Michael Bay Makes Fun Of Terminator Salvation

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terminatortransformers Michael Bay Makes Fun Of Terminator Salvation

Michael Bay either gets one point for blunt honesty, or loses one for being jealous: You decide.

On his official forums, Mr. Bay came out and spoke as if he and his upcoming film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are already the King of this year’s summer movies, and they’re just sitting and waiting for all the other films to get their promotional material out so they can then shatter it all with theirs.

The following is the post he made:

“Okay it’s time to turn up the heat on Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. We’ve waited low in the weeds letting all the summer movies get their stuff out. We’ve seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcoming clips of the upcoming summer fare. We’ve seen certain movies coming out even try to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads. Please, come on.

Well, I promise you we will rock your world with Transformers 2. The fans wanted ROBOTS KICKING ASS – well we got it. Today we are releasing the teaser poster and soon the onslaught will continue with a steady drum beat until June 26th.

I’ll keep you informed.


I can’t say he’s wrong when it comes to calling out what he’s obviously referencing as Terminator: Salvation in trying to copy giant robots and other cybertronian-looking vehicles in their film and trailer. It is a good point and it’s been commonly thought of and commented on in several previous Terminator stories here on Screen Rant: In the article about the teaser trailer, in a story on two new images from Terminator: Salvation, and on a story on the concept art for the film.

From the motorcycle Decepticons, to the Hydrobot that looks like Skorpinok’s tail, to the giant Harvester, a giant bipedal killing machine that has two red eyes (which I think is stupid and you can read about why here), Terminator: Salvation is really changing the units of the future from what we saw in scenes from the first two Terminator movies. It is also reported that the movie will feature 10 brand new Terminator units.

That being said, the original Terminator films did include giant mechanical Terminator units with tank trends instead of legs so it is not the size of the units featured in Terminator: Salvation, it’s more of the look of several of them that we’ve seen in the marketing blitz.

Do you think McG is trying to cash in on using the style of Transformers, or is Bay just trying to promote his own project?

Terminator Salvation hits theaters May 22, 2009 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuts June 26, 2009.

Source:  The Official Forum of Michael Bay

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  1. It’s not exactly out of the realm of possibilities that a Terminator movie set during the time of the war would have giant robots, it kind of makes sense. The real question is, had Transformers and Transformers 2 not been made, would Terminator 4 movie have giant robots? I think the answer is yes, in this franchise, as much as the Transformers one, it is inevitable.

    The fact that it does basically cash in on the Transformers giant robots is just a happy accident for McG. :)

  2. Mr. Bay sounds rather defensive to me. I think he’s worried that Terminator will put his bastardization in its place, and is wishing that Transformers had a monopoly on giant robots.

    Of course, if it did, then we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation now since Transformers would have been beaten out by GoBots in the 80’s since Tonka got them on the market before Hasbro’s Transformers.

    Michael Bay and Transformers do not have a monopoly on giant robots, and that’s a good thing. Transformers needs some real competition for a change, and it sounds like Terminator is trying to take on that job. I wish McG well in doing so.

    I, however, will be watching from the sidelines and rooting for the lesser of who cares. I don’t like either series of movies, and it’s only my contempt for Bayformers and it’s production crew that has mee rooting for Terminator.

  3. “Robots In Disguise”? That’s LOSER talk: it’s “ROBOTS KICKING ASS”!! Great tagline.

  4. One more point to remember, Terminator movies have been around since the mid 80s… (Note Terminator OPENS with scenes of a tank hunting down humans). So to this end Mr. Bay is being fairly hypocritical in saying that the Terminator franchise is coping him.

  5. I never saw the giant Terminators as a Transformers ripoff. The buzz about T4 is higher because it’s already being promoted. I have no idea if waiting to promote a movie until the last possible moment is wise.

    Terminator and TF are different tones, like the IM and TDK comparisons last year. It’s idiotic for Bay to make the obvious reference to T4.

  6. “One more point to remember, Terminator movies have been around since the mid 80s…”

    technically, so has Transformers, just in cartoons.

  7. Sure robots will “kick ass” in the new film, but it’ll be shot so close that it’ll look like they put a camera into a scrap metal compactor.

    Transformers 2 will have to get positive word not only for it’s effects (which were the only good thing about the original, and they were ruined by the bargain basement cinematography), but for creating likable characters and action cinematography before I’d even give Bay the time of day, let alone my 7 bucks to see this. I’m not optimistic.

  8. I agree with Jerseycajun. Bay’s usually pretty good with action (call him a hack director if you want, the man knows action), but in Transformers, it was almost as if he had no control over how the robots were shot when fighting and because of their design, one couldn’t tell where one robot ended and another began. The ones in the cartoons were a lot more basic, and thus, easier to differentiate between, but the movie ones… sorry, realistic looking, yes, but confusing as hell.

  9. Perhaps it is a good thing That Transformers doesnt have to compete with a Shogun Warrors film!
    That would REALLY upset bay!

  10. Terminator movies will be around for many more years.

  11. McFlurry is doing some weird stuff with the Terminator name, yes, but Michael Bay will always suck, so whatever…

  12. Arguably, the skeletal look of Bay transformers owes a lot of inspiration to the original terminator, once it’s skin was burned off, so Bay needs to think twice before accusing others of copying him.
    Besides that, everyone is pretty much “borrowing” from everyone else nowadays due to lack of creative talent, so it’s a moot point to bring up anyway.

  13. Giant robots. Pfft. Have people really forgotten about the Power Rangers!? LOL

    Looking forward to see both, just because they look badass.

  14. poor mr. bay sounds exactly like hillary clinton, when she saw her primary hammerlock being shredded by obama- “ENOUGH with the big rallies and the flowery speeches! it’s time to GET REAL!!”…. his movies are bloated crap, and his take on transformers has 2 fatal flaws: the pathologically winky-smarmy-kitschy-cutie Shya laBeef (who makes the matthew broderick character in Godzilla look like a royal shakespeare co. a-lister), and his inevitable use of hipster-ironic comedy set-pieces and dialogue to lighten the mood. these corporate hacks don’t realize something fundamental- just because their coveted target demographic is approx 16-35 years old, does not mean that the film HAS to contain big heapings of clever adult swim/youtube “ironic dialogue” moments or setups. everybody in LaLa land believes that mtv has so trained young minds, that no film geared toward a young group can be played completely straight, completely serious, or without hipster tropes. well, mssr. bay, here’s a thought- THE DARK KNIGHT. let’s match the grosses of your “CGI-with-loveable-schlub-and-hotty-girlfriend=part-two” against this timeless epic. additionally, in all likelihood, TERMINATOR SALVATION will play out within a dark knight vibe- relentless, stark, and packed with real emotion and drama.
    NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, baby. cleverness and irony are sooo, like, 2008.

  15. Michael Bay is one of the top three of my BIGGEST HACK DIRECTORS list. Transformers was a HORRIBLE movie!!! That man couldn’t tell a story if his life depended on it. And he’s an arrogant bastard as well.

    I hate people who are arrogant of their overly mediocre creations. I wish the morons on America would stop supporting his films and films like it. Let’s push the bar higher, people!

    Attention reality TV producers…got a show for you:

    Let’s put Michael Bay, Brett Ratner, and Renny Harlin in a Cage Match and let them fight it out to the death! Last Man Standing! Then for the Grand Finale episode, we put the winner on a pedestal and shoot them live in front of the world! Then we will all rejoice in our freedom from cinematic mediocrity!

    Any takers?

  16. Doesn’t Uwe Boll think he’s a genius too?? lol

  17. A point that needs needs needs to be made!! CHRISTIAN BALE!! I have no plans to spend money to watch the blah kid from Transformers. I will however spend money to watch Christian Bale do anything!!!

    Sorry to drift off the sci-fi aspect of the conversation. I am also sure that the Terminator story will be way better!

    However, it bears repeating. CHRISTIAN BALE!!!!!

  18. Although I like Christian Bale, I’m forced to say: fanboyism is a disease.

  19. Terminator=schwarzenegger and I didn’t see arnold in this one. If you ask me the the series should have died after part 2. I’m probably only one of the few supporters of bay. The guy is amazing director! I love transformers! T4 is going to be good(bale is in it)but Transformers 2 is going going to blow it out of the water!

  20. McG vs Bay. There’s a fight I couldn’t care less about.

    Big robots don’t equal Transformers. They would need to be able to transform and have personalities.
    Also it makes sense they have various types. Just hope McG isn’t doing it because he has nothing else of note to offer us.

    Big terminators vs transformers – now that’s cool!

  21. It kind of looks like McNuggets is going the gimmick route with all of the new Terminators. I would have rather had a movie with all of the old Terminators and HK’s we already know about with a deep story than have a bunch of new “cooler” Terminators and a shallow story. But that’s just me…

  22. “Any takers?”

    I’d certainly watch.

  23. I certainly think fans would rather see a proper story about John Connor, saviour of humanity, than lots of robots.

    Same way fans would rather see a movie about the Transformers than Shia Lebeouf.

  24. Yah, you said it steve, I did hear that they will finally focus more on the Transformers this time and less on the idiot teen and his skanky girlfriend this time around.

  25. Oops, redundant use of “this time around” in that last post, lol.

  26. “I did hear that they will finally focus more on the Transformers”

    Knowing Bay, that probably just means they’ll have the camera focused on the robots more.

  27. @ douflag,

    Power Rangers is a copy of Voltron and the cycle never ends 😉

  28. Wow, where did all this praise of T4 come from? I remember a few months back quite a few people very worried with what McG is doing with Terminator. What if it’s not that great and ruins what Cameron’s T1 and T2 accomplished? Any thoughts on that?

    I look forward to both movies big time and both were featured in my most anticipated list. I hope Revenge of the Fallen is improved big time over Bay’s first try because it really needs to be and I hope McG’s Terminator starts off that trilogy with a high-quality bang (T3 was worse than Transformers in my opinion so we need a bigger improvement there).

    As for who’s copying who. It’s not the fact that there’s a giant robot in Salvation because we all know there was one in the original Terminator. It’s the fact that all of these new designs we’ve seen so far (out of 10 new ones to be featured in the film), most of them look and move in the same style and design from the Transformers movie and not in how the first two Terminator films did them. That’s just my observation anyway, and that of many others on movie blogs everywhere. That bike, the Hydrobot and the Harvester all feel like they are from Transformers as opposed to Terminator.

    My Quick Prediction: Terminator will have a better story and cooler (human) characters (better cast obviously), Transformers will do better in the box office.

    How do you folk think they’ll compare box-office wise?