‘The Mentalist’ Star Simon Baker Inks New $30 Million Deal

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simon baker the mentalist The Mentalist Star Simon Baker Inks New $30 Million Deal

In a staggering deal that only The Mentalist himself could have seen coming, Simon Baker, the 41-year-old star of the hit CBS crime drama, has reportedly reached a new agreement with Warner Bros. that extends his current contract another year and guarantees the actor an estimated $30 million payday.

The attractive new deal is said to give Baker a larger piece of the pie (more of The Mentalist‘s backend profits) in addition to a much sought-after producer credit – beginning in the program’s fifth season.

The most lucrative long-term aspect of Baker’s deal, undoubtedly, is the backend action the Australian TV and film star is getting from Warner Bros. – which now syndicates The Mentalist on TNT. Just last year, Warner Bros. sold The Mentalist‘s syndication rights for better than $2 million per episode. Original episodes of the program are still cash cows in their own right – with each averaging approximately sixteen million viewers.

The deal with Baker – who was previously best known for starring alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada – effectively makes The Mentalist star one of the entertainment industry’s highest paid television actors.

mentalist The Mentalist Star Simon Baker Inks New $30 Million Deal

Word of the deal and Baker’s subsequent newfound lofty status in the television world came as a surprise to many who though The Mentalist‘s recent dip in ratings and viewer interest foreshadowed a downhill slide for the series. Despite the mega success of the series right out of the gates in 2008, The Mentalist’s audience has already fallen by a noticeable 6% and, in particular, a disappointing 15% in the all important 18 to 49 demographic.

However, according to DeadlineThe Mentalist, a series in which Baker portrays Patrick Jane, a psychic consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation, remains “one of the most DVR-ed programs on TV” –  chalking up an additional three million viewers each week from playback viewing.

Still, Baker has inked a deal that few saw coming. And barring any psychic ability on the part of Warner Bros., it would appear that the new agreement comes as The Mentalist has already reached the zenith of its popularity.

The Mentalist airs Thursdays at 10 PM EST on CBS.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Well crap. There goes my dream of Baker starring as Matt Murdock in a Daredevil reboot/remake.

  2. Good for him!

  3. This show is just a blatant rip-off of psyche. A better show on USA.

    • I used to wonder about that, too!! But, which one aired first? I don’t remember.

      • Psych came first in 2006. The Mentalist began in 2008.. But Monk was not a psychic nor claimed to be one, was very observant and began in 2002. Lie To Me with Tim Roth in 2009. Recently started watching The Mentalist, there are a lot of cop like shows with “consultants”.
        Lie To Me
        The Mentalist
        Person Of Interest
        White Collar
        Body of Proof
        Diagnosis Murder
        Murder She Wrote.

        • When the Mentalist was on Sundays, it was all screwed up by football. that is why people stopped watching. i just watched it on Wednesday, but someone said Thursday. it was on. the ratings went down, because no knew when it was on. I will miss the show (and Simon Baker)

          • best show on tv!!! cannot believe it will be gone. love everybody on it. here is such crap on tv that stays on and then they deprive us of great writing and GREAT cast members! thought it couldn’t get any better, but like it even more now! love all new characters. hate the killed off vega! really liked her and wiley and cho together!

            • To make matters worse, they are adding another CSI show and with the most boring (sorry, but it’s true) actress on TV, Patricia Arquette. Actually, I felt the last season of “Mentalist” was the best. New blood was brought in, Tim Kang got more lines and I do feel they took the “Red John” thing a bit too long. I do wish they had found a more interesting actress to play Lisbon. Simon Baker is such a strong actor, Robin Tunney came off very weak in comparison. This last season the new additions and the writing are so good – it blows my mind they are taking it out and replacing it with some very weak replacements.
              I hope we will see Tim Kang and Simon Baker soon in another series. THEY were the best in the series, except for the new FBI chief.

            • I agree 100 percent!!!!! Best show ever!!!

    • I don’t wish to argue with a respondent but as far as I’m concerned Psyche is one of the worst shows out there. Bland storytelling and staid depthless performances. It’s a throwback to the bland 80s mainstream whodunit shows the script for which seemed to have been written on a napkin over lunch and filmed on a flip before dinner.
      It’s like Castle in that respect, asking little of viewers who just require inoffensive diversion for perhaps an hour before bed.
      Mentalist is much more complex. It deals with issues of fatherhood, guilt and responsibility and the nature of justice as well as taking a sideways swipe at terrorism as the new American experience. It is adult viewing and demands real audience engagement if it is to be enjoyed.

      • The only thing Psych and The Mentalist have in commen is two people who pretend/used to be psychics. The Mentalist is a drama, thus the reason, as you put it, “Mentalist is much more complex. It deals with issues of fatherhood, guilt and responsibility and the nature of justice as well as taking a sideways swipe at terrorism as the new American experience. It is adult viewing and demands real audience engagement if it is to be enjoyed.” Where Psych is a comedy.

        The only thing Psych has with “real life” issues is with Gus and him being a sympathetic crier.

        Both shows are great, but to compare the two on complexity is absurd.

        • I think it’s very fair to compare the both. Psyche, is what you call, dumbing down American viewers.

    • Some people lost their mind and the rating well that happens to every show even psychic or something like that that u.s.a claim what a joke mentalist is going to come out strong no doubt now since they got a clean slate imaginations can run wild

  4. The episodes I’ve seen this season have been better than the entirety of season two, but, every episode is a recycle of the one before. It was an interesting premise at first but it feels more & more like they’re trying to create a House-like detective. Of course, that lends to the idea from some fans that Red John is actually Jane himself.

  5. This show deserves to be canceled! It’s got great characters, but the writing is lousy! It’s gotten way too cutesey and unbelievable. Yuck.

  6. I’d pay him 20 bucks to wash my car,,,

    • I started watching TM 2-3 seasons ago and got caught up like everyone else in the SB craze. Then I saw him twice on Ellen Degeneres’ show and thought my heart would melt. Then I searched for more of his works on the net and when I came upon one of his obviously R-rated videos, my heart came back together and I reclaimed it. No one should be paid millions to do that and then be thought the world of!! The video showed him and his “wife” in a very risque scene, so missing any of his shows now doesn’t bother me in the least. Good is bad and bad is good. So goes the world.

      • I’m assuming your referring to a movie Simon did called “Book of Love”. A small, independent movie he did in 2005, I believe. The scene was a very tense scene of him having sex with his wife after finding out she cheated on him. While the scene was reasonably explicit (I’ve seen far more), it was a key moment in the movie. Simon Baker is an amazing actor and has played MANY parts over the years in TV and movies and has a star on the Walk of Fame. Don’t judge him by one role, be it Patrick Jane or David Walker (Book of Love, look at his body of work.

  7. I seriously think that this ruins the possibility of Jisbon in it.
    Now that he’ll become a producer, he will be able to say something in the progress of making TM, and since he doesn’t want to kiss Robin, that’s a serious problem for us Jisbon-shippers.

  8. The last season was definitely a low ebb. Sometimes I wondered why I was still watching but however poor the Mentalist was, it can never plumbs the depths of Psyche. I can’t understand why it hasn’t been canceled, bland, pointless and trite. It’s one of my pet peeves. I can’t believe that shows of the quality of Boss, Terriers, Awake, the Secret Circle and the Fringe, have all flirted with cancelation or worst but Psyche just keeps on going. There’s no justice in this world.

    • They’re flirting with vulgarity now, so just watch and see what happens.

  9. The Mentalist is a FANTASTIC show imo.. no other “crime scene” show even comes close. So im happy for simon on his deal. Yeah the past few seasons have been sketchy but the first few eps of season 5 have been great. If CBS wants to keep Mentalist a top show they need to move it back to weekdays.. shows get moved to sundays to die. Thats just how it goes. :/ i will keep the faith till it is truly over.

    • I think this deal secures the Mentalist for a few more seasons. The first two episodes of this season were fantastic. It’s obvious now that Bruno Heller has decided that Patrick is Red John and that decision has given the writing some direction. It’s a risky decision as it threatens the future DVD sales and television repeats. I don’t think we’d all be rewatching Columbo if Columbo was a misogynistic serial killer. So Bruno if you’re reading this, don’t do it, let Red John be an outsider else lose audience sympathy.

    • If you move a show to Sunday at 9, what do you expect! Put it back on prime time. The show has a great gimmick concept, makes it different than “PLEEez! the big bang therory”
      Get real 18-40 r 2 busy texting to be your prime audience!

    • I do not have a web site just an -mail address. The Mentalist is the best show on TV for me. The problem is not the show it is CBS not promoting it as well as it should. TNT’s promotions are so much better than the ones on CBS/ Also why did they put it on Sunday night? It makes it hard to keep up with the times. When football games are on the series is always late coming on. Or it is not shown at all because of all those stupid award shows. Put it back where it was and put something else on Sunday night.

      • Bruno Heller’s decision to reverse the Red John Story arc threw the show into chaos and a ruinous season 4, each episode worst than the next. The Mentalist as a consequence lost its audience.
        Season 5 represents a return to form but is it a little too late. The success of The Following and the rumoured malaise of Simon Baker, our favourite series has new nemeses to face, perhaps more fatal than Red John.

  10. I have been a fan of The Mentalist since it’s inception. Being retired law enforcement I am intrigued by the plots. However, since the introduction of JJ LaRoche I have missed many episodes. If I turn it on and he is part of the show, I change the channel. In no way shape or form is he depicting an IAB investigator, let alone the Chief. I am sure you will say that it is “just acting” but I am sure that casting selects people that display some of the character of the part. So, that being said, he is arrogant, egotistical, and a good reason to turn The Mentalist off. Every show usually has “the bad guy” he is way beyond that and if I had the misfortune of seeing him in public I am sure that he would be the same, but I hope that never happens and until that time I will just keep switching channels if I see him in an episode or any other show that might have the misfortune to have him in it.

    • I’m with you! He had a lot of arrogancy to throw around too, didn’t he? Just like Billy Lewis on the old Matlock show – if he shows up on that, I won’t watch. He blamed Matlock for his lot in life. Some characters are just not worth the watch. And I believe that if I’m talking about the same character, JJ showed up on House for several episodes, but fortunately for THAT show, they got rid of him in a hurry. Even one time was too much.

    • Pruitt Taylor Vance who plays JJ Laroche is alas just acting and acting brilliantly. He’s brought genuine menace to the show. He seems to represent justice in all of its bureaucratic glory and he also shows how far Jane’s CBI team have wandered off the reservation eg Rigsby slaying his father’s killer.
      The other roles that I have seen him in Constantine and Justified, a whiskey priest and a meth dealing hillbilly were quite different to JJ Laroche.

  11. Simon Baker Opts Out Of The Mentalist

    Actor-producer is asking to end his contract with CBS’ The Mentalist.

    Burbank, California (ap.wire) February 17, 2013 – Actor Simon Baker has requested to be let out of his seven-year contract to star on the CBS TV program The Mentalist, asking that the current season be his last.

    He is citing future projects.

    The Mentalist was originally planned to run for five seasons. Mr. Baker’s contract was extended in 2011 to seven seasons with producing credits.

    CBS has not commented.

    • I hope that they’re able to meet part way. Simon does one more mini season to resolve the RJ storyline and the show lets him out of the seven which was too much, for him and for us.

    • BS story created by a conspiracy freak who has it out for the show, she’s admitted as such. She’s done stories like this before.

      Simon is fine, the show is fine. People should stop freaking out.

      @Jason King

      The Mentalist’s ratings were still GREAT throughout Season 4. The real drop came this season, as a consequence of CBS moving it so Sunday to accomodate Elementary on Thursdays – no other reason.

      The show is still going strong quality wise and will likely get a well deserved 6th season. Given that Simon and Bruno’s plan is for 6 or 7 years, I guess either next season or the one after will be the last. Getting closure is the most important thing now, especially after such a good run.

      • That is great news. The Mentalist has been so good this season that I’ve absolutely forgotten season 4.
        I will have to disagree with you. Season 4 represented a sizeable decline in the Mentalist audience from 17.52 in the first season, it stabilised it’s audience share to around 15.30 seasons 2 and 3 then it sharply dropped off to 14.57 season 4. As soon as a show goes into decline, it is hard to arrest it.
        This season has shown some development in the Red John storyline but it may be a little too late. Bruno should never have resurrected Red John. We could have had Jane hounded by Red John’s friends, flashbacks whilst Jane probed the mystery of Red John etc. Instead we were given a plot twist worthy of Dallas and that has damaged the show.
        This season the show has had to reorient Red John, because all of the previous RJ clues lead to Bradley. So now we have the mystery handshake, Visualise and Robert Kirkland.

    • A lot of people/shows are like that. The star believes he/she is bigger than the company and start making huge demands. These ‘stars’ have no respect for the ones who got them where they are presently, thinking for the most part they did it all on their own. So now they’re off to bigger and better things to hobnob with the other big snobs. Watch what I’m saying.

      • I’ll take as much cash as I could if I were him and so would oyu hypocrite.

  12. No more Mentalist for me if Simon Baker leaves! It just would not be the same the entire show will go flat! Sad :(

  13. That show is officially total crap now.

    I feel the writers are still from the 90s when I see how little it moves forward. Watching patricklol playing smart ass non stop only goes for so long.

    • @mamdou 70
      Hey, kiddo. Go watch pokemon or some cartoon. Hahaha

  14. As a diehard Mentalist fan, I’m so thrilled to hear they’ve extended it for a 7th
    Season. Yhe day they cancel it, I will be devasted. The only problem I see is the loss of 2 of their main chaaracters, Grace & Rigsby. if they drop Simon, I’m gone.
    Another character I really liked was JJ. IT TOOK me awhile to appreciate him and his weird sense of humor. I wondered forever what could possibly be in that Tupperware box he keeps in a vault. Until last seasom I finally figured it out…. It was a chilling discovery, Has anyone elseout there figured it out yet?

    • I agree 100%!!
      And yes, I sure have figured it out! Lol!! (I’m sure all die-hard TM fans have! Lol)
      Personally, I cannot wait for S7 in Jan 2015!!
      I just wish we could petition CBS to give us another 3 seasons :(

  15. I meant to type
    GOOD LUCK TM! (My pc is skipping all over tonight. oh well!)
    BYE ALL! dahtti

  16. I agree! The Mentalist is certainly better than a lot of the old chestnuts that keep on ad nauseum. N.C.I.S. and spinoffs have been on forever, are totally repetitive, and I stopped watching when “Ziva” left. If “The Mentalist” ends, I’ll be able to do even more of what I enjoy: reading. Frustrated

  17. Tonight, January 4th 2015, I am again frustrated with WCBS’s limited showings or Sunday night time changes due to sports. This should kill or not encourage any viewer to watch a program that they earnestly wait for. Even 60 minutes and The Good Wife get time changes that push its shows later in the nigh. The Mentalist receives the least respect. Shows at 10:00 or 10:30 in the past and the 2014-15 season it’s on 9:30 or not at all! It doesn’t take much to solve the case of WCBS’s way to eliminate or create viewer obstacles to not relax and enjoy the show. I couldn’t even locate the reasons for why The Mentalist is not on tonight. I would believe that The Mentalist is over and done. Another good show without ‘canned forced audience laughter’, is gone!

  18. Such a shame that the show just as it finds its feet is due to be axed. How excruciatingly horrible is the Lisbon and Jane relationship! The lack of sexual chemistry between the two actors is palpable. The showrunners ought to have found the actor an actress that he hasn’t performed opposite to for five years. There’s something deeply unpleasant about it.

  19. I just can not understand why the mentalist is being cancelled. This show is one of my favorites!!! It is a GREAT show!! I love Simon Baker! He is a GREAT actor and I never miss an episode.

  20. I don’t like the recent episodes but I will miss Patrick Jane’s character very much. :(

  21. Such a shame about the show because the showrunner completely botched up the RED JOHN storyline by never being sure who or what Red John was, the show has suffered. Red John was pitched as some religious cult figure with incredible charm and persuasive skills. We never saw any of that in his revelation, just a few corrupt cops. RJ also had an empire, what’s happened to that. Why would he turn up to meet Patrick with just one corrupt cop in tow, surely the psychopath megalomaniac would have preferred Jane to see him worshipped by many? And now this rather sickly Jane romance, unsurprisingly there’s no chemistry at all between the actors as there was none between the characters before the posi imposition of this horrible storyline. Maybe Netflix will pick it up and do some justice to a show which was the finest police procedural the small screen has seen for 3 seasons.

  22. Love The Mentalist…disliked Psych because I felt the actors had very childish roles…too silly for adults

  23. I like the mentalist very much. I would like the show to come back on TV. I miss very very much. Each week I wait for next week to see it. It help me with my problem, I little bit of depression. It help with forcus on things in the story and what going on in the show.

    Good luck with all the people in the show