Michael Bay Will Direct ‘Transformers 4′; Reboot of the Same Storyline

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Michael Bay Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

Earlier today we reported that Transformers 4 has been tentatively slated by Paramount and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for a  June 29th, 2014 release date.

In our original piece we confirmed the release window; however, as the day progressed, a few more enticing tidbits saw the light of day – including new basic details regarding how the fourth Transformers installment will tie-in with prior entries as well as confirmation that director Michael Bay will return to helm the blockbuster.

According to an official press release at Bay’s official website, MichaelBay.com, the director has signed-on for a two picture deal with Paramount that will bring both his passion project, Pain & Gainas well as the fourth Transformers film to the big screen. Whether or not Bay will shoot number four back to back with the inevitable Transformers 5 is, apparently, still up in the air (or at least unconfirmed) – and is NOT, at this time, part of the two picture deal.

Earlier in the day, while speaking to MTV, Bonaventura was pretty forthcoming about some other Transformers 4 - details – first restating the 2014 release, then debunking rumors of a Jason Statham lead character, as well as using Marc Webb’s upcoming Marvel reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, as a point of reference in order to describe what NOT to expect from the next Transformers film – which the producer has described as somewhat of a “reboot.”

Check out the full interview below to hear where things stand with Transformers 4 at this point, at least according to Bonaventura:

So, basically – here are the four biggest points Bonaventura addresses:

  • Transformers 4 will release in 2014 as reported.
  • Further confirmation that Michael Bay will direct.
  • No characters have been decided at this point – since the script isn’t even written (though expect heavy-hitters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to return).
  • The next film will introduce an all-new storyline but continue the existing continuity.

The fan-favorite producer’s comments do seem to corroborate earlier speculation that Paramount was keen on having Bay return – even if it meant bumping the fourth installment back one year (when compared to the release schedule for the first three films 2007, 2009, 2011 and [now] 2014) so that the director could finish-off his smaller passion projects (such as the aforementioned Pain & Gain).

Similarly, given the amount of closure presented in the third film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which included major character deaths and an action-packed (how will they top that?) third chapter, it makes sense that the next film in the series will present somewhat of a series “reset.” Bay and the writers can use a fresh slate to clear-out some of the existing franchise material that bogged the last film down (such as incorporating a Sam Witwicky character arc) as well as offer-up new bad guys and hero bots. Anyone still scratching their heads as to what the producer means by a “reboot” need only look to Bonaventura’s upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, which essentially continues the story set-up in the first film – while at the same time dramatically cleaning house.

Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

That said, as Bonaventura asserts, don’t expect the team to simply abandon the established continuity. Could this mean that, in order for them to up the ante once again, we’ll soon be introduced to some of the franchise’s more ambitious additions – such as Unicron, Metroplex, Galvatron, or even the Dinobots? Given that there’s no story at this point, what the future holds for the franchise is anyone’s guess – though, with Bay back in the director’s chair, fans of the film series should definitely be able to look forward to some truly epic action in 2014.

Transformers 4 will hit theaters on June 29th, 2014


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Source: Michael Bay and MTV

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  1. we need a reboot! or else they need to make a sex scene between optimus and megatron.

  2. I don’t get it. None of this makes sense. Either they are going to continue the francise with a fourth film to continue from where they left off or are they actually restarting the film with a different begining and story.

    • i totally agree wit u

    • I heard they’ve been trying to create a “master continuity” with the books like Exodus and the movies and a cartoon series, ‘Prime’.

  3. This is the best news I’ve seen since The 3D re release of Star wars prequels. I think Transformers 4 should happen in Naboo and Jar Jar Binks should replace Shia la Whatever. Also, they should include midichlorians as a macguffin in transformers

    • Optimus prime kills megatron in the original movie and unicron turns him into galvatron(granted megatron was only dying not dead yet), but what’s to say optimus pulling out megatrons head and as you see spinal cord attached doesn’t completely kill him, would be a perfect 4th installment of the movie!

      • The meaning of “death” for mechanical beings is so vauge they could feasibly bring back any previously “dead” charictor, either as a the same body fixed up, or uploaded to a new model.

      • What happen to rodimise prime!

  4. There is no script for the ’4th’ movie, there was no script for the ’3rd’ movie. It was just a poor copy of the exceptionally poor ’2nd’ movie. This movie needs to transform into something else and quick. Will Michael Bay be using all the money to pay himself, ripping parts of other movies and stitching them up again? Will we get Shia Le butthead acting like a scared, brave, nervious, nerd, hard, soft, ladies man, nervious around ladies, mummys boy, annoying hero.

    • To me the 2nd and 3rd movie wasn’t really that good. The first still owns imo.

      Shia already said he’s not coming back to this movie, unless he change his mind. Shia’s character will always be that way because it was intended that way in the movie scripts. Love it or hate it if Shia comes back, it will still be the same, maybe.

  5. The only story that made sense was the first. The 2nd movie went totally off the rails and the third, while good in action, was totally screwed up story wise. Can someone explain to me how Sentinel Prime can change into a vehicle (as his first transformation) from our present when he was discovered in 1969 and had not scanned any Earth vehicles? Or why did Megatron all of a sudden want to save Earth for Cybertron when in 2 he was bent on destroying it for the Fallen?

    Action and CGI are good but to be stellar, you need a good story.

    • B/c he was the one who wanted to be in charge of the Decepticons, not Sentinel. And yea, I can the plot holes in the story, but I still found it to be decent.

    • And even the first film had plot holes. Example: When Optimus explains what happend with Megatron coming to Earth, he knew specific details about how Sam Witwicky’s Grand Grandfather discovered Megatron, but Optimus wasn’t on Earth at the time. And his Great Grandfather didn’t record b/c it was even said he went insane.

    • I mean did they realy have to show it they didn’t show dino, sideswipe, or who ever that blue car was, but you can get the point. You already know that they can and thats what they do. When I saw him as a truck, I didn’t have to know how he did it, I got the point. and in the end he wasn’t trying to save earth. He just wanted to be in charge. because Sentinel pretty much took over, he trys to kill him and get him out the way so he can be. The truce if there was going to ever be one was that he slid for right now.

      • Transformers 3 is a great movie I’ve ever watched!

        • the last one was better than 1 and 2 and it was great!=]

    • @ Kahless

      What i didn’t get was why was Megtron being The Fallen’s lapdog in the 2nd film. Im guessing Sentinel Prime changed into vehicle mode off-screen for pacing time reasons.

      • Well, if you look closely, Sentinel is already in that mode before he is revived.

    • die trabsformer haben schon dieses aussehen, ein ursprüngliches aussehen. wie optimus schon sagte, sie sind autonome robotorganismen. Man konnte ja im ersten Kinofilm sehen, nachdem Megatron aus dem Damm geflohen ist, das seine Fahrzeugform. Ein Fluobjekt ist und das nicht von der erde. Im 2. Teil war Megatron ein Panzer, ein Panzer wie man sehen konnte auch nicht von der erde. Nur im 3. Teil hatte Megattron ein iridschen Fahrzeugmodus. Die Autobots warfen ihr Aussehen im ersten teil ab, transformierten sich in diese Art Kapseln um unbeschadet auf die Erde zu stürzen. Nachdem Sie Fahrzeuge der Erde scanten. Nahmen sie ihre alte Form wieder an. Nur die Farben waren anders oder neu. Und statt ihn ihre Fahrzeuge zu transformieren, transformierten sie sich in unsere. Deshalb hatte Sentinel in der Ark schon sein Autnomens aussehen.

    • the former have already flown this look, an original look. optimus as already said, they are autonomous robot organisms. You could even see the first movie, after Megatron has fled the embankment, the vehicle its shape. A Fluobjekt is and that not of the earth. In the 2nd Part Megatron was a tank, a tank look like they could not from the earth. Only in the 3rd Part Megattron had a iridschen vehicle mode. The Autobots threw her appearance from the first part, transformed itself into this kind of capsules without prejudice to fall upon the earth. After scanten vehicles on earth. They took their old form again. Only the colors were different or new. And instead of having to transform their vehicles, they transformed themselves into our. Sentinel had therefore look into the Ark already be Autnomens.

  6. I have an idea concerning the Reboot. I’d make T4 the start of the next Transformers trilogy (4 – 6). Seeing Megatron and Starscream are dead, and Shockwave and Sentinel Prime are also dead, there are barely any villains left. Also, Shia Labouf is unlikely to return. Hence, a whole new bunch of characters is required if this is gonna work. Here are my thoughts.

    Somwhat analogous to G1 season 3, T4 will take place somewhat in the near future. At the start Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and other main characters of the old trilogy get killed – by the new Decepticon leader Galvatron and his companions. The world, perhaps even the universe, is at stake and the Autobots seem unable to respond since they’re left without a Prime, a leader. Fortunately, HotRod changes into Rodimus Prime just in time to safe the day.

    So yeah, get rid of the old characters (Sam, his parents, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, etc) and insert a totally new list of characters (Rodimus Prime, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus and new human characters, etc).

    • I don’t think it would make much sense to introduce Hot Rod in the film, then have him take over as Prime when Optimus dies. If anything, you should have a characater the fans have been follwoing for sometime become the next leader. But I doubt they would kill off the all the old character considering Hasbro regretted doing it for the cartoon movie.

      But here’s the thing with killing prime, we’ve already seen that, and it’s already been established that you could just revive him. Which is why I don’t see how people got soo excited when Megatron died. He’s already died and been revived before. And it’ll happen in this film as well. They need to establish a set of rules for when a character dies. Heck, I still don’t know why they didn’t just revive Jazz considering they had the allspark fragment in their hands at the end of the first film.

      • well what I got out of it was this, prime was brought back because of that l.o.m. Jazz was killed like Megatron. But when they brought back Megatron, they said they needed parts, thats why in that part when the was under watter, they attack that other one for his parts. But in truth, I take it as this. it’s a movie, all movies have holes in it. I don’t ask because I know it’s fake, it’s not real life, so in there world, not ours. it comes together. I guess to bring back jazz they would of needed parts, but they are not going to kill one of there own for parts

        • Jazz was torn in two, and Ironhide was carrying both parts at the end of the battle.

          • You’re right!

      • @ Ghost


    • if u see any TF series the main charecter is opitmius prime………

  7. They probly didn’t wanna bring Jazz back to life because they too find it immoral to bring back their dead comrades to life. Prime however was brought back to life in ROTF so he can defeat The Fallen since he was believed to be the last living Prime left. Im sure Jazz,Ironhide,etc. could be brought back in different vehicles modes.

  8. Oh good grief!! C’mon people!! The biggest problem with the original three movies was this moron director!! He hashed up the first load and now he gets to shoot his talentless wad on the only hope we had for a good TF flick…
    Hopefully a producer who actually gets involved with the franchise for a change might rein him in… I was so looking forward to him being gone…

  9. If you do this include some original characters like wheeljack, cliffjumper, sideswipes brother sunstreak, mirage, and prowl, and at least explain the characters more. And have unicron as the main villain trying to destroy earth with his world sucker thinggy, and include the remaing decepticons. and either finish the movie or have the dinobots in the 5 one. and maybe a prequel

  10. wow, there seems to be nobody madder than Transformers “fans” from all the sites i check out, just more angry complaining about how they killed off characters, which is a mute argument, as they killed every single character they killed in Transformers 3 in the first Transformers cartoon film, except for Shockwave. and maybe i’m unlike all the rest of the diehard fans, but i thought the Rodimus Prime thing was a stupid idea, and I was mad they got rid of Optimus, and I was glad they finally brought him back. The 3rd film had terrible plot holes, the whole bringing Cybertron to Earth thing so humans could rebuild it didn’t make any sense at all, and the whole movie felt like a rushed attempt at a solid hour long 3rd act of straight up Michael Bay stuff (explosions, car crashes, etc).

    If we’re offering conjecture I’d like a stronger script, Galvatron, and the Dinobots to come into play very much. And there were talks about an aircraft carrier transforming into a Decepticon in the 2nd film that never happened, I still think that’s an awesome idea.

  11. They should bring back Ironhide he didnt die the way he should have, he should have went down fighting not punked and shot in the back lets start an Ironhide petition on the net so bay will bring him back!!

    • you cant bring him back once his dead from that thing

    • i agree wit u jason …………. iron hide shouldnt have died ….. he’s awesome …….. “you feel’in lucky punk”

  12. I see so many people overanalyze these movies and not enjoying the movie. If you have no imagination , you won’t . Everything doesn’t need to fit exactly for it to be good . So Megatron had a lot of irons in the fire ! He had a lot of plans including a space bridge and the ability to transform Earth’s technology to take over the universe . Pretty cut and dry if you ask me . Fits together if you just work with it . Star trek made sense? loosen up and enjoy it , or stop watching everything except documentaries and news . If they reinvent the story to satisfy people with no imagination , it will be ruined . I have all 3 movies and am about to watch #3 for the hundredth time . Funny how people hated the first movie yet have seen all 3 . People base too many opinions on public opinions.

    • Totally agree

  13. I think that the following story should continue but to follow the line of the transformers movie of the 80′s with unicorn and galvatron and his horse men and certainly the dino bots I woul love to see that it would be a dream to see that come to life. I grew up with this and then the creation of the movie was epic and I just think it needs this next sort of installment to make it even more so please.

  14. Whatevet happened to spike and spark plug?

    • Sam & his dad technically were Spike & Spark Plug

  15. I’m hoping that we’ll see characters like Rodimus Prime and Galvatron in the new film. I mean, now that Megatron is dead it makes perfect sense for Galvatron to make an appearance

    • I want the next movie to take place on Cybertron and it would rock if they remade the g1 episodes in dark of the moon cgi
      And although unicorn turned mega tron into galvatron megaton is still the same as he was before galvatron and maybe rodimus prime and ultra Magnus could be in the next film

  16. this is a fake

    • This is not fake and never been fake!! I saw the movie before and I will never ever trust you for life!!

  17. Autobots are good guys and decepticons are bad guys! Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobots and Megatron, the leader of the decepticons!

  18. Everyone’s fed up with the pointless action. The mythology and history of Transformers (the robots , not the f*ing, screaming humans) needs to be explored to back the action up. And if Bay’s not capable of doing so, he should simply give up rather than ruining the majestic world of Transformers.

  19. Everyone’s fed up with the pointless action and smooching. There needs to be a strong exploration of the mythos of Transformers to back it all up. If someones not up to job better leave it to better people instead of ruining the majestic world of Transformers.

  20. Omg please stop destroying my childhood. I am in agreement that the first film was a decent attempt at transformers, but that being said what followed was a terrible failure to capture the concept of the auto bot and decepticon story let alone follow the new story (and altered characters from g1) that was lashed down from movie to movie. Anyways I just hope that they actually make a transformers movie about transformers and use the huge history of the franchise as inspiration to draw on and develop a great film series that this can be. Enough of a rant but I still plead to not show the failures of the first three (mainly 2&3) to creep into these films.

  21. A whole new reboot is needed, as everyone thinks so too. I mean, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Iornhide, Jazz, Sentinel and the others are dead, there is no one else to kill, Bumblebee and Optimus are the ‘main’ characters and can’t be kill anyway.
    There is hardly and Decepticons nor Autobots. So Michael can’t continue the 4th movie from the 3rd. It would have no meaning to it. Plus, we need Ironhide back! Starscream and Megatron too! The movie wont be complete without them. Megatron was always the villain with his traitor Starscream by his side and Optimus’ old Friend Ironhide by his side too. The 3rd movie was good but a total let down.
    A new storyline is needed. (And more explosions.)

  22. i just read on screenrant that transformers 4 will not be a reboot it will be the start of a second trilogy it pick up where transformers 3 left off but with a new cast and storyline also for any who asked yes michael bay will return to direct transformers 4 there’s no script yet but transformers 4 does have a release date june 29th 2014 oh and if your not a michael bay fan don’t go see transformers 4 when it comes out in 2014

  23. Transformers 4 should have the same characters but different war

  24. Spoilers
    I’m excited to see this movie come out! But whatever they do they can not kill Sideswipe! But i can’t help but have this feeling that they are because they killed Jazz who was like Prime’s right hand man. then was replace with Ironhide who died in the 3rd one who i Believe became Prime’s new right hand man. and then somewhere online it stated that Sideswipe was Prime’s right hand man after Ironhide’s death so i am afraid that Sideswipe is going to die in the 4th movie! :( :( :(

  25. Woo! Bring back Ironhide, Skids and Mudflap! It was sad that the twins were not in DOTM. I heard they had some really awesome scenes.

  26. WHERE IS HOT ROD?! I WANNA HOT ROD! RODIMUS PRIME, RODIMUS PRIME!!!! If you put some damn dinobots into movie then put Hot Rod into movie too, dam!