‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie is Happening (For Real)

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Metal Gear Solid Movie Avi Arad Metal Gear Solid Movie is Happening (For Real)

Since before I even began writing about movies four years ago or video games three years ago, I’ve been preaching the imminent crossover of the two industries. Yes, there have been many films over the years based on popular video game properties but for the most part, games based on movies and movies based on games have rarely offered quality, critically acclaimed products.

This is about to change and when it does, the floodgates will open allowing for the video game movie genre to compete with and/or start to take over the comic book movie genre with a massive influx of major video game properties. One major franchise that’s had an adaptation on the back burner for years is Metal Gear Solid, a brand that now has a movie in the works (again).

When development was halted nearly three years ago, Mike De Luca said the following in talking about why he didn’t believe Metal Gear Solid would be moving forward at the time – it was an issue of the creators and the studios not coming to an agreement:

“I think there’s some things…the video game companies are very protective of their property and there are certain things a studio requires freedom-wise to market and distribute a movie effectively in a global marketplace and sometimes getting those two things to match up is really hard. And in the case of Metal Gear Solid, the agendas just….not because the parties weren’t amicable, it was just kind of impossible to get the agendas to match up.”

And rightfully so. Look at Doom, Max Payne, BloodRayne, Street Fighter, Tekken, Far Cry, and Prince of Persia for examples of video game adaptations done wrong. It’s no wonder studios have been weary of pulling the production trigger on so many of the bigger franchises. Even Resident Evil, while financially successful with its fifth installment coming next month, doesn’t tell the stories of the games, stars a character not from the games and hasn’t even managed a score above 34% on Rotten Tomatoes in any of its installments.

The voice actor behind Metal Gear Solid protagonist Solid Snake, David Hayter (and writer of X-Men), reaffirmed the developmental hurdles for Metal Gear Solid nearly half a year later, explaining that the movie would not be moving forward until Sony and creator Hideo Kojima could come to an agreement. Skip forward over two years to present, and during Konami’s 25th anniversary party for the Metal Gear franchise today, Kojima came on stage, joined by Avi Arad (ex-Marvel CEO and producer of most Marvel films) to make a special announcement.

Metal Gear Solid 4 wallpaper 570x333 Metal Gear Solid Movie is Happening (For Real)

Old Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 4

The event was already host to several major announcements including a new ambitious video game title called Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes along with a social game titled Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, but what Arad had to say was an even bigger surprise. The Metal Gear Solid movie is back on track and will officially be made by Sony’s Columbia Pictures. Arad:

“For many years I fought to bring comics to theater – and video games are the comics of today… We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, and cautionary tales needed.”

We agree! Much like Arad helped realize a large variety of comics properties into live-action entertainment, in recent years he’s been on the hunt for the next big thing. Four years ago he picked up the rights to Mass Effect before the sequels even debuted and not too long before that, he nabbed the rights to Capcom’s Lost Planet franchise as well. He’s also backing Twisted Metal and Uncharted as another two game-to-film franchises for Sony.

With Metal Gear Solid back on track, Shadow of the Colossus getting a director (after three-four years of development) and Assassin’s Creed – along with Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell – in the works at the newly formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures (a studio created to maintain creative control over Ubisoft franchises), it’s only a matter time before other canceled/delayed non-Sony properties resurface as well – like Gears of War and Halo.

The question is which one will represent the first huge success at the box office, and for fans and critics?

If you missed it, check out the badly photoshopped movie poster for Metal Gear Solid featuring Daniel Craig and Christian Bale from a few years back.

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Source: The Verge

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  1. Bale for Snake!

    • Great choice

      • Bale is turning out to be the ultimate symbol of bad-assery…I mean, he was already Batman for 3 films, but you know. Soon we’ll be saying Christian Bale along with Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris.

    • Seconded. And when he’s in a film it’s usually great (lets pretend Terminator Salvation didn’t happen).

  2. I enjoyed Prince of persia…. idk why lol

  3. God of War before any of those movies thanks.

    • Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson enough said !

      • Yeah maybe for vulcan!! But not snake

  4. You list “Prince of Persia” as a video game movie done wrong but don’t say anything about Resident Evil? Prince of Persia is, I can safely say, the only example of a video game movie done *right*.

    • Hey Steven,

      I actually said quite a lot about Resident Evil in that same paragraph.

      • well this is awkward.

        • I’m confused. Was part of the paragraph missing/blanked? I copied the update in the comment below.

    • rob keyes : even resident evil,which is ficancially……… there it stays.

      • Hmm.. there was a space, but this is what it says (changed which to while):

        Even Resident Evil, while financially successful with its fifth installment coming next month, doesn’t tell the stories of the games, stars a character not from the games and hasn’t even managed a score above 34% on Rotten Tomatoes in any of its installments.

        • thanks rob ! i hope i get no -alzheimer- it´s too soon with 37,i must stop smokin´cigarettes : ) .

  5. Christopher Nolan and Bale! Please, please, please!

    • I’d say Nolan won’t get the creative freedom he wants with this project. what about Duncan jones?

    • OMFG u are great man I was trying to figure out who could play my favorite character of all time and you gave an answer Christian Bale!!

    • THE WORST!

      Nolan fanboys think his the ony good director around, haha! Go see other films buddy.

  6. Great article Rob! I am hopeful like you that this next batch of VG movies will hit the mark and give us the next movie theme: video games!

    Let’s just hope that Avi Arad will do justice to Metal Gear and he could be the go to guy for several more VG movies. That’s a future I want to witness!! 😛

    And what do you guys think about Clive Owen for Snake? That would be my pick 😉

    • Thanks Fito!

      Casting these movies is going to be crazy and more challenging than comics since in most video games, the characters are so realized and fans expect human counterparts that look/sound very similar.

      • That’s right Rob!

        Like Uncharted for example, these game characters are no longer casted for their voice work only. They ARE the character. How could someone argue that Nolan North or Emily Rose are not the best picks for Drake and Elena? They created those characters with their performances!

    • I can’t watch another movie of his after the international. from the picture I see Eric bana

  7. Damn….I don’t know how I feel about this. It’s good news for sure but I would hate to see MG basterdised. Then again on a positive note this is Kojimas baby so I don’t think he’ll let anyone just run with it..

    As for actors I guess Bale does seem like a great choice. I could see him more as Big Boss(MGS3). Snake(MGS1 & 2) I could see Hugh Jackman play him as far as looks but I don’t know about anything else…

    • Now that I look closer my Eric bana assumption was off. but nobody can deny he looks Luke Sean bean…. borimir with slicked back hair

  8. I wish movies and games would just stay away from eachother. Why is it that there are more adaptions these days than actual new ideas? I love Metal Gear, and if they screw this up it’s goind to be really depressing.

    • I think it’s because the new ideas are coming from the video games. Movies, for the most part, are adapted from other sources.

  9. Metal Gear Solid is my second favourite game series ever (after Legacy of Kain)
    A movie will be so fantastic! It practically writes itself as well with the detail put into the story of the game. In fact I would say MGS1-4 are better written than most of Hollywood already.

    I havent seen David Hayter lately but a few years I swear he looked the part and could play Snake. I would love the iconic voice realised on screen. But I guess if this is to be bankable and the first blockbuster successful (both commercially and critically) it will need a big name lead…a fact I will never understand but alas thats what the people want

    excited nonetheless

    • Have you ever seen Guyver 2? David Hayter can do the voice but he cant act for s***. I say Bale, give him the mullet and bandanna he looks exactly like Snake. I could care less about the voice.

      • Oh really? thats a shame. It would have been perfect if Hayter could act.

        Personally I am sick of Bale so I hope we are both wrong

  10. cant go wrong either with Clive Owen or Bale as SNAKE. but what about the others characters? Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Snake, Meryle Silverburgh, Otacon. Always felt it would be an awesome movie. Still think that when the only way to defeat Psycho Mantis in the game was to switch controller ports, is still one of the cleverest ways to defeat a boss in video game history.

  11. i like scott adkins,he can act and is a martial arts star.

    • I’m so in for that!

      • i´ve found him good in -the expandables- and in a ninja-movie(forgot the title)was his acting not bad. he has,without to overrate him, a character face and he is a good martial arts(i think taek´wan´do)guy. and next time he will play the maine role with van damme and lundgren in -uni-sol-reckoning- . to be truth i have no good feeling about that part,maybe some of the fight and action seems watchable and that it is hopefully enjoyable for a d.v.d night with friends.

  12. correction: …star. he could play snake .

  13. Alfonso Cuaron pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeee! Children of men is a great example of what the MGS movie action scenes can and should look like.

    • Clever choice I like that one

      • yes.

  14. give me zelda!!!!

    • I think the problem with Zelda is casting link…. I can’t think of anyone who fits that part

      • Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Link, just a thought…

        • Not a bad thought either.

          • the only other person i can think of is orlando bloom because of his role as legolas but in terms of personality idk if he really fits links persona.

            • or also what just poped in my head how about michael fassbender??? i no he looks a lil older but hes an awesome actor only probablem is that hes already supposed to play in assassin’s creed :/

              • popped*** lol

  15. They have to throw in Kurt Russell as an older operative in a nice little nod to the influence of Snake Plisken on the Snake character in the games.

    I could see Donald Sutherland as Revolver Ocelot for some reason.

  16. Chhristian Bale for Snake, or maybe Kurt Russell?

  17. For real? Christian Bale as Snake? You are all way in over your BAT-heads! Have you even seen Terminator Salvation? Sam Worthington was 2x better than him. There are more worthy actors for the role of Snake. And Kurt Russell, isn’t one of them. TOO OLD & LAME! Settling for LESS, why don’t you? Please raise the bar higher. For Pete’s sake! Scott Adkins maybe a tad interesting, but Tom Hardy would be a WAAAAY better choice though. Just look at the picture from the top and imagine his face under those goggles. Pretty close. Plus, he can really act! David Hayter as the writer would be smart too. I’d also put my money on Ridley Scott or Paul Greengrass as directors.

    • why target the only bad movie bale is in? maybe he wasn’t well cause the movie SUCKED. the machinist, the fighter, empire of the sun, american psycho and the prestige are all fantastic performances by bale.

  18. GTA MGS God of War Prince of Persia (if done right) Fallout would all be great movies (could be great movies if done right)

  19. Michael Biehn was the inspiration for the character. He needs to be included, or play Old Snake.

  20. Eric Bana..he’s gotthe chops and the right look.

  21. Eric Bana..he’s got the chops and the right look.

  22. Eric Bana would perfect

  23. Christian Bale, No doubt !

  24. I always saw Thomas Jane playing Solid Snake. He has the voice and the look down and can play the brooding character really well.

  25. Hugh Jackman as Snake. He is great at playing characters that are rough around the edges. He looks like him also. As far as new movie ideas “Portal” or “Metroid” would be excellent ideas!

  26. Liam neeson for old snake anyone agree?

  27. scott adkins for snake

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  29. i just wanna hear someone yell..Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!