Rumor Patrol: Mel Gibson Saddles Up For Maverick 2

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maverick2 Rumor Patrol: Mel Gibson Saddles Up For Maverick 2

In recent months there has been a lot of news surrounding Mel Gibson and his well-publicized troubles. There has also been a lot of speculation and innuendo in relation to several potential film projects that Gibson may or may not be involved in.

The last rumor was that Gibson was fielding a potential offer to reprise his role as Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 5. Now, hot on the heels of that news comes the possibility that the troubled star could be getting ready to saddle up in a sequel to his 1994 comedy-western hit, Maverick.

So, is there any truth to this rumor that Maverick 2 is in the cards?

Maverick was an adaptation of the 1950’s western series that starred James Garner and Roger Moore. The show followed gambler Brett Maverick (and several of his relations) as he ambled, rambled and gambled his way through the Wild West. The Gibson film was directed by Lethal Weapon‘s Richard Donner and written by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid writer William Goldman. The film co-starred Jodie Foster and original star James Garner as Marshal Zane Cooper. Maverick was quite a success in the summer of 1994, grossing $100 million in the U.S. and over $200 million across the globe – making it one of the highest-grossing westerns of all time.

This news of a sequel originated on the Australian entertainment site What’s Playing, and even they don’t know if the rumor is true, hence why they reported it as “something we’ve got wind of third-hand.” I’m not a gambling man (unlike Maverick) but if I was, then I’d put my money on Gibson returning to the role of Brett Maverick before he would make a fifth installment of  the Lethal Weapon franchise, and here’s why:

First of all, in the past Gibson has stated that he’d like to return to the Maverick role, feeling that the character had a few more adventures left in him. This is the polar opposite to Gibson’s thoughts on Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series, a character he believes has run his course (he’s been trying to kill Riggs off since the second installment way back in 1989).

Gibson has also just finished working with his Maverick co-star Jodie Foster on the black comedy The Beaver. What’s Playing states that this is where the idea for a Maverick sequel originated. If the pair re-ignited their old Maverick chemistry on the set of Beaver, then they just might be willing to get back in the saddle again.

Gibson On The Set Of The Beaver

Also, if Maverick is a Gibson originated project, then he could get his old friend Richard Donner back to direct. Donner wasn’t involved in producer Joel Silver’s incarnation of Lethal Weapon 5, but Gibson and the veteran director are still close. This could be a good way of working together again without having to go down the Lethal Weapon route.

Finally, a comedy is a much better way to get back into the public favor than an action movie – especially one called Lethal Weapon. A comedy could show a caring and sharing side to Gibson, with the potential of bringing in a younger actor as a son to help share screen time (as is being done with  Misson :Impossible 4). The Lethal Weapon franchise has already spread itself a bit too thin with so many satellite characters, so to bring in even more new blood would turn the film into a cast of thousands.

Like most news of this sort – it is pure speculation. It’s a fifty/ fifty toss if any of it is actually true and I’d take it with a pinch of salt until it’s either confirmed or debunked. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Maverick sequel. Like Gibson, I believe that there’s the potential for more stories to be told using character and the Old West makes for an exciting (and these days rarely used) backdrop. My only misgiving about the film would be that James Garner might not be able to go along for the ride, due to his recent ill-health, a shame considering the chemistry that he and Gibson shared in the first film.

It’ll be interesting to see if Warner Bros. would invest in this idea (if indeed it is a reality) due to Gibson’s recent troubles and the fact that the first film was released sixteen years ago.  Is there still an audience for Maverick, let alone Mel Gibson? If Maverick 2 does happen then it will take awhile for it to reach the screen, as at this stage there doesn’t appear to be a script and Gibson may or may not have a Viking epic to shoot along with Shane Black’s Cold Warrior in the interim. Whatever happens, you can be sure to read about it on Screen Rant.

In the meantime, I leave you with the opening of the Maverick theme tune:

Who is the tall, dark stranger there?

Maverick is the name.

Ridin’ the trail to who knows where,

Luck is his companion,

Gamblin’ is his game.

Smooth as the handle on a gun.

Maverick is the name.

Wild as the wind in Oregon,

Blowin’ up a canyon,

Easier to tame.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. That’s not Foster on the pic above, that’s Cherry Jones.

    • @ The Beaver,
      I stand corrected – it is Cherry Jones. However, she is not listed on IMDB as being in the film. Somebody tell her agent – quick!


  2. I love Maverick one of my fave Gibson films of all time. I’d love to watch a sequel.

    • i think a sequel should have been done YEARS ago, it is also one of my favorite gibson films dainel.

  3. The original TV series starred Garner and JACK KELLY as brother Bart. Roger Moore was a sometimes-appearing cousin, Beau.

    • @ Gumbo Limbo,

      I know Jack Kelly was his brother. I just say that Roger Moore was also in the show. (I also say that it followed Brett’s relations). It’s a reference point, for you know, the kids!


  4. I would go see Gibson as a wiley old Maverick. Thought for sure we would see Maverick 4 before Lethal Weapon 5.

    Just shows what I know.

  5. As much as I hate the man, I may see it if it is well reviewed. It has been a little too long for an automatic must see.

  6. I’m getting too old for this *&%^!

    I’ve seen Maverick so many times that my wife says I should be able to write the script by now. :-)

    Would love to see some more magical ace-of-spades making Maverick.

  7. Wow! Maverick is one of my favorite movies. I think my family has watched it DOZENS of times. One of the few we never get tired of. I really hope they make Maverick 2. We will be first in line at the theater!!!!!!

    • I totally agree!! Mel Gibson did a great job as Maverick, and James Garner as his dear ol’ Pappy .. priceless! And we love Jody Foster in just about anything.

  8. It’s a nice thought, but I have some doubts- due to Mel’s pending legal troubles. It’s not that I don’t want to see him act-produce or direct films anymore, I really do. It’s just that…if he broke the law and is found guilty of what charges are put on him, as much as it pains me to admit it…he has to do some time.

    If the charges are brought up and dismissed, I would rather Mel stick to directing and/or producing under Icon. Not with an offer on Maverick 2 anyway.

    Darn right.
    I hated the first movie.


  9. I’m just wondering if it would be in Mel’s best interests to lay low for a while and stay out of the limeline and off of TMZ. The man has really gone insane, which is a shame because I really have enjoyed most of his films. As much as I would love to see a sequel to Maverick, at this point it would feel like a publicity stunt to clean up his image. Not sure how well the film would be received by the general public and I can almost guarantee that The Beaver is going to be a flop.

  10. Nah, Gibson should keep away from the limelight, concentrating about making the bestest viking movie to date.
    If he could make something along the lines of Apocalypto (regardless of the historical liberties taken) about vikings I could (almost) forgive him any crazy racist outburst.

    As for Maverick, why not shoot a new one with a different actor? The TV-series had four(?) different Mavericks, so why not?

  11. Everybody acts so surprised at Mels rant.
    Like he isn’t capable of having any real emotions or moments of rage and anger, just like any other human being.
    Not like we haven’t seen any of that in alot of his movies.

    How could anyone not expect Mel to not have that in him.

    I’ve heard worse in rap songs.

    Obviously, the truth hurts and Oksana is out for revenge.

    No woman can ever complain Mel isn’t open and honest with his feelings and will tell ya straight up what he thinks of you.

    • I agree with you…

      I agree that people are capable of rants of rage and anger. I’m sure some gangster rap songs are just as foul mouthed. I agree that some actors can use that negative energy in a given performance on stage and screen. I agree that Mel’s ex isn’t a saint and she might have pushed a few buttons.

      Now, here’s where I don’t agree with you.

      1. Yes, people are human. People make mistakes. But if people break the law, they are held accountable to those mistakes in some form.

      2. A lot of actors have intensity in a part they play. A lot of actors play killers and thugs. Are they all like that when the cameras stop rolling?

      3. The Truth hurts. So he can get up in someone’s face and “tell it like it is” while using racial slurs (or perceived racial slurs) and demean that person’s character under the influence? The truth is Mel Gibson could be facing charges for his “mistake” even if Oksana’s character is questionable.

      4. So gangster rap has equal language and then some. That’s not an excuse.

  12. My uess is that we will See a Maverick sequel before we see The Viking film.

  13. Surely, you must be joking. No way a studio is going to touch another Mel Gibson picture for the foreseeable future. He’s damage goods. The public perception of him is that of a deranged man. No studio is going to invest in a man in his position. You can kiss your Maverick dreams goodbye…

  14. prolly not a good idea for Mel to be making any more cash right now since Oksana extortionair is after as much as she can get her extensors on.

  15. As long as Joe Pesci doesn’t show up with a retread of his Leo Getz character, I’m game.

  16. I disagree with such wishful magical thinking. People on other sites are laughing at this “rumor.” If Foster wants to ruin her career and fuse her image to Gibson’s anti-semitic, possibly abusive reputation, than this is a good way to become laughable. She can follow it up with her Leni Reifenstahl Nazi tribute, and ruin everything she has built in Hollywood. I like her. I admire her, but every site I look at, people are incredulous regarding her thinking about Gibson. Every obscene joke imaginable is now directed at Foster due to her prior associations w/Gibson. There is no way this will work, plus both are much too old to generate sexual chemistry, at this point, with each other–that would be a joke to everyone, now, for many reasons.

  17. There can still be a sequel to Maverick, even though James Gardner passed away, Roger Moore could be in the sequel as Brett Mavericks uncle. There was an opening for a sequel in the end of the last movie.