‘Men in Black III’ Set Photos: Will Smith & Josh Brolin On The Case

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Men in Black was one of the more entertaining cinematic experiences of the 1990s. And, despite the fact that Men in Black II received mostly unfavorable reviews, it  was a box office success with nearly $500 million in the bank. So it was inevitable that Men In Black III would get made – eventually.

Since production started, there have been reports that MIB III isn’t going as well as one would hope – rewrites, delays, on-set turmoil and so forth – causing fans of the series to be worried about the impending film’s quality.  Recently, photos from the second sequel hit the Internet by way of Daily Mail, showcasing a time-traveling Agent J (Will Smith) with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin).

The story of Men in Black III revolves around Agent J traveling back to 1969 to stop an alien named Boris the Biker – played by Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) – from killing Agent K before he can become…well, Tommy Lee Jones, basically. Along the way, we’ll no doubt see all kinds of Forrest Gump-esque historical hijinks and what have you.

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As problematic as the production timeline has been, I think it’s safe to say that Josh Brolin pulls off a pretty convincing young Tommy Lee Jones. Also, I can’t help but feel that there’s some kind of No Country for Old Men reference being made here, which is almost always a good thing.

Still, it’s reasonably worrisome that a film like this has had rewrite after rewrite after rewrite, not to mention shooting delays and actors leaving (Alec Baldwin, we hardly knew ye). Not that it isn’t possible for a film with so many issues to be excellent – Steven Spielberg’s Jaws was deemed a total train wreck during filming, and then, one of the greatest films ever when it finally hit theaters. My point is – let’s keep a semi-open mind here, at least until we see some footage.

How do you think Josh Brolin looks as young Agent K in these photos? Drop us a line in the comments.

Men In Black III, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, Rip Torn (and others), hits theaters May 25th, 2012. That is, if there aren’t more production problems…

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. Tommy Lee Jones is 64 and even though Josh Brolin is 43, he is playing Agent K when he is supposed to be over 40 years younger in the film. It would have been better if they had cast an actor in their 20s to play the younger Agent K like Shia LaBeouf or Penn Badgley.

    • Yes, you mentioned that on the open discussion.

      • Please note that I mentioned it on the open discussion before the news story was uploaded and these photos have been online for nearly 24 hours.

        • Congratulations!

          • @ Tim: Not everyone reads every story. You are not the comment police. The last time I checked, Vic is. ;)

            • and you are not Santa, last time I checked Santa is:)

              • You guys are hilarious!

                Can’t wait for MIB3. I grew up with the movies and Will Smith was always kind of a role model in my life when I was young.

                Hard to believe I was only 7 when the first movie came out…

    • I agree…..

  2. Does anyone else think Michael JAckson will be in out????

    • out =/

  3. YEAH! The re-writes could be awesome! What if the script went from GREAT to EPIC?

    • I would be happy with it just managing a good

      • haha! i agree :)

  4. Hey Ben, small thing: It’s Jemaine, not Jermaine!
    Anyhow, this is shaping up to be an enjoyable film, at least. Should be fun!

  5. i think Brolin pulls off a younger Tommy Lee Jones. In some of the above pictures I can catch glimpses of what Jones might have looked like. This has the potential to be a very entertaining film. Like Edward said above, lets hope that the film rewrites made the film better not worse.

  6. Is Tommy Lee Jones even going to play a major part?!

    • Yeah, during the modern parts of the film…

  7. This looks really bad.

    • Crap is king, baby!

    • Yes, because you can tell so much from two actors in suits.

      • The first two were terrible films. That says enough.

        • Never comment on this website again!

          MIB was one of the coolest films ever!

          COME ON!

          “Agent Boring” = a-hole

          • Just because I don’t like the franchise, I’m an a-hole? Do you always call people names when you disagree with them? I respect that you like the films, and I have nothing against you. I just didn’t care for the films, found them to be typical Hollywood tripe, and feel the same about the third.

            • Gotta see it first mate…

  8. Im likeing this so far. Re writes every day mean little to me without actual footage. Some of you guys need less time on your hands :)

  9. My hopes for this film are so low

  10. I love Josh Brolin and think he will do a spot on Tommy Lee Jones. The first two films were not Citizen Kane by any means. But, I thought they did their job, that of entertaining for a couple hours. I’m optimistic that this one will do the same.

    • Moderately optimistic. Brolin will be great.

  11. I’m really excited about MIB3!!! :) I’m definitely going to see it when it is released to theaters!

  12. the first pic in the car.. looks like its photoshopped.. lol

    bad photography much ?

  13. is it me or does that guy have an enormous head..in the pic it looks like he is in the foreground & Will in the back ground, but nope he is still stealing the show from the background….

  14. great pictures……when will be release this movie….!!!!

  15. well i agree with ellisiv, except shia labeouf????? we lovingly call him shia ladouche. however, i think they should have used an actor in their 20′s as well. it would make the story line fit better. if hes going back in time, then he should find k in his 20′s not 40′s

  16. U-N-N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y M-O-V-I-E-!

    • Exceptions aside, when have movies ever been necessary, except to entertain the masses?

  17. I think that Josh Brolin looks perfect as Agent K. As for the time line and really the fact that he should be twenty years younger, Who cares. Other Fox productions aren’t worrying about the generation gap( X-Men First Class I’m looking in your direction), This should be no different .Just enjoy the ride. I hope this doesn’t suck, We’ll see when the final piece is released.

    • Also,Take a look at young Tommy Lee Jones. The man was born old looking.

  18. Truth be told the first thing I thought when I saw the pics was “What is Will Smith doing with a Ronald Reagan impersonator?

  19. finaly wills back.

  20. I think Josh an awesome actor period… and he looks about as close as I think they could ever get to a young Tommy lee Jones (also another awesome and favorite of mine). I hope its as good as the first one, keeping fingers and movie tickets crossed.

  21. Alec Baldwin is the new 60′s MIB boss. Another rumor shot down. Rip Torn did return to take on the role of the MIB leader in MIB III, so its bye to Mr. Baldwin.

  22. i think josh harnett will make a perfect young tommy lee jones.. period.

    • only prob is it’s Josh Brolin not Josh Hartnett

  23. MIB3, i can´t wait. Will be another sci-fi comedy classic…