‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin-Off Series Planned

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Merlin finale ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series Planned

Well it looks like BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin will be magically disappearing after season 5 – just when the series was really starting to pick up. Merlin will conclude its epic five year journey this Christmas (in the UK) with a two-part series finale – which the cast promises will leave fans breathless.

BBC’s adaption of Merlin took a similar route as the CW’s Smallville did with Superman, by taking their iconic characters at an early stage of their heroic development. Merlin starts off as a young servant boy who soon climbs the ranks to become the then Prince Arthur’s unlikely best friend and confidant – all while hiding his budding magical abilities, which have been outlawed by the king. In a similar Smallvillesque fashion, the series’ main villain, the Lady Morgana, started out as trusted friend but soon turned to fearsome foe.

Merlin series 5 is already halfway through in the UK – but won’t debut in the United States until January 4, 2013 on Syfy. Without giving too much away, series 5 of Merlin will see Arthur finally ascending the throne as king, while using the recently assembled Knights of the Round Table to battle his legendary villain Mordred.

Merlin finale Knights ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedArthur and the Knights of the Round Table – like a boss

What may have come as shocking news to fans seems to have been something the cast has been preparing for awhile – as they’ve reacted to Merlin’s cancellation with a calm sadness. Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) took to CultBox to say:

“I know this is the end, and I know this is goodbye, but thank you for being there on the journey with us because it has been a lot of fun!”

Bradley James, who plays King Arthur, added to Morgan’s statement by letting fans know that they were the real magical force behind the show’s success by saying:

“Devoted fan base who made the show a unique, surreal and special experience. My words won’t do justice to the honor of being King Arthur, so I shall just say that it has been an exceptional one and that knowing the show has been a part of so many people’s lives has been humbling.”

Merlin finale Merlin and Arthur up a tree ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedMerlin (Colin Morgan) and his best buddy King Arthur (Bradley James)

In a bit of an ironic twist, hope for a truly spectacular series ending for fans comes from actress Katie McGrath, who plays the villainous Lady Morgana, who said:

 “The breathtaking finale of this series leaves you with no doubt that characters have been on their journeys and had their stories told – it’s completely the right time to draw our telling of the story to a close.”

Angel Coulby, who plays Guinevere, the servant turned Queen of Camelot, also teased fans about the epic two part series finale, while taking the time to reminisce about the success of Merlin. Coulby said:

“I think we’ve told the story we set out to tell, which ends with the fantastic two part finale by the way! I believe the key to any successful show is making sure you leave people wanting more!”

Merlin finale Morganna and Gwen ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedMorgana (Katie McGrath) turns a sword on her once friend and servant Guinevere (Angel Coulby)

Rounding out the reactions from the main cast is Richard Wilson, who plays Merlin’s mentor Gaius (who let’s be honest we never thought would make it to the finale) had the following to say:

“Firstly I would like to say that I’m extremely sad that Merlin has come to an end. Speaking as Gaius, I feel I have mentored the young wizard as far as I can – he is much smarter and greater than me now and I am simply exhausted!”

Battling sad news with humor, Irish actor, Eoin Macken (who plays the gallant knight, Gwaine) took to twitter to console fans by tweeting: “For the ppl sad about Merlin, it’s true this is the end of it, sorry about that…if I’d my way the knights would be flying superheroes ..”

Merlin finale Old merlin ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedOld Merlin

The big question remaining is who will survive the big two part finale as well as if Merlin’s magical secret will be revealed to all. Although the main series will meet its end soon, there’s already talks of potential spin-offs, TV movies and even a possible reboot.

Shine and FremantleMedia Enterprises (which handles Merlin internationally) are in the early stages of developing potential Merlin spinoffs using the universe created in the series – possibly with the further adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. Any future shows or possible TV movies would be produced by Shine’s Kudos in partnership with FME.


The final season of Merlin hits the United States January 4, 2013 on Syfy on.

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  1. I want a episode 6 of merlin …its so sad after watching the episode 5 last year and until now im still waiting for it .

  2. we want merlin 6

  3. My husband and I only began watching Merlin about a month ago. Got it off Netflix. We are on episode 58. I decided to look the show up on the net. Only to find out, to my total disappointment, that there are only 65 episodes. We got completely devoted to the series, to find out its over. I guess it goes without saying that we are soooo number. Bring it back!?

  4. 2008 – 2012 = four years, not five. This just the same with measuring a person’s age.

    • 2008 – season 1
      2009 – season 2
      2010 – season 3
      2011 – season 4
      2012 – season 5
      No confusion there…….

  5. Please bring MERLIN back!!!! My family and I are big fans of the show and cast. We just watched the end of season 5 and was not happy that there was not going to be a season 6 and hopefully more.This is such a GOOD show .What a shame if this ends with Arthur dieing .Please bring back our favorite family show with all our favorite actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I absolutely agree! There are so few “family shows” on t.v. There is something for everyone on Merlin, and I know I will always feel safe and comfortable watching the show with my children. It is a rare gift when we as parents can be entertained without the embarrassment of inappropriate scenes, having to explain things or cover our children’s eyes. PLEASE bring Merlin back, we love the actors, the show, the creators and all who have graced the t.v. world with Merlin!

  6. How come they would cancel SEASON 6 if people are soooo actticed even me. They need to make SEASON 6 come back NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. please we are begging ya bring the show backk
    merlin is the greatest show i ever saw when does arthur rise again
    en how can merlin still be alive come on make a season 6
    everyone is waiting on it ! pleasee

  8. Bring. Merlin. Back. NOW!

    thay have completely missed the story of:
    Gwain and the Green Knight

    I think that would have been really good.

  9. My daughter and I recently began watching this show on Netflix and were hooked immediately. It saddened us both to realize there were no further shows after Season 5. Is there any possibility of re-erecting this show? Based on comments I’ve read about this show – everyone feels it ended much too soon. Wasn’t there a big enough fan base?

    • change the ending and bring merlin back. it finshed way too soon.

  10. Tragic ending. Merlin’s magic was never appreciated. It would have been nice to see sequels of magic being finally allowed and practiced during King Artur’s regime and merlin can have new powerful enemies who threatens the kingdom it doesn’t always have to be Morgana.

  11. I just started watching Merlin thus year and made it to the final last episode in two months. I love the series so much and am so addicted to it. It creates another special world and while watching it you are far far away…
    As much as I love the series I’m so completely sad about the end. For me the story isn’t tell to its end. What’s going on with the knights of the round table? Where is the best magican of all times, because even in the end nobody knows about merlins secret?!
    PLEASE let Arthur rise again and MAKE A BETTER END TO THE STORY :(

  12. Why on earth they cancelled this show just before we got to the heart of the story, I’ll never know. It feels like they decided to cancel halfway through the last series and just made a hasty exit. The finale left me a wreck. I hardly dare rewatch the first season because I know it will end so cruelly. Merlin failed his destiny, Arthur died and Merlin is doomed to walk the earth for thousands of years, missing his friend. Yeah, great ending! Not. I don’t mind a sad ending, but this is beyond cruel. This needs fixing. The writers and producers owe it to the fans and to the story.

    • Very true, the ending was crazy and there still plenty of room for more seasons. What about the return of king Arthur when Albiuns time needs him the most? I just hate to see the show go

  13. Maybe a 6th season might not be easy to archieve, but a spin-off opens a whole new world of possibilities. There are so many untold stories left! Maybe something more about Avalon and the priestesses living there? Or a Prequel: Camelot before Uther becomes King. We see his rise to power and the subsequent purge. There is so much left to tell. And your loyal fanbase is eager to Support you every step of the way. Thank you fir five amazing years of “Merlin”

  14. Firstly they stated well and end in a way ,Am greatful for all those manufactured one’s but my question is “why will arthur die? As the most powerfu emrys, merlin surpose have power to heal him.ok, acording to dragon Authur have to rise again because dragon said that he is the future king and also said when albion needs his greatest that he will rise again , so i dont see any reason why it should end in season 5. Am ur smartes guy alwas calm.

  15. I started watching the show 3 weeks ago and just finished. As much as I would love to see more of the series. I believe they did a great job of ending it. I have heard many different ways of the telling of merlin, and they all ended the same. With Author falling by the hands of Mordrid. To change that would be to change a story that has been told through out the ages, and that would be a disrespectful thing to do. With that I congratulate everyone that took part in the making of Merlin and thank you for the wonderful journey

  16. This is pretty much the best show I’ve ever gotten into. How can you take away a show so great?? I’m sure I’m speaking for fans everywhere when I say we want season 6 of Merlin and more!! Bring it back guys c’mon!

  17. I normally would not give a comment but this is important. We get so few shows with the magic of our childhood. To cancel this show is a sin. How can CSI ran forever with little or no story lines and this one be cancelled. This is not right and should not be acceptable. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives. Please bring it back or at least a sequel to it.

  18. Amazing show. I have read the responses. That the show was canceled could only mean Baack of funding not ratings.
    This is/was an extremely well done production with a beguiling cast.
    Yes you could have Arthur reach A Avalon, to be magically brought back to life.
    Perhaps you will magically find the funding and the scripts to bring this back to life. Americans love ther Magic. I say, let it be so.

  19. When will Avalon need Arthur again? We want him back with Merlin. Bring him back would be a nice way to continue the history. The dragon said that someday the world would need the king again… This day is today, please.

  20. Why was the show canceled? I find it so captivating, can’t imagine what were the reasons?

  21. It so stubid how it ended unless he comes back and the main idea is to make a new castle were magic can be practice not were only clue of merlin secret is that quinavere knows him. we need more I am 11 I really want to see more if I make video games I will deafently make a game like this because they don’t make show like this plz bring it back this is my favorite show my second is once upon a time because I like magic shows but there is no shows like this plz make more if not I will be :(

  22. BRING MERLIN BACK!!! I was incredibly sad a the end of series 5, and I was and am still so addicted to Merlin.

  23. BRING MERLIN BACK!!! I was incredibly sad a the end of series 5, and I was and am still so addicted to Merlin.

  24. what an intresting film it is….oh no! That must not be the end,the movies musn’t be cancelled like that! U still have much to do Authur must rise,Merlin must not leave Camelot,Albions still need Arthur as the Dragon said…..So BRING BACK OUR FAVOURITE MOVIE!!! We are waiting for Series6…..

  25. I am so hooked on Merlin… Now that it ended what will I watch now. Please bring Merlin back