Michael Bay’s Next Film To Be His ‘Pulp Fiction’; Bad Boys 3 Coming

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michael bays next film to be like pulp fiction Michael Bay’s Next Film To Be His Pulp Fiction; Bad Boys 3 Coming

Michael Bay’s most recent film –  a little known independent project called Transformers: Dark of the Moon – had the biggest opening day box office all year (on a Tuesday, no less) and is well on its way to a massive opening weekend, too.

Now the question is: What’s next for Michael Bay? After six years of eating, breathing, and directing Transformers films, what’s to be the tenth entry in Bay’s burgeoning filmography? According to the man himself, it’s Pain & Gain, a dark comedy in the vein of Pulp Fiction that he originally planned to work on before returning for Transformers 3.

Courtesy of MTV Movies Blog, Pain & Gain will utilize Bay’s smallest budget to date – in the neighborhood of $20 million. That’s basically pennies compared to what this man is used to. Furthermore, the tight budgeted dark comedy will depict a true story about extortion and abductions in the criminal underworld of Florida. And just in case you were wondering, no, the film will not be shot in 3D, despite Bay’s newfound love of the technology.

But didn’t Michael Bay already make his Pulp Fiction back in 1996? Or at least his own version of a Quentin Tarantino film? And it was called The Rock?

  • Exhibit A: Tarantino was an uncredited screenwriter on The Rock.
  • Exhibit B: The Rock contains philosophical discussions – rife with snappy dialogue intended to be humorous – on mundane matters like the benefit of owning records over CDs.
  • Exhibit C: The Mexican standoffs in Reservoir Dogs and The Rock:

reservoir dogs the rock mexican standoff Michael Bay’s Next Film To Be His Pulp Fiction; Bad Boys 3 Coming

  • Exhibit D: The stabbing a person in the chest with a needle full of adrenaline to save his/her life trick in Pulp Fiction and The Rock:

pulp fiction the rock adrenaline shot Michael Bay’s Next Film To Be His Pulp Fiction; Bad Boys 3 Coming

Then again, Quentin Tarantino already “borrowed” the standoff from City on Fire, so turnabout’s fair play and all that.

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see what Michael Bay does without a budget well over $100 million, let alone one around $20 million. Hopefully, he’ll move even further away from his comfort zone too, as it would be extremely interesting to see a Bay film that looks, sounds, and feels almost nothing like every other Bay film we’ve ever seen.

Bay also talked about other future projects, including a possible Bad Boys 3 with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, a project Jerry Bruckheimer felt pretty confident about as of last year and one that Martin Lawrence revealed to already have had meetings about with Michael Bay:

“We talk about it. It’s hard to get our schedules together but it’s great working with those guys.”

Would you rather watch Michael Bay on a budget with Pain and Gain or Bad Boys 3? Sound off in the comments.

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon, starring Shia LaBeouf, is currently in theaters in a really big way.


Source: MTV Movies Blog

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  1. Well Martin Lawrence is back out on tour, so i’d say it’s a good possibility that it’ll come out.

  2. So, he ruined my childhood memories of Transformers and now he is going to ruin Pulp Fiction for all of us. Michael Bay = Tool.

    • lol

    • I second that

    • he ruined your childhood memories of Transformers, really? Ruined them? No one else could have done what he did for Transformers. Period, end of discussion. He made a toy from the 80′s relevant again when no one else would touch it. Oh, and additionally, if you don’t like the movies, don’t watch them… Bay does what Bay does better than anyone else and it’s patently obvious that a lot of the planet appreciates his movies, if you’re not one of those people, that’s fine, but don’t act like your opinion (i.e., not an iota of fact) has any more merit than anyone else’s.

      • “Period, end of discussion”??

        The discussion isn’t over just because you say so. If people want to discuss it, they shall. That’s the point of a message board, no?

        Lastly, it seems to me that you’re acting as if your opinion has more merit than those of others — perhaps you should take your own advice?

        • HIs opinion does have more merit, as he indicated by saying how many people of the world enjoy the Transformers films.

      • i agree! No other director could have made Transformers the action packed thrilling films it has been for the past few years. I was a Transformers fan from childhood as well, and im so happy and proud of Bay for what he’s brought on screen, oh yeah and Dark of the Moon rocked!!!

      • Hold on a second there pal, I remember being 4 or 5 years old and waiting every saturday morning for the cartoon to start, also waiting every tuesday morning for my comic to be delivered and also watching the two movies over and over again so your comment about this being only a toy of the 80′s is garbage. My childhood memories are getting a di-cast Optimus Prime and Megatron for Christmas and birthday and getting the movie on VHS – the films had almost no similarity to the movie other than the names of the characters and the voice of optimus and the fact he was a truck. NONE of the other transformers were the same as before.

        I watch movies because I want to and I also go on forums to give my opinion – if you dont want to hear my opinion then go play your Xbox all day and dont read what I have to say. Anyone could have produced those 3 movies but to have 3 movies devoid of any substance, that takes talent. You call yourself Knowledge but you have clearly displayed you have none whatsoever.

        • The two movies I refer to are the cartoon ones by the way, not the Bay ‘movies’

    • haha

  3. Honestly, and I mean this with no disprespect, I’d rather he just keep directing gigantic mindless popcorn munchers. So Bad Boys 3, sure why not? Maybe some other huge blockbuster thing, yeah.

    Now maybe Bay will surprise me and actually do a really good Pulp Fiction-esque flick but I really think by mentioning that movie he’s already set a precedent that will be near impossible to achieve. Tarantino-esque might’ve been a wiser choice of words.

    • X,

      I agree with you. There’s an old saying about “Sticking to what you’re good at!”
      Bay is very good at DUDE flicks. Why expect him to do “Like Water For Chocolate” type flicks?

      • Hah, there’s a wide berth between “Like Water For Chocolate” and Bay’s usual fare.

  4. Just do Bad Boy 3 Bay. Stick to what you are good at.

  5. Bad Boys 3.

    Bay should stick to what he is good at.

    • Wow, I just realized my comment is pretty much what the previous comment says. Not intentional I promise.

  6. Bad Boys 3 so he can redeem himself after two bad movies based off of toys.

    • You didn’t like TF3????

  7. One of my favorite clips ever:


  8. do bad boys 3 and then wolverine 3.

  9. It would be interesting from a purely comparative stance to see what kind of movie Bay would churn out without the use of explosions, CGI, special effects, and things on fire. Tarantino, while known for using over the top violence, is also known for his use of allot of dialog (too much for some at times). I don’t really know that Bay can direct a film that has to rely on people actually emoting and have a run time of more then 30 minutes.

  10. Michael Bay. Pulp Fiction. Does not compute.

    • I’m sure it’ll be “his Pulp Fiction,” just as the upcoming Hawkman movie, as stated by its writers, will be a mix of Indiana Jones, Ghost and DaVinci Code. And just as the writers of the upcoming Candyland movie (yes, the children’s board game) say their movie will evoke Lord of the Rings and King Lear by William Shakespeare. Yes, I’m sure Bay’s movie will be like the second coming of Pulp Fiction. :)

  11. BAD BOYS 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. There’s a reason that The Rock had Tarantino-like elements…Tarantino helped write it. Mostly one-liners, but still…

    • Whoops, somehow missed that that was listed as “Exhibit A” in the article. My bad.

  13. i think that certain directors are just basically good at big-budget, CGI-laden epics. Bay is one of them. i wish him luck, but i don’t think he has a small-scale auteur sensibility, so it’s likely his edgy-indie flick will come off as hollow and a bit catch-up, as in “i’m not just the robot guy”.

  14. Bad Boys 3 without a doubt, that is what he is good at!

  15. I’m a Martin Lawrence/ Will Smith fan, so . . . Bad Boys 3. Call me biased, but I like the chemistry.

  16. he has to do BB3 next, none of this taratino bs. is it just me or is bay the right man to direct the call of duty movie/mini series currently in works ?

  17. His Pulp Fiction would be what? A Green Lantern? Maybe if we’re lucky we could get a Fast Five!

  18. I watched TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON @ midnite and I gotta say it was freaking AWESOME!!
    I’ll be watching it again :)

  19. The Paris Hilton of directors. All style, no substance

    • Paris Hilton has style?

  20. how can he make a 20 million budget movie? his retainer is 30 million, last i heard (back during transformers 1) lol.

  21. BAD BOYS 3!!! Hell Yeah! It would take a while though right? isn’t Will Smith working on SEVERAL projects?

  22. Yes…Forget “Pain & Gain” Direct Bad Boys 3 !! I love that franchise :P I have no interest really in seeing Men in Black 3 though. While i love the first film in that franchise, i didn’t care for the sequel -_- so i probably won’t be seeing MIB3…

    I thought Will Smith was suppose to be making a sequel to “I Am Legend” I think that I might want to see that before BB3… :)

    P.S. On a side note: It would be nice if Martin Lawrence got his Fat Ass on a diet and returned to his physiqe from the first film though ;)

  23. Comparing Pulp Fiction to The Rock, you guys are shameless.

    The Rock = fairly average action flick with plot holes, Nick ‘wooden’ Cage whispering as usual, underuse of Sean Connery, Michael Beihn in which what must have been his last known movie (wonder why), no soundtrack to speak of, more plot holes etc – never a classic.

    Pulp Fiction = Film that relaunched Sammy and Travolta, excellent dailogue about pointless issues, Tim Roth at his best, The bloke from Kojak cool as f**k, Bruce Willis as a boxer, Chris Walken, Uma Thurman, quality soundtrack, all time classic movie.

    Why bother comparing these tow movies. New week we compare Con Air with Reservoir Dogs!!

  24. Bad Boys 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Yes Yes Yes

  25. How about neither, no more Bay movies. Please….stop…..you’re hurting America haha.

  26. BAD BOYS 3 BABY YEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. bad boys 3 bad boys 3 bad boys 3 easily the best rated r action comedy franchise of my time its been too long

  28. Bad Boys 3 then this other movie. Martin and Will aren’t getting any younger. Might as well finish the trilogy now. 2nd one was alot of fun so hopefully the third keeps the formula intact and ends the series on a high note.

  29. If they or even Michael Bay even makes a Transformers 4 or Beast Wars or whatever get rid of all the people, all the human charters there not really needed. http://bit.ly/q7k8ci