Is Mel Gibson Making A Career Comeback?

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Mel Gibson Is Mel Gibson Making A Career Comeback?

Mel Gibson has not had a good year, no matter how you look at it.  He was hit with allegations of physical abuse from his now ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva earlier this year; a recording of Gibson’s obscenity and sexual/racial epithet-filled phone conversation with Grigorieva was later leaked to the press; and the actor’s anti-Semitic rant from 2006 has now been brought back into the limelight as a result of all this new controversy.

Gibson was set to make his return to acting this year with The Beaver, a satirical film in which he plays a businessman who finds peace in life by wearing a beaver puppet on his hand.  Jodie Foster directed the feature, which has yet to secure a theatrical release date.

Early word on Gibson’s performance in The Beaver has been extremely positive and has gotten Oscar buzz from industry insiders.  The film itself would have to be given at least a limited release in order to qualify for next year’s Academy-Awards ceremony – could it be the key to resurrecting the defunct career of its lead?

The media certainly loves a celebrity meltdown, but it also adores a good comeback story – and Gibson could provide them with just that.  Odds are not stacked high in favor of Gibson redeeming himself in the public’s eye anytime soon, if only because of the extreme nature of his past behavior.

Then again – Gibson giving an innately sympathetic and yet self-deprecatory performance as an oddball whose antics attract the attention of the remorseless media?  That could be exactly the kind of role to soften his image in the eyes of the moviegoing public right now.

Gibson on the set of 'The Beaver.'

Gibson on Mad Men?

If Gibson is unable to resurrect his movie acting career, then there is always the option of television.  The actor could show up on the small screen next year on – of all shows – AMC’s hit Mad Men.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner reportedly met with Gibson to discuss the possibility of having him featured in a guest-appearance story arc in the next season of the Emmy-winning TV series.  Gibson would most likely appear on the show as a business associate and/or rival of the show’s protagonist, Don Draper (who is played by The Town‘s Jon Hamm), a New York marketing executive operating in the ever-changing world of 1960s America.

The idea of Gibson playing a character who indulges in martinis and must learn to cope in an age when sexism and racial insensitivity are increasingly frowned upon… nah, that joke is too easy.  Suffice it to say, such a role could be a potentially perfect fit for Gibson at this point.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper Is Mel Gibson Making A Career Comeback?

Jon Hamm as Don Draper on 'Mad Men.'

Gibson would not be the first (nor will he be the last) Hollywood figure whose unscrupulous behavior and conduct in real life leaves a bad taste in the mouths of moviegoers. He also wouldn’t be the first or last “naughty celebrity” who ultimately sees his career suffer as a result.  It is quite understandable that a lot of people can’t think about Gibson as an Oscar-winning director and filmmaker without dwelling on the details of his personal life as well. It’s simply the nature of the artistic beast.

Does Gibson deserve a second chance?  It is certainly a question up for debate, if only because there is no clean-cut answer.  But then again, how often is that really the case?

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline (via The Playlist), Women on the Web

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  1. it seems more then just aligations of assault.he admitted on tape that he hit the woman when she was holding their baby and said he would do it again.

    • Well yeah. He’d hit the woman, not the baby. He’s gotta keep his women in line :) (joke)

      • I respect women, honest.

    • While I believe the tape to be real it’s still being debated that it’s real. Some on Gibsons side still allege that it was doctored. I’m pretty certain it’s real.

  2. he’s done TV before with his show Complete Savages, even appeared in it a few time, uncredited. it should never have been cancelled, it was hilarious

  3. I’m still looking forward to the Beaver, the film still looks interesting no matter how much negative publicitu Gibson attracts.

  4. Most likely, I’ll watch a movie if if it’s in the genre I enjoy regardless of who’s in it.
    Considering that the rants have been suspected as cut and paste audio, I’m withholding judgement until investigation results are released regarding the allegations against him. he has a foul mouth but Mel never said he beat her on the tapes. He said “you deserved it” after Oksana accused him of it but I thought Oksana’s original comment could have been anything like “you cancelled my credit cards” and just changed it afterwards.
    The love of money can make you do extreme things especially if it’s someone else’s money.

  5. At least he’s not in a cult that claims to have a cure for homosexuality. :-)

    • lol….

    • hahahah!

  6. The fact that thers also an extortion case against grigorieva automatically destroys her story for me. Why was she recording this? Where’s the original tape? I’m a female and I’m having a tough time sticking up for her. She’s asked for more money and been told no, then this all comes out. Seems like a gold digger to me. Nothing wrong with that though, just be honest about it.

    Now if it turns out that she’s not lying or just trying to get money then I feel bad for her. No guy should beat up on a woman like that. At the end of the day they have a kid and they have to look out for her best interest.

  7. @Jess, keep in mind that recording a phone conversation (in California) is illegal unless both parties agree.

    Also taped conversations are not considered evidence in California courts.

    The only purpose the tapes played was to sensationalise this case in the media and ruin Gibson’s image. Gibson could easly sue her for slander, and prob will for custody.

    See folks, just don’t get married. Couldn’t be a more preventable way to avoid stress and lawyers.

    • i agree, marriage ages a man 5 times the normal rate

      • And kids make it 40 times…

        • I am happily married with three charming little boys and I have been told over and over and over that I don’t look close to my age.. so I’ll politely disagree with you three.. Don’t knock it til you try it..

      • Q: Why do married men die before their wives?

        A: Because they want to!

    • well my point was that this whole thing may be completely blown out of proportion and we’ll never actually learn the truth of what went on because it’s very likely that they’re both lying to an extent and to tell you the truth, his personal life doesn’t make a difference whether or not I’ll watch a film of his.

  8. Anthony,,,
    There’s been studies that prove men and womens brain waves change after getting married. And that the body actually changes as well.

    • that, and i hear the sex stops too, so ive heard..well according to my uncles lol

      • Well like I said above we have three boys so you are wrong on the sex thing need to find a good woman guys..marriage is a two way get out of it what you put into it…okay enough cliches but it still is true..

  9. So what happens if I am bitten by a radioactive wife?
    Do I gain Marital Powers?
    I wish Mel Luck.
    i MIGHT see The Beaver.

  10. Of course he’s making a comeback. If anyone tells him he can’t do or be in a movie, he yells at them. :)

    In all honesty I do like Mel as an actor/film maker and I wish him well with a comeback.

  11. i wanted him to make that viking movie with di caprio… badly.

  12. Anyone that says the n word like it’s second nature has no need for a comeback. I actually understand what he means in there maybe being a difference between black people and the n word(Chris Rock), but I wouldn’t say that word. I heard his father’s worse.

  13. “and the actor’s anti-Semantic rant from 2006 has now been brought back into the limelight as a result of all this new controversy”

    “anti-SemANtic”? I know most of the stuff he’s said lately make no sense, but calling it “anti-semantic” is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

    • Well, you know there’s nothing the general public finds more upsetting than when someone blatantly disregards basic grammar. ;-)

      Seriously though, thanks for catching that.

  14. whatever i think of him as a person i will see him in a movie if i think it will be good and is a plot i think i will like.

    i have no interest in the beaver but i liked his movie about the cop who`s daughter is killed.

  15. I really think he does deserve another chance, in a time when politicians have been racially insensitive and hateful, (Newt Gingrich calling Obama a “Kenyan, anti-colonialist Lua tribesman”) Mel Gibson deserves a chance to redeem himself if our society is not going to call out others for being just as insensitive. Abusing a woman is insensitive but was Gibson’s alleged abuse any worse then a Missouri politician defending the anal rape of his wife by saying that he put it in the wrong hole? I am not justifying Gibson’s actions or saying that they are okay, but our society has turned the other cheeck on so many others, why draw the line at celebrities? I look at athletes who abuse their girlfriends, drive drunk and fight fans and they get to play the next game and if they win it all goes away, ala: Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest, Dennis Rodman, Shawne Merrimen. And Politicians like Marrion Berry, Newt Gingrich or Robert Byrd. Why do we draw the lines at celebrities? We have this stupid tendency to make celebrities our role models even though we have plenty of people to be role models like fire fighters and police officers and teachers. I can separate talent from the personal life and I think we need to learn how to do that.

    • how many chances?
      it is his second falling ,for lack of a better word,so how many chances do you give him?

      actually i have the same low tolerence for athletes,political figures other actors ect.

      i still think michael vick should be doing some other work besides football.

      • that is a lack of tolerence for bad behavior.

        i will see his movies if i think i will like them as of now.that may change depending on what happens with him in the future.

      • I love dogs so yea I’ll never forgive Vic for what he did.

        I think Mel is a great actor, but the guys keeps screwing up and deserves the flak he gets.

  16. @Adam, as long as people are hurt by sofa king words, we will never get past the childish PC reality it creates,,,

    Oh my gawd, Newt called obama a Kenyan,,, let’s just stop the world and dwell on that,,,

    Meanwhile,,, the real crimes are going on behind the scenes,,, and everyones talking about sofa king Mel Gibson or what Sarah Palin said, or whatever,,,

    Wake the sofa king up, folks,,, this PC-ness is a horrible road to sprint into,,,

    Sofa King!!!!!!!!!

    • Newt said the President had an anti-colonial world view like his father that clouds his policies. If you know what colonialism is, which I’m almost positive you do, then you’d understand why that’s a very nasty thing for a former Speaker of the House to say. Nobody said he didn’t have the right to say it, nor did anyone say Gibson didn’t have the right to be an anti-Semitic, racist bigot, but we do have the right to not support anything that’s related to either one, or voice our displeasure. I don’t feel sorry for Gibson, he’s a got a big beautiful family, more money than God, and an impressive body of work that will surely outlive his personal woes. I personally will still go see his movies as long as they’re worth the ticket, I don’t know the man.

      I personally don’t care for PC either, tell me how you really feel, remove all doubt.

      • A friend with her husband and baby were in New York where the baby became very ill. They were very young 20 year old parents with minimal insurance. The aunt they were visiting cleaned house for celebraties including Mel Gibson who heard her talking on the phone about the baby. He told them to take the baby to a specific close hospital and paid the bills. He obviously has a bad temper and his adult girlfriend obviously knew to call him and get this on tape. He also has a heart of gold for others.

  17. GK333!,,,

    You my friend! are in the 3%tile, upper bell curve marridge ratio scale… Lol….
    You have what everyone wants but its hard to make it happen. I’ve known (personally) too many that have had there lives ruined, (finacially, and with children) by marrigde/divorce…

    Did I bspell that wrong? Its been a hellava day for me.

  18. umm if anyone needs a SERIOUS comeback ,this guy does..I mean a serious acting comeback-or his life will be over…I don’t care how Oscar worthy “the Beaver” is,its a movie about a guy and a handpuppet..i’m not paying 10 bucks to see that..he needs to get back to doing movies people would actually PAY to see..The Edge Of Darkness was a good first step-if i was his agent i would be signing his name on so many dotted lines…

  19. His problems are personal-not professional. He doesn’t need a comeback for he never left!!!

  20. I don’t know why, but to be honest I like Gibson more as director that I ever liked him as an Actor, is not like he is a bad actor, is just that he seems to be much better as director.

  21. I consider Mel a fantastic actor but can’t stand him as a director. I hated both Passion and Apokolipyico. I was shocked people liked either.

  22. Mel might really benefit from another actor/director role but he should certainly limit his choices before taking on anything else involving his hand being up the backside of a rodent especially if Casey Affleck decides to offer his services. Better to regret something you haven’t done in this case.

  23. Greatest actor and director of all time