‘Transformers 4′ Possibly Headed Off-Planet; New Fan-Made Poster

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Transformers 4 Michael Bay Interview Transformers 4 Possibly Headed Off Planet; New Fan Made Poster

The launch of “Transformers: The Ride – 3D” at Universal Studios theme park has brought director Michael Bay out and about doing interviews – and naturally, the questions have turned to Transformers 4, which Bay will be back to direct.

Recent word from the director has pegged the fourth installment as being the opening act of a new storyline – presumably, a new trilogy. The human cast will largely be replaced with new faces, there will be new robot designs – and Transformers 4 will mark Bay’s last film in the franchise; new directorial candidates will be brought in to helm future films.

When Bay spoke to the LA Times, he made sure to also polish the terminology being associated with the fourth film (read: the term “reboot” (or “requel”) that has been hanging over it):

“It’s not a reboot… That’s maybe the wrong word. I don’t want to say ‘reboot’ because then people will think we’re doing a ‘Spider-Man’ and starting from the beginning. We’re not. We’re taking the story that you’ve seen — the story we’ve told in three movies already — and we’re taking it in a new direction. But we’re leaving those three as the history. It all still counts.”

One of those ‘differences’ could involve going into outer space – something that hardcore Transformers fans have long been hoping for:

“That feels like the way to go, doesn’t it? I want to go a little off [the planet] but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded.”

Transformers fans would love to see the movies explore the planet Cybertron – or perhaps introduce Unicron, the villainous transforming planet from the 1986 Transformers animated movie. Unfortunately, from a financial standpoint, making space-based sci-fi Transformers films – almost entirely with CGI effects – would be too costly. Hence Bay’s insistence that they will ‘keep it grounded.’

Transformers 4 Reboot Transformers 4 Possibly Headed Off Planet; New Fan Made Poster

‘Grounded’ also translates to ‘human cast,’ and Bay made it clear that prior reports of the old guard being out, and new actors being brought onboard, are true: “It’s a new cast… We’re moving on to something different.

No word yet on who will be in that “new cast” – but one final point of interest: apparently Transformers 4 will not be as big budget as Transformers: Dark of the Moon was. According to Bay, the studio is shaving about “30 million” from the production budget. We’ll see if that reduction holds as the film actually enters the production process.

At the very least we’ll be done with the misadventures of Sam Witwicky and his live-threatening love drama with impossibly perfect women. The shot of new blood (with some proper casting) and hopefully, that darker, more serious tone we heard about, will all contribute to helping pique the interest of those who have been put off by the series to this point.

BONUS: This Transformers 4 fan-made teaser poster is pretty sweet:


Transformers 4 Fan Poster 570x844 Transformers 4 Possibly Headed Off Planet; New Fan Made Poster

Production is ramping up on Transformers 4, so expect to see casting updates, concept artwork, an official plot synopsis and the like, start to leak down the pipeline.

Transformers 4 will be in theaters on June 27, 2014

Source: LA Times & Film O Filia

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  1. War for Cybertron-esque plz.

    • LOL Michael Bay said “story,” and referred to the last three movies having one ? Does he know what that means ?

      Incomprehensible robots smashing, flipping and blowing each other up for 2.5 hours with american marines trash talking and grimacing with a fast talking punk kid who is somehow able to consistantly avoid being squished by these supposedly superior giant robots.

      Um yeah… story.

      • All movies have stories… the Transformers movies just have very, very (very) weak stories IMO.
        I’ll admit, upon my first viewing of Dark Of the Moon I thought the story was pretty good actually (after re-watching it though, I realized I was just so taken in by the VFX that I was completely oblivious to the weak plot and terrible narrative.)
        Same thing can be said for Avatar (just not to such an extreme). It had great visual effects and because people were so taken/almost mesmerism by it, a lot of them didn’t realize how unoriginal (and frankly, lame) the story really was – until they re-watched it.

        • I agree with The Avenger here. Most of us love special effects and sometimes that causes us to overlook weak plots and holes in story lines on the first viewing. As much as I loved Avatar in 3D at the movies, and the Transformers movies, they are severly less entertaining on the 2nd viewing. We need better stories to go with out CGI.

          • with *our CGI

      • If there was too much action for you, maybe you should stick to the Notebook… I hear it had a great story..


      • So, did you watch the original 80′s cartoon? Cause that’s exactly what happened in every episode. Only the dialogue was even worse, for an example just watch “Dinobot Island” and listen to Powerglide speak. Out of all the TF seasons, we got 8 good episodes and an amazing movie.

  2. if the budget cut is true thats somewhat worrying. paramount just give the man a 200 million budget (same as DOTM) so he make a good movie damn it!

  3. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. I enjoyed the originals for what they were.

  4. I thought the Transformers were from the sewers and the Ninja Turtles are from space :D

    • good one

  5. Meh, I’ll give this one a chance. Given that this is his last film I’m hoping he won’t screw it up too badly. And please, please, no more sophmoric humor.

  6. Wow!!a website with less haters.i hope he does it good on cybertron the remains of it.have vector sigma revive megatron starscream and soundwave.i would love to see hot rod ultra magnus and cliffjumper.instead of megatron im thinkin galvatron

  7. “That feels like the way to go, doesn’t it? I want to go a little off [the planet] but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded.” I like Bay`s direction to deep space, tired of the same wars in our planet

    • Cybertron flashbacks that actually tell more of a story, and them visiting a desolate heart-breaking Cybertron with dead transformers everywhere. Hell, yes, please. DOTM was a definite improvement, just stop dumbing things down with slow tone and obviousness in the first hour of the movie; if people are too busy texting, too bad for them.

      Also, I keep thinking of one of the sequels being that Optimus goes nuts or berserk somehow, seeing as how he gets progressively most violent, having had time to think, losing comrades such as Ironhide, and having had to kill those who were once his mentors or leaders (Sentinel and Megatron.)

      Also, isn’t Megatron technically a Prime in some continuities? I started to write a lame fan-fic where Optimus flips out at Ratchet and almost attacks him for being called ‘Prime’ over and over, and this is after DOTM when they’re just out enjoying the world. He then goes how to say how he had an equal part in the civil war that destroyed Cybertron and that Megatron, though ambitious and misguided by The Fallen/Megatronus Prime, loved Cybertron TOO much, and concludes he doesn’t want to be part of a bloodline such as the Primes, as all he can think about are The Fallen/Megatronus *a Prime*, Sentinel *a Prime*, and Megatron *a Prime in some continuities.

      I think somewhere Ratchet, having been the silent supportive character, will be more developed, will probably have to assume command (reluctantly), and will become greviously injured (fatal?), which ’causes Optimus to snap out of it.

      I want Bumblebee to actually speak, damn it. Anyone else agree?

      I don’t think people would respond very well for an onscreen re-interpretation of Nemesis Prime due to some bad energon and Optimus having a life crisis, though.

      • The one thing I never understood about the transformer movies was the fact that Bumblebee’s voice was fixed at the end of the first movie, and at the beginning of the second one its broken again.

  8. Here’s hoping for no human characters.

    • That would be great! Make Optimas Prime the main character!

  9. Given Bay’s track record of success with Transformers
    the budget cutback is a tad mystifying however Bay
    is very good at managing production costs and
    for all intents the film should not suffer.

    • Maybe he can do “More” with “Less” this time around. The budget cut is admittedly odd. Considering how much Dark Of The Moon made.

      • Maybe he can and he just might.

        Bay’s getting a much bigger payday
        for this one and maybe the studio has
        taken that back in the reduced budget.

  10. I’ll definitely watch it. I have all three TF movies on blu-ray and enjoy them.

    Although a small part in me yearns for a reboot.

  11. I would much prefer a reboot, the movies don’t even make sense all-together. Hopefully it’s made in a way that you can pretend it is a reboot. I would say I’m not even excited for Bay to return, but he does make some awesome action sequences.

    • The Decepticons had a three-tier plan where if one part fails, the other objective becomes an option.

  12. I thought Dark of the Moon was a big step up from Revenge of the Fallen but they do need to go to Cybertron for the next movie. That would be epic. UNICRON!!!!

  13. Paramount needs to just bite the bullet and produce this new movie without a restrictive budget and WITHOUT Michael Bay. They still can’t grasp the concept that few or no humans, and/or a good bulk of the story away from Earth is the only thing that will make a successful Transformers movie. It’s sad that the animated show Transformers Prime is actually more believable than any Transformers movie Michael Bay directs will ever be.

    • Ummmmmm the Transformers movies are already successful….Box Office don’t lie.

      • Success isn’t measured in BoxOffice results…

        • The Avenger is wise.

        • For studios it is

        • Uhh… yes it is.

    • I’m tired of people complaining about the human characters. If there weren’t any human characters, there would be nobody that we could relate to, and there would likely be less humor and drama. We need human characters because they ground the movie and make everything more relateable. If the film only focused on the robots, then we’d be forced to connect with giant, talking robots that transform into cars, and there’s no way anybody can relate to that. Oh, and to add onto that, the budget would fly sky high if all of the characters were CG.

      Now, if you made the argument that you want BETTER human characters because you didn’t like Sam, Michaela, and Carly, then I would understand that. But whining about how there should be no human characters is just stupid, and the only way it would be possible is if the film went completely animated, which it won’t.

      • This movie will always have human characters. Fact is that most movies with no human interaction don’t do well in the box office and instead go straight to DVD. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the movie isn’t good but the end result is to make money off those movie tickets. This is why even with another director the chances of the movie being about just Robots will be very slim. What I am hoping for is a movie that provides better acting, a darker script/plot, and can actually bring it all together towards the end

        • That’s why you personify the Autobots and Decepticons, and make them relatable. The animated cartoons frequently omitted humans without jeopardising relatability. We managed to relate to Finding Nemo!

          • The difference is Finding Nemo is animated. If you do a animated Transformers than it makes sense for the studio to eliminate the human aspect but if you’re going any other way I just don’t see them getting rid of that human element in the movie.

            • How about Babe? That wasn’t animated but was still relatable…

              • 1. Babe wasn’t animated. It’s a live action film with human actors and CGI talking animals.
                2. Babe is relatable because it deals with common everyday themes like friendship, perseverance, acceptance, etc.
                3. Transformers is about giant robots battling each other because their home planet got blown up. That’s not something easily relatable to us.

          • And I am fine with the inclusion of human characters, as long as they are supporting characters. Time for the lead roles of this franchise to shift to the Autobots.

  14. I like this idea, I enjoyed the human characters, just my opinion..
    I like the concept of cbyertron, so what if a group of humans tag along?
    Almost in the way of promethous maybe?

    Assuming they go with a main lead protagonist, I think it would be awesome
    if he was a pilot of some sort.

    Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Red Tails, Friday Night Ligts, The Wire) is definitely my choice for a lead in this franchise

  15. Still wants to be it grounded? It’s a movie about giant robots that turn in to cars and fight against other robots that also turn into cars, and about Shia LaBeouf hooking up with girls who are three, maybe five leagues above him. The idea of keeping it grounded has gone out the window, down the street and is now near that “Parts Unknown” place that The Ultimate Warrior was from (yeah for 1990′s wrestling references!).

  16. Please stop making these films if you can’t afford to put Transformers throughout the entire movie!

    • I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to get some actual Autobot and Decepticon character development, instead of the two dimensional dribble thus far?

  17. I have no problem with shia aka sam aka chip i do have a problem with the military and not having real autobot and decepticon characters in the movies and showing their own personality.i wish they would focus on the robots personalities than the humans

  18. About damn time we go off world here!

  19. Please,someone fire Bay already !
    He just makes terrible Movies…worst action director ever !

  20. Why fire somebody who makes your films gross over a billion dollars???

  21. How is michael bay the worst action movie director ever???hes the master of destruction!!!i was in chicago on tht dotm set.!!all i have to say is epic

  22. Better tagline would be “Evil will lose its face”

  23. Most people may hate this idea, but I myself like it. It would be cool to see if they did a trilogy prequel and could have the robot character development during the war and fall of Cybertron. The characters would obviously look different since they have not been matched with earthly vehicles for hiding and I think if the movies are done correctly, it would give the audience more connection with the Autobots and Decpticons in the current movies. I mean who wouldn’t want to see how Megatron gained power or where Optimus got his view of life. I frankly think it would be highly successful because a lot of people who seen the movie, never read the comic, seen the TV shows etc. There was no connection to the robots, they looked at them as mainly action fillers.

  24. Keep Bay, but get rid of Ehren Kruger, Orci and Kurtzman. It would take a Steve Zaillian to rescue this pile of energon shiate from itself.

  25. I like Bay, but wouldn’t a director get tired of making the same movies again and again. It’s a waste.

  26. Duder you nailed it right on the money!!!michael bay is a great director and he is the master of destruction!!!krueger dosent know nothin about transformers.its over 100 of autobots and 200dcons in the transformers universe g1 and comics and they never mentioned half.transformers g1 has a good storyline!!!the first transformers was a classic.part2 failed to deliver more robot characters and show there personality off like the first.instead the focus was on the military.the military was good in the first but they shouldve stuckked to the mindset in part 2 and added prime bumblebee wheeljack cliffjumper hound hoist.dcons shouldve added. Skywarp thundercracker and made devastator a little more epic!!im talkin about personality in all of the constructicons and they shouldve added omega supreme

  27. I feel hope, but it may be all in vain. *Sigh*

    I really want them to do transformers right this time. Take away the crappy humor, its just disgusting. Take away the stereotypes. Honestly just take this chance to start over completely.

    I want the decepticons to look more like decepticons, they deserve ‘faces’ like the autobots too. :/

    I also want to see cybertron and an actual plot. Hell yeah for unicron. And more femmes also. This is a ‘fantasy’ film, who cares if it’s hard to put real genders on robots or whatever, stick with the original stories. ^_^

    Please don’t let this one be a cringer.

  28. Best quote in this article “I still want to keep it grounded.”

    I thought the first was decent, the second blew ass and I saw the third for free and paid too much.

  29. Damn, everyone’s a critic. If you can do better… Proceed. Words are simple.