‘Men Of A Certain Age’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

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men of a certain age cancelled romano braugher bakula Men Of A Certain Age Cancelled After Two Seasons

TNT has shut down its middle-aged male dramedy Men Of A Certain Age after just two years. The show featured an ensemble cast of veteran actors and garnered two Emmy nominations in as many seasons.

While the show won its fair share of fans among TV critics (Screen Rant not withstanding) it just couldn’t keep up the numbers necessary for TNT to pick it up for a third season.

For their part, the network had nothing but good things to say about Men Of A Certain Age: “TNT has been proud to be a part of Men of a Certain Age for two seasons… [but] the audience simply hasn’t built to the point where we can continue the series.”

The numbers support the statement, while the 2009 series premiere netted more than 5 million viewers, the second season never even broke half that. Even more damning, the latest crop of episodes averaged less than half a million viewers in the key demographic.

It’s a disappointing turn for Ray Romano, whose star power after the nine-year run of Everybody Loves Raymond helped gain the show some early notoriety. His co-stars Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street) and Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise) won’t be thrilled, either.

men of a certain age ball game romano braugher bakula Men Of A Certain Age Cancelled After Two Seasons

Emmy voters will be dismayed: the announcement came just one day after series star Andre Braugher received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor, an honor he also achieved last year. Men of a Certain Age won Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series for director Millicent Shelton at the 2010 Image Awards, among various other nominations.

While the show’s small but loyal fan-base may be upset, it’s not hard to see why TNT would drop a series with only average ratings. The cable landscape is becoming more and more competitive every year, and the network needs to make room on the schedule, and in the budget, for more lucrative shows like Falling Skies and the upcoming Dallas revival.

At least two of the leads have upcoming film projects to look forward to. Romano will reprise his role as Manny the mammoth next summer in the fourth Ice Age animated movie, Continental Drift. Braugher will appear in the southern comedy The Baytown Disco opposite Billie Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Did not know a single person who has ever seen this show.

    • You will hear from us.

    • That just says more about the people you know,rather than the content of the show.

  2. Fallen Skies is one of those show where you constantly wonder why the characters “dont do it this way” or “simply just…” instead of causeing problmes to continue the plot. laughable.

    Dallas is what i assume the Bush Family does in their off time.

    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • I know! But I watch just to see how stupid they keep being. Addictive for the lolz :)

    • Not much a fan of Bush, but trashing his family because of political disagreement has gotten old. Get some new material its 2011.

  3. It was a great show. But once they cancel something, all you can really do is move on.

  4. What a great show – sorry to see it go. Like “Thirtysomething” 15 years ago, I guess it only appealed to the generation that it represented. Too bad.

    • Not entirely. I’m 27 and LOVED this show. It will be missed.

    • I’m 24 and loved the show.

  5. I know several people who watch(ed) Men of a Certain Age, including me. I looked forward to its return now, poof, it’s gone! It is (was) one of the wittiest and best-written shows on television. I agree with other posts I’ve seen — TNT did not give it a chance time-wise or promotion-wise. How can an audience be built with six-shows at a time? You’re sure to fail.

    • what can I say. I agree.

  6. I see I’m not the only one who noticed that TNT gave us episodes in dribs and drabs…only 6 episodes in the second season? What the heck was THAT about?! I have a feeling the Dallas redo will fall flat on its face.

    • TNT messed up on Men of Certain Ages. They would put 4 episodes on, then take it off for a few months, the back on for 4 more episodes. It had a mature audience, it was funny, and touched your heart. You think Men of Certain ages didn’t have “ENOUGH” audience, you wait until you put Dallas back on. I won’t even give that a chance and do you know why, because that Dallas ship has sailed!!!! That generation as sailed!! So joke on TNT! I truely hope another network picks up Men of Certain ages and it becomes a HUGE success and TNT is left with Dallas (which will be a flop) and egg on it’s face! This was a mature audience but I guess mature audiences just don’t count!

  7. LOVED this show! Did not miss an episode in either season- both way too short. This is just wrong!

  8. This was never, to my knowledge even shown in the UK, but I thought the first season was great.
    Oh well, now Scott Bakula can leap into another show… Putting right what once went wrong, hoping that his next leap…will be the leap home.

    • “Oh well, now Scott Bakula can leap into another show… Putting right what once went wrong, hoping that his next leap…will be the leap home.”

      Took me a moment but I got it eventually.

  9. Of course it’s canceled. Why on earth would TNT continue a brilliantly written and acted show? For heaven’s sake, can’t we see that the return of Dallas is much more well suited for America’s dumbed down intellegence. We might as well just get used to the fact that any show worth watching is going to end, usually abruptly, because today’s average American television watcher just doesn’t “get it” if it’s not a reality show. It’s a good thing I didn’t cancel my HBO subscription.

    • AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Grrr, if your not part of the freaken Neilsen System then you don’t count. I am SO fed up with this BS! All this technology and non of it is being used to fix the damn ratings system. How utterly retarded. They can make robots that can do surgury but they can’t add a better ratings system? All those millions of people not accounted for, really irks the hell out of me, epecially when I know a couple of households that are part of those millions.

  11. I simply LOVED LOVED LOVED this series! I hope hope hope you will change your minds about this.
    It was real, it was funny and down to earth. I thought there should be more shows like this. It was about real people and struggles.
    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. I really looked forward to it coming back. I thought the season was too short to begin with.

    • I agree 100%. Normally I stick to sci/fi, crime or fantasy material but this was the one show that without all that managed to get my attention. This show can make you laugh 1 minute and water your eyes the next. I was a late comer and just caught up on the entire series several weeks back and now it gets cancelled, bummer.

  12. I would totally down with a Quantum Leap Return… 😀

  13. I’m Sorry I MEANT to write, I would BE totally Down with a Quantum Leap Return… 😀

    • Haha i loved that show as a kid.

      Maybe we could get an Action Jackson return to the little screen. Dude had the car, the gun and some random girl in distress in 30 minutes with commercials.

  14. What a slap in the face to all the dedicated viewers to this show, not to mention the outstanding actors. We so looked forward every week to watching the lives of Joe, Owen, and Terry. The show was so well written and full of substance, not just another empty romp of bedroom escapades and sexual content. These guys made mistakes, big ones sometimes, but you still liked them and cared about them. How can you expect to have a loyal audience when the show has only, what – 6 or 7 episodes per season???? Come on TNT, reconsider. We want to know what happens to Joe’s golf pursuits, Terry’s directing hopes, and Owen’s car dealership – we deserve to know. Congrats to Andre on your Emmy nomination!

  15. I cannot belive they are not going to give this great show at least one more season to see if it can pull back. The reason this show is so good is because there are no other shows like it. How many cop detective, lawyer, and hospital dramas do we need?? I will soarly miss this show and would be glad to sign any petition to re-instate.
    Kudos for Ray Romano for a brilliant show theme!

    • You’re right. Men of Certain Ages was on the wrong network. If you look at TNT, all there shows are basically nothing but cops, lawyers or hospital. This show deserves a better home!

      • Would be great on AMC.

  16. I loved Men of a Certain Age. The Acting was fabulous. I cannot believe they cancelled.

  17. I was so disappointed to see that MEN…was cancelled. I’m a 65 year old woman and loved this show. It was great to see people of a certain age facing the trials and tribulations we all do. I always looked forward to the next episode. Oh well.

  18. It certainly didn’t help that the network had a several month haitus between the first and last 6 episodes. We saw no advertising to tell us otherwise and thought the show had been abruptly cancelled midway into the second season which is probably why the numbers suffered. I can only speculate that other viewers thought the same as us. This show was fantastic, heartfelt, and real. The writing was believable, Braugher was the heart and Romano was surprisingly great at drama. Everybody loses with the loss of this show.

  19. This is just sad. Make room on the schedule??? For a remake of Dallas??? C’mon!!!! U think people are gonna watch that???? Big mistake. Our family loves MOACA, and we are bitterly disappointed in TNT.

  20. I was terribly disappointed to hear the MOACA is being cancelled. There are so few programs with humor, heart, and sensibility. If it had been given more marketing so that audiences new when and where it was being aired it may have fared better. We are being bombarded by mindless programing that is not worth watching. Please reconsider and bring it back!!

  21. Who needs a remake of Dallas anyway?I hope some other network picks up MOACA and lets TNT lose money on Dallas…

  22. There are so few really good shows on TV in this day and age and this is one of them. Is anyone else besides me so sick of all of these reality shows? I am a big fan of Ray Romano and I thought this show was great. Very true to life. Please reconsider cancelation…

  23. Just so incredibly disappointing. I beg some other cable channel to pick this show up.

  24. This is so disappointing to hear. I hope some other channel will consider picking this up, as for TNT, I’ll make note of your lapse in decision making.

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