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men black 3 will smith josh brolin Men in Black 3 Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Men in Black 3 review, this is the place where you can discuss Men in Black 3 spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Men in Black 3 for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!


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Men in Black 3 is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action/violence and brief suggestive content. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Okay, I just saw the movie, but apparently I missed the part where they explained why J was the only one able to remember K when he disappeared from the present (expect of course for O, who knew him when he was still alive)… Was it because J & K were talking on the phone when it happened? They did cut to J where he acted strangely (like he was in pain). Did that have something to do with it?

    Please explain :(

    • It was because J was at the space shuttle launch too. It’s explained away in one line of dialogue. Not sure it holds up with the overall logic of time travel in the film but they do attempt to address it.

      • Ah, thanks Ben… I do remember that one line on the building where the guy said “so you were there?! You gotta tell me everything when you get back”
        I still have no idea how that would make a difference though ;) (i.e. how being at the launch would make him able to remember agent K), but hey! It’s a movie… I’m willing to “suspend my believe” with that one issue.

        • Yah, I don’t really get it either. I just remember thinking at the time that it was pretty hilarious that they directly address it – since, at that point, I’m sure everyone was wondering…

      • Yeah, that was the reason given. I assume since he existed in 1969 and 2012 (2011?) that somehow his body was some type of tether, but they really didn’t elaborate. Like TheAvenger said, you have suspend disbelief in films like this.

        Also, I didn’t know chocolate milk was that powerful. :-D

  2. I have a couple questions about MIB3. First of all, how was Agent J still part of the MIB if Agent K was killed and never recruited and trained him in the first place? Second, was the little black kid at the end J’s Dad? It couldn’t have been Agent J (like my friends said) because that would make him close to age 50 (assuming the kid was 6 or 7)! Also, why did Agent J act all weird (in pain) when K disappeared?! There wasn’t a very good explanation for that when reading the comments. Hopefully somebody can answer these. Thanx in advance!

    • I think J acted wierd because he was caught in and effected by the time fracture, which is why he remembered K.

      • The little kid is Agent J. His first name is James….. Also, Will Smith is 43 years old (born in 1968), so it’s not too much of a stretch to believe his character could be that age in 1969.

        • I too had a problem with the age of agent J in the movie because in the first movie his culture and music was obviosly that of someone who would have been at most in his 40s by the time of MIB 3. Several years makes a big difference because of the popular culture at the time of the first movie. I had always assumed that Smith was actually playing younger than he was. As a rap icon he was able to get away with the way he spoke and dress. If you are not a rapper or did not grow up during that time, it just seems ridiculous especially to outsiders. He would have to be closer to my mother’s age according to MIB 3 and my mother does NOT listen to rap and never dressed the way we dressed. I guess it is not that big of a deal but it bothered me throughout the whole movie. He said things like “I’m too old for this” and I thought “since when is 40 old?” you’d be suprised how 8 years makes a difference in music and pop culture. No one else thinks that if J was almost 40 in the 90s that the way he dressed was strange? I’m not saying that there aren’t people who dress like that and they are old as dirt. I’m just saying that as someone who actually dressed that way I would think they were strange. And K was way too grumpy. Sorry, that part in the storyline didn’t make since either. There just wasn’t enough explanation as to why K was more grump than in the other 2 movies. I was expecting something really tragic had changed. I just didn’t get it. But it’s a movie and it was more enjoyable than the last few movies I’ve seen. I will own this movie. I loved the guy who played K in the past!

    • I think giving the circumstances of agents j father being offered the job just moment before his demise that his son (agent j) would always remain on mib’s “radar” for potential recruitment

  3. No that little boy was J! The guy that died was his dad, that’s what changes K because he knows J forever, that’s where I’m confused. Does K remember J from the future visiting? I thought I remember griffin saying that K won’t remember it but how is that? And I thInk the movie just wouldn’t have worked if J were not already a men in black agent, even though K recruited him.

  4. it was supoussed to be J,because of the pocket watch he has,tough now that u mention it, the age seems not to match,but J would be around 48 or so, th e kid seem like 4 or 5,but u know the agents seem to aged differently, like Z, he was really old and still had a lot of agility and stregth, so, there may be a rational exponation

    • On doing some research, found out Agent J was born in !965. That would make the kid 3 or 4, depending on what month his birthday is. Anyway, I guess like in real life Will Smith doesn’t look that old but not too believable for the movie though!

  5. Will Smith’s 43 isn’t he? That’s not too far off.

    Yo, Screenrant didn’t like the twist at the end. I thought it was awesome. But I’m a HUGE MIB fan, have been since I was a kid, so maybe I’m looking at the flick with rose colored glasses.

    Boris the Animal was pretty damn cool. I think I would’ve like to see him a little bit less humorous and a little bit more menacing. Like, in my opinion, Vincent D’Onofrio as Edgar was one of the best screen villains ever, but Boris is almost as cool.

    It’s ALMOST as good as the first Men in Black, but I thought it felt a bit rushed; my only complaint when it comes to Men in Black is usually that there wasn’t enough Men in Black.

    But what I really wanna say is, did anybody else think it was as awesome a twist as I did? My friend Kenny shed a tear.

    • Loved it. I thought it was the perfect way to end the series.

    • So the thing that changed agent k was that he knew J his whole life? Or was it the regret of not killing boris when he had the chance?

      • K changed because he had to talk to young J and tell him his father is gone. I can only imagine how hard it must be to tell a little kid his dad is dead with the body just a few feet away.

        • yes! And also that the direct cause of the death of js father was k himself. That is a huge burden when I think about it

          • i just saw the movie today, and i loved it. one thing i don’t get tho is if J had the time jump device, why couldn’t he just go and time jump to save his dad???

            • Cause there was no place to jump…
              He was standing on a small hill, whereas, when he time-jumped he was always on a high building or launch-platform.

              Plus, I think his dad dying was something that HAD to happen for J’s present to remain intact (if his dad didn’t die, maybe J would never have become a cop and never have met K – or, since his dad was still alive, maybe he would have denied K’s offer to give up his life, “disappear” from the world and join the MIB.).

              • It does make me think that K in the first movie being hellbent on getting J onto the MIB makes more sense now.

    • The end f’ed me up.. I was crying like a little girl with pigtails. Well done to the writers. I believe seeing Little J lose his father f’ed agent K up. Now he felt responsible for Little J.

  6. Who says it ends the series???

    • With the super small midnight gross this movie won’t make the cash for a fourth movie. And it had such a good ending already.

      • I wouldn’t count my chickens until they hatch Trey…
        There are already rumors about another sequel.
        Who knows? The movie might just make enough to spawn a sequel. At this point we can’t really be sure.

        • You do realize this films budget is over $300 million….

          • $300 million, game over man!

            • That’s what we thought too Ben but look where that went…

            • Actually both tommy Lee jones and will smith have considered a forth movie and the company that made them (cant remember the name) have said that considering how much MIB3 brought in that it’s still an ongoing francise

          • The rumored budget is between 230mil and 300mil, but there’s no exact number as far as I know.

            All I’m saying is that this movie might make enough to spawn a sequel… not necessarily in the next year or two… I’m just saying it’s POSSIBLE.

            The movie is tracking very well internationally, and considering that it’s a fun family movie, it’s very likely that it’ll cover it’s budget and still make some profits…

  7. I know I speak for myself alone when I say that it was the talking dog who ruined MIB 2 for me. It was nice to see the homage to old Frank, but it was also nice to step beyond that tired joke.

    • Your crazy dude I LOVED Frank it’s a shame he wasn’t in the MIB3

  8. Fun movie… about what I expected from MiB.

    I think the one issue I had with this is that because the only real ending is that it was all predestined (it had happened that way the 1st time, and so the time travel was all part of the way things were going to be anyway)::: therefor all happened as it should and did — except they blew that up by K killing Boris this time around which naturally creates a paradox. Perhaps it can be explained away with the multiple dimensions addressed with Griffin, but still I think he should’ve arrested him. At first I thought that Boris would remember himself, but they did establish that the time travelers would be forgottenafter they left. Oh well, I’m overthinking a fun flick. Too much time spent watching Star Trek.

    Definitely though Brolin nailed it as K (although a few times I almost saw more George Bush that K, LOL)

    • haha as both bush and tommy lee are Texan that’s fair!

  9. Someone on IMDB said that K was acting more grumpy than usual (other than a plot device to contrast with younger K) was that he knew that soon J will have to go back to the past and find out what really happened, thus that put a damper on his mood.

    …However the more I think in relation to MIB1 (which i saw immediately followeing 3), the more confused I got. So we know the MIB1 K doesn’t know jack about J other than that he was a great NYPD, and in that timeline, K still arrested boris 40 years ago instead of killing him. But then MIB1 AND 2 K is basically erased by midpoint of the third movie, meaning the K we saw from 1 and 2 basically didnt exist in the context of this new movie?

    And thinking back, after K called J from his apartment in 3 telling him he was gonna tell him the secrets to the universe, he goes to pick up his silver gun and sits there while the time contiunum is ripped open. My question is, WHY? Did he anticipate that he is soon gonna be erased and wanted the comfort of his MIB cannon with him when that happens?

    • I think he was more grumpy than usual because he realized that a highly aggressive alien the he had arrested in the maximum of maximum security prisons had just escaped and was on his way to kill him. My guess is that he didn’t think that Boris would time travel back to hill, just that he would come to his place to kill him which is why he grabbed the gun.

      As for the K/J connection getting some more background, my theory on that is that K had been watching him all those years and that was part of the reason he fought so hard to have him recruited into the MIB. I haven’t watched the original MIB in sometime so I don’t recall all the details, but I don’t remember if they ever really made a point that K didn’t know J prior to J seeing the alien for the first time.

    • I’m pretty sure Agent K didn’t expect Boris to have a plan to go back in time and kill his younger self so I think at the scene where he is holding his gun in the chair, he expected this notorious space criminal to just find him at his home.

      • Also, you can hear K make a sound of surprise as he’s sucked out of time. He totally didn’t expect it. When I saw that part in the trailers, I thought the same thing..”he must be preparing to be taken out of time”. But you don’t hear the sound he makes in the trailer. Sounds silly, but K is never surprised and definitely yelped a bit.

    • That does make sense!

  10. The thing that I did not get was: Why did they have to resort to putting the alien defense shield on Apollo 11 rocket? Are the MIB not in the business monitoring aliens coming and going, impounding spaceships, and their technology? With all those aliens at the MIB HQ (in 1969), wouldn’t there be one “space” capable ship that could go into earth’s orbit? Just jetpacks? oh lord.

    • Doh!

    • I generally enjoyed the movie, but needing the Apollo 11 launch was just lazy writing. The solution was just too simple, “get this into space.” It’s not like they didn’t have time to get back to MIB headquarters where they could have had any alien take it into space. They went there and figured it would be easier to ride jet packs to Florida tape it to a rocket. It is sad that he climax of the movie is based on the launch, when it wasn’t even necessary. Just poor writing.

      • I agree with you tjf. I hate when writers use the availability of technology as a writing device to accommodate the plot of the movie. So, they need to make the delivery of the alien shield more dramatic and ironically connect it to the launch of Apollo 11. Oh too clever you writer you. So then just make the technological alien monolith that is MIB HQ suddenly incapable of any technology that could deliver a cracker jack prize into space. Pat yourself on the back pal, ingenious.

        However, if a cool chase scene is needed, then by all means allow not one, but two over-sized futuristic gyroscopic motorcycles transform and appear out from under a torched 1964 Ford Galaxie. Hey, it’s fun!

        • To really hit it out of the park about how dumb an lazy the writer(s) were on this movie… If that idea-giving-pie-eating b******* really worked, then J and K would have realized that there was a complete, unoccupied, and intact spaceship at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The same one feautured from the first movie that started the MIB organization in the first place. That’s where two “keen” agents should have jet packed their save-the-world asses to get that trinket in space. Boing!

          • It’s not dumb, Nobody here exactly knows what happened with K and Boris. Maybe he attached it to the spaceship, because he was just there, and had to again, to make sure time carried on as normal. Or maybe, because all of the possibilities could be running at the ame time. meaning the past future and present are repeating themselves over and over, so J is always travelling back, and everything is always happening in the same order. When something changes, that just creates another parrlell univers

            • @Fchavez if J and K used the worlds fair spaceship in ’69, it wouldn’t be present in ’97 when MIB1 occurred, and would cause a paradox-like clusterf*** in the space time continuum.

              • They put it up there in the first place, who says they can;t park it there again after all is said and done.

            • That’s not a valid argument. They changed the past by killing Boris, instead of just shooting his arm. If they wanted to keep the continuum clean, then they would have had let Boris live. Again, dumb writing. Allowing a change in the past to be OK in one circumstance, but not in another circumstance. Lazy.

      • I will say that it was interesting how involved the moon was with this MIB film. When Boris breaks out of prison, what do you see sitting next to him as he lands on the planet (that we’re unfamiliar with until this moment)? …The lunar landing module. What do they feature in the last act of the movie? The Apollo 11 launch in 1969. Everything points to the moon in the movie. Odd.

  11. “Was it because J & K were talking on the phone when it happened? They did cut to J where he acted strangely”
    That’s what I’m thinking as well… K disappeared from the present while they were talking on the phone, and as you said, J was acting strangely (like he was in pain).

    My brain hurts.

    • No. K disappeared after the phone call; he hung up, went into his super secret gun cabinet and sat down to wait for Boris’ arrival, then he disappeared.

      • You and I remember the movie differently ;)
        You might be right though…

        • He’s right avenger. J hung up first.

  12. I thought it was a great film and people a reading into it to much to find faults lol

  13. Ok again I’m still slightly confused. So simple answer only please, why is k always grumpy? What changed him? Seeing J’s father die? Or the regret of not killing boris? I would say its cause of boris right? Cause before time travel happened J’s dad was killed and boris was arrested…. when going back in time J’s dad was still killed and boris was also killed. But at the end K was acting diffrently. So the only diffrence is boris’s death am I right?

    • I thought the thing that changed him was that J’s father died and he had to talk to J and wipe his memory. But you’re right, K was acting a little different at the end, singing Empire State of Mind, when the only thing that has changed is that he killed Boris this time. I think maybe the fact that he killed Boris in the new timeline changes him a little, but not fundamentally; he’s glad he beat the bad guy, but he still had to go through J’s father’s death.

      Also, J knew that K didn’t kill Boris, and he still thought there was something he wasn’t being told as to why K is the way he is, which turned out to be the thing about his dad.

      • Very true. Maybe the boris killing just changed him slightly cause as soon as he saw j he was back to old agent k

        • At the beginning of the film K says the thing he regrets most if arresting boris and that he should of killed him and because in the new timeline he kills him he doesn’t have that regret anymore so his life is much happier

    • Actually what comes to my mind about K’s crustiness could be because that in the original streamline J’s father was killed and K only arrested Boris and then wiped J’s memory. Thus throughout M.I.B – M.I.B 3 J only knew that his father wasnt around. With K knowing that it was J’s father that died saving J and J not allowed to know it kept him somber, whereas in the other streamline J saw what actually happened thus giving K a little less of a guilty feeling for allowing J not to know what happened to his father and having J see his father dying because of heroism… Just a theory which may be completely off

    • I think J’s father is the main reason for K’s guilt and grumpiness. I don’t like to get too deep with stuff like this, so I won’t. There’s a scene in the movie at the Chinese restaurant where J starts making a joke about how he played catch with the wall (implying that the wall was his ‘father’ when playing catch)…K immediately says, though it’s a very quick and silly line, ‘don’t talk about your father like that’ or something to that effect. True it’s said quickly, but I feel it may cover a lot of the agitative attitude you get from K. Boris also plays a part because he’s the reason J’s dad is dead…which is why K is so angry at the Chinese restaurant with the owner. Even J is shocked in that scene by how angry K is. It’s also why K keeps telling J that chasing and knowing more about Boris is above his pay grade…he doesn’t want what happened to J’s father happen to J.

      K was always going to be changed for the worse whether he killed Boris or not. He immediately became a father figure to J when his dad was killed-he felt responsible. I think if you look back at the previous movies you see a stern father-like figure who won’t take any more sh*t after the 1969 incident. I feel that’s everything as simple as can be written. Makes sense to me. The only thing that blows this responsibility of K to J story is the line at the end of the first movie ‘I wasn’t training a partner, I was training a replacement’. New can of worms.

  14. I really enjoyed it; I thought the time-traveling was really clever and well-handled.

    The larger apsects of the time-travel are pretty clear to me, but I do have one nitpicky thing: J going back in time and dodging Boris’s spikes.
    This really doesn’t make sense. If they both go back in time, shouldn’t there be two of each of them now? Unless there’s some special setting on the time travel thing that just “rewinds” time, in which case I guess that would make sense because J is the one who pressed the button and thus is aware of the rewind while Boris is not. But the rewind concept doesn’t really fit with the rest of the time travel ideas in the movie.

    • Steve i TOTALLY agree with you! This is the only thing that really took me out of the movie. If the time rewind scenario is true, they should have preluded to this when the son was explaining the thing on the roof. I thought that was sloppy. And the explanation of J knowing K after time changes was messy too. It would’ve been funnier if it was just explained away by something mundane J was doing at the time.
      O: “were you wearing a cotton t-shirt, playing Sky Rim as a level 26 warrior and sitting with your legs bent at a 45 degree angle at the time the rift occured?!?!”
      J: “Uhmm…. Yes…”
      O: “Well. There you go.”

    • I never thought of that but it does make sense how there isnt two of them. the rewind thing would be the most logical but like you stated it was never presented so cant be used as a coverup

    • I was going to bring that up but you got to it first. The machine sends you back in time, not your mind to your body, but your entire being. I felt that was lazy writing, as stated above.

  15. I thought the movie was really great, i loved the twist and it made me tear up a bit….. but just one thing bugged me a little bit, THE TITLE in the opening sequence was “Men in Black” in some weird font… WHAT HAPPENED TO “MIB” title in the big block letters!!

    • In the first two movies it always used to say ‘Men In Black’ in that “weird font” as I remembered it… so I’m guessing they just followed the tradition.

      • That “weird font” is a classic film font from Kubrik’s Dr. Strangelove: or, I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

  16. I loved the film !!! even though i probably watche it through rose tinted spectacles!! a long wait for sure!!!!
    The whole time travel thing was in parts not very well explained but hey! its a good ole family film ! maybe we should not read too much into it?

    Just one thing though:
    When K tells “JAMES” that his father was a hero, in the timeline of 1969 K would not have known that James was J. it would be interesting to find out when K actually clicked that, that was j when he was a kid!!

  17. I really enjoyed the movie, the story is a good closure for the series. But.. Since it made us all confuse, I think they have to make a reboot.. LOL

    • i agree! lol! start all over again!

      Josh brolin was fantastic!

  18. I really enjoyed the movie, it felt a little rushed but it was fun. I just have thre little problems in the plot:
    1) i tought that the reason K was grumpy and mad all the time was because of the girl he didn’t had the chance to give the flowers. I didn’t watch the second one so i don’t know what makes K go out of retirement but i tought that was the issue.
    2) like Steve R says: does the time jump had a rewind button? because that alters the time travel logic set in the film.
    3) Now i don’t want to sound racist and disrespectful but i don’t know much about the color people situation in 1969 but: does black people could make it to Colonel status back then? It’s just that i mean it’s a pretty high place in the military. But i don’t know how things were back then so i’m just curious.
    It’s just small issues but in the end it was a nice and fun movie that made me watch the original Men In Black again.

  19. Does anybody could explain to me how Agent J won the watch? in the first movie I remember the Will’s character when he was entering the secret agency he had to get rid of all personal property. So, who gave the pocket watch to him?

  20. Actually, the major flaw that I think the writers didn’t think through all the way (besides not explaining why J was still an MIB agent if K was never there to recruit him) was killing Boris. By killing Boris, the timeline was changed to a future that didn’t have an imprisoned Boris to start a war and cause J to go back in time. Therefore, when J returned to the future, wouldn’t it be a future that had a duplicate J that never went back in time?

    Without Boris, the J that lived the altered timeline never would have had a reason to go back in time, and when J came back to the altered future, it should have been both the other J and K sitting in the coffee shop unaware of the entire situation. That would have been more accurate, and maybe make an interesting set up for the next movie where J now has to travel back in time and stop K from killing Boris in “MIB 4: Double J-pardy”. :)

    • the reason how J became MIB was he stumbled upon them after chasing an alien when he was a NYPD officer and was unaware the criminal he was chasing was alien. after stumbling upon it,(and agent D, K’s old partner retiring, leaving a open job…)Zed and K decided to let J be tested for recruiting. K, having known J due to the events at Cape Canaveral on 7/16/1969, urged Zed to allow J to be an MIB. but in the reality where K was killed, J still became an MIB, which is prbly bc he was worthy for the job or something. (we’ll never kno, unfortunately…)

      • Well, the MIB sent over Agent K to the precinct to collect J and talk to him about the alien he encountered, so even though K died, MIB would probably still have sent over another agent to talk to J and later recruit him…

  21. Question: J remembers both time lines. With K death, Griffen indicated that J’s father was alive in that time line. “someone always dies.” Since J would have had a life with his father, wouldn’t J have recognized his father when they met at the launch?

    • His father would probably have died at some other time…
      I think J’s father dies in both time lines (that’s why J had his father’s watch).

      Remember, to join the MIB you have to give up everything – your friends, your family, your identity… if J’s father was still alive, do you really think he’d give up his entire life (and his remaining family – i.e. his dad) to join the MIB?
      In MIB1, we got the impression that J was completely alone – he had no one, so he had nothing to lose by joining the agency…

    • J’s dad died both times. When Griffin says that someone always dies, he means that this time instead of K dying, its Boris.

  22. The black guy sitting at the entrance is Jays dad?
    Because K says MIB needs people like him
    When J shows up he walks in and says are you new or something…
    Thats got me thinking

    • No, J was asking for K, which the guy sitting at the entrance did not know to exist so it was like a joke.

  23. This got me thinking…… wasn’t Zed (or. Agent Z if you will) the head of the agency in 1969? If so, why wasn’t he there?

  24. I just watched MIB 3 and there are 2 questions in my mind right now. How did Griffin explain to J that the new timeline K wouldn’t remember the back-from-the-future J near the end of the movie?

    Second question is that during the fight scene between J and Borris where J got a few shots onto his body, then jump off and rewind, wouldn’t those stabs from Borris still be on J’s body? Remember when the one-arm Borris went back in time, his arm didn’t recover, it’s still cut off. So it makes no sense that the stabs from Borris disappear from J’s body.

    I sort of get the logic of this third film. What we watched in MIB 1 and MIB2 still holds true but the recruitment of J was done because K knew about J earlier on (when K met J when J’s dad died) and I would think that K reserved a spot for J, and wait until he is ready (continuity from MIB 1) to become a member of the MIB. So basically K is J’s guardian in this timeline.

  25. The whole movie is a time paradox, killing boris means that boris would have never gone back in time and killed K, therefore not giving a reason for J to go back and save him. Meaning J’s father wouldn’t have most likely died since everything J did in the past would have greatly affected the outcome of the events after he got there.

    K is more happy because boris hadn’t exscaped prision, since he was now dead in that time line. Still the movie has A LOT of plot holes.
    J goin back a few minutes and not seeing doubles of himself or boris etc at the launch.
    Not simply using a alien ship to take the device into orbit.
    K killing boris

    don’t think to much about it, I don’t think you were ever meant to.

  26. Griffin is the one who actually saves the earth, no? If he sees all possible realities, he knows If he were not to guide J and K by telling them to tell the truth, Boris would have taken over. Hmmmm

  27. If Boris killed agent K is 1969, wouldn’t he have taken over the world from then on? Then in the new present where K is gone and boris is alive and well with his arm, J the top agent would remember his fathers death and K’s too since he would have ran out and saw them both lying there dead ( K wouldn’t have erased his memory) Agent J then should have recognized young agent K as his fathers killer when he first went back in time. 

  28. Another thing that just occurred to me; where was this shield during MiB1 and 2? In 1, there was a warship that came and they had to get the galaxy before the Earth was destroyed; in 2, an evil alien was able to come to Earth and was going to destroy it after getting the light. I suppose you could say that K wasn’t worried because he knew the shield would protect Earth but I didn’t get that impression.

    • the shield was only for boglidites