Metal Gear Solid Movie Halted

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metal gear solid movie Metal Gear Solid Movie Halted

From Game Rant:

In an interview last week, Producer Mike De Luca (Ghost Rider, Brothers) touched on the subject of the Metal Gear Solid movie. With the film industry making a push into video game adaptations and it possibly becoming the next comic book movie genre, it seems like a no-brainer that the hot property would be ripe for a film adaptation.

According to De Luca however, things are seemingly on hold for the time being as not everyone’s fully on board, mainly the video game companies. In this case, the developer is Konami and it looks like they maybe fearful of letting a Hollywood studio adapt their prized property considering the history of quality in video game movies.

“I don’t think it’s going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not be enough of a coordinated will at this point on the side of certain parties to see a movie get made. And I get it because the problem with a lot of these adaptations is it’s such a huge franchise for the video game company. A movie can only hurt. If the movie’s great, you’re probably not going to sell more games. It’s such a separate thing. The franchise being as big as it kind of helps the movie…I’m not sure the movie does the same thing for the game.”

Steve went on to mention the onslaught of video game licenses being picked up everywhere to be made into films in the near future and pointed out that the common thought would be that Metal Gear Solid would definitely be one of them.

“I think there’s some things…the video game companies are very protective of their property and there are certain things a studio requires freedom-wise to market and distribute a movie effectively in a global marketplace and sometimes getting those two things to match up is really hard. And in the case of Metal Gear Solid, the agendas just….not because the parties weren’t amicable, it was just kind of impossible to get the agendas to match up.”

The first Metal Gear Solid video game debuted in 1997 to worldwide success and critical acclaim and has since spawned several sequels with the most recent – a fourth installment – playable on the PlayStation 3.

I understand the fear and hesitation from some video game companies to let filmmakers adapt their property especially when they tend to deviate so much from the key elements which made the games so successful in the first place. We saw the Halo film shelved in recent years and from what we’re hearing about the Gears of War movie, it’s likely not going to be based on anything that happens in the first or second games, but a prequel dated quite a few years earlier which has many fans worried.

Would you like to see a Metal Gear Solid movie? Who would make the perfect Solid Snake?

If you missed it, check out the badly photoshopped movie poster for Metal Gear Solid featuring Daniel Craig and Christian Bale.


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Source: Collider (via Game Rant)

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  1. Matthew Bomer (largely of Chuck fame) looks scarily like Solid Snake. And he can act and is definitely not averse to action sequences. He’s also young enough for the delay to have nothing but a good effect, and can age a bit with the role.

  2. i dont see it nass

    in fact i see no actor that can fill snakes shoes right now.

  3. Might as well have David Hayter be Snake. He voices Snake and looks like him. Take him to the gym and the movie will be set.

  4. I hope they still make it. Always sounded like a good idea to me.

  5. I agree, David Hayter knows Snake in and out. He is Snake, no one would be able to play him better. And that voice “Otocon, give the specs on this latest version of Metal Gear”. That voice is very important, who could replicate that smokey gruff voice?

  6. Well the key for a film like this from a studio standpoint is to get butts in seats. David Hayter probably has the acting chops, but you will have to get a BANKABLE star to draw people in. Bale is getting type-cast, so I wouldnt want to see him in this role. Kurt Russel would have been great like a decade ago, but he’s an AARP membership away from officially being CRUSTY. I hate to say it, but I can see Cruise (dont kill me)doing snake. He has the action and acting chops and he can age…hell he’s old already! LOL!

  7. I’m gonna have to say, stick Hayter in the gym, because he IS Snake, plain and simple. I, personally, think the movie isn’t a good idea, though, but I will see it if it gets made.

  8. Well at least with Hayter, he’ll make sure that the movie will definitely stick to cannon. The Metal Gear story is vast,studio tampering will surely kill it though. There has yet to be a successful video game genre movie yet. With Konami and Hideo in charge this could be the first one. Just don’t give it to Fox or Sony,they mess up everything.

  9. please explain to me how the biggest videogame of all time has not been made uhhh HALO??? I dont understand how that is not at the top of every list instead of this and prince of persia type stuff. There is a whole amazing story in the halo universe seems like a easy choice if u ask me.

  10. Halo seems to much for me, Metal gear is so classic, hell they should just combine the cutscreen cinematics into one roll and blast it on the big screen, that is amazing all in its own…But i could def play snake, i smoke cigs and look sick in a bandana lol

  11. Well A bankable star isn’t all that necessary to fill seats. There has been many movies that had unknowns in the lead role that did very well. No one knew who Sharlto Copley was, but District 9 was his first role and that movie sold very well. The reason, it’s concept and fresh story. Yeah, Metal Gear Solid Universe is known to us, but not all. If the story is rich and the characters are fluid and can connect to them, the movie will be big.

  12. @ KantStandYa,

    Part of the reason studios might be hesitant about it is because you can’t make a Halo movie like the games. The way to do it was like Blomkamp was going to do it because there is no main fleshed-out character to use for the movie.

    Master Chief has no emotion, rarely talks and never reveals his face. Therefore, the film cannot be focused on him and that will upset fans. Alternatively, if they gave him a name, face, a love-life, dialogue, etc. it will also not be like the game at all and again will upset fans (and there are a lot of Halo fans).

    My vision of Halo is more on the soldier side of things where they come across and fight alongside the legendary last Spartan. Think of the Blomkamp-directed Halo shorts but on a vastly larger scale and throw Master Chief in the middle :)

  13. halo can have a crappy story if made into a film and still make money.

  14. Colin Farrell…Andy Whitfield… or Johnny Depp those are the best choices, bump the voice… its about who can be the Snake the best… Not the voice.. Example look out Heath become the joker..(character not voice)

  15. Heath was NOT the joker…he was some immitation not the actual joker from the comic

    big name actors suck, they think they are just too awesome and dont put effort in…screw them get a no name…or hayter

  16. Thomas Jane should be Solid Snake. He can act the part and he already has the voice. If I were directing the movie, he would be my first selection for the role. If Richard Crenna were alive today, I would say he should play Campbell (Trautman).

  17. Heath’s version of the Joker was a combination of the main character from “A clockwork Orange” and “The Crow”.

  18. @Lord_Thanos_X

    Colin Farrell? Andy Whitfield? Johnny Depp? The hell is a matter with you? Having all wimp actors play bad ass Snake? None of those actors resemble or could resemble Snake AT ALL. It boggles my mind you would actually suggest those actors.(Although I do like Depp) I have to ask, after you suggested them as potential Snake roles, have you even played the games?


    Tom Jane would be a great choice. You do know Richard Crenna was one of the inspirations for Campbell. Hell Kojima was inspired by mainly Rambo, Escape from New york and others to name a couple.

    Personally, I KNOW the movie will end up being bad. Hollywood and the video game industry are too far apart to ever create something decent.

  19. I think the problem adapting a game like MGS to screen is the same as adapting Max Payne to the screen: The story is already so rich, perfectly layed out and executed, that any adaptation to the silver screen would only go downhill from the source. The MGS games are incredible, hands down. As much as I would adore seeing it all in rich detail in the theaters, I just know that it wouldn't be done justly. It just couldn't be.

  20. only 4 men should be considered for snake & im not sure if any of them wouldnt nail this role: jackman, pitt, jane or bale. they all have shown in their past roles their physical abilities as well as their abilities as action stars. take it from a HUGE mgs fan who's beaten every game from ps1, 2, 3 & psp as well as a fan of all 4 of them.

  21. I will be so pissed if they don't make this Metal Gear Movie. I would really like it to be a good movie but if they had cool special effects, the right characters, followed the game script and got their crap together this movie would make Transformers look like Sponge Bob!! Transformers did great. There's a ton of more-hard-core fans of the Metal Gear series than Transformers. They are going to loose-out if they don't follow through with this!! For once, listen to a FAN who owns the games!

  22. I will be so pissed if they don't make this Metal Gear Movie. I would really like it to be a good movie but if they had cool special effects, the right characters, followed the game script and got their crap together this movie would make Transformers look like Sponge Bob!! Transformers did great. There's a ton of more-hard-core fans of the Metal Gear series than Transformers. They are going to loose-out if they don't follow through with this!! For once, listen to a FAN who owns the games!