Michael Bay Will Direct ‘Transformers 4′; Reboot of the Same Storyline

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Michael Bay Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

Earlier today we reported that Transformers 4 has been tentatively slated by Paramount and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for a  June 29th, 2014 release date.

In our original piece we confirmed the release window; however, as the day progressed, a few more enticing tidbits saw the light of day – including new basic details regarding how the fourth Transformers installment will tie-in with prior entries as well as confirmation that director Michael Bay will return to helm the blockbuster.

According to an official press release at Bay’s official website, MichaelBay.com, the director has signed-on for a two picture deal with Paramount that will bring both his passion project, Pain & Gainas well as the fourth Transformers film to the big screen. Whether or not Bay will shoot number four back to back with the inevitable Transformers 5 is, apparently, still up in the air (or at least unconfirmed) – and is NOT, at this time, part of the two picture deal.

Earlier in the day, while speaking to MTV, Bonaventura was pretty forthcoming about some other Transformers 4 - details – first restating the 2014 release, then debunking rumors of a Jason Statham lead character, as well as using Marc Webb’s upcoming Marvel reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, as a point of reference in order to describe what NOT to expect from the next Transformers film – which the producer has described as somewhat of a “reboot.”

Check out the full interview below to hear where things stand with Transformers 4 at this point, at least according to Bonaventura:

So, basically – here are the four biggest points Bonaventura addresses:

  • Transformers 4 will release in 2014 as reported.
  • Further confirmation that Michael Bay will direct.
  • No characters have been decided at this point – since the script isn’t even written (though expect heavy-hitters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to return).
  • The next film will introduce an all-new storyline but continue the existing continuity.

The fan-favorite producer’s comments do seem to corroborate earlier speculation that Paramount was keen on having Bay return – even if it meant bumping the fourth installment back one year (when compared to the release schedule for the first three films 2007, 2009, 2011 and [now] 2014) so that the director could finish-off his smaller passion projects (such as the aforementioned Pain & Gain).

Similarly, given the amount of closure presented in the third film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which included major character deaths and an action-packed (how will they top that?) third chapter, it makes sense that the next film in the series will present somewhat of a series “reset.” Bay and the writers can use a fresh slate to clear-out some of the existing franchise material that bogged the last film down (such as incorporating a Sam Witwicky character arc) as well as offer-up new bad guys and hero bots. Anyone still scratching their heads as to what the producer means by a “reboot” need only look to Bonaventura’s upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, which essentially continues the story set-up in the first film – while at the same time dramatically cleaning house.

Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

That said, as Bonaventura asserts, don’t expect the team to simply abandon the established continuity. Could this mean that, in order for them to up the ante once again, we’ll soon be introduced to some of the franchise’s more ambitious additions – such as Unicron, Metroplex, Galvatron, or even the Dinobots? Given that there’s no story at this point, what the future holds for the franchise is anyone’s guess – though, with Bay back in the director’s chair, fans of the film series should definitely be able to look forward to some truly epic action in 2014.

Transformers 4 will hit theaters on June 29th, 2014


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Source: Michael Bay and MTV

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  1. He’s insane!

  2. I don’t think when they say “reboot” they mean starting the same story again with the same characters but with different people (i hope), I think they mean a new story line with a new direction and new characters, I hope they make it based on the animated movie with ultra Magnus and my favourite Hot Rod, imagine Rodimus Prime fighting Galvatron, for me this is a natural progression as the movie trilogy is certainly action packed but lack a story line complex enough that’s fitting with the visuals,

    • Do you really expect a film about waring alien robots to be complex? Even the cartoon wasn’t complex.

      • Why not? We love robots, we love action, and at least I love complex, creative, interesting story lines, putting them together would make one of the most epic movies ever. I think its a shame how sci-fi/fantasy is viewed as meant to be enjoyed for the two hours or so it takes to watch then forgotten, move on.

  3. NOOOO!!!

    MAKE BAD BOYS 3!!!

    damn. give the people what they want.

    • Agree!!

  4. they just keep screwing these films up. the only one i liked was the first.

  5. Dinobots. Insecticons. I can dig that. Perhaps it is time to give Optimus Prime a little R-n-R and let the other ‘bots do some work.

    That said, how do you top leveling Chicago? Say what you will but that ENTIRE Chicago sequence was off-the-charts insane and I loved watching it.

  6. wait i’m confused. how is it a “reboot” if there’s continuity in the storyline? that sounds like a sequel. sounds like they want to create a sequel but not call it one for whatever reason :-/

    • There’s a difference between a REMAKE and a REBOOT (don’t worry, it took me a while to figure it out as well ;))

    • Buzzwords are a killer man. Ten years ago, it would be called a sequel. But, reboots are all the rage nowadays. It’s a word directors can throw around when some of the public are unsatisfied with their work. It allows them to go in a different direction while not completely revamping the existing universe the story takes place in. Michael Bay is staying away from sequel, because if he says reboot, people are going to think ‘newer’ and ‘better’ instead of more of the same old garbage.

    • It will be a semi-reboot. Same continuity, but different story and direction.

      • Soooo…sequel?? Alien and Aliens would fall into that category, surely?

        • yes, but with a different cast of characters most likely.

      • Yup (Kinda like Ghost Rider 2: It’s still technically a SEQUEL, but they’re taking the franchise in a new direction with a fresh look at the character.)

        (Hope that example helps anyone who still doesn’t get what’s going on ;))

  7. When will Michael Bay realize that no matter how many times you take the same crap, it will still come out stinking and offensive.

    • I never knew the TF movies were “offensive”… ;)
      How do you figure that?

      • The language, the sexual connotations (humping robots), the idiotic comedic dialog; if they get rid of that, the film would be far better than any of the last 3.

      • I think he may be refering to the ‘racial’ and ‘homophobic’ overtones of the first three films…been wrong before though…

      • I mean Skids and Mudflap might as well put on blackface and sing Mammy…that wouldn’t be anything more obvious than Bay has done already.

        • Oh please, there’s even black people that liked Skids and Mudflap. People are way too critical. BTW, if you think only black people talk that way, then YOU are the racist.

          • I don’t want to get into a big moralistic argument here. But it’s the intent behind it. Clearly Mr. Bay isn’t making fun of jive talking white people or latinos. That leaves African Americans. It wouldn’t be so bad if this weren’t the 21st century. We’ve come beyond stereotypes here haven’t we? It just shows the entire creative teams lack of talent that they have to turn to such lowbrow, racist humor.

            • And to be clear, I’m not necessarily calling michael bay a racist. I just think he and the writer made a foolish filmaking decision…again. I’m not so quick to brand people as racists as some people evidently are.

              • He’s appealing to today’s youths, and unfortunately, they talk/act like that. It’s not just blacks, but people of every race.

  8. Dinobots! my son would love that!
    just a shame that i havent seen one Bay film that i could take my 4 year old to see……
    Am i the ONLY one who thinks it would be kind of cool to do a family friendly verson? I know i fell in love with the transformers as a child and while there was no lack of robot on robot violence, i wasnt subjected to foul languge and heavy handed sexual images. But alas, those were more simple times :)

  9. Dinobot Terrorize!!

    Beast Wars was great. Fond memories right there. If they would make a Beast Wars movie then they probably won’t be many actors in it. Humans didn’t even show up untill the end of the series either way, as cavemen. Then again it could be Reworked in a way to include some kind of storyline involving humans..

    Feel the flames of Inferno!!

  10. I think Bay already gave us his version of Transformers and now it is time to let someone else test the waters. No matter what, Bay is just going to give us more of the same in some fashion, and after 3 films enough is enough….I do believe that Sam (Shia) will make a cameo at the very least which would be kind of cool.

  11. Bring out unicron to revive megatron as galvatron that would be a new begginnin.and unicron brings out starscream soundwave as cyclonnus and scourge and more new decepticons.bring out hot rod ultra magnus and kup.have vector sigma as a big part in this story also.

  12. Bring out unicron to revive megatron as galvatron that would be a fresh start!! Bring out starscream and soundwave as scourge and cyclonous.also bring more decepticons out like rumble thundercracker astro train.maybe unicron might be hard to do.bring out kup hot rod ultra magnus and perceptor.have vector sigma play a huge role in the story line.this cant be that hard 2do.

  13. You know once Bay is done with Transformers,he’ll try to put his hands on the Thundercats.This s**t must stop.

  14. They need to bring out the heavy-hitters in the next trilogy. Unicron, Dinobots, Aerialbots vs. Stunticons in a combiner robot fight, etc. Bring in Blurr, Cliffjumper, Ultra-Magnus, Galvatron, maybe even Combaticons/Bruticus aswell.

    I liked the first film the best & was glad the 3rd film was better than ROTF.

  15. excellent! but bring back john turturro! and john voight!

    • oh yeah, and that austrailian girl from the first film! they shouldve had her replace megan fox in the third

      • Damn what did happen to the girl in the first film? I thought she was better then Meagan both acting and looks.

        • yeah and you know michael will hire another “eye candy” girl for the fourth. i just hope shes an actual actor instead of a model. like gemma arterton or someone like that

        • @ Hi-C

          I agree heartly on that. I even suggested that she could of came back for the 3rd film with Anthony Anderson & John Voight. She was just one of the characters you just liked. She was great in the first film.

  16. I thought Transformers 3 was way better than the second one and is good as the first movie.

    I hope Shia LeBeouf doesn’t return and have Brains and Wheelie return too in TF4.

    I mean-

    Ironside shouldn’t have died, he was a badass character but instead of have Mudflap and Skids get destoryed instead since the audience hated them.

    If Transformers 4 has a good story and has a great cast (maybe have The Rock and Jason Staham involed) and bring back great characters like Anothy Anderson, John Tuarto and Jon Voight then I’m in.

    • @ nawtnt

      Even though they killed off Ironhide which was dumb, they could still bring in Cliffjumper who also has a attitude like Ironhide. It would be great if Casey Kasem voiced him too again. They need to bring in Hound aswell.

  17. I have skeptical optimism for this film. I just hope it doesn’t turn into an overdone cash-grab like Lucas’s Star Wars franchise.

  18. Please no more Shia,I’m tired of the whole movie revolving around wetwookie and his lame relationship escapades

    seriously,the first scene in TF3 with the chick shaking her ass pretty much tells us what direction the rest of the movie is going and what audience it was made for.

    I want to see the transformers,not the boring usual human social crap or cheap titillation and bay in there again makes me seriously doubt this new movie

    • If you don’t want to see titillation, then don’t watch Michael Bay movies. :/

  19. I am all for another Transformers, even with Bay in the directors seat again. I just hope for less humans and more robots.

  20. i like that michael bay is returning but what i dont like is that fact that it is keeping him from doing other movies, like bad boys 3 or some other action film

  21. Put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it! He seems to make all actions movies even better. ^.^

  22. BOYCOTT!

  23. If you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 check out Transformers War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron. The closest thing to justice Transformers has got in years. Oh, and there are Dinobots!

  24. OMEGA SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I can’t understand why people continue to support these films. Each one was been cinema of the lowest order, the action is poorly edited, the effects are an indistinguishable mass of churning gears, the humor is insulting, the plots incomprehensible, the characterization is non-existent and they are all an hour too long. Call me a hater bu these movies are terrible, and yes I am including the last 40 mins of the TF3 in that statement. In conclusion a continuation of the series without all the main characters but bring back the same film-maker is not a reboot it’s a sequel.

    Sorry for the rant but damn I hate these movies!

    • @”I can’t understand why people continue to support these films.”

      B/c people feel completly different about these films than you do.

      • Agreed. Or else the movies wouldn’t have grosses as much as it have.

        • Maybe you guys are right, maybe I’m nuts, but a big part of me wonders what that BO take would be if it wasn’t called Transformers. The Joel Schumacher directed Bat-films made alot of money but I can’t imagine many people would have argued at the time that they were worthy Batman films. I guess my question is, do you really believe that these films are the best a set of Transformer’s movies can be? If you say yes then god love ya and enjoy them . . . if not then what’s wrong with expressing that disappointment?

          • There’s people that enjoyed both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. These same people also like Nolan’s films. Nobody is saying these are the best films, but honestly, I don’t see how you can make a complex film about waring alien robots.

            • I’m not asking for them to be complex, hell if anything the films are overly complex. Captain America was as straight forward as they come, but I would argue a much better film than any of the Transformers. The action was more clearly staged, the special effects all served the story and all the humor was always character based.

              My main point isn’t to start a flame war, all I’m saying is that this property could be the basis for much better films. Unfortunately, as long as Bayformers continues to rake in the dough they will have no motivation to change anything. And, until major changes are made to this franchise(starting with the director) we will never see how good a Tranformer’s movie can be.

              As the great Roger Ebert says, “It’s not what a movie is about that makes it great, but how it is about it”.

          • I enjoyed these movies for what it is intended to be, non-stop action with little to no storyline. It’s a summer pop-corn flick, that is all. I already know what I am getting to when watching these movies, so I won’t mind one bit.

  26. Bay= more explosions and robots :)

  27. If it wasn’t for Bay, we wouldn’t even have a Transformers movie….Be thankfull.

  28. As long as Bay and company continue to make the movies centered around the stupid and unnecessary human “story” arcs, the films will remain the same recycled crap over and over. If Bay can recognize that the property is called “Transformers”, not “Humans and the Transformers”, it might actually be a film worthy of seeing and owning. It needs to be ABOUT the bots and their interaction with this planet, from THEIR point of view. If that can be recognized by Bay and the writers, it is the first step in a positive direction. Otherwise, the turd polishing will continue.

  29. Michael Bay sucks. He ruined the first three, he will ruin the next three.