‘Men Of A Certain Age’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

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men of a certain age cancelled romano braugher bakula Men Of A Certain Age Cancelled After Two Seasons

TNT has shut down its middle-aged male dramedy Men Of A Certain Age after just two years. The show featured an ensemble cast of veteran actors and garnered two Emmy nominations in as many seasons.

While the show won its fair share of fans among TV critics (Screen Rant not withstanding) it just couldn’t keep up the numbers necessary for TNT to pick it up for a third season.

For their part, the network had nothing but good things to say about Men Of A Certain Age: “TNT has been proud to be a part of Men of a Certain Age for two seasons… [but] the audience simply hasn’t built to the point where we can continue the series.”

The numbers support the statement, while the 2009 series premiere netted more than 5 million viewers, the second season never even broke half that. Even more damning, the latest crop of episodes averaged less than half a million viewers in the key demographic.

It’s a disappointing turn for Ray Romano, whose star power after the nine-year run of Everybody Loves Raymond helped gain the show some early notoriety. His co-stars Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) and Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise) won’t be thrilled, either.

men of a certain age ball game romano braugher bakula Men Of A Certain Age Cancelled After Two Seasons

Emmy voters will be dismayed: the announcement came just one day after series star Andre Braugher received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, an honor he also achieved last year. Men of a Certain Age won Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series for director Millicent Shelton at the 2010 Image Awards, among various other nominations.

While the show’s small but loyal fan-base may be upset, it’s not hard to see why TNT would drop a series with only average ratings. The cable landscape is becoming more and more competitive every year, and the network needs to make room on the schedule, and in the budget, for more lucrative shows like Falling Skies and the upcoming Dallas revival.

At least two of the leads have upcoming film projects to look forward to. Romano will reprise his role as Manny the mammoth next summer in the fourth Ice Age animated movie, Continental Drift. Braugher will appear in the southern comedy The Baytown Disco opposite Billie Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Just ashame that a show of this caliber had to be cancelled. I loved it, the directing, the actors and the situations were funny and real. Anyone of any age could relate to this show. It was a great break from reality…Reality shows that is.

  2. MOACA was one of the best shows on tv, How can a show of this caliber be cancelled when there are so many other crap shows that stay on?

  3. Bring back “Men of a certain age” really enjoyed the show

  4. Why do quality shows always struggle?

  5. I am very disappointed and really liked this show!!

  6. I just checked online to see when or if Men of a Certain Age would air again and disappointedlyit has been cancelled. I found to be a great show – I planned weekly to see the show. I agree with so many viewers here that there is already so much junk on TV that it was refreshing to have something so smart, humorous, real and relatable. I hope some other network picks it up.

  7. What a shame that this show has been cancelled. It seems that well written and acted shows like “Men of A Certain Age” don’t make it but stupid shows with bad acting and writing make it,

  8. Just ran across this article, and am so ticked that it’s been cancelled.
    It was a brilliant show, and will especially miss Jon Manfrelotti as Joe’s bookie. I think one reason it may’ve not gotten better ratings, is that (here in the midwest anyway), it wasn’t very heavily promoted. I rarely saw ads for the show, and it took me a few weeks to even figure out which night it was on.

  9. Maybe one of the reasons the lack of viewers for seanson 2 is because they kept changing the scheduling, and it seem like there was a longer period of time between the airing of season 1 and season 2. I loved this show and sad to hear this news.

  10. When I think of all the crap that is on TV, it makes me even more upset!

  11. What!! cancelled? My husband and I loved loved loved this show!! I hope that some smart station picks this up!

  12. Very disappointed that this show was cancelled. I’m a big fan of Ray Romano and happy to see that he was back on TV. This show was very good and deserves to back on the air. Hope another network picks it up.

  13. What a shame!!! This is a warm, intelligent and thought provoking show and I am so sad to learn this news!
    Yeah, let’s have more housewives of god knows where next. I thought TNT was the station whose mantra was “WE Know Drama”! Apparently not.


  15. I just searched to see when the 3rd season was to start, only to find out IT’S NOT!!! It was a refreshing change from all the crap that’s on. There have been other shows, that have been picked up, after being cancelled. Please let this be another!

  16. I have been waiting for this show to come back on and now I just found out it isn’t (like a bunch of others). I loved it. The characters seemed very realistic, the situations they got in were very funny and poignant. I don’t think the network did it justice either, but we recorded it, so we didn’t always have to know when it was on. I tuned in because of Andre Braugher, but loved all the actors, esp. Ray Romano in this role (I didn’t really watch “Everybody Love Raymond”).

  17. Really sad to hear this.. Loved this show too and I was looking toward to the 3rd season.

  18. Really sucks! I do not feel the show got a fair shake. Very short season, never was sure when it would be on. Hope some other network picks it up.

  19. I see! Just when they make a show that has a fantastic cast, interesting stories, and great music it gets cancelled. Why shouldn’t that surprise me.
    When am I going to learn? We are the dumbest species to inhabit this planet since The Myan Aliens came and built the Dairy Queens. We kill our brothers) Cain and Able), ridicule and arrest our greatest thinkers and in some cases force them to commit suicide. Not just kill themselves, but inspire them to do it with exotic herbs. When individuals over the course of our besotted history rise above our primordial urges and instruct us in ways that would allow us to develop our violently twisted urges away from harming one another and live in peace and harmony, we either crucify them, shoot them, or hang them. Nothing on TV can stand against the mindless misanthropic, misogynistic carnage that is endlessly fed to the overindulged and gluttonous needs of a non-thinking/caring and frankly anesthetized society. Please give us something that helps us think, gives us glimpses of human warmth, possibly even humor, without having someone’s blood spattered cranium being stuck right in our faces, while some wise cracking autopsy attendant describes what the deceased had for lunch, how many sexual partners were involved, and what their political affiliations were. If I have to endure another spin off of CSIS, NCIS or anything related to crime in general. I specifically do not want to hear, ever ever again, the theme music from Law and Order. Can anyone say Mash? Eventually I hope to give away my TV and listen only to the radio. Are George and Gracie still on? Thank you for letting me vent my displeasure at your decision to discontinue a unique and very entertaining program. I hope all your commercial sponsors invested heavily in JP Morgan stocks. Have a wonderful day. Sincerely Larry McNulty

  20. What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No but they will leave on the most ridiculous reality shows. What is wrong with these people??? There are no decent shows left on TV. Men of a Certain age was funny, clean, and a good family show (in comparison to the trash they have on now) This is sad. Why? It couldn’t be because nobody watched it, because they did.

  21. All I can say is they take shows like this off the air while shows like “jersey shore” keep on running. Sad very sad

  22. Once again the pea brained bean counters have cancelled the best show to come on in10years! What else can u expect from out of touch nut jobs

  23. I have been waiting for this show to come back on and I am very disappointed to see this show cancelled!

  24. I don’t think the people who make these decisions have the slightest idea how many people are watching. They rely on obsolete mechanisms for counting the audience, and make decisions designed to protect their own interests, with little regard for either the quality of their programming or the long-term interest of the business they are employed by. They more resemble the bozos at NBC who cancelled Star Trek (which went on to produce ten feature films and four spin-off TV series), or the idiots at Capitol Records who passed on the Beatles (who changed the music business from top to bottom, setting records that still stand almost a half-century later), than they do any kind of steely-eyed mass media clairvoyants.

  25. Bring it back!

  26. You have got to be kidding me?! Well, I must’ve been under a rock cuz I JUST heard about this. This flat out stinks. Everybody did such a good job on this show. Man!!! I’m bummed.

  27. I like others are so disappointed. I noticed I hadn’t seen any mention of the season starting so went on line to see what was going on. I loved loved loved this show. It was so funny and realistic. Where do you execs get your viewing numbers from? Listen to us…the majority wants quality shows like this one not the mindless, dumbed down reality shows.

    • Just checking the internet to see why Men of a Certain Age has come back on and found out it was cancelled. Figures! It was a great show with a good storyline and great actors and it is cancelled. Maybe the network could have promoted it more and put it on in a better time slot. There are so few decent shows out there these days. Thank goodness I still have “Parenthood” to look forward to! But still I miss Men of a Certain Age…

  28. What a shame, I really enjoyed this show.