Michael Bay Makes Fun Of Terminator Salvation

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terminatortransformers Michael Bay Makes Fun Of Terminator Salvation

Michael Bay either gets one point for blunt honesty, or loses one for being jealous: You decide.

On his official forums, Mr. Bay came out and spoke as if he and his upcoming film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are already the King of this year’s summer movies, and they’re just sitting and waiting for all the other films to get their promotional material out so they can then shatter it all with theirs.

The following is the post he made:

“Okay it’s time to turn up the heat on Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. We’ve waited low in the weeds letting all the summer movies get their stuff out. We’ve seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcoming clips of the upcoming summer fare. We’ve seen certain movies coming out even try to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads. Please, come on.

Well, I promise you we will rock your world with Transformers 2. The fans wanted ROBOTS KICKING ASS – well we got it. Today we are releasing the teaser poster and soon the onslaught will continue with a steady drum beat until June 26th.

I’ll keep you informed.


I can’t say he’s wrong when it comes to calling out what he’s obviously referencing as Terminator: Salvation in trying to copy giant robots and other cybertronian-looking vehicles in their film and trailer. It is a good point and it’s been commonly thought of and commented on in several previous Terminator stories here on Screen Rant: In the article about the teaser trailer, in a story on two new images from Terminator: Salvation, and on a story on the concept art for the film.

From the motorcycle Decepticons, to the Hydrobot that looks like Skorpinok’s tail, to the giant Harvester, a giant bipedal killing machine that has two red eyes (which I think is stupid and you can read about why here), Terminator: Salvation is really changing the units of the future from what we saw in scenes from the first two Terminator movies. It is also reported that the movie will feature 10 brand new Terminator units.

That being said, the original Terminator films did include giant mechanical Terminator units with tank trends instead of legs so it is not the size of the units featured in Terminator: Salvation, it’s more of the look of several of them that we’ve seen in the marketing blitz.

Do you think McG is trying to cash in on using the style of Transformers, or is Bay just trying to promote his own project?

Terminator Salvation hits theaters May 22, 2009 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuts June 26, 2009.

Source:  The Official Forum of Michael Bay

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  1. Actually, Voltron is a copy of power Rangers. Since Power Rangers is a copy of Japanese’s Sentai Series which dated back in the ’70s, while Voltron started airing in 1984.

  2. From what I understand, the robots from Power Rangers come directly from Voltron, and PR came out a decade after Voltron but you’re right on the actual fighting team in coloured suits.

    Either way, that’s not the point, lol. The point was everyone copying everyone (hence me saying “the cycle never ends”).

  3. I’m still skeptical of McFish’s Terminator, but it is still technically an unknown for me. But I already know the crappiness of Bay’s Transformers.

  4. I’m terrible at predicting box office but my guess would be that you’re right, Rob. Transformers 2 will make boatloads more money than Terminator 4.


  5. Terminator Salvation will probably be better, but i think transformers 2 will do better at the box office…….i hope that transformers 2 is soo much better than the first 1 tho, more robots less humans

    terminator salvation = 250/275 mil domestic box office
    transformers 2 = 350/375 mil

  6. The most likely reason transformers 2 would have bigger box office numbers is because t4 will be rated R, and transformers 2 will be rated pg-13. I have no problem with shia labeouf personally but he is not the box office draw that bale is. However more people will be able to get into the transformers movie. People love the terminator movies and will flock to see them, but obviously the target audience will have to be a little smaller for the theater release than that of transformers.

    I am very hopeful that both are good, but i am expecting a lot more out of t4 than the transformers movie. Mainly because I would like to see the series have a shot at being special again and not the crap that t3 was, even though it had its great moments. (about 6 of them.) In the end the terminator movies will always have a more compelling less sat. morning cartoon story line to, as it should, cause it was never a cartoon.

  7. “Power Rangers is a copy of Voltron and the cycle never ends”

    Not at all true. Voltron is an adaptation of the Japanese cartoons GoLion and Dairugger XV, while the Power Rangers shows are adaptations of the Japanese Super Sentai shows. GoLion and Sun Vulcan (the first super sentai series with combining mecha) each appeared in 1981. However, the combining mecha were not a new idea at that point, having been around since the 1960’s in Japan, though they were not commonly seen until Getter Robo in the mid 1970’s.

    If anything, both Voltron and Power Rangers are copying Getter Robo, or perhaps Astroboy.

  8. ah, thanks for clearing that up FlameStrike, I don’t know any of those older shows, just snippets of some of the more recent ones. There seems to be tons using that same theme of a multi-coloured fighting team with bots that can combine, heh.

  9. Face it, when it comes to giant robots the japanese have everyone beat.

  10. Can’t you just see Bay getting a knot in his boxers if a Power Rangers (or the currently-being-organized “Voltron” live-action film) movie were going up against his Transformers 2 film?

    Oh, and for the record?

    Megan Fox is NOT skanky…besides, she does have a Terminator connection, of sorts: Her boyfriend is former 90210-er Brian Austin Green, who plays Derek Reese, brother of Kyle

  11. “Can’t you just see Bay getting a knot in his boxers if a Power Rangers (or the currently-being-organized “Voltron” live-action film) movie were going up against his Transformers 2 film?”

    Well, assuming that pesky lawsuit gets cleared up in time, Voltron might just challenge Bayformers 3. I just hope they have a better script than they started out with if that happens.

    Either way, though, seeing Bay’s reaction would be fun.

  12. [*Michael Bay strolls into the office, picks up “Variety”, then does a spit-take over his paper*]

    BAY: What the f_ _k is this?? “Voltron: The Movie”? Robots that combine into a bigger robot? GET MY LAWYER! It’s OBVIOUS they got the idea from my beloved Transformers!

    ASSISTANT: Um, actually, sir? The Voltron Robots predate your Transformers movies by at least a decade.

    BAY [to ASSISTANT] You’re fired!

  13. I still haven’t forgiven him for having green grass on the asteroid they all landed on in ‘Armageddon’.

    Having gotten that out of the way..

    I think it’s too early to tell. They both have established films to bounce off of, Terminator especially.
    And it all depends on the quality of the film as well.

    One thing I think we all can agree on..
    We’re gonna see them both.

  14. “One thing I think we all can agree on..
    We’re gonna see them both.”

    Nope, we cannot all agree on that. I, for one, will not be seeing either movie. I don’t like the Terminator series, and my animosity towards Bayformers should be well known by now.

    That said, I wish the Terminator movie well.

  15. Bay is obviously just hyping his ” own ” franchise with these comments. Supposedly being a little bit frightened by the praise T4 has gotten from it’s trailers. He must know, being a professional of the same genre that the Robots in T-4 isn’t a new thing. They were there in the futuristic sequences in the first Terminator movie that came out in 1984. Those dream sequences are pretty much the present in the T4 movie, give or take a few years. So it’s kind of obvious those robots were going to be there in T4 if the movie was ever to be made, and as we know it now is being made!

    As for the Robots moving in a similar way, sure inspiration could have been taken from the Transformers franchise’ latest addition. But hell, it’s ROBOTS! Kids at age of 3 acting like robots move the same way.

    I’m a huge Terminator fan, mostly of the original story of the first two films, and a fan of Transformers too. But I strongly believe that a Terminator movie done properly has the story to outdo a Transformers movie done properly. The Terminator story is way more original and realistic ( for being sci-fi ) than the Transformers story so I think it’ll hit home much stronger with people than the Transformers franchise if done properly.

    At least I think a good T4 will go much better with viewers over the age of 15. You know, with us older kids the ” I come from another planet, I’m huge and can transform into a robot” “* BANG BANG, * stunning visual effects” isn’t as interesting as a great story with good visual effects, ala Matrix, Fight Club, or shall I say – Terminator 2?

    That’s just my two cents anyway.

  16. Got to agree, Doc.

    I love Transformers, in a sad, geeky way I admit. Grew up watching the cartoon and love the comics. (Furman could create a very good story)

    But, if done properly (the crucial words) then yes, Terminator has much more depth and scope.

    Oh for better directors!

  17. Here are my predictions:
    Transformers will dominate the box office and bring in the cash, whereas T4 for will the more talked about than the other, which will lead to a more dominant control of the DVD sales. In short Transformers will dominate the theatre, but T4 will terminate (sorry, couldn’t resist) in DVD sales.

  18. Next AVP:

    Autobots vs. Skynet

  19. I didn’t take Transformers that seriously, the effects were awesome but most of the movie was pretty goofy with too much silliness and Shea L. in it.
    T4 is definitely gonna be way better than Transformers.

  20. I frankly hated “Transformers.” To me, Bay took what started as a kids franchise and turned it into something I wasn’t comfortable taking my kids to see.

    The biggest challenge facing both the Transformers and Terminator sequels isn’t in the effects. Frankly, I suspect both will be just fine, and all the fuss over this T4 copying Transformers nonsense is nothing but publicity stunt. Frankly, I’d like to see both of these films work off of a decent script for a change. At least T1 and T2 had a script with some depth to it. Transformers definitely lacked that, and T3 was pretty rough, too (but still better than Transformers).

  21. good point Bill,

    There was no need for Transformers to have the retarded and non-funny sexual references – that ruins it for young ones who should be able to see it otherwise as its just machines smashing each other.

    As for T3, I found no enjoyment in that – Transformers at least gave me some cool eye candy and epic music behind it. But you’re spot on in that we need massive improvement in both franchises this time around.

  22. @Bill Blume

    I’m with you. That reference in the film was totally uncalled for in a movie that parents would be bringing under 10 year olds to. I mean seriously, give me a freaking break. I *hated* that scene (among many other things in the film).


  23. Quit hating on the humor from Transformers.

    It was rated PG-13 for a reason. Not exactly Spider-Man or Fantastic Four.

    Instead, a pretty kick @$$ movie and I’m sure the sequel will follow. Give them Hell Michael Bay.

  24. @Adam
    Sorry, I will continue to hate the humor. I get the PG-13 thing, but honestly, that whole masturbation bit felt like a “joke grenade” tossed into the movie – it just didn’t fit.


  25. Oh THAT’s what you guys are talking about? My mind was a total blank on that, but yes, that scene was just awkward for the sake of being awkward. I mean, maybe if I was watching a sex comedy like… oh I don’t know, American Pie, it’d be hilarious because of the context. But in Transformers it was just way out of place. I have no kids so I wasn’t embarrassed when it came up (even when it came to viewing this movie with my parents), but it really wasn’t needed.

  26. A lot of things that were not needed were in the movie and a lot of things that were needed wasn’t…

  27. Adam, I personally enjoyed a lot of the humour except the following which were horrid, not funny, awkward and helped ruin the film:

    -Masturbation scene
    -Sharing Seatbelt scene in Bumblebee
    -Shia showing his muscles in car
    -Stupid cop on drugs

    I don’t know who’s responsible for writing those scenes, but they aren’t funny, they don’t fit and they take away the movie from the 10 years and younger audience who should otherwise be able to watch this.

    Bad writing/decision making/planning