Michael Bay Responds to ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Critics

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Michael Bay Responds to Transformers 4 Critics Michael Bay Responds to Transformers: Age of Extinction Critics

Although Transformers: Age of Extinction has been in theaters for little more than a day, that’s certainly enough time for franchise naysayers to voice their opinions of the film – check out the comments section on our review of the movie for some examples. Age of Extinction’s Rotten Tomatoes rating, a lowly 18 percent (6 percent if only the top critics are concerned) seems to fall in line with the opinions of the detractors, but the movie’s audience rating, 65 percent, seems to agree with our own rating of the movie: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The director of the Transformers franchise, Michael Bay, has responded to those who were less than impressed by the latest installment of his series featuring the robots in disguise.

Bay replied to the naysayers in an interview with MTV in which he encouraged them to voice their opinions because the argument between critics and fans gives the movie’s opening weekend more drama and makes it more interesting. This conflict can be beneficial in terms of box office sales. (Though it may not need the help since Age of Extinction is our prediction for top of the box office this weekend.)

Read Bay’s quote

[Naysayers] love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate. They’re still going to see the movie! I think it’s good to get a little tension. Very good.

Bay also said that criticism can be beneficial feedback for his creative process. Although it may have bothered him before, he now uses negative comments to help himself improve:

I used to get bothered by it, but I think it’s good to get the dialogue going. It makes me think, and it keeps me on my toes, so it’s good.

However, whether Bay will have the chance to exercise what he’s learned through the production and release of Age of Extinction has yet to be seen. In an interview promoting the new film, Bay said he wasn’t sure if he would be directing any upcoming Transformers films, despite reports that Paramount planned to release Transformers 5 in 2016.

Michael Bay Responds to Transformers 4 Critics Mark Wahlburg Michael Bay Responds to Transformers: Age of Extinction Critics

Our interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, a producer on Age of Extinction who has worked with Bay on many occasion, shed more light on the future of the franchise: no changes of director have been planned and the 2016 release date might be a bit too optimistic – perhaps 2017 would be a more realistic goal for the fifth film.

Should Bay direct Transformers 5, he may be able to take fan criticism into account and use it to fuel his creative process, or he’ll continue to make the movies the way he sees fit. Either way, it’s clear that Bay will continue to let the haters hate.


Transformers: Age of Extinction is in theaters now.

Source: MTV

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  1. He uses it as a learning experience to get better? When is that going to happen? LMAO. Worst. Director. Ever.

    • I am now convinced Bay is aware of how crappy his films are and decided to have this film be a parody of every film he’s done along with the clichés he has introduced. That still doesn’t make a worth while film in my opinion. Get rid of the ahole boyfriend, less focus on Tucci’s character and the film would’ve been really cool.

      • I wouldn’t say ‘parody’. I believe that this movie was a dare to see just how bad a film Michael Bay can direct. The previous movies are bad, this one takes the piss. I hate this movie.

        • And i can’t stand trolls who bash this good movie

  2. I don’t understand how people aren’t loving this movie! I saw it last night and think it’s the best so far… by a long shot! The cast was great, the human characters were well used (and developed), the Autobots were awesome and easy to connect with emotionally, Optimus’ line about “…when I find the one responsible, he will DIE” was so great, the human-created transformers were insane(ly awesome. Did you see how that one just “WHOOOOSH”?), I liked how galvatron was handled (it meade sense), the new designs were great and worked well, the new Autobots were a fine fine addition, we got to see what it looks like when they develop a new disguise, there wasn’t a severe amount of carnage (Man of Steel haters, I’m talking to you…), Lockdown was horrifying looking and just a great bad guy, it was actually funny (unlike some jokes of lesser taste in the last movies), and I honestly thought that it lacked a lot of typical “Michael Bay-isms.”

    So yeah. I LOVED it. And I definitely recommend it.

    • Are you crazy?!! This was an unbelievably terrible movie. You say the human element was well used? It’s about the robots not the humans!! What’s with the robot facial hair and the dumb ass cigar?!! They’re robots!! Trench coat? They’re robots!! Transformium?!! What the hell is that lazy dumb s***?!! That line of Optimus “when I find, he will die..” Optimus does’t say s*** like that!! The most he’d say is “he’ll pay for what he’s done… ” . The human transformers, like the other tranformers , weren’t even transformers, they were morphing things just more blatant. Transformers don’t just magically shape shift to anything they want. Have you even seen the cartoon?!! The mega tron thing made sense?!! Seriously just stop… I bet you thought dark knight rises was good too huh?

      • Yes. I did. And I don’t plan on stopping.

        And yeah. That’s what I thought about the movie. Sorry?

        What justifies your opinion as the “right” one?

        I have seen the cartoon, and I had a lot of the toys growing up. And I remember those toys having little things adding personality to them. So a beard and cigar worked for me. I thought he was cool. I also liked how Drift’s sword were his helicopter blades. That was something that reminded me a lot of the toys.

      • You did not question the awesomeness of the Dark Knight Rises?!?!?!?!? Guess you are one of the few considering 87% on Rotten Tomatoes loved it and it’s score from fans was even better than that.

      • You probably didn’t like TDKR because comic nerds like yourself put so much hype for the third movie in a trilogy that there is NO WAY to satisfy you. That is what the real third movie curse. Not that the movies are bad, but expectations kill it for fans.

        • The Dark Knight Rises was a silly,convoluted movie. Those who rated and view it so highly are those among the simple mouth breathers whom gawked at the screen and turned their brains off. Still high off Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. Funny thing Iron Man 3 matches that same effect. And I don’t care if the Mandarin was really Darth Vader who’s revealed to be Tony Stark’s long lost mother.
          The Transformer movies fall into the same daftness watch more Cinemasins.

          by the way one comment box could be used to serve you off-base thoughts.

          • Completely agree. hated Iron man 3. Seriously, that’s how you mess up the extremis story arc.

      • Plus you are not the only punk to say this, but how is them morphing into different shapes “lazy?” I thought it was cool and disfferent. Also Optimus Prime showed how this deeply affected him which is why he said the person would die.

        • Um because they are transformers and not Morpheus dumb ass…

          • ^ This is why I can’t take the internet seriously.

            • Why because words have different meanings?

              • xD

        • How is it lazy? Because the transformers transform or reconfigure all the components of their robotic bodies, not magically shapeshift, to a vehicle mode then reconfigure back to a robot mode. They didn’t just magically morph into whatever the hell they like. So yeah, them morphing, by means of “transformium”, is a lazy way to not make the robots transform they way they are supposed to. Then they took it a step further and they the human made robots fell apart like molecules, floated like a cloud somewhere, then just appears as whatever they wanted. Yeah, that’s lazy.

          • lazy ? yeah cuz its really easy to animate that

            • Considering you see the same animation in s***** art school commercials and the robots do a weird morph yeah it is lazy. It’s people like you are the reason terrible movies like this make money.

      • I enjoy the movie, cause I was tired of my work I want to see movies that kick ass, not telling me to be good, kind and appreciate the world. So I shut my brain off watching this, and expected to be terrible, in the end, I got out, telling my mom, its a stupid movie, it is so stupid that is so awesome and so worth the ticket. In fact I was paying a movie that totally make my day, cause Mark is in, Optimus ride Dinobots, I was expecting worst, but it turn out pretty good.

        I wanted to hate and bash the film like Pirahna 3DD, but I failed to, cause I was glued to my seat seeing absolute carnage, I love carnage after watching the boring Saving Mr Banks, which for me is tedious and make no sense at all despite I appreciate it’s effort and based upon real life. And I was the few people watching this fim, where other crowded seeing local films than a Disney writer they don’t care about……

        • Well we just have differences of opinions on this movie. I thought it was terrible.

      • I’m pretty sure you’re that one guy who’s never even seen G1 and pretends that you have. Have you ever heard of the pretenders? Yea, those guys who can TRANSFORM INTO HUMANS. They were in the comis, and even in the original series one time. So the next time you come coming around the corner saying “HEY I’VE SEEN THE ORIGINAL SERIES BUT I REALLY HAVENT LOLOLOL” go check your sources :)

        • Really? I was in the theater for the original animated movie when I was 10 years old… where the hell were you? I had the original die cast metal optimus prime, did you? Before you go feeling proud of yourself for your ignorant comment, kill yourself.

          • its dumb comments like this that prevent people from taking the internet seriously

            • Since your don’t even make any sense, just don’t say anything. You are dumb and that’s why people don’t take the internet seriously.

      • well actually i enjoyed it and i liked leadfoot cuz hes badass but also with the bots being on earth for so long they would have made adaptions and changes optimus already looked human before the only thing i can agree with that was stupid was the samuraj bot. and also the thing with megatrons ”rebirth” is completely logical because to make the bot prototypes work they have to have some sort of conciousness.

      • I honestly feel bad for the people and critics who hate almost every movie. Must suck to be them, spending all that time and money watching stuff they don’t enjoy. I thought this movie was terrific.

    • It being the best Transformers movie certainly doesn’t mean it’s a good film. I don’t think Michael Bay will ever be able of making one.

      The Transformers concept is already vastly stupid in and of itself. Add to that Bay’s prodigious ability to ruin everything he makes and you have a recipe for creative disaster (and subsequent box-office smash hit, unsurprisingly).

      • If you dislike the Transformers idea so much why did you go see the movie? You sir make absolutely no sense.

  3. I’m not sure its wise for filmmakers to make crap films just because people will pay to watch crap films. how can progressively terrible movies make increasing amounts of money.

    this is insane. we don’t know if the film will be bad without seeing it, to see it we have to pay money. if we don’t see we are condemned for judging without evidence, if we do see it we have contributed to the box office and still bay wins.

    the bottom line is if we as an audience want better quality movies then we must stop paying to see bad movies.

    i liked the TF1 but based solely on reviews i never went to the theatre to see TF2 or TF3, i waited till they were on netflix, and again based on reviews i’ve seen i’ll be giving this a miss.

    • also i’m glad i did wait because they were both just awful to watch.

    • Yes but should you ever go solely on reviews? There are plenty of times, like these movies where critics hated them but I loved them. As long as you like it that’s all that matters.

      • I do agree with you, I went to see Conan(reboot) in the theatre and really enjoyed it even though it was panned. I’m more reluctant now to take a chance on a movie that has so many negatives against it, and Mr Bay has had enough chances to improve this series.

      • But you’ve already shown your opinion on movies suck.

        • How So?

          • Well the most evident is this movie. Age of extinction was horrendous. Then he contradicts himself by emphasizing how critics gave the dark knight rises a great rating though he says critics reviews should not be relevant what so ever. That said, like every comment here is an opinion, my opinion is anyone who thinks the two movies mentioned in this comment are great movies should be taken with a grain of salt because there was so many things that were wrong with them. These things could have been easily fixed or at the very least should been addressed which most likely would have satisfied everyone. Like other people who were fans of Transformers since the beginning, I hate what idiot bay did to the franchise because he take most of the things that makes Transformers unique and awesome changes them, because in his arrogance he thinks he knows better, and screws it all up. In an interview from when the first Transformers movie was released, idiot bay went on to mention how he worked with all the great directors so that makes him a great director and since there wasn’t much to Transformers he will make it great because hes a great director. Of course this instantly makes me have absolutely no respect for that pompous jackass.

    • Batmic, we DO know the movie will be bad without seeing it: it’s a Michael Bay film…

  4. This is the best movie of the 4 hands now

    • Oh hey! You’re crazy too? Awesome. The bad internet people tried to make me think something was wrong with me.

  5. The majority of film critics, in my opinion, view every film through the same lens, and I don’t think this is constructive or intuitive. Everything should be tailored and relative to what you’re watching, who is watching it, and it’s purpose.

    Transformers was never meant to be an Oscar film (whatever THAT is). It’s about giant robots fighting. Shallow plot? Who cares, keep me entertained. I’m not watching this film because it speaks some altruistic message to humanity – I’m watching it for entertainment purposes. For films such as this, I want to know if the effects are good, is 3D worth the extra cost, and is there a moderately interesting storyline. Transformers? Sure, it passes. Mortal Kombat? BZZZZZZZZZZZ. I’ll pass.

    These films were never meant to be viewed alongside Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather.

    I appreciate what Ben Kendrick (and others) do here at SR because they seem to have this idea that not every movie should be created equally. They look out for the fans, not their own snobbish self-interests like many other hacks out there.

    • “For films such as this, I want to know if the effects are good, is 3D worth the extra cost, and is there a moderately interesting storyline.”

      Well, that’s the thing: the storyline is lightyears away from being even faintly interesting, let alone moderately.

    • Totally agree with you Matt, movies should be viewed on their target audience and not by snobby critics. There should be different critics for sci-fi, horror, drama, comedy etc. because a lot of ‘film critics’ only want Oscar type movies and are so limited in their own view.

  6. I wonder what would happen if you allowed M.Night to write a script and Bay to direct and not let either infringe on the other’s work. MNS does have original compelling ideas but just can’t put it together visually and Bay can barely write his name, let alone a decent conversation of dialogue.

    • You don’t wanna know. Trust me.

  7. “Bay also said that criticism can be beneficial feedback for his creative process.” Uhh… hello? Creative process? What creative process?

    The guy’s got it all wrong: we don’t hate him or his flicks, they just don’t have enough substance in them for us to care. We’d love to love them, but that’s just not possible.

  8. it’s a movie, calm down. it’s ment to be an entertainment. if bay gets the movie wrong doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world . Also if you don’t thing it’s going to be good then don’t watch it. simple!.
    personally I loved the film. loved the transformers. better than all 3 and I’m going to see it again. no can stop me. my hard earned money spent on something I like.

    • Are you talking to me, Noobyblack? I don’t need to calm down, I already am. Precisely, it’s meant to be entertainment, not a 2h45min painful drag that sucks your brain through your eyeballs. I don’t think anything about movies before having watched them. I might have expectations but no preconceived notion. I don’t usually watch this hack’s pathetic attempts at making cinema but, due to my optimistic nature, I regularly hope the guy might have gained at least a little experience after all these years but nope, he never fails to disappoint with his mindlessly relentless action devoid of the slightest hint of substance. If I wanna watch bad TV, I don’t pay an insanely expensive cinema ticket to do so, period.

      • Michael Bay makes eye candy. That’s it and that’s all.
        No one is forcing anyone to see his films.
        I for one will be buying a huge bag of popcorn and a Dr. Pepper and laughing my butt off the whole way through. And I will cheer when optimus decimates unicron.

        Thank you Mr. Bay for giving me a summer popcorn movie.
        And when I feel the need to watch something of substance, I will go watch Game of Thrones.

        • My all time favourite film is Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was too young at the time to see it in the theatre and I think many people if not all would agree that it is a fantastic popcorn, blockbuster movie. My point is that it is possible to make a summer movie that is genuinely good without trying to seduce your audience with “eye-candy”.

          • After rereading my post I don’t think I said what I meant. What I mean is a summertime movie doesn’t need to be deep to be good but it helps. Also having eye candy alone doesn’t make a summer movie good.

            It is possible for a movie to have both.

        • Unicron didnt create the Transformers, but just like them was created by the Quintessons. Bay would be a moron not to include them in the next installment, along with the junk bots, just like he’s a moron for killing off Jazz immediately and replacing him with two racially disrespectiful twin bits with gold teeth and no sense. FORGET YOU BAY! Sware words here_______________.

  9. I hate to tell Mr. Bay, but I won’t be seeing this movie- I had enough after the first one. Please just stop making movies.

    • Shut the F $/#$ k up Noneya. If you don’t like Transformers then go watch your stupid boring action less movies in which you need stories b****

      • Yeah … Who needs stories in a movie . Explosions for no reason is all we need… Can you feel the sarcasm?

  10. These critics have such an inflated opinion of themselves. I never listen to them. the only opinions that matter to the people that make the movies are the other 99% of the human population who pay good money to watch the movie. As long as they are happy that’s all that matters as that’s what pays salaries.

    • When is it an inflated opinion of oneself to know something about a topic and write about it? It is like hating scientists because they have the nerve to write about stuff you don’t know anything about.

      I certainly don’t hope the only opinion that matter for film-makers are these “99%” if humans. If thats the case. Then there would be no push to make good movies.

      • Not an accurate comparison. Scientists actually make contributions to society through creation and discovery. Critics get paid to tell us what movies we should and shouldn’t see and if we argue with them we’re stupid.

        You wanna know what push exists too make what you consider good movies? Awards season. Have you ever noticed that a lot of the best picture winners are not big box office draws? Because often times they appeal to a smaller market, often chosen by the very same critics that pan everything else. Don’t get me wrong, I often enjoy these very same movies. My favourite of all time is 2001, but not every movie has to be a prestige film. Sometimes I just want to be entertained. It’s as simple as that.


  12. Damn, everyone is getting so worked up. Relax, this is all just opinion. Some people like the movie, others don’t, isn’t that how it always is and always will be? Let it go…
    Let it goo, let it goooo

  13. I’m a big fan of Transformers, but I must admit that i am with this fourth part pretty disappointed! First, I do not like in this sequel to the manner in which the new Decepticon transformed! Exactly,the old way of transformation, and that is the only genuine, that it is a classic transformation Transformers (Autobots and Deseptikons) is something unique and something that adorns Transformerse.To one of their main features and it shouldnt be changed…it have to be original transformation!!! Another thing I did not like is the design of Dinobots, especially their design in the form of a robot … too ordinary! Third thing that I do not like is that Michael Bay thrown away from original Dinobots two caracters…Sludge(Apatosaurus) and Snarl(Stegosaur)and instead are inserted makes me Plesosaurus and some predator,why? And I do not understand why Swoop(Pterodactil) got two heads(stupid)?
    Last thing might be a habit with the previous cast … though I love Mark Walberg … I still think that the previous team had more quality actors … from which everyone had a touch of humor and with that they put a film to a higher level!
    Michael Bay…do not change the original story and main staf from the TRANSFORMERS!!!

  14. All these negative comments. Hahaha… M.Bay was right, your going to see the movie whether u want to or not. If u don’t like the movie go direct the trilogy yourselves.

  15. Forget the HATERS M.Bay. Haters hate the most when your at success and their down s#!t out of luck. Why not Gravatron & Optimus against their creators the next movie?

  16. This has been fun, and funny to read….but what’s a transformer?

    • (In response to: 6boydad –
      “This has been fun, and funny to read….but what’s a transformer?”)

      For those who wonder what Transformers should be (to an extent):


  17. In reality, I am forced to admit: I used to be a Transformers fan (even did video reviews on YouTube). The live action franchise, in general, has always been less than stellar. Michael Bay used to make decent movies in the past, but now appears to be unable to perform the task of creating a decent Transformers film. The first movie was acceptable, due to its very nature of being (figuratively) the first of its kind (in terms of live action and accomplished awards). The second and third movies were overgrown advertisements that insulted true fans (they gave Jetfire – err, Skyfire – a good balance of character, but then had him farting out a parachute; ewww. Don’t even mention Skids and Mudflap; destroying formerly clean characters by turning them into what appeared to be robotic hoodlums). The third movie lacked what the first and second movies had; somewhat useful characters. In the first movie, Mikaela Banes was able to rig Bumblebee to the back of a tow truck, to allow him to fight Brawl. In the second movie, she (kinda?) plays as part time body gaurd for Sam while escaping from a Decepticon drone. In Revenge of the Fallen (dare I go there – the trash of an already shallow franchise), former agent Seymour Simmons managed to convince off shore battle ships to aim rail guns at Devastator. The military also played a huge role in those movies. All of a sudden, (third movie) all of the useful characters take the day off, and we’re practically left with a childish teenager that screams all the time. Oh; did I forget to mention that Optimus Prime doesn’t know how to properly defend himself (unless he looses an arm?). The fourth film, in general, is technically unable to under achieve enough to be the worst; the other ones already did so. But that doesn’t spare it from the lack of character development-criticism; Kade’s character could have done so much more (he was an inventor in the middle of a technological conflict; come on!). They made him look like a “typical”, “unknowing” single dad that doesn’t know how to raise a child. In the end, none of the movies after Transformers 2 were worth seeing; watching the kids’ show from 1984 was more entertaining, with a lot less explosions.

  18. So much greed in movies…money money money.

  19. This movie is a joke… right? It was just a giant commercial advertising for trendy companies; seriously annoying. The acting was awful. The CGI was the worst to date for transformers movies. WTF was the plot?! Complete change in Optimus’s demeanor and mannerisms. Not even “hott” hot girl. Wow. So bad. If you enjoyed the first two Transformers movies and were “ehh” about the third, you’ll hate this one. It’s really THAT bad.

  20. I saw this and it was horrible. But it just proves that any director can be at helm at any Transformers movie and people will flock to it. If a low rate director can draw so much business, just think if a good, or even mediocre director was in charge! It would make billions!

  21. I liked the movie. Optimus Prime looks amazing as always, although I do think his new look was a bit too shiny and sleek for his character. Having a main human character that actually could fight when he got into a situation was nice. The Dino bots was the most anticipated part of the movie for me, mainly to see how they would be incorporated into the story line. The ending is my favorite part, because it shows us having the Transformers, or really just Optimus, not be around humans, so we can have more on the Trsnsformers than just their words, if they Ben do a fifth movie, which I hope they do.

  22. I’m a Transformers fan. However, this movie was a jumbled mess of characters, dialogue, and plot. You’re left wondering what is going on nearly the entire movie. Oh and Bay, it’s kind of hard to have so many sequels when you’ve killed off nearly every good Transformer character. You abandon your audience and are left to make up a bunch of awful names. The Samurai? The Green car? I can’t even remember their names, that’s how awful they were. Don’t care to see any more of this franchise. Horribly ruined Mr. Bay

  23. I’m going to apologize in advance if any of you lovers of this film get offended, but yeah… I’m sorry, but it was just one big hot mess. I watched a pirated version and still felt cheated out of 3 hours of my life. I’m no Michael Bay hater or anything, nor do I believe a movie so devoid of storyline can possibly be attributed to the director like some kind of everything’s-Obama’s-fault-somehow-esque weirdo. But this film literally dragged. If you haven’t wasted your time, or if, like me, you just wanted to make sure you’re not crazy, yes. It sucks. Just pass the time watching paint dry and forget this ever happened.

  24. Michael Bay loves money. He hates art and being original. In his lust for money he creates movies that please the Idiocracy that the US has become. He is a sellout, a bad person and an evil man for taking awesome cartoons we used to cherish and turn them into something idiotic. I had this man and wish only to see him be exposed for the moron, fool, greedy idiot pig he is. He is a low life. He also injects a lot of ebonics and ghetty-style into his movies and its painful to watch as its very pseudo-ghetto and lame. Pathetic.

  25. let them hate thats a smart thing to say when you want people to know you only make films to make money not films how is he still making movies the new transformers was the worst film i ever seen hope that man gets the sack before he go’s making a new money maker

  26. TRANSFORMERS age of extinction is an awesome film
    Very cool graphics, sound and everything adding the
    Motions its really cool! Although I didn’t like how
    The prototypes change, but its awesome! I like
    Lockdown bad ass robot!