‘Men in Black 3′ Trailer: Back in Black in the 1960s

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men black 3 trailer josh brolin Men in Black 3 Trailer: Back in Black in the 1960s

Sony Pictures is ready to revisit one of its more lucrative properties this summer with Men in Black III, a new 3D addition to the popular sci-fi comic book-turned-movie franchise. The plot of this new installment concerns yet another extraterrestrial being hell-bent on destroying the people of Earth, which forces the hip Agent J (Will Smith) and all-too-square Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) to once again team up and save the planet.

… Well, sort of.

The twist to the proceedings this time around – as revealed before in the Men in Black III teaser - is that J has to travel back in time to 1969, where he gets a “new partner” in the form of a younger Agent K (Josh Brolin).

A full-length trailer for the Men in Black threequel has been released online, and it provides an early look at the hilarity (?) that ensues when the (literally) generations-apart K and J have to work together and stop a crazy alien biker named Boris (Jemaine Clement) from wiping out humanity.

Have a look at the Men in Black III trailer below:

Besides featuring Brolin doing his best Tommy Lee Jones impression, MIB3 also takes advantage of its time-travel plot to add a different flavor to the standard jokes about certain celebrities and famous figures (here, from the 1960s) secretly being aliens or MIB employees. As you surely noted from the above trailer, the result is a threequel that still largely recycles the formula used by its predecessors.

Here is/are the million dollar question(s): Will that MIB formula feel tired a third time around? And will the matter of how the film’s screenplay (by MIB series director Barry Sonnenfeld’s own admission) was still being written after production began result in an overly-convoluted time-travel storyline full of plot holes?

Barry Sonnenfeld Talks Men in Black 3 Problems Men in Black 3 Trailer: Back in Black in the 1960s

J gets a new ride in 'Men in Black III'

MIB2 is widely considered to be inferior to the first Men in Black movie, but this third installment does have more going for it. Specifically, the added 3D element, improved visual effects, new acting blood in the form of Brolin, and a slight tweak to the setting which gives all the action an Austin Powers-style comedic “fish out of water” vibe.

If nothing else, those elements seem to be put to decent use (so far) and suggest that this third helping of wacky alien-induced mayhem could offer a fair amount of entertainment value. Take that for what it’s worth.


Men in Black III opens in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 25th, 2012.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Questions: If “K” was killed in the 60s, then wouldn’t that mean “J” wouldn’t be part of the MIB? Plus, if there’s an invasion in that time, wouldn’t that affect the present time?

    I know this is only a trailer, but I just can’t help but notice those two issues. Hopefully it’s explained in the movie.

    • Alternate universes? It started to effect the future but then J went back… Maybe it didnt effect the future because J and K stopped it?… Maybe J wasnt effected because of some device that let him remember? IDK, maybe?

      MAybe none of the above? Good points though…

      • This is just my problem with the time travel plot device.

      • MAybe when baby jesus grows up he will know the difference between effect and affect.

    • I was actually thinking the same thing. If K was killed in the ’60′s, the only way J would know anything about him is if he read it or someone told him. In any event, K couldn’t have been the one to recruit J.

      • Though all your points make sense you must realize that out of the millions of time travel movies the rules aren’t always the same.

      • Haha, all the above comments address what I was about to bring up.
        Hopefully it will be resolved in a clever way and not just summed up with 2 or 3 lines of dialog. But from what we’ve heard about the script it my be the latter.

        • 1.21 GIGA WATTS????????

      • In quantum physics, time travel in its very nature creates divergent time lines, everything that can happen, has happened, the whole butterfly effect is an unlikely occurrence as many scientists actually believe that time would repair itself rather than alter on such a drastic scale.

        But on the flip side, it’s a movie.

        • wth are you going on about mate we come here to do reviews not for a scence lessonnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No real look at Jemaine? He’s the main reason I would go see this movie and nothing. Saaaad trailer.

  3. Approved! Honestly loved this trailer. Already better than MIB 2.

  4. Call me crazy, but since that voice is SOOOO accuate, I am starting to think that TLJ was talking and Josh Brolin was just moving his lips… IDK, but i would believe it if it were true.

    • Are you kidding? Seems clear to me TLJ just re-dubbed brolin during the post production. His very first line is pretty obvious : he barely moves his mouth and manages to say “how do you know my name”. RE-DUBBED.
      If it’s not Brolin deserves the academy award.

  5. Josh Brolin seems to have nailed this. I can’t believe how much like Tommy Lee he is!! Im very excited about this now. Just hope it’s not another case of a trailer selling us a bad film.

  6. i think this movie will be okay if even if it is a bit of recycled material.

    if/when they make a fourth MIB 10 or 15 years from now….. then that will not be getting so much leeway haha

  7. MIB is spy-fi and the 1960s was the heyday and golden age of that genre. So this was a smart move — though one that they can still blow with a dull, stupid script.

  8. First off, “MIB3 also takes advantage of its time-travel plot to addd a different flavor to the standard jokes about certain celebrities and famous figures” – you said “addd” :) figured I’d let you know @Sandy!

    As for the trailer, I’ve always liked these movies and I think Brolin did a spectacular job at Tommy Lee Jones’ voice!!!

    • Thanks for catching that – it’s been fixed.

  9. This trailer was funny as hell. Now, if this movie is able to redeem the franchise after MIB II, I like to see Will Smith give ‘Wild Wild West’ another shot.

  10. This honestly looks well worth seeing.

  11. I never saw MiB2 but this looks like it would just be a fun movie to watch regardless :))

  12. I love J’s reaction to the fact that Andy Warhol is one of them. Priceless.

  13. As long as you can move past those massive time travel invoked plot holes (which will not be properly resolved), then this will be a fun ride.

    • How do you know they “will not be properly resolved”?
      You haven’t seen the movie yet… so for all we know, they could come up with a smart, or even simple explanation to the time travel “plot holes”.

  14. I think I’ll dig it…and yeah Josh Brolin’s TLJ is PHENOMENAL. Still tell it’s him, though.

  15. I had fears about this movie without TLJ, but after watching Josh Brolin’s spot on impersonation of him all those fears were laid to rest. Now I can’t wait to see this movie

  16. Can’t wait. The kids will be thrilled, me too!

  17. This is looking great IMO.
    The trailer was pretty good as well.
    It seems my initial prediction is going to pan out… (the prediction I made that this’ll be a good, fun movie).

  18. The plot of this new installment concerns yet another extraterrestrial being hell-bent on destroying the people of Earth, which forces the hip Agent J (Will Smith) and all-too-square Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) to once again team up and save the planet.

  19. was absoultelymint movieee no deniesss xxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It’s not that healthy for the kids. In my opinion they should be protected from these things.