‘Metallica Through the Never’ Trailer: A New Twist on the 3D Concert Movie

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Most concert movies are pretty cut-and-dry in their approach, in terms of how they glorify their musician/musical group subject and attempt to make them seem relatable at the same time (example: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never). Recent additions to the (genre?) have attempted to mix things up in… curious ways –  like having the cast of Glee remain in character throughout the Glee: The 3D Concert Movie – and the upcoming Metallica Through the Never will go even further, by weaving a full-blown fictional narrative into the mix.

Metallica features 3D footage of the iconic heavy metal band performing live for a sold-out arena, in combination with a fictional storyline that revolves around their band crew member, Trip (Dane DeHaan), undertaking a mission for the band when “he unexpectedly has his life turned completely upside down.” DeHaan, of course, is an up-and-comer, thanks to his acclaimed performances in films like Chronicle and The Place Beyond the Pines; in addition, he will portray Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next year.

dane dehaan metallica through never Metallica Through the Never Trailer: A New Twist on the 3D Concert Movie

Writing and directing duties on the 3D Metallica concert flick were given to Nimród Antal, the award-winning Hungarian filmmaker whose Hollywood offerings include the (forgettable) Kate Beckinsale suspence-thriller Vanacy and Predators (which Robert Rodriguez recruited Antal to direct). He joins people like Jon M. Chu – who made the Justin Bieber concert movie before he directed G.I. Joe: Retaliation – and Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat) on the list of directors who’ve attempted to create a more memorable concert movie in recent years.

Truth be told, though, all this film really calls for is someone who knows how to make everything look professional and decent in 3D, which Antal is qualified to do. Chances are, if you’re planning to check this flick out in theaters, it’s solely to see and hear Metallica in a theater setting (the storyline featuring DeHaan is probably of secondary concern, at best).


Look for Metallica Through the Never in U.S. theaters on August 9th, 2013.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. basically just a really long music video. clever! i love metallica so i might just check this out. though hetfields voice isnt what it used to be…

  2. Oh sh*t! This movie looks badass!

  3. Hopefully they only play their stuff from their Black Album and before.

    • Yeah, i used to love that stuff, but don’t really know any of ther stuff since black. At least James sings like he’s in a metal band. I can’t stand all the stuff at the moment. First they sing a verse like a pop record and then do a really tiresome RRRROARR for the chorus. Sepultura got away with it, but it irritates the hell outta me.

      Getting older has made my taste in music mellow a lot.

    • Before death magnetic I’d agree with you, but give that album an other shot, it’s really awesome

    • For that matter, something from Death Magnetic.

  4. at the end a horseman appears????? NICE!!!!

  5. Idk if ill see this I’m still mad they or napster shut down.

    • you’re still complaining about that?
      it needed to be done for the music industry to continue. you think any band would continue to just let their music go for free? hell no, napster was illegally giving music away and taking money from everyone involved in the music industry. that means everyone from the big CEO of record companies, to bands like MetallicA, to the little secretaries in the offices of recording studios. and let’s not forget the engineers. how will they get paid if the bands don’t sell? they won’t. the music industry would have collapsed and you would have no more music. there were several bands that were ready to sue napster. Metallica was just big enough and had enough money behind them to actually put it down. so seriously, quit complaining. they did the right thing. as an upcoming audio engineer, this has affected me and given me a better chance at getting a job so i say thank you MetallicA for stepping up and doing the right thing! \m/

      • Please that’s how metallica got their start, by giving away their music, the garage days. They didn’t try to bring down napster because of losing money, they did it because an early recording of “I Disappear” from mission impossible 2 soundtrack. I gotta tell ya I feel so bad for those poor artists who have to wait an extra month to get their gold plated hot tubs.
        But now we have bittorrent which is how I’ll be seeing this flick.

        • As a musician myself that isn’t signed to a label, I stood alongside Metallica’s side of the Napster argument because it isn’t fair that people work hard on something and need that money from sales only to have people “steal” it without paying a thing for it.

          Besides, Metallica themselves still give away free mp3s of their concerts and encourage bootleg recordings of live shows amongst fans, they just don’t like it when recordings get leaked and released free on the torrent sites and I agree wholeheartedly with them on that.

          Funny how it seems the people who used the “gold plated hot tub” argument seem to be jealous of the fact that some people have enough talent to make lots of money while they struggle with a lack of talent in dead end jobs complaining about how they should be entitled to get everything for free.

      • dude that did absolutely nothing, napster left and morpheus came in right after which was the exact same thing but was better it had resume file downloading. then after morpheus we had similar things and now we have torrents and youtube. its never ended. point blank if they didnt want it out there they wouldnt of gave us faster download speeds, cd burners, blank discs etc. the majority of the record companys are merged with the same people who make elctronic stuff. so the artists arent making money from pirated music but the company still makes money on the back end selling you a cd burner and blank cd’s they might not sell a million metallica cds but they sell a billion cdrs. and rock bands make all there money from touring. concerts for mainstream bands havent changed a bit they still rake in billions from it. file downloads dont hurt as much as you think they do because alot of the time the cds are so awfull the person didnt have the extra 15$ to pay the money for 2 good songs to begin with.

  6. Haven’t liked any of their music since …And Justice for All.

    • That’s a damn fine album. The first Metallica on I bought. Nice Pushead art on the inside of the album sleeve too.

  7. Looks pretty cool!

  8. \m/ Sweet!!! \m/ It’s kewl to be around those who enjoy metal, whether it be a little or if that is one’s preferred genre of music.

  9. Lars Ulrich once said about concept albums, “Leave that —- to Queensryche”. But hey! If this makes money, then it must make sense! “Low Man’s Lyric” was the last song of theirs that I really liked. I know Load/ReLoad were “tolerable” for most fans who were desperate for something since the “Black” album but by then it was obvious, they would never have that sound again. They should have retired when Newsted left the band.

    • I actually really love their newer stuff. St. Anger of course wasn’t that great and they even admit it. I won’t say it sucked though because it had some kickass songs on it! Frantic was so much fun to play and listen to, same with Dirty Window and even the song St. Anger. Lots of good stuff if you ask me. Death Magnetic was great too in my opinion. Load and Reload were also great. I’m honestly wondering if they’ll ever come out with an album called Unload haha that’d be pretty cool. Not sure why nobody online seems to like them these days. It certainly can’t be the opinion of everyone, they still sell out concerts worldwide.

      • I have been a huge Metallica fan for many years, and while there are still a few gems even in their newer stuff, they have gone waaaaay down hill.

        St. Anger was so bad I actually tossed it out the car window after buying a copy.

        Death Magnetic had a couple good tunes, but the compression on the album made the drums overpower everything else unbalancing a lot of it and making it way too loud(Not in a good way, more like how your TV commercials are louder than the show) so when you are listening to it shuffled with other music it blows your eardrums. I hate that.

        best song: Sanitarium, LOVE that tune!

  10. I Love how EVERYONE is complaining about Metallica’s New Stuff since the Black Album, TRUE fans stay loyal instead of saying “Oh I Used to like them but their new stuff stinks” I realize that everyone has an opinion, And if you don’t like Metallica that’s fine, But What Band puts the SAME stuff out for every album, it would get stale quick. I am SEEING this movie, since it’s NOT a remake or a reboot which seems to be the NORM from Hollywood these days. 😀

    • AC/DC

  11. FYI you guys should check out Jason Newsted’s EP.

  12. Frikkin’ awesome! I haven’t been excited about a concert film since Led Zeppelin’s “Song Remains the Same.”

  13. Load and Reload did have a lot of issues, and St. Anger was mostly one great big long psychological project by James. However, Death Magnetic was AWESOME, and put a lot of the original Metallica back on track. This looks like a cool idea.

  14. Wow, this shows me for not looking at the trailer section in a while. I’m excited.

  15. the actual concert of this is on youtube, i saw it in the beginning of the year because i was wondering wtf one of the stunts were and looked into it and saw it was for this movie. this has to be one of the worst trailors ever though because it doesnt explain exactly wtf this movie is. is it a movie? i know theres a kid who looks like leonardo decaprio going thru heroin withdraw running around during a riot but that is a ridiculous stupid twist to put in for a concert. it just doesnt make sense. but if the guy from gi joe is working on this then i guess it does make sense that this doesnt make sense because that movie was crap. the 3d might be cool, but id rather of seen a whole 3d movie with metallica music in the background and watched the concert on youtube or just went to one live. this movie makes NO SENSE!! If people didnt like there old catalog so much this would flop terribly. but luckily songs like ride the lightning or the and justice for all album had enough great hits that they could play those forever and we never get sick of them. everything after the black album isnt worth turning on nor going to see or pay money for

  16. Metallica has made nothing else than b*llsh*t after Black Album. First 3 albums made Metallica what it is today and without those albums Metallica would still play in the garage.