A pop singer. A songwriter. A provocateur. But an alien? Lady Gaga has been massively successful in her career but this Friday, the truth about this meat-wearing woman will be revealed when she’s seen as an extraterrestrial in Men in Black III. In a celebrity-as-alien cameo that the Men in Black series has become infamous for, she reportedly appears alongside fellow celebrities like director Tim Burton and pop superstar, Justin Bieber.

With that in mind, we at Screen Rant came up with a list of ten celebrities that would make great aliens in a Men in Black film. Barry Sonnenfeld has said that he only wanted to use celebrities that would still be well-known in ten years, so we, too, used that criteria in judging our selections.

Betty White Photo 10 Celebrities Who Would Be Great Men in Black Aliens

Betty White has been a star for more than fifty years. She has starred in three massively-successful television comedies and appeared in half a dozen more. From the hit ’70s comedy Mary Tyler Moore Show to the contemporary Hot in Cleveland, she is beloved by youngsters and seniors alike. In fact, it’s hard not to love this nonagenarian.

But could there be something nefarious underneath that grandmotherly grin? Could this nice older woman actually be an alien underneath? I think it’s time we found out. She’s out of this world and she could prove that for certain in a Men in Black movie.

Gary Busey is one strange dude. Both on and off the red carpet, he’s known  for his wild behavior and crazy antics. The Oscar nominee – who recently appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and will soon be seen in Piranha 3DD – could just have a weird personality – or he could be an alien living among us.

Men in Black has often chosen strange celebrities to feature as its aliens. Lady Gaga is in Men in Black III, so if they are looking for another celebrity known for weird antics on the red carpet,  they couldn’t do any better than Mr. Busey himself.

Joaquin Phoenix has been nominated twice for an Academy Award, but he seldom receives the plaudits that other celebrities are accustomed to (although, his upcoming film The Master could potentially be the one that snags him some big awards). That’s because he has often taken his career in a strange– and sometimes awkward— direction.

In fact, Phoenix spent months – if not years – trying to convince people that he was an aspiring rapper for the faux documentary I’m Still Here. Many can argue about how strange the actor actually is, but with his unique look and thoughtful delivery of lines, it’s easy to understand why he  remains popular. If Sonnenfeld really wanted to get an audience intrigued by a casting selection, it would have been a great call to cast the Walk the Line star as an alien among us.


Regis Philbin is one of the most likeable guys in show business. He seems like a regular guy and for decades, he co-hosted a morning show that brought him into the living rooms of millions of fans.

The great thing about Regis is his constant optimism and his endless supply of jokes. But what do we really know about this jolly fellow? We know he likes giving out a million dollars and that he seems peppy all the time. That doesn’t sound normal. Actually, the qualities that have made Philbin so popular sound pretty suspect to me… Perhaps beneath that broad grin exists an broader alien smile.

Jesse Eisenberg Photo 10 Celebrities Who Would Be Great Men in Black Aliens

Jesse Eisenberg has fought zombies, launched Facebook, worked at an amusement park and had a bomb strapped to his chest. Meanwhile, his quirky and often awkward mannerisms shine through both onscreen and off.

He’s already built a career playing strange characters – but unlike other actors his age, he isn’t known for romantic comedies or for his good looks. He’s known for taking on a variety of unique roles and playing them well. I’m not sure what planet he would be from, but I’m sure he would make a great alien in a Men in Black film.

There’s gotta be something strange about Ryan Gosling. The superstar had three of his best roles in 2011 (Drive, The Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love) and his career continues to skyrocket. But it isn’t his burgeoning career that’s the strangest thing about him.

Gosling seems to be in all the right places at the right times. He recently saved a journalist’s life when she was nearly hit by a cab. Before that, he was breaking up fights on the streets of New York. I’m not sure what it is, but he always knows where to be at the right moment. Maybe he’s a superhero? Or perhaps just an out-of-this-world celebrity? You decide.

If Justin Bieber is an alien, there’s a good chance that the Jonas Brothers are too. Like Bieber, this group seemingly appeared out of nowhere and landed – possibly literally – at the top of the charts. They’ve also grown an enormous fan base of teenage girls who are willing to attend their concerts, buy their merchandise and listen to their music, nonstop.

These amazingly-close brothers seem to have a power over their fans that is hard to replicate. Perhaps that power is not of this Earth. A Men in Black cameo could show the world that they’re not exactly a typical boy band.

Simon Cowell, the grumpy reality show judge, has had his critics. His sour demeanor and mean critiques have earned him the hatred of many of the contestants that he has judged. Yet, there’s something likeable about this honest analyst.

How has he earned both our ire and our support during his years judging American Idol and The X Factor? And what is he really hiding until those tight T-shirts? Perhaps, this curmudgeon is nothing more than an alien cranky about being light years away from his home planet.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a weird guy. He gained notice playing the alien-esque Ali G, then to mainstream fame playing a foreign traveler to the United States in Borat. The film – showing Cohen remaining in character while he encountered people across the country – became a massive and beloved blockbuster.

Since then, he has gone on to play in Bruno and this year’s The Dictator. He’s a different kind of comedian whose comedy has resonated across the world. Considering his strange personality and his ability to conjure up quirky characters, it wouldn’t be too much to assume that Cohen isn’t one of us, would it?

Tom Cruise may be a huge action star, but he’s always shown the ability to laugh at himself. Tropic Thunder is a great example of Cruise showing how willing he is to go for big laughs.

It’s hard to forget the Oscar nominee jumping on Oprah’s couch proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes. The performance seemed bizarre to many, but perhaps it points some sort of mating ritual from Cruise’s home planet [Insert Scientology joke]. The newest Men in Black movie would be the perfect showcase for him to reveal why – despite his twenty-year career – he still looks as good as he did in his Top Gun days.

With Men in Black returning to theaters this weekend, it’s not surprising that much of the attention has been focused on the celebrity cameos. They have been one of the best parts of the trilogy thus far. With that in mind, here again is our list of ten celebrities who would make great additions to the team of alien celebrities masquerading as humans.

  1. Betty White
  2. Gary Busey
  3. Joaquin Phoenix
  4. Regis Philbin
  5. Jesse Eisenberg
  6. Ryan Gosling
  7. The Jonas Brothers
  8. Simon Cowell
  9. Sacha Baron Cohen
  10. Tom Cruise

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