Michael Bay Will (Probably) Direct Transformers 4

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Transformers 4 Reboot Michael Bay Will (Probably) Direct Transformers 4

After directing the universally-panned Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a sequel that suffered for being rushed and being in production just after the writer’s strike, Michael Bay was dead set on tackling a personal project of his instead of his usual big budget summer blockbuster fare.

That indie film of his would be called Pain & Gain and it’s something Bay has had his eye on for a decade. After meeting with Steven Spielberg, an executive producer on the Transformers films, Bay was persuaded to again push that film back and work on Transformers 3 next, a movie that lit up the box office this summer and introduced 3D to the series. After claiming that would be the end of his spot in the director’s chair for the series, could Bay be back again for Transformers 4? Probably.

This summer I was fortunate enough to attend not one, but two premiere screenings of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, a film that we surprisingly loved for its action and epic visuals. Nokia and the good people at WOMWorld (now Nokia Connects) brought me to Michael Bay’s premiere in Miami and before the film began, he briefly spoke about the bittersweet feeling of finishing work on the third Transformers but it being his last. After the crowd boo’d at the idea of Bay leaving the franchise, he said the following which convinced me that he would be back again to direct another Transformers film in due time.

“Hey, hey, but, but, last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that’s freaking awesome so…”

If he was not even considering coming back, Bay wouldn’t be speaking in such a hopeful way. Clearly, Paramount and Hasbro want Michael Bay to return since they’d be hardpressed to find another director who can deliver on the insane and unbelievable action sequences, and he did a good job with the latest Transformers, making a lot of us forget about Revenge of the Fallen.

That was back in July and last week, at Universal Studios Singapore on Friday where Transformers: The Ride is opening, Michael Bay said the following:

“We’re talking about it, but there’s nothing right now… I’m going to do a tiny movie first, then we’ll talk about it, if I potentially do it.”

This is quite a change in tune from Bay’s denial in October and it means that Paramount is already chatting with Bay about working on the fourth Transformers, a film that Shia LaBeouf also said he wouldn’t be a part of. We already know Transformers 4 will continue the current series and its focus on human characters rather than reboot – at least, according to Producer Don Murphy.

In the current Steven Spielberg cover issue of Entertainment Weekly, interviews with Spielberg include a quote of his on Michael Bay and TF4 where he shares his hope of Bay returning.

“I hope so, because I think he made the best of the three with this last one. I certainly can’t imagine anybody other than Michael being equipped to make another Transformers. He’s invented a genre and he’s got the secret formula.”

Recent rumors had boyfriend of Transformers 3 co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham, as a potential leading man for the Transformers 4 which may even shoot back-to-back with Transformers 5. If anything, Statham’s action chops make him a good replacement for LaBeouf and a solid partner to work with Bay.

[Update: Michael Bay is in final negotiations to direct Transformers 4 under one stipulation.]

Money talks and with Transformers: Dark of the Moon bringing in over $1.12 billion at the worldwide box office, we can expect Bay to return. As for star Shia LaBeouf and series regulars Josh Duhamel, John Turturro and Tyrese Gibson, we’ll have to wait and see.


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Source: Channel News Asia, EW (via /Film)

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  1. You said “Revenge of the Fallen” but you meant “Dark of the Moon”………………

    • Whoops – fixed

  2. As long as Shia isnt in it/Im cool with Bay directing again or at least to a point. Just wish that the robots had as much screen time as the human cast. I paid to see robots fight each other not the US army take down robots.

  3. honestly, the movies are landmarks in their action and FX. they’re just plain epic. whether that’s an epic mess (ROTF) it doesn’t really matter but bay is definitely the only one who could continue the franchise. him and transformers are so perfectly matched its unbelievable, he has the best eye for action and anyone else would tarnish what he’s accomplished

    • and yes, i would say the three movies are accomplishments no matter how bad the second one might be.

  4. I hope Bay returns I agree with the article he pretty much has the formula that make these films what they are, I’m not saying that no one else can do a good TF film but I like Bays over the top action sequences, Dark of the Moon was incredible but the first film is my fav of the trilogy.

  5. If Bay’s in and LaBeouf’s out, then I’m there for sure. Although no one will ever be able to shriek “Optimus” with such girly sounding fierceness as LaBeouf.

    • Nicholas Cage to take over for Shia. haha

      • Nick would have to do the shaking hands thing when he screams “Optimus”

  6. I’d be happy if they did a reboot of these films and just started sgain

  7. I tried twice to watch Dark of the Moon (even the title feels wrong rolling of the tongue), and both times gave up half way through. It’s hard to even gauge the acting performances because the dialog and script was so shallow and from what I can tell, designed for 10 year olds (except for the few sexy shots crafted to maybe get big brother to bring little brother to the movie)

    But hey, from what I saw, it sure the effects were smooth and shiny. So smooth it was more like an “Unreal” video game than real physics.

    Maybe Im just too old to enjoy this drivel.

  8. Dark of The Moon and Revenge of the Fallen were such massive turds I am surprised he is even considered (unless of course the movies did well in the box office). Both of those movies sucked so bad I would rather watch Star Wars Attack of the Clones again than either of those two. The only thing keeping me at the cinma with DOTM was that blond piece, how Mr Le Bouf’s character pulled her god only knows!! If I never see that poor mans Matthew Broderic it will be too soon. Do not know what you Americans see in him, I have not seen a film which I have enjoyed with that muppet in it.

    • Did you just use Muppet as an insult? LaBeouf will never have a fan base like the Muppets! Please apologize Chris TypeR. You’ve tarnished the good-natured Muppet-name with this statement.

    • Yeah, seriously the Muppets are seasoned performers. Shia really can’t be mentioned in the same breath as Kermit, Fozzy, and Gonzo….

      • Totally apologise to kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang and to all who read my comment. You are totally right slayer, the muppets are class and have been for many decades. Shia, however, is not fit to hold beakers tripod! Me me me meeeeeeee!!

        • Nothing serious, it’s hard to find something to compare allot of these actors with nowadays. Since many puppets and animated characters(as well as some trained animals)tend to be more skilled performers then some Hollywood actors it’s hard to find a baseline to compare their performances with.

          And in some ways I feel kind of bad for Shia, since he not only is not a great actor, but he seems to forget there is no stuntmen in real life when he keeps getting his a** kicked in bar fights….

  9. I’m not sure where they could go with more human story. While I enjoyed the third film I had issues with the pacing where basically almost all of the action happened at the end of the movie. I am happy to hear that Bay will return to the franchise, I have enjoyed all of the TF he has delivered thus far (including ROTF), but not sure what sort of story they could tell. What role the humans will have next time and how to keep them involved without it feeling tacked on, and finally who will the villain be? Obviously Unicron would take way too much to create and Megatron being revived again would seem silly at this point. I hope for the best but not holding my breath the third film wrapped things up nicely and should have been the end of the series. Darn you Hollywood and your money making ways!!!!!

    • They have plenty of directions to go. Galvatron. In the comics Galvatron is not and never was Megatron. They can have offworld(Cybertron) Transformers come in and take the story in a new direction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Galvatron right away either. Could be a herarld of Galvatron to set up his coming like Scourge.

  10. Dark of the Moon SUCKED, I hated everything about the movie EXCEPT the Transformers, The Megan Fox replacement can NOT act, if anything she was WORSE than Megan Fox. I waited until Dark of the Moon was out on dvd where I rented it for a dollar, a dollar I will never get back because the movie sucked WORSE than Revenge of The Fallen, So at least for me the Transformers movie franchise ENDS a Revenge of The Fallen.

    • In the replacement girl’s defense it was her first acting job,but I was not a fan of her either. Personally I found ROTF for the most part enjoyable also and fun.

  11. Bay coming back would be cool, but get a new team of writers, less idiodick comedy and set it maybe 20 years in the future so they could start with a fresh cast.

  12. I gave up on the Transformers series halfway through the first movie, and had hoped by the time the obligatory trilogy was through, that we could wait a few years and give the franchise a proper reboot with a director who had the ability of finding and fulfilling the imaginative potential of a series that involved an aliens from a machine planet fighting a civil war on earth.

    You know, using the traditional storytelling method of character development and advancing a few coherent ideas over an epic backdrop, rather than substituting all that for showing us how many ways there are to blow stuff up while focusing on almost completely unlikeable human characters who aren’t even the subject of the film’s title.

    I really don’t know what Spielberg sees in Bay to want his return, because he is a man that once made pop movies about characters everyone loved yet still managed to entertain with the action element as well. If he can’t recognize the obvious lack of it in Bay’s Transformers, I’m not sure what that says about Spielberg’s current creative mindset.

    • Bringing Bay back has little to do with creativity and allot to do with money. Despite the problems some people have with the creative aspects of these films, they made a crap-load of money, so they will always be seen as a success.

      For me I don’t ever really need to see another Bay film past the Rock, because it’s really just all the same movie. Early on he got by on car chases, gun fights, and explosions, but now he has the wonderful world of computer generated images to play with so he can just make even more random disasters that just look pretty.

  13. This is disappointing. I want to know “when will it end!!?” I’m sick of this series. I wish people would stop paying to see this crap.

  14. hmm if there is a 4rth one hopefully itll be better

  15. Of course he is, If people were paying $18.00 to see your mediocre films WOULDN’T YOU????
    I’d rather He be busy locked into this crap than looking for the next popular 80′s franchise to take a dump on.

  16. God he just wont bloody go away will he? Its never gonna make a great film its too stupid but it could at least be half decent if they got someone better. Its not like they need him to make all that money, if lots of ppl kept turning out to see the last 3 dreaful films, then they’ll keep coming if they get a good director. its the brand recognition not the bayhem. how does spielberg associate with someone like that? he really should know better..

  17. I’m sorry. Bay really wiped his backside with my favorite cartoon. I don’t care who shiny and over-the-top his explosions are, that’s not a substitute for plot pacing and character development. I’ll just have to tune into Transformers : Prime if I want a decent rendition of Optimus and Megatron.

    • “plot pacing and character development.” – something the original series had so much of, right? lol

      • Much more than any of these films.

        • Yeah like a friend of mine said, most people can’t even remember half of the robots names in these movies. I did him one better and said I can’t name 95% of the people either, so yeah it’s just random video-game style mayhem for the most part.

  18. Sad to say, I’d probably still see Transformers 4.

    I know, I know. I’m a sucker for big robot battles, I guess.

  19. no bay no beef.
    its time to move on
    get zack snyder to do it.

  20. Bay back = worst news of the day for me !!!


    Sorry, I assume everyone here is aware of various characters fates, but I didn’t wanna ruin it for anyone.

    HOW are they planning on doing a 4th film when they’ve killed off all the Decepticons and all but, what 4 Autobots? And Cybertron was crushed into oblivion, so its not like a fresh batch of bots is coming from there…

    • Near the end of the film when the decepticons were raising the pillars to use them you could see there were several decepticons spread all over the world and since the autobots only took care of the ones that were in Chicago then obviously all those other decepticons would be the villains. Pretty sure the writer could make one of them to be smart enough to either revive megatron once again and/or bring in other potential big threats.

      • Unicorn. nuff said

        • Unicorn? LOL. I know it’s a typo, but I’m imagining giant robots fighting mythical horses.

          • And here is the next script for Transformers 4. Just make sure you guys get your writing credits and points for the idea….

  22. I watched the cartoon series as a kid and I loved the first Transformers, but have been disappointed with the ones after that. The next two just take the formula of the first and just rinse, repeat etc. I feel like they brought nothing new to the series, and I was just watching the stupid human government not appreciating the autobots, but the autobots saving the humans at the end again and again. Oh, and lots of blurry fast moving close up shots of robots fighting with lots of stuff exploding.

    I’m not saying explosions and robots fighting are bad, but please bring in some writers who will make a good story that’s not ultra predictable so I feel like I’m actually watching a new movie. Please.

    Personally I’d rather see Bay do Bad Boys 3, since the first two were quite fun to watch, and the comedy was actually funny and not corny/dorky.

  23. To be honest the Transformers movies are perfect the way they are…
    Robots that fight/shoot each other, hot women, crazy and epic action. Now if you are looking for a film that has deep character development and is very story driven, this ain’t for you, like seriously. It is an adabtation of a series of toys that changes from car to robot, what do YOU people expect to see in a movie when its source material is that??? I mean come’on man…

    • I agree the franchise is far from perfect,but it is what it is,and if they’re going to replace shia they should do it with a teenage badass girl i mean thats my opinion,sounds better than jason statham

  24. Bay:”Steven, I’ve got a brilliant idea! (crumples aluminum foil in hand)

    Spielberg:”Oh yeah? What’s that?”

    (Bay throws ball of foil hitting Spielberg square on the nose causing him to go cross-eyed for a second)

    Spielberg:”What was That?”

    Bay:”Transformers, live action trilogy”

    Spielberg:”That’s not a movie Mike.”

    Bay:”It doesn’t matter, We attach your name to it and hype it up, They will pay to see it and we get paid no matter what!”

    Spielberg:”After the first one won’t audiences realize they’re watching aluminum foil thrown at a camera?”

    Bay:”These are different times we live in old man. So are we gonna get PAID or WHAT?”

    Spielberg:”You bet your ass we are.”

    • jut looking for a film that is not a confusing mess with annoying wooden actors and action sequences that make no sense. How about a long lost prime TWICE. That’s one to the writers. As a massive fan of the cartoons way back in the early 80s (when a kid) the second two films are actually an insult

  25. Dark of the moon was a far superior film to revenge of the fallen, but it still wasnt that good. the comic relief small autobots are never funny, i thought rosie hunt-whitley was meh as an actress, they gave away that sentinal prime would betray them in the first 20 min ( when star trek is on the tv at sams apt, you here the little autobot say “this is the one where spock goes crazy” a dead giveaway to anyone paying attention. and the climax of the movie was terrible, you mean to tell me that megatron, who despises humans, would listen to rosie hunt-whitley belittle him and not kill her? stupid. then he shoots sentinel prime right before he kills optimus, only to be killed himself. megatron was underdone (again) and optimus should have been FAR more formidable against sentinel. these are just a few of the let downs of the last film that made me overall dislike it as a transformers flick. so i for one, would rather not have bay return to this franchise after what hes done with it so far. yea, it made money, you can paint a turd with gold and make it worth a little something, but its still a turd.

    • Yeah when it’s all said and done, did you get a Transformers movie????

      • You could say that for any film or franchise attempt that was poor in qualtiy. was spiderman 3 a spiderman movie? yes. was x men the last stand and origins wolverine xmen movies? yea they where, but with all those films i didnt walk out the theater happy with what was presented to me, i was bummed about how poorley they treated such rich material they could have used and wasted use of a perfectly good concept. when you love something, you want to see people do it justice and not be let down with lackluster instead of a blockbuster. I dont like/want to walk out of a movie i was excited to see and think “how did they mess that up so much/ even i could have done things better”

  26. i cant wait for tranformers 4 if there gonna call it transformers rise of galvatron that will be greate!!

  27. Hi my name is sam and I am a big fan of transformers and I got some questions for you….

  28. will the scientists make nemesis prime or galvatron but it should be nemesis prime?