Michael Bay Will Direct ‘Transformers 4′; Reboot of the Same Storyline

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Michael Bay Transformers 4 Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

Earlier today we reported that Transformers 4 has been tentatively slated by Paramount and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura for a  June 29th, 2014 release date.

In our original piece we confirmed the release window; however, as the day progressed, a few more enticing tidbits saw the light of day – including new basic details regarding how the fourth Transformers installment will tie-in with prior entries as well as confirmation that director Michael Bay will return to helm the blockbuster.

According to an official press release at Bay’s official website, MichaelBay.com, the director has signed-on for a two picture deal with Paramount that will bring both his passion project, Pain & Gainas well as the fourth Transformers film to the big screen. Whether or not Bay will shoot number four back to back with the inevitable Transformers 5 is, apparently, still up in the air (or at least unconfirmed) – and is NOT, at this time, part of the two picture deal.

Earlier in the day, while speaking to MTV, Bonaventura was pretty forthcoming about some other Transformers 4 - details – first restating the 2014 release, then debunking rumors of a Jason Statham lead character, as well as using Marc Webb’s upcoming Marvel reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, as a point of reference in order to describe what NOT to expect from the next Transformers film – which the producer has described as somewhat of a “reboot.”

Check out the full interview below to hear where things stand with Transformers 4 at this point, at least according to Bonaventura:

So, basically – here are the four biggest points Bonaventura addresses:

  • Transformers 4 will release in 2014 as reported.
  • Further confirmation that Michael Bay will direct.
  • No characters have been decided at this point – since the script isn’t even written (though expect heavy-hitters like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to return).
  • The next film will introduce an all-new storyline but continue the existing continuity.

The fan-favorite producer’s comments do seem to corroborate earlier speculation that Paramount was keen on having Bay return – even if it meant bumping the fourth installment back one year (when compared to the release schedule for the first three films 2007, 2009, 2011 and [now] 2014) so that the director could finish-off his smaller passion projects (such as the aforementioned Pain & Gain).

Similarly, given the amount of closure presented in the third film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which included major character deaths and an action-packed (how will they top that?) third chapter, it makes sense that the next film in the series will present somewhat of a series “reset.” Bay and the writers can use a fresh slate to clear-out some of the existing franchise material that bogged the last film down (such as incorporating a Sam Witwicky character arc) as well as offer-up new bad guys and hero bots. Anyone still scratching their heads as to what the producer means by a “reboot” need only look to Bonaventura’s upcoming G.I. Joe sequel, Retaliation, which essentially continues the story set-up in the first film – while at the same time dramatically cleaning house.

Optimus Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon Michael Bay Will Direct Transformers 4; Reboot of the Same Storyline

That said, as Bonaventura asserts, don’t expect the team to simply abandon the established continuity. Could this mean that, in order for them to up the ante once again, we’ll soon be introduced to some of the franchise’s more ambitious additions – such as Unicron, Metroplex, Galvatron, or even the Dinobots? Given that there’s no story at this point, what the future holds for the franchise is anyone’s guess – though, with Bay back in the director’s chair, fans of the film series should definitely be able to look forward to some truly epic action in 2014.

Transformers 4 will hit theaters on June 29th, 2014


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Source: Michael Bay and MTV

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  1. cool :)

  2. less human, more machine!

    • agree. Hope they have adventures in space this time :)

      • Or action in the ocean. Would be cool if we can see some Ocean dwelling Decepticons or Autobots

  3. Another one of these?! God, make it stop.

  4. I’m fine with this, if they add more robot centered stories, less annoying protagonists, and no orgin story style reboot.

  5. Oh great… Now these “reboots” are going to be the next big thing… Screw remaking, right? That didn’t really work out too well… Lets take some franchises and reboot them…

    Coming Soon: The all-new Harry Potter! Those jerks grew up and we can’t make anymore money off of them! Here’s a new group of kids we can sponge off of…

  6. God. Not again. Heck no
    Make Unicron. NOT A REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beast Wars….plz? Ok, thanks!

    • that would be awesome, but they are not going to do that….

  8. NOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOooOOooOOO! Why! WHY! Why do you hate up Paramount!?!?!? We put money in your pocket. We complain about your hack director.. And STILL you won’t give us a movie with a decent director! You are SO lucky the terms of service of this site won’t let me say what I REAllY want to say to you Paramount! I think I’ll stop giving you money…period!

    • As long as these movies make the money they do the studios could care less about your rant. Sad, but true.

  9. Sweet! I love Michael Bay’s style… Yeah that’s right, I said it!

    TF3 was amazing! Can’t wait for 4!

    • Good lad

  10. Please finish your sentence: Fans can expect lots of epic action… but no/very tiny amount of story

  11. Just be thankful we have Transformers movies even made….Plus M. Bay knows how to direct action…just look at (ALL) of the bluray special features for the first three films. The guy puts hard work into it and goes out of his way to get stuff done. I for one, appreciates what he’s done in the Transformers films.

  12. I think you nailed it Ben with “reboot”
    as having the meaning similar to G.I. Joe.
    An approach more appropriately called a refresh.

    I cannot blame Bay for cashing in and he
    gets another project he’s wanted to do.

    With Transformers 3 doing over a billion
    Bay is entitled to Cameron type dollars.

  13. I would like a total reboot. The Amazing Spider-Man has nothing to do with the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies.

  14. Sounds good, bring it on. More of what Transformers 3 was please tho

  15. I still haven’t watched the last movie, should probably RedBox it on Blu-ray soon, but I say hey, clean house and try to make it better this time.

  16. The fact that people continue to beg for a storyline that is known mostly as a toyline and cartoon is ridiculous to me. Think about when you played with your Transformers, or watched the cartoon. How complex were those? Basically you just wanted them to stop talking so you could see some robots change, shoot stuff, and blow stuff up. So when the movie version does exactly that, lets all complain because it isn’t a deep, passionate story that delves into the souls of robotic characters…..yeah, lets just watch the damn movies and shut up. Not every movie, especially ones like Transformers, GI Joe etc need to be so heavy on story, character building. How many of the great 70s and 80s action movies had “awesome” stories? Be honest with yourselves people.

    • storyline FOR SOMETHING that is known*

    • I agree. I like to remind everyone about an award winning director who helmed an action movie and attempted a deeper story. And what happened? These same complaining people wanted the Hulk to smash Ang Lee. It doesn’t matter, haters got to hate.

      I have to say Bay and company create much better stories than I ever did while playing with these toys as a kid. Of course, I had to intertwine the stories of He-Man, Snake Eyes, Darth Vader, Miles Mayhem, Panthro, and Voltron with all my Transformers. It was complex. However, I enjoy these movies for what they are, action packed special effects driven footage of alien robots in disguise.

      • HAhaha @B-list Yea i could come up with a pretty mean story involving my WWF action figures being captive in Snake Mountain and have to team up with He-man to defend Eternia and Earth.Yes the simple times.

        • Yea but i forgot to mention im not a true Bay hater but it’s time for him to move on & let another director get a crack at it & like our friend motoko said below me they can indeed come up with more complex and interresting stories if they choose to,they just decide to keep it simple for the 10 year olds.And then have the nerve to have jokes aimed for the adults like that’s gonna make up for everything.smh

        • Snake Mountain…I’m so jealous. The only base I ever had was the Ewok Village…Snake Eyes was a ninja living in the trees. Good times :)

    • You are failing to realize how in depth the comics were. The cartoon was cool, but the comics had serious stories and writers that had free reign to make them as complex as they wanted.

      • I never read the comics. I remember the toys. The cartoon from the 80s. The animated movie from 86. And now the Bay movies.

    • That’s where people make their mistakes and misjudgments. They only associate Transformers with being a toyline. So that makes an automatic excuse for no character development, story line, or anything else that a good comic-book/action film needs? In many ways, Transformers is just like superheroes and the comics they’re affiliated with; filled with a complex mythology and passionate characters, along with many other things. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the live-action films; in fact, I love them (especially the designs). I, as a fan, just wish that they would improve on their characterization skills, story/script writing, and things that make films like these be praised by critics. Basically, I want Transformers to be on the same level as popular franchises like The Avengers (even though Transformers has more fans).

  17. this is getting pathetic now. The reboot of spider man was one thing. I mean I liked that franchise minus the 3rd but transformers blew. reboot? it just ended! the last film was like a couple years ago wasnt it? maybe not that long! just go away. Michael bay sucks

  18. The first was fun, the second laughable, the third has all the action you could ever want, unfortunately the human stories and acting were plain horrible.

    Someone called it earlier, we never watched the cartoons for the dialogue, the stories were simple, but the fighting was epic. These films are what they are.

    I’m happy to see it roll on to a fourth, but please please move away from Earth and let’s bring in Unicron.

  19. is there a video for ppl that don’t live in the states????

  20. I see this fil taking place between movies 1 and 2… being in space and them trying to take down unicron… With all the new big name bots and the big names from previous films. I see another awesome action movie with a good story line that people are just to brash and idiotic to enjoy!

  21. Roboots in Disguise

  22. If it’s a continuity then how is it a reboot?

    I honestly wish for a new directer for were not stuck with the same style.

    • Simple – G2 just like they did in Transformers The Movie. Ultra Magnus, Rodimus etc it’s interesting to see if they will use product placement cars or use Cybertronian forms/vehicles.

  23. Michael Bay was walking away from this franchise and realized the wells have dried up on his hack career so in order to bank another 50 mill he has no other choice but to milk the only cow he possesses.

    If you go see this movie you’re only encouraging this anti-artist to continue his blasphemy.

  24. To me, reboot but same continuity just means keeping the robots you have now and adding more, just no longer focusing on Sam & friends. Which is what I thought people wanted anyway..

    • You just described the opposite of reboot.

  25. Hot Rod!!!!

    • Rodimus Prime!!!!

  26. Okay…
    Still a little confused, but whatevs.

    I’ll probably go see this in theater (but I’ll wait for some casting info and a trailer before I make my final decision)

  27. Michael bay has signed on, so I’m signing off. Quit giving that guy gigs!!!!

  28. In the next movie they Optimus Prime has to jump over a giant Decepticon shark, it makes sense……

    • Hopefully he has his Optimus-Anti-Shark-Spray with him…

      • +100 points for that reference. Maybe Nolan will use that ;)

    • If only the Seacons would be incorporated into the live-action universe. Not too bad of an idea there, sir.

  29. Was excited to hear of another Transformer movie. Disappointed to hear that Bay is still involved.