

          • Who cares what country the actor is from as long as they can do the accent and have the look? Sean Connery isn’t British, he’s Scottish.


            • Vic being Scottish makes you British due to it being part of great Britain

              • LOL, does it? Well my argument still stands. :)


                • yea it sure does looool but im with you on your argument care not where the actor is from as long as their decent and portray the character well then its all good, its like having a british actor as batman its worked out pretty well.
                  but i still dont think fassbender is a good choice for bond maybe as a bond villain doh

                • Brosnan is Irish and Lazenby is Australian. Being from England doesn’t seem to be a prerequisite.

            • Scotland is in Britian last time I checked and I do live here so am up to date. Britian is made up of England, Northern Island, Wales and Scotland. And it does matter a great deal as Bond is a british institution, I see Captain America had to be American, how would you guys feel if we put a Russian behind Cap’s shield?

  7. Personally I don’t see it.

  8. Madmen’s Jon Hamm would be the perfect Bond. And give him a scar like he has in the novels!

  9. Fassbender as Bond? I can dig it…

    Although, I remember from all the casting rumors back from before they decided on Craig as the new Bond that supposedly Hugh Jackman was in the running… I would be ok with that, as well.

  10. ok as Bond no. but as a arch nemesis. You bet. Craig vs Fassebender. Daniel Craig is the man. You cant count him out.

  11. Fassbender as Bond. I will vote for him. Tom Hardy is on my radar as well for this part.

  12. I like the idea of Fassbender as Bond :).

  13. He is not British !
    I think ond should be from the Island,so enemy yes,not a Bond !

    • He’s half Irish and was raised in Ireland since he was two years old. Pierce Brosnan is also Irish, FYI.

    • FAIL!!!

  14. Bring Back Lazenby

  15. His English accent in ‘Inglorious Basterds’ was brilliant………

  16. I’ve been saying Tom Hardy for Bond for quite some time, I even wrote a script with Hardy in mind, set in the 60s, with Liam Neeson as the villain. Had Moneypenny, Q. It was a proper Bond film. “Death Waits For No Man”

    But Fassbender is a good choice too, reminds me of Timothy Dalton, who was my favourite Bond.

    • I look at that pic of Fassbender above and while he has the face, I see a tiny man (ratio of his head to his shoulder width) with a big ol’ forehead. Compare it to the impressive figure that is Connery, beside him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Hardy take a shot at it.


      • Yeesh!!! That’s a bit harsh…..

        • Just describing what I see. And I’ve been in a bit of a harsh mood for much of today.


          • I hacve to agree with Vic, Fastbender has more of a villian look than what is normally Bond.

            I personally like Daniel Craig as Bond, he portrays the Bond from the books more than the others after Connery. Bond was hard edged and would kill a man who stood against him rather than just knocking him out, he put two rounds in them for good measure. We need more hard core and less swilling martinis and acting cool in a bar.

            • I agree on the hard core Bond, I believe Tom Hardy could pull it off well.

      • Vic,
        Get over yourself. If the public wants Fassbender to be Bond then he’s Bond. And honestly he would make a better Bond than Hardy. Hardy is a good Actor , and he can be Bond only in your world of course.

  17. Fassbender has proven himself as a great choice. He did action in 300, and swave coolness in Inglorious Basterds, he was also a twisted killer in Sherlock Holmes and the case of the silk stocking and he was also rather good in Jonah Hex (less said about that film the better).

    I don’t get all the love for Tom Hardy. Sure he is a good actor but Bond? Isn’t he a bit on the ugly side for bond (no offense intended). He would definately make a better bond villain facing off against Fassbender.

    • compared to daniel craig tom hardy would be an improvement in the looks department coz DC looks like a ugly monkey looool

  18. I would have like to see Adrian Paul playing Bond. He was perfect

  19. Tom Hardy
    Ian Flemming’s
    James Bond 007
    Death Waits For No Man

    Also Staring
    Liam Neeson As Dieter Starzi

    Rachel McAdams As Vivienne Lockhorne

    David Boreanaz As Damien Karter

    Keira Knightley As Karina Karter

    Jon Hamm As Felix Lieter

    Timothy Dalton As Mr Bishop


    Sam Neill As General Castanov

    Michael Gambon As M

    Billie Piper As Miss Moneypenny

    David Tennant As Q

    Patrick Stewart As Ernst Stavro Blofeld

    Pre Title Sequence. 1965. Our introduction to the new 007.
    We see a man, dressed all in black, sneaking across the roof tops of London, he is constantly checking his watch and looking through binoculars at a hotel in the distance. He arrives at the building opposite and watches through the binoculars, checking out several of the rooms. He focuses on a man and woman in bed together, we can’t see them clearly from this distance. But he has found his target.
    The assassin uses a grappling gun and zips across the gap, the busy night traffic below, he is now on a ledge outside the room.
    The perspective shifts to inside the hotel room as the assassin outside takes careful aim.
    The man in the bed (without stopping having sex) pulls a gun from under the pillow and shoots the assassin dead. This man is James Bond. He gets out of bed, casually pulling on a pair of trousers and approaches the open window with his gun still drawn, the assassin is dangling from the zip line.

    Bond (to the woman)
    You arranged this?

    Yes. He was meant to the best.

    And now he’s a dead man, hanging on a rope.

    He continues to get dressed, keeping a close eye on the woman.

    Was he really the best?

    She nods. Bond cuts the rope and the body plummets to the street below.

    Not anymore.

    The camera follows Bond out of the hotel room and when the door closes, the music kicks in and launches into the opening credits and song.

    Next scene. London. Secret Intelligence Headquarters.
    Bond strolls into the scene, he encounters Miss Moneypenny sitting at the reception desk, she is his bosses new secretary. He flirts with her, accidentally leaning on the intercom button. We hear the voice of M shout through the speaker box on the desk.

    M (V.O)
    Leave her alone 007!

    Yes sir, immediately.

    M (V.O)
    And Miss Moneypenny, when you have finished straightening your skirt, please send 007 into my office.

    Bond enters the office and sits down in front of M, who is the head of SIS. He is in his seventies but still very sharp. He doesn’t even look up from his work while addressing Bond at first.

    Bond, can you explain to me how a Soviet assassin ended up as a puddle on the side of Park Lane?

    Gravity sir?

    Don’t be smart with me 007! You were lucky he didn’t kill you!

    Bond (takes out a cigarette and lights it)
    I make my own luck. And if he really was the best they had, then frankly, the Soviets aren’t much of a threat are they?

    I’ll relay that in depth analysis to the Prime Minister at lunch tomorrow.

    A joke sir? From you?

    Hardly. Now, I have a somewhat delicate assignment. Both 008 and 009 were called away to South America on urgent business. So I must use you to fill the void.

    I’m flattered.

    M proceeds to tell Bond that he may have to eliminate a Russian Colonel named Starzi who wants to start WW3. Bond has no qualms about doing so. Starzi is heading up a secret project, known only as the Delta Stratagem. M wants Bond to first find out what exactly Delta is and then take Starzi out of the picture if need be. M also warns Bond that General Castanov is involved with Delta. Bond and Castanov have a bitter history. M tells Bond to go and see a man named Bishop.

    Bond exits the office and almost leaves, but turns back to Moneypenny. He tells her to meet him at the Royal Hearts Club. He writes down the address.

    And wear something…Short.

    He leaves the office, then puts his head around the door.

    On second though, I’ll pick you up at ten.

    • Cool stuff

  20. I totally see Fassbender in the role!

    • I could see Fassbender or Hardy as the next Bond

  21. Christopher Nolan’s TDKR followup… 007 in New York (or some other Bond title)

    Tom Hardy: James Bond

    Michael Caine: M

    Morgan Freeman: Q

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt: American CIA contact Bond meets up with

    Ellen Page: Moneypenny

    Anne Hathaway: Bond girl

    Marion Cottilard: Double-dealing villainous seductress

    Cillian Murphy: Bond villain

    This is a fake cast me and a couple of friends came up with when discussing the possibility of Nolan directing a Bond film. Take into account that he likes to use the same actors in his films, this could work.

    • Call me crazy but I’d love to see Christian Bale do Bond. Mostly because I keep forgetting that he’s English. Dude never plays a role with his native tongue!

      • He nearly got the role a few years back but was considered too young at the time.

      • he’s actually Welsh
        but i wouldnt like to see him as bond
        and he played an Englishmen in the movie reign of fire and a couple of his earlier roles but i think thats about it, once he hit hollywood he dropped the accent looool

      • @ Prax,
        Watch the movie “Reign of Fire”, and you will hear Bale’s accent.

      • Sorry but Bale is Welsh (British) not English (we English are very particular about that!!), bond takes more acting talent than Bale actually has. Bond does not speak with a low whispery voice loke Bale does in almost all of his movies since he reached puberty. Bale as Bond = fail

        • Sean Connery was Scottish (British).
          Liam Neeson is Irish and played a German – Schindler’s List.
          Hugh Lawrie is British and plays an American – House
          etc etc etc
          Makes no real difference, apart from more obvious physical characteristics such as an actor’s race/sex etc perhaps being a little odd for a particular character, as to what part they play

      • he’d actually be great choice for a next bond.

    • Replace Hardy with Fassbender as Bond, and that looks like a damn fine cast to me.

      Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in particular, would be an excellent Felix. Under Nolan he’s become an expert at playing the silent, smouldering, likeable intellectual. I have no trouble picturing Levitt doling out savvy CIA intel and a few homegrown truths to Fassbender’s charming-but-intense Bond, while the latter stares, steely-eyed, across the room, swirling the dregs of his unfinished martini.

      Then, naturally, Bond gets a call from Michael Caine as M, who says, “Can you bloody-well believe MI-6 let a woman run this organization for ten years? It’s a distrace, that’s what it is.”

      To which moody FasserBond replies: “I’m in a meeting. Is this really relevant to the mission, sir?”

      “Stop being so bloody pompous, Bond,” says M, who then mistakes the enusing silence for self-doubt on Bond’s part, and decidies to backtrack by adding: “James? Why do we fall …?”

      FasserBond drains the remainder of his martini and feels his knuckles clench on his cell phone. “For the last time … I’m – not – Batman.”

      “And don’t I bloody know it! Batman would have bagged Quantum in the bloody prologue and put all two hundred of the bleeders on trial in the same courtroom. You can’t even kill one skinny cripple with an eyepatch. The sod can’t even blend in to a crowd. Call yourself a secret agent …”

      “It’s MI-6’s fault. I haven’t got any gadgets. Batman has gadgets.”

      “Bruce Wayne is rich. England is broke. We spent all the tax-payer’s money on the Olympics, for christ’s sake, and nobody showed up because of the weather! Let me tell you something, you ungrateful–”

      But the insults come to naught, as Bond has cooly passed the phone to an incresingly puppy-eyed Felix Gordon-Levitt while Bond chats up Generic Sexy Actress B from that “Movie Nobody Watched” before she got the Bond role.

      Sorry, what was my point? Yes, Gordon-Levitt. He’s ace.

  22. he used his accent in ‘the prestige’.

  23. Bale as Bond with be fantastic !!!!! But I also think Fassbender would make an even better bond.

  24. The guy I would like to see play Bond is Jason Statham. He has the look and the right accent. He’s tough in the roles he has played in. Just heaven forbid when they do make the new Bond flick that it’s “not” in 3-D. It might be a big thing for some people, but some of us out here with bad eyes don’t get to enjoy them. My wife and I have missed 3 movies we wanted to see, but couldn’t because of 3-D. Anyway. Consider Jason. I think he would make a great Bond.

    • yeah I like Statham, but as Bond no way, he is about as close to being bond as bugs bunny, I have trouble picturing him in any serious dramas, He’s a great action start but his acting is very one dimensional.

      • James Bond is not exactly multi-dimensional.

    • Lynn you have something their!But I see Jason as a villain.I think
      he would be a great villain and the fighting would be unbelievable.

  25. ray stevenson!

  26. Who cares. After Daniel Craig I won’t be fan of the James Bond movies anymore. I wish Micheal good luck.

  27. Bale as Bond? Well, he does look more like Ian Fleming’s 007 and ANYBODY but the classless thug Daniel Craig would be a welcome change.

  28. I agree about Craig, and Bale or Fassbender would be a welcome change.

  29. Clive Owen did a tongue-in-cheek impression of Bond on “The Pink Panther,” but I think he could actually do it for real. Though I like Daniel Craig’s Bond-movies, it doesn’t feel like Bond. More like Bourne. Hugh Jackman could do it, if the English could live with an Aussie portraying the part. Or Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who was Martin Campbell’s preferred choice above D Craig for Casino Royale. (Wikipedia: Henry Cavill)

    • already had an Aussie play bond in the form of george lazenby, fair enough his bond was awful but he wasnt that bad.
      having Hugh Jackman as bond would be pretty awesome, hes got the look and is a much better actor then Daniel Craig.
      i also agree with you that Daniel Craigs bonds dont feel like a proper bond films their just action films with the bonds name on them in my eyes anyway

      • “already had an Aussie play bond in the form of george lazenby, fair enough his bond was awful but he wasnt that bad.”

        Wait, are you saying that On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is awful, or that he was awful? I’m confused by the wording, but if it’s the former — man, I couldn’t disagree more. It’s widely considered to be one of the best Bonds if not THE best/most mature/most interesting.