‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin-Off Series Planned

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Merlin finale ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series Planned

Well it looks like BBC’s fantasy drama Merlin will be magically disappearing after season 5 – just when the series was really starting to pick up. Merlin will conclude its epic five year journey this Christmas (in the UK) with a two-part series finale – which the cast promises will leave fans breathless.

BBC’s adaption of Merlin took a similar route as the CW’s Smallville did with Superman, by taking their iconic characters at an early stage of their heroic development. Merlin starts off as a young servant boy who soon climbs the ranks to become the then Prince Arthur’s unlikely best friend and confidant – all while hiding his budding magical abilities, which have been outlawed by the king. In a similar Smallvillesque fashion, the series’ main villain, the Lady Morgana, started out as trusted friend but soon turned to fearsome foe.

Merlin series 5 is already halfway through in the UK – but won’t debut in the United States until January 4, 2013 on Syfy. Without giving too much away, series 5 of Merlin will see Arthur finally ascending the throne as king, while using the recently assembled Knights of the Round Table to battle his legendary villain Mordred.

Merlin finale Knights ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedArthur and the Knights of the Round Table – like a boss

What may have come as shocking news to fans seems to have been something the cast has been preparing for awhile – as they’ve reacted to Merlin’s cancellation with a calm sadness. Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) took to CultBox to say:

“I know this is the end, and I know this is goodbye, but thank you for being there on the journey with us because it has been a lot of fun!”

Bradley James, who plays King Arthur, added to Morgan’s statement by letting fans know that they were the real magical force behind the show’s success by saying:

“Devoted fan base who made the show a unique, surreal and special experience. My words won’t do justice to the honor of being King Arthur, so I shall just say that it has been an exceptional one and that knowing the show has been a part of so many people’s lives has been humbling.”

Merlin finale Merlin and Arthur up a tree ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedMerlin (Colin Morgan) and his best buddy King Arthur (Bradley James)

In a bit of an ironic twist, hope for a truly spectacular series ending for fans comes from actress Katie McGrath, who plays the villainous Lady Morgana, who said:

 “The breathtaking finale of this series leaves you with no doubt that characters have been on their journeys and had their stories told – it’s completely the right time to draw our telling of the story to a close.”

Angel Coulby, who plays Guinevere, the servant turned Queen of Camelot, also teased fans about the epic two part series finale, while taking the time to reminisce about the success of Merlin. Coulby said:

“I think we’ve told the story we set out to tell, which ends with the fantastic two part finale by the way! I believe the key to any successful show is making sure you leave people wanting more!”

Merlin finale Morganna and Gwen ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedMorgana (Katie McGrath) turns a sword on her once friend and servant Guinevere (Angel Coulby)

Rounding out the reactions from the main cast is Richard Wilson, who plays Merlin’s mentor Gaius (who let’s be honest we never thought would make it to the finale) had the following to say:

“Firstly I would like to say that I’m extremely sad that Merlin has come to an end. Speaking as Gaius, I feel I have mentored the young wizard as far as I can – he is much smarter and greater than me now and I am simply exhausted!”

Battling sad news with humor, Irish actor, Eoin Macken (who plays the gallant knight, Gwaine) took to twitter to console fans by tweeting: “For the ppl sad about Merlin, it’s true this is the end of it, sorry about that…if I’d my way the knights would be flying superheroes ..”

Merlin finale Old merlin ‘Merlin’ Canceled After Season 5; Spin Off Series PlannedOld Merlin

The big question remaining is who will survive the big two part finale as well as if Merlin’s magical secret will be revealed to all. Although the main series will meet its end soon, there’s already talks of potential spin-offs, TV movies and even a possible reboot.

Shine and FremantleMedia Enterprises (which handles Merlin internationally) are in the early stages of developing potential Merlin spinoffs using the universe created in the series – possibly with the further adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. Any future shows or possible TV movies would be produced by Shine’s Kudos in partnership with FME.


The final season of Merlin hits the United States January 4, 2013 on Syfy on.

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  1. I hope Netflix picks up the series!. I’m soo bummed its cancled.

  2. Netflix has the series dummy

  3. I enjoyed the series each week,and looked forward to witching it with the family. I was upset when it ended, I have watched the series over and over again on Netflix and enjoy it more and more each time. I think they could have streached out the story line for six (6) more seasons, too bad. My sincere hope is that it pick up again as it startes out, please dont fix what was not broken, keep the same actors, same rolls, same feeling, and excitement. Make it The Adventure of Merlin and oh yes Author.

    • I just finished watching the 5 seasons of Merlin. What an incredible body of work! I thoroughly enjoyed the well scripted episodes, the cast of characters, the beautiful settings, and story line! Merlin gives the viewers a chance to experience the times of knights, kings, castles, sorcery and magic! Merlin, also portrays the plights of a people during that time. The use of proper English with no profanity was very refreshing! The displays of love and honor rings true. Merlin also re-enforces the rules of cause and effect, right from wrong, and the glory of loyalty.

      With all this said, “WHY” would you cancel a series at the peak of it’s viewership both in Britain, and the United States! From what I’ve read the cast was also sad to see it end.

      Blogs suggest that spin offs are being considered! I would welcome the RETURN of Merlin with the same cast! There are many more potential stories that could be told! Merlin’s fan base would like to see it return! …………………………….

      • Yes!!Totally agree. spin off’s same characters and more stories to be told..
        love this show… just finished all the seasons.. gosh.. how can it end? please
        reconsider.. there is alot of support and fans too. thanks ;-)

      • I have just spent the last two days watching this series. Although I was not at first interested and truth be told I was sure I would disapprove of the series. At the end of season two however I must say I was drawn into this story of magic. There were many plot twists and stories. So many moments I felt connected to the characters with the humor and drama I was hooked into it and could not leave my computer I would very much like to see a continuation of this story. the way it ended just left me asking questions and sorely disappointed. I do understand that the same actors may not come into play but as long as the emotion and heart that was put into this series is put into the next your fan base will definitely be stronger than ever and any new ideas you have may very well be welcome as well. Although it may mean nothing the fans would like to hear some news soon

    • Yes! 100% agree!

      • I just love this story. I so much wish it would not end. Such a great cast and story line. I am watching the seasons on Net Flix now. It’s such a great show..Please bring it back some kind of way…
        Loyal fan :)

  4. I just finished watching all 5 seasons on Netflix and truly enjoyed the show. I wish it would have continued on, but I do not see how a revival would work, considering we last see Merlin in this day and age. That might be a little weird.

  5. Please continue to next season might be a delay but want to watch badly with the same crew many brought from the dead or something plz continue

  6. It is kinda stupid it ended like that Arthur only new he was warlock for two days in show now one else figure it out many beside the queen it is really stupid toend it

  7. Why end it why why why why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sad angry does the cast read it don’t have Facebook but my uncle liked it my aunt liked it and other in my family plz makes season six as a delay in stead of canceled

  8. We watched the END on NETFLIX last night. Like BATTLESTAR Galactica I knew it would not last forever. I did enjoy watching Arthur & Merlin dig each other.

    As for a spin off: it worked for Star Trek why not work for Merlin?

  9. Merlin is a great family friendly show. I found it in netflix. I hope you decide to reboot with the same cat. I am sure there are lots more stories to tell. Thanks guys a great series.

  10. I am not in the least bit happy as to how Merlin ended.The series is an amazing series. I watched all 5 season in less than a week; craving to see how it would all unravel and I was gravely disappointed. I wanted to see the relationship Arthur and Merlin would have when he found out Merlin had magic. I didn’t see any. Why did Arthur have to find out on his death bed? Merlin lost his best friend and acceptance. I would love if there is or will be a spin off from Merlin. I sure am going to miss Arthur and Merlin especially Merlin. I never could stop myself from laughing when watching Merlin. I’m going to miss Gaius and Guinevere and I was very fond of Gwaine too. Over all it was and extraordinary series, maybe I’m just heart broken I wont be seeing the crew again. But if there’s a spin-off it would not and will not be the same without the crew especially Merlin and Arthur. Love You All

  11. I love this show I looked forward to it everyday! and knowing it has come to an end is soo depressing. I hope there will be other seasons or something with the same actors and actresses and the same roles etc.. I don’t want this show to end!

    • i think the series should go on because nobody likes the ending when arthurs death.

  12. This show is pretty awesome. I watched the whole series in 2-3 weeks. I’m not one to binge on a show either and I didn’t really except maybe the first season, I may have watched that whole season in a few hours because it turned out to be surprisingly delightful. The show was able to pull off funny, sad and very serious in basically every episode. My favorite characters are obviously Merlin and Arthur but who could not like, Gaius or Guinevere even the baddies Morgana, Uther, Mordred even if he wasn’t too bad at first. I also loved the transitions we get to observe from Morgana and Mordred. She was so lovable in the beginning but became the most hated yet still kinda likable character and then we have kid Mordred becoming young adult Mordred and that guy was scary, like since he first returned to the show he freaked me out. Anyway the show was a great gem I decided to dig up on Netflix and it’s now one of my favorite shows and I don’t really watch many shows. I’ll always love this and I’m coll even if they don’t return for a special or something but I hope they do. Just to see Arthur alive again, reunited with Gwen and maybe see the old Merlin pop up again, he’s so funny :)

  13. i strongly believe dat merlin will have season six.remember de cup of life is in carmalot merlin should use it and give 2 d knight dat foght in d battle were arther was killed and when all are back 2 live mordred should also be brought 2 live and carmalot should unit with all there enemies and when king arther is brought back 2 live magic should be allowed in carmalot.Because 2 me, albion has not been build.

  14. I just recently finished the whole series within two weeks. I want to believe that the season 6 should be delayed. Yes we saw that Merlin prevailed, but we yet to see the kingdom change and let magic come back. Arthur’s words to Merlin before he died showed that the kingdom will change, but without him how can it be? Although the ending showed us modern day Merlin walking by Avalon that could be used as a foresight. Please bring back Merlin as it was a great show. You have let all the fans wanting more. It would be great to see Arthur change the kingdom and have Merlin by his side for the kingdom that they are BUILDING because it has yet to be BUILT.

    Please take all the fans into consideration and not let the show end for we want more. The magic is in the air and as Arthur and Merlin build Albion you guys shall build the next season.

    • Not many TV shows/ movies make me ball my eyes out. A couple of tears here and there of course but Arthur’s death .. oh my god.!!
      I had fallen in love with this beautiful world and the beautiful friendship between Arthur and merlin. Just a great epic story that hooked me in.
      Like many of the comments here I am sad that the relief for merlin sharing his secret with Arthur and having Arthur FINALLY gain some insight into the help merlin had been providing secretly behind the scenes for years was so short lived :(

      I’m sure there is more to this story as I saw the mini series/movie with Sam Neill when I was younger. It’s similar in a lot of ways but merlin loves nimueh and they grow old together… big difference? Maybe there is a book?

      Does anyone know if there is any more that is out with these actors? Or the end of the story? Does Camelot accept magic? What does merlin do now that he fulfilled his destiny? Does his find love? I agree with Paula Smith about why the show is so refreshing. Anyone know of other TV shows or stories that are similar and also really good?

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Saw it on Netflix sometime ago and couldn’t stop watching! I LOVED how they told an actual love story without sexual scenes which made it alright for my young children to watch. LOVED the knights, castles, eclectic cast, and the atmosphere and how the “setting” was. I really wish there were at least 3 more seasons and then a spin off. I am in the U.S.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!!!

  16. me and my brother started watching the series on Netflix but he went ahead of me on it and was at season 5 before i could even finish season 1. and when i continued watching, he told me that the rest of the season was boring and told me to skip to 5. so i already know the ending but i’m determined to watch all the series. but i have to say, I HATED the ending and as i continued watching every dramatic part, like were Gius was going to die, was ruined for me because i knew what would happen. but i still injoy watching the young merlin struggle to keep the aragont young prince alive and out of danger. and laugh as he miserably fails and takes the harder route on every challenge, making the simplest problems the most complex delemas.

  17. I loved it..its so relaxing,it should be back soon..i wanna watch its over and over but please dont change the characters,maintain them.

  18. Please season 6

    • Please don’t leave us with Season 5, there’s got to be more to this story and King Arthur must live – “long live the King”!!

  19. Don’t end

    • Please bring back Merlin for season 6…please dont let it end this way!!!

      • We had 4+ years worth of episodes that gave promises and gave clear premise that Merlins mission was at its very beginning and that he would spend many years along side Arthur in camelot. The show even started off that way inferring that Merlin and Arthur would become legends and there would be a golden age of prosperity. None of this is shared with the viewers. The Dragons riddles to Merlin werent the only things that promised a long future ahead for Merlin and Arthur but history books that characters referred to did so too. Im certain many viewers were expecting to be entertained with many adventures that did not simply involve the same villian. The show could have ended with Arthur and Merlin still continuuing their plight. Why not? Think of all the youth watching this show. The hero in the story is thwarted before he gets to make any significant accomplishments.The adult authurian legends might kill off Arthur in his later days but why is a teenage audience targeted tv show killing off the hero in his youth, talk about depressing. Yeah life might not always be easy or go to plan. But why cant kids have their heroic tales where the hero lives on and endures. My advice is bring back arthur or merlin give modern children a modern knightly like hero that they can dream about and strive to be like

        • I dont mean to just say- please continue the series because I didnt like the closing off of the final episode. The way the series closed off might have satisfied some viewers or even the actors and writers themselves.

          the series set a Massive! playing field when it started out. The first meeting with the dragon in the very first episode imediately told us that the sky was the limit with how many adventures were in store. We were constantly reminded that there were many adventures and trials ahead for both of our heros. Arthurs time on the throne and establishment of the new kingdom was said to be for many years to come.

          some ideas
          Adventures in Camelot could continue with Merlin returning in times of need and becoming known as a knight worthy hero… resulting in magic being accepted in the kingdom. Merin could return to Avalon on occasion calling for Arthur to return with him and be refused until he is healed completely i.e. as recorded in the arthurian myths. If the main actor who played Arthur does not want to continue performing he could be succeeded with another. Arthurs healing process explaining a change in looks.
          Alternatively, Merlin having discovered his powers may be learning more about time and dabble with changing events in time and space. eg what IF Morgana was never poisoned to being with, everything after that might not have happened or characters might have been introduced at different times thus giving them new direction. Morgana might still be a villian but one more dissplaced rather than nail bent on one thing.

          there many different possibilities

  20. just finished watching merlin from season 1 to 5 following story by story. it was such an awesome cast big ups Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Richard Wilson and katie McGrath,
    I loved the sorcery, determination of the whole cast, their braveness. So wonderful and amazing.
    I wish I had the chace to shake your hands but all in all congradulations: thumbs high.

  21. I hope there will be a continuation of merlin, just loved how the knights fight their tactics. Merlin will forever be my best show.

  22. Nooooo!!!! We need season 6, please!!! Such a good series!


  24. Why cancelle a good show and leave its fans hang out and not know what s going to happen????? Please bring Merlin back its a good show I like and so do my friends and they were disappointed when they found out it was no longer we want Merlin Back

    Thank you

  25. I loved Merlin!!

  26. Don’t get me wrong I loved the show, but I think that there was sooooooo much more that could have been done with it. It had a lot of potential but toward the end I had to force my self to watch it because it was becoming so predictable.

    The actors were great in all of their parts and the story was awesome! But the story that was meant to be told now has and I think that they did the right thing by ending it.

  27. I am so sad to hear that because I ever love a series like I’ve love this please guys just do us a favour by make this continue

  28. I really loved Merlin because it was one of the things that inspired me…it still does. So, I want to say that it was amazing and I’m sure there are lots of fans waiting for a spin-off or something. Someone could continue the story by showing Arthur’s child becoming the Prince and then the king! During the final episode, the Great Dragon said that when the time comes, Arthur will be reincarnated!
    Merlin is was and will always be something more than a show, something that will inspire people!
    I think of it and sometimes, Merlin gives me hope!
    Because I know that the impossible is possible sometimes.
    You just have to believe in it!