Michael Bay Stalls Transformers 3 To Make “Small” Movie?

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What do you expect from every new Michael Bay movie? Explosions? Car chases? Gunfire? Ridiculous action sequences? A big-budget? Indeed, but what you might not expect is for it be small in scale. Well, that’s exactly what Bay says he wants to make after he’s done with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – and not only that, but he wants to stall the third film in the giant robot franchise to make time for it.

During a recent interview, Bay revealed that he wants to take a break from the giant destructive alien robots – “I would like to take a year off… I might do a small in-between movie.” Is such a thing possible from the bombastic filmmaker? Apparently it is – “There can be [a small movie],” he laughed, “I have a small little movie I keep wanting to do.”

Although being very conservative with the details, Bay did give us a little tease as to what shape the film may take, including a comparison to the favorite movie of yours truly – “It’s good… It’s like a ‘Pulp Fiction’ type of movie… [It’s based on] a true story, and it’s very funny… It’s a dark comedy.”

This explains why he was so hot to deem false the July 1st, 2011 release date that was announced by Paramount and DreamWorks – he wants time to shoot this mysterious “small” movie first.

Is all this a sign of Bay growing up a little bit? It doesn’t seem like he’s just sick of being branded an action-guy and wants to do a completely different type of movie just to show off. He seems to have had this idea in mind for a long time, and it’s just been giant alien robots, invading Japanese planes and huge asteroids heading to Earth that’s been holding him back.

This is obviously quite strange to hear from the guy who’s done nothing but explosive, bombastic, big-budget action flicks all of his career. I just don’t know if Bay can pull off a small movie like he’s describing (particularly because it’s also a dark comedy, another new avenue for the director) – I don’t think he knows how…

What do you make of Bay wanting to take a break from Transformers and make a much smaller film? Do you have any interest in seeing a Bay movie that doesn’t have a budget size attributable to a small country’s wealth?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens in theaters on June 24th this year.

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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  1. I’ve read for years that he’s wanted to do this. Good for him, I hope it works out. He can get plenty of tips on small films from Spielberg, Tarantino, etc.


  2. I… don’t know. I mean I love the guy as a director who can guaranty a good time at the movies with mindless action, but we’ve all seen his attempt at “humour” in his movies (bumblebee urinating on John Tutorro). I mean I don’t want to count my chickens just yet, who knows, maybe he’ll do a really great dark comedy, but last time he tried to do something “different with his movies”, we ended up with Pearl Harbor (which, lets face it, was always a contrived love story with a WW2 backdrop).

  3. as much as i love giant killer alien robots fighting each other i think its better to wait a while, but bay make a small movie lol, i dont think its possible for HIM to do, i mean hes all about explosions, and action and really cant see him making a “small” film

  4. Sounds natural,,, he’s prob sick of the studio suits looking over his shoulders telling him what to do.
    On a smaller film he would have more control over everything…

  5. This oughtta be interesting. Honestly, I don’t know if he has a “good” small movie in him. He excels at making loud, dumb action flicks but suddenly wants to go intellectual on us? Good luck to him.

  6. I like the sound of it, but I also want Bad Boys 3!

  7. Perhaps I misunderstand the industry a little, but since the first Transformers MBay has been a Producer of a few films such as The Horsemen, The Unborn and Friday the 13th. He is not credited as the Director for these films though. So is it the Director’s hat that is being referenced when he says “I would like to take a year off… I might do a small in-between movie.”?

  8. @][4n][

    Essentially, yes, generally when a film maker decides to “do” a movie, that means they want to direct a film, not just produce. A movie will normally have separate people for the Director and Producer jobs, allowing the Director to have a bit more freedom making the movie without having to worry too much about money and logistics (although Bay tends to be very involved with all of that anyway, which is one of the reasons I’ll defend him against people who call him a hack director, hack’s don’t care about their films, but Bay makes his with passion).

  9. Let’s not forget Ed Wood had passion for his films. 😉

  10. @790

    By no means am I saying Bay is a good director… well, not a great one, he’s good at giving us entertainment (most of the time), but he’s clearly no Scorsese or Nolan.

    But to me, the difference between a hack director, like, say, Brett Ratner and Michael Bay is that Ratner’s movies feel like he’s doing it only for the money and that he isn’t really invested in his stuff, only in in to get the job done and walk away with a paycheck whereas Bay seems to really care about his movies. Even if Bay’s movies are just mindless action movies that are somewhat cheesy and cliché, they’re still some of the best of their kind.

  11. I don’t like Bay. I won’t go so far as to attack him like other people (he has given me a few enjoyable flicks) but he needs to stay with what he’s good at. He’s just not that good at humor or character, and a small flick needs good characters more than anything.

    It also really really bugs me when directors compare their projects to vastly superior films. Bay does not have a Pulp Fiction in him, even if he does have a good small film in there somewhere.

  12. I hope Bay doesn’t have a Pulp Fiction in him because I despise that movie. I don’t know why people think it’s so great. I’d much rather watch Transformers again then sit through the stupidity that was Pulp Fiction. God, how I despise that movie for the 2 hours of my life that is gone forever.

  13. This “switch” by Bay proves an age old saying, “Money isn’t everything”. He’s at the point now where we wants to at least ATTEMPT to make a movie that is indicative of his potential artistic ability, as opposed to his (already well known)ability to direct big budget action blockbusters. I think this is a good move by Mr. Bay. If the movie flops, it’s not going to hurt his wallet in the least. If it SUCCEEDS, then he “informs” the world that he can make a movie that has legitimate character content as opposed to cgi / real time explosions. I applaud him in attempting this directorial juxtaposition. He has given us all the adrenaline that we’ll ever need. Good luck to him in his future endeavors to prove / improve his directorial career.

  14. Oh, please, like the world needs any more of Bay’s work. He’s already done more than his fair share of work when it comes to depleting the world’s collective intelligence. There’s no way he could make a good movie, small or otherwise. He’s already proven that.

    Maybe he’s doing this as a test to see if he’s succeeded in making the world idiotic enough that he can qualify as a good film-maker?

  15. i want to now the personal email addres of michael bay