Michael Bay: Tranformers Haters Beware

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michael bay1 Michael Bay: Tranformers Haters Beware

Michael Bay, the explosive director of this summer’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has posted a new update to his official site discussing some details regarding the IMAX version of the film as well as some other interesting tidbits.

In his post, you can tell the busy man is starting to feel some relief after premiering the film in Japan and as they near the end point of their extremely busy and rushed schedule to have the sequel to 2007’s Transformers out for this summer season. He made sure to thank his dedicated crew for their hard work in getting the project to where it is now.

Also, Bay teases about the film, revealing that there are 42 robot characters in the movie and that they’d be much more developed, to the point where “you really can feel empathy for them.” He also re-iterated that the scale of this film is much more massive and that they’ve kept hidden the best scenes and visuals from the movie as to not spoil them in the trailers and commercials.

I hope that’s true, I hate being spoiled.

The main focus of his update however, was to discuss the IMAX version of the film where Bay revealed that the IMAX version will be slightly longer, exclusively including the specially shot high-resolution scenes that will not be shown in conventional theaters:

“The way to see this movie is on IMAX. Never before has there been 4k rendered character animation shot on full IMAX 70 mm film. This is a first and the results are stunning. You will see Optimus Prime in a few shots where he is actually perfectly to scale on the IMAX 50 foot tall screens.

For IMAX, I created a slightly longer cut with more robot fighting. Four scenes were shot on IMAX cameras so the screen will fill the full IMAX screen for these scenes.”

That gives the hardcore fans another reason to see it in IMAX although I’m a little disappointed (just a wee bit) that some of the potentially best shots will be left out of the standard version most viewers will be seeing (and paying for).

The best part of his post, is how he concludes it with “Haters beware.”

That’s awesome. This movie will likely be one of the top three money makers of the year, if not, the highest grossing film of the year and he knows most of those who bash the film will be there seeing it on the silver screen like most moviegoers. Good on him for sticking to his guns and saying it as it is while making light fun of the situation (like he did with the dispute with McG and his Terminator Salvation… although McG lost big time on that one.)

That being said, there best be some big improvements in Revenge of the Fallen over its predecessor…

I’m excited for this movie. Are you?

For more on the robot characters in the movie, check out our Transformers 2 Character Guide and our more recent posts on the characters of Sideways and The Fallen.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens soon, on June 24, 2009.

Source: Michael Bay

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  1. I agree Jago while I’m not a fan of Transformers I like Linkin Park. I think they write really good lyrics for the most part. I think most people dislike them because they seem to attach them selves to every movie that comes out. Some people are obsessed with the term sell out and throw it around like it actually means anything.

  2. Saw the first one only recently, on tv, for free. So cost me nothing and I won’t pay to see the next either.
    Not enough transformers, too much annoying humans. Never thought I would find myself disliking the mighty John Turturro. I skipped chunks of it too.

    Also, 42 robot characters? There may be 42 robots in this movie, but no way will they be developed enough to be called characters.

  3. i have always been a fan of linkin park. i actually thought they did a good job mixing that song at the end of the first movie.

    good memory, though i was referring to post premier awards

  4. I can understand why some people didn’t like the first one, but I can honestly say I actually enjoyed it. It was not the greatest movie ever made, but I had fun watching it and that is the point. I’m looking forward to seeing this and might make the 1/2 hour trek to see it in IMAX.

    BTW, Linkin Park SUCKS. All that rap metal cr*p SUCKS.

  5. The emotion I have toward Bay and Transformers isn’t hate its apathy.

    The film does nothing for me. Won’t be seeing this in the theatres or on dvd. Just don’t care for it.
    Not a fan of Lykin park either.

  6. @ 790,

    As a moviegoer, I’m sure you’ll be seeing this eventually (if not, in theaters) as it will be the one of the biggest movies and most talked about of the year – It’s okay, you can admit it ;) ;)

    Just kidding dude, but seriously, we’ll talk about it opening weekend ;)

  7. Rob, yeah I prob will pick up the dvd used in about a year or so,,, used as in $3.99 or less. ;-)

    I recently found myself grabbing “Get Smart” on dvd used last week for $2.99 (2 disc special edition) btw. I swore I’d never watch that obamanation and so far its still on the shelf waiting in line behind about 60 other movies. Lol

  8. Better than me 790 I honest to god will not see it. I’ve seen the first one and there is no need to watch a crappy sequal to a crappy movie. I thought Pirates one was crap to and didn’t bother to watch the sequels.

    I actually kind of liked Get Smart by the way. It was amazing, but very entertaining there was some smart humor in it in certain spots. The end was the only part I didn’t like all that much.

  9. I’m not hyped to see it and not a fan of the first one. I have enjoyed some of Bay’s film. But alas I am not a Shia LaSkunk fan. I still haven’t forgiven Spielberg for shoehorning him in the last Indy film and almost every movie he has put his mits on lately.

  10. Trans2 is worth a look on dvd used (for $2.99) way down the line,,, ;-)

    I thought the first Pirates was pretty good… The third one, wow that was crap!

  11. For me it’s not even worth a 2.99 hell not even worth watching at a friends house for free or an illegal download for that matter. I’d rather just remember the first one and not even bother with the second. At the end of the day it’s not gonna be much different from the first sequels rarely are. Also at the end of the day it’s Bay directing it. The guys best movies were only mediocre.

    I thought Pirates one was the very definition of pre teen love film. Tweens every where would go crazy for a preview for that film.

  12. Daniel, I was very impressed that Disney actually pulled off a compelling story based on one of their amusement park rides. Johnny Depp sold me in the first scene where his boat sinks as he jumps up on the dock. I thought the entire film was pretty damn creative and original,,, that’s something that Disney usually sucks at…
    The other films lacked a sense of heart (no pun intended) and were CGI orgasims…

  13. Aside from the bad camera angles and horrible “jokes” the first one wasnt really that bad. While I do agree t could have been alot better by focusing on the robots (especially the decepticons) at the end of the day, movies are not great. Compacting an intriguing and stimulating story into 2hours is hard work and many writers are not up to the task…give me a tv show over a movie any day

    this is especially true for movies based on comics with decades of back story at the end of the day it s going to disappoint many of the fans of the original source material. While I didnt HATE the first one i didn’t love it. but i accepted it for what it is an adaptation of something I grew up loving and still watch now (ie the cartoons…more so beast wars)

    See the movie all, have a mindless 2hours and enjoy the explosions and seeing a life like robot turn into a car or a plane, and just accept it as one mans adaptation

    my only hope is that starscream gets a bigger role

    PS linkin park are in no way good… they are manufactured commercial crappy blend of rap and soft metal (whoever decided that was the new cool should suffer the same fate many people on here believe michael bay should suffer) and don’t even write their own music… no offense to anyone but to call them a band is an insult to the entire music industry

  14. To be honest I kind of have a special place in my heart for disney films, but I hated pirates so much. For me it’s right up there with Transformers. I think that films like these two are actually so bad that they literally have a negative effect on society. Obviously I’m exaggerating and joking… Sort of. I definitely thought they were both very terrible. Depp has never impressed me in a film though it looks like he might in Public Enemies. He seems to play his part like an actual person which I’ve never seen him do before.

    Shamose I disagree about Linkin Park. I enjoy their their sound and not all of their songs have a rap blend to them. I’m more in to lyrics than anything else when it comes to music and I love their lyrics alot. Though I don’t like the songs that get attached to movies that often, but the rest is very well written.

  15. Pirates is one of the few movies in my life where I stopped watching toward the end. Couldn’t be bothered to see how it finished. I stuck with it as long as I could.
    Haven’t seen the sequels either.

    When Transformers came out I made a point of telling people not to get it for me on my birthday. I had this horrible idea that someone would present me with the DVD and then I’d have to pretend to be grateful.

    Unless I hear rave reviews on this one, I won’t go near it.

  16. i liked the first pirates movie, second one was pretty good, third one not so much.
    i ignored all the silly love story stuff and mor eso enjoyed captain jack.

  17. Personally, I probably won’t see this one until it comes out on DVD. Then it will take up shelf space beside the other Michael Bay movies, in the special collection I use for battling insomnia.

    The man makes the most boring movies I have ever seen, and I have never managed to see more than the first 15-20 minutes of one before I fall asleep. They’re better than Ambien.

  18. Wow ok I’m a Bay basher. I really can’t stand any of his movies Transformers being his worst probably, but even I wouldn’t call his movies boring. They suck horrible plots bad comedy cheesy dialog and a lack of anything that is even close to meaning depth or emotion, but not boring. In fact not being boring is the only thing Bay is good at. Maybe repetitive explosion after explosion after explosion after gun shot after explosion.

  19. I’m simply relating my experience with his movies. He is the only director who has every movie he’s ever made in my insomnia cure collection.

    I appreciate his movies for that reason alone.

  20. New Linkin Park video to “New Divide” featuring new scenes from the film.


  21. SIIIIIICK!!!!
    it’s official. I’m all in. i’ll try and save some seats for all you haters that will end up wanting to see it.

  22. I like transformers and I like Michael Bay. Im just sick of whiners who go out of there way to nit pick films because its a certain director. Everyones allowed to have an opinion but when its forced on by pressure from ‘critics’ (biggest farse of all) it gets ridiculous. To all of those reading this please go and see the film for yourself never listen to reviews and cinema trolls because its always down to you in the end.