Could Mel Gibson Make a Movie Comeback In Lethal Weapon 5?

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mel gibson leathal weapon 5 Could Mel Gibson Make a Movie Comeback In Lethal Weapon 5?

We all know that Mel Gibson has been going through some tough times. The star is caught up in a tabloid feeding frenzy, a custody battle, Leonardo DiCaprio has dropped out of his Viking project and god knows what else.

However, redemption might just be around the corner: apparently producer Joel Silver has put another offer out to Gibson to reprise his signature role of Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 5.

We don’t do gossip here at Screen Rant, so if you’re looking for Gibson tittle-tattle then you’ll have to look somewhere else. However, we do cover movie news, so if that’s what you’re here for then keep reading!

Development on Lethal Weapon 5 has been off and on for years, with pretty all of the principal players being lined up at one point or another. The only thing that has stopped the film being made is Gibson. The star has shown little interest in returning to the Riggs role for a fifth film.

What’s Playing has apparently acquired the scoop that a new offer has gone out to Gibson in his time of need, one that may or may not win back some lost public favor. The site has a source which says:

“They’re talking again. Mel probably needs Joel, not to mention Lethal Weapon now more than ever, so I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it comes off this time. And it could be a good move, that’s a mighty big brand name – it probably would help Gibson, professionally-speaking. I’m not in on those conversations though – so I don’t know how they’re progressing. You’re getting this third-hand”.

Is this true?

Well, Lethal Weapon 5 almost came together last year when Sliver and original Lethal Weapon writer Shane Black pitched an idea to Warner Bros. that was set to go until Gibson declined the offer. At the time it was believed that Gibson turned down the project because original Lethal Weapon franchise director (and Gibson’s friend and mentor) Richard Donner wasn’t involved in the film because of a falling out with Silver. There’s been no real word from Danny Glover on the project, but as far as I’m aware he was set to go along for the ride as well, even though his character would be 73 years old if they followed Lethal Weapon chronology!

Gibson’s last starring vehicle (his first in 8 years) Edge of Darkness underperformed at the box office when it opened earlier this year –  this coupled with a costly divorce and an expensive and very messy custody battle may be aligning the stars in the proper financial order for Gibson to take up Silver’s offer. It’s probably also beneficial to Warner Bros., which would probably be able to negotiate a fee for Gibson that is a lot less than the reported $35 million the actors was paid for Lethal Weapon 4 back in 1998.

If in fact an offer has gone out to Gibson for Lethal Weapon 5, I would like Donner to be involved. He works well with Gibson, as anyone who has seen the previous Lethal Weapon films, Conspiracy Theory and Maverick will attest to. If Silver and Donner can bury the hatchet, then I’d be up for Riggs and Murtaugh to wail that police siren once more.

Another reason why Lethal Weapon may make it to screens this time is because Gibson has been developing Cold Warrior with Shane Black, and it is possible that the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director may have talked the star around to returning to the franchise.

lethalweapon4 439x291 Could Mel Gibson Make a Movie Comeback In Lethal Weapon 5?

Can Gibson and Glover still play nice?

At this point anything is possible. I can only imagine that acting may be the last thing that Gibson might want to do at the minute, but maybe getting lost in Riggs’ madness is a way for him to ignore the media circus that is circling him. In recent years, it seems that Gibson has shown little interest in looking back at the past, as the star has also declined an offer to reprise the role of Mad Max in George Miller’s Fury Road, with that part being recast with Inception’s Tom Hardy.

Deep down, part of me wishes that the Oscar-winning actor would quit Hollywood and move to Europe to direct. No one embraces eccentric behaviour quite like the Europeans and Gibson’s gritty directing style would work well within the European film industry. Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto were all barnstorming epics with a unique directorial vision. One wonders what Gibson could achieve without the restrictions of Hollywood or the MPAA…

It’ll be interesting to see if Lethal Weapon 5 comes together – or indeed if this news is true. If it is accurate and the action sequel does go into production, it’ll be interesting to see how audiences and critics react to Gibson returning to his most successful role. The testing ground will be Jodie Foster’s The Beaver, which is currently in post-production. However, the release of that film is currently in limbo due to Gibson’s scandal.

mel and his beaver Could Mel Gibson Make a Movie Comeback In Lethal Weapon 5?

In The Beaver Gibson plays an executive who has a breakdown and begins to communicate through a beaver hand puppet. It seems that Summit Entertainment has delayed the release of the film from a Fall launch, as the studio awaits a resolution to the current tabloid climate. This is something that I find quite odd, as the black comedy is supposedly one of the best scripts that’s made the rounds in Hollywood over the last couple of years, and I think that Gibson’s current public perception might just help market the film.

To be fair, I can’t imagine that Gibson would like to do the publicity rounds for the film, because of questions about the current alleged allegations. However, a junket with select press under the proviso that only questions about the film could be asked would pretty much settle that. Gibson is also in production on the action drama How I Spent My Summer Vacation, which is currently shooting, although no release date has been set.

Keep reading Screen Rant for news on all Mel Gibson’s cinematic endeavors (including Lethal Weapon 5), and if you’d like to comment, please remember that this is movie news without the sugar coating – not a gossip site!

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. It would be surprising if this producer wants to work with Mel again considering that Mel could be box-office poison right now.

    Why would the producer want to risk this movie bombing?

    • No Mel is getting to old for action movies. Why would they bring him back to a series 20+ years later. Has to be a reboot or the movie just would suck. In Lethal Weapon 4 is was like too old cops about to retire anyways. So why make a sequel continuation?

      • dude look at the last die hard movie it was epic and that was a long time since the last die hard movies im not saying it would nbe amaing just saying it would be nice to see rigs and mourtough some more

  2. “I’ll take Mel’s rants over someone that did this to a woman”

    Mel is alleged to have battered Oksana – not just ranted at her. Remember that the tapes, e-mails and photos appear to show domestic abuse.

    • “Mel is alleged to have battered Oksana”

      You just made my point.

  3. ”And AGAIN, Gibson allegedly SAID horrible things. Polanski DID horrible things. Big difference.”

    Hello? Gibson did not just allegedly SAY horrible things, he is being investigated for domestic violence! And on those tapes and e-mails he seems to admit hitting her. That’s not just saying something, that is committing an act.

    And by the way, stop saying this is his personal life. Personal life would mean someone’s private sex life or something like that. When you beat a woman, or make racist comments to a police officer, that is not your personal life. That is a crime and involves the criminal justice system and the public.

    • INVESTIGATED, not convicted. Do you realize how easy it is to call the police and say someone beat me up? That’s all it takes for the police to INVESTIGATE somebody. You don’t have any proof. NO ONE has any proof. So what’s your point?

      There have already been experts that came out and said Oksana’s bruises are not the kind you would sustain from being hit the way she described it.

      A man yelling at his girlfriend/wife IS HIS PERSONAL LIFE. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.


      Ok buddy. Ok.

      Ever hear of the 1st Amendment?

    • INVESTIGATED means nothing. I can call someone and say you just harassed me and you would be INVESTIGATED. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s how we do it here.

      He “seems” to admit hitting her = that is committing an act? You would make an awesome lawyer. How does “seems” become a FACT?

      Man yelling at his girlfriend IS HIS PERSONAL LIFE. NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Again, you have NO PROOF and neither does anyone else that he beat her. And making racist comments is ILLEGAL? Since when?

      • Yelling at his girlfriend doesn’t need to be illegal. The question is — would you watch a film featuring an actor who creams racist profanities at his girlfriend? I vote NO.

        • And I vote YES.

          Jeez guys, WAKE UP. MOST PEOPLE have said things that can be viewed as racist, homophobic, sexist etc. This includes news anchors, actors, comedians, musicians, your friends, your family. Yet you still watch these people, listen to their music, laugh at their jokes and remain friends with them. You don’t like in some fairlyland where no one says horrible, racist, derogatory, etc. things. WAKE UP.

            • Dave, your remarks and attitude lead me to conclude that you’re a whiney PC type. Grow a pair and quit the whiny, effeminate cry baby “racist/homophobe” talk. Pathetic.

      • Actually, “Racist Actions” or “Racist Violence” is illegal, aka hate crimes?? Racists comments are illegal in a public accommodation and can be penalized by a night in jail. More over followed by civil or class action law suites. Freedom of speech is not freedom from accountability. If you are saying racism is by any means NOT legal, then you should have paid attention in school. It is VERY MUCH illegal and punishable by law and has been since like 1962 or so. When did the black man no longer have to sit on the back of the bus? That’s when it because illegal especially in public. Only in your own home can you say what you want.

        • Walk into a Denny’s and tell a black man he can’t eat here because he is black and watch what happens!!!!!!! Racism is very much so illegal and being forced more and more as the years goes by. If you think it is not illegal you live in a bubble thats just waiting to get popped!

    • Personally, I don’t give a crap about Gibson’s personal life. Domestic abuse—who gives a flip. Mel Gibson is one of the greatest directors and actors alive today. His work is what is important to me. I don’t care who he insults, what he says, or what he does off screen. It is just plain stupid to stifle the work of a great artist with petty morality and political correctness. Hollywood is controlled by a bunch of morons. We should kick the Democrat Party out of Hollywood, and leave the great ones free to do what they do best. Mel Gibson has a ton of talent–his critics are drones and deadheads. I hope he moves to Europe and tells Hollywood where to go.

  4. Hopefully he doesnt do LW5. His character should have died in the second one anyway

  5. Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez should form a studio to help young filmmakers because their respective careers are over. LW5 should not be made the last one sucked.

    • @ Mojo

      It’s a changing time for movie stars at the minute. I don’t think that their careers are over, I just feel that the movie business is in a state of flux. There are no younger stars out there who are even near as bankable as these older actors.


      • good point Niall, i agree with you 100%

        • So you rather see older two cops than they were acting old in LW4 would be better? Ok, thats sounds like whats the point of making original movies anymore, like the remakes and reboots and prequels? So stupid that people can’t think when it comes to an enjoyable movie anymore. I rather watch something else than two older not retired cops fight on screen again 20+ years later.

  6. If Polanski directs LW5, then I could avoid both
    ‘stars’ by NOT seeing one film. Mel might have talent, but he also has something very evil. This is not a guy I want to spend 9 bucks watching — and not a guy I’d spend 90 minutes watching. And I loved Braveheart and The Patriot.

    Nobody plays a tortured hero like Gibson. The fact that he is “tortured” by his own rage issues makes him less of a “hero.”

  7. I’ve been a big MG fan for yrs. As politically incorrect as it is to say, I think “Passion of the Christ” is a masterpiece — gruesomely violent because it needed to be. When Gibson has taken artistic or personal stands for Christianity (Passion, parts of Braveheart, Signs) or patriotism (The Patriot, We Were Soldiers)I have cheered. But there is simply no excusing his recent behavior. Best case scenario, he is an emotionally disturbed bully who desperately needs help (I would say, desperately needs to genuinely connect with the Savior he has so volubly claimed to worship). Much of what everyone has written here is true: the God-haters are loving this opportunity to dump on Mel; the American-despising Left has long resented the implied conservative themes aspects of Mel’s work seem to feature, and these tapes of his barbaric conduct provide them with a handy excuse to malign him; I suspect Okasana is anything but a choirgirl in all this, as well. Nevertheless, Mel handed his critics this bludgeon to beat him with. I’m a genuine fan – but I am sickened by what he can be heard saying; really, really disturbing. No excuses. Now, if it develops these recordings are wholesale fabrications, I’ll take all this back and be appropriately chastened – but that’s highly unlikely. That’s unmistakably Mel’s familiar voice bellowing those threats and scalding profanities – that’s the chief reason those recordings are so terribly unsettling. I’m praying this will prove to be what, apparently, his drunken, anti-semetic run in with the law of a few years ago was not: a genuine, life-changing, heart-transforming wake up call for this immensely talented guy. Sad to say, maybe it’s simply time for him to do what it is rumored he is thinking of doing: retire from “the business”, take a stab at restoring his marriage, move far away from Hollywood, and repair his soul and life. Forget about Lethal Weapon 5, Mel – get things straightened out with your wife, your kids, your God. Perhaps – perhaps – an artistic comeback can follow that.

  8. Okay here’s my view on this: Look at the Clinton’s they were dirty and yet America (some anyway forgave) I like Mel’s movies and I’ll continue to watch them. This is America and we do have what is called freedom of choice.
    I hope there is a part 5 and yes I’ll go see it and yes I’ll buy the DVD. I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got friends who are bipolar and I’ve seen them go off into rants. It is possible for even a big star like Mel to suffer from this. When this grips the person they have no control and yes it’s scary as hell when they lose it. I hope this gets resolved for his sake as well as his family. I should add that I do not condone anyone putting their hands on any woman or a child.
    I’ll always be a Mel Gibson fan regardless of how others may feel.

  9. Well, Mel’s got some personal issues to deal with I’ve heard. I think they just put this one to bed.

    Danny Glover’s not great either. I guess he was down in Venezuela making a film for Hugo Chavez.

  10. What the hell is going on over here!


    • lotta people ranting and calling mel names is what 790!!

  11. Lol, some great comments here!

    I don’t know if anyone brought this up yet but in California you can’t use tape recorded conversations in court and its illegal to record a phone call without both parties permission,,,

    I agree that Mel has bipolar disorder and insatiable hunger for power and control, but I could say the same thing about James Cameron, or Tom Cruise.

    I bet if some of their phone calls were released you would see people jumping off buildings. 😉

    • well, the fact that she baited him into an angry tirade, just makes for good tv and gossip i think lol

  12. Yeah the MSM uses this kind of meaningless celebrity bs all the time to divert peoples attention away from real headlines like, “Obama preaches sacrifice, while his family frolics in Spain. First lady spends over 300k on the trip.”

    No don’t talk about that, we have some new Mel tapes to show you, next right after these commercials. “Are your hemmoroids flaring up, try hammerbalm, lotion,,,, on and on it goes,,,,

    Whatever,,, this country’s doomed. Who cares about Mel fricken Gibson.

    • exactly, real issues, dont seem to matter to the general public anymore, its getting to the point that news casts ar repeating the same BS headlines about Gibson every ten minutes or so. ijust turn it all off, i need a relaiable news site on the net that actujally shares NEWS not celebrity crap i dont care to hear about.

  13. ^
    wwwabovetopsecretcom wwwprisonplanetcom are good ones Antman. 😉

    • sweet i’ll have to check those out. think ima start reading Hunter thompson stuff again.

  14. Yeah Antman I usually check out Drudge first thing when I wake up. Just to see who’s killing who.

    Then if I want to read updates on how our “leaders” are screwing us over I’ll read Prison Planet.

    Its a reality.

  15. I’d like to see them make a lethal weapon five but if they do I think it should be made in the fashion of the last Die hard…meaning the character’s are older and they know it but still have a job to do. But if they try to make them look like they’re just continuing on from Lethal Weapon 4 it’ll just suck

  16. Hi a great idea would be to cast the characters of Martin Riggs and John Mclane together. Riggs now retired and living with his wife and son in a quiet suburb, Mclane is attending a Xmas wedding of his daughter at his ex wifes residence whom Riggs and his family are neighbours with. Enter the Chinese Triad who are running a child smuggling racket and move into
    the suburb to avoid suspicions. Mclanes future Son in law accidently picks up a disc from a corrupt politician ( Jeff Goldblum ) containing evidence of his involvement with the triads.

    All hell breaks loose when the Groom is abducted from his wedding and Riggs and Mclane team up for the first time to take on these Badasses.

    • DIE HARD WITH A LETHAL WEAPON would be an apt title.

      • Or, better yet?

        Lethal Weapons Die Hardest

    • IDK about having JM in the film but I just meant that the story had Riggs and Murtagh’s characters in a more LFDH style story.

  17. i can not believe the previous note. that is exactly what i was going to write or suggest. Riggs and Mclane would be soooooooooooo perfect. they are just about the same character. the sense of humor, action, determination, etc. this would be an absolute perfect marriage for some real fun. i am sure rajesh and i are not the only ones to think this. they dont have that many sequals each for nothing. lets pony up and keep suggesting this potentially great movie. you would also have to have murtaugh. as the two smart asses would drive him absolutely insane. we can do however, without the joe peschi character, no offense, love joe, but not here.

  18. I like Mel giblson n Danny glover together in lethal weapon I’m nit gonna lie I watch the movies almost everyday I kno it’s a small part but I think te funniest part is in number 3 whe. He Siffins gasoline n spits it out n says patooy exxon lol I laugh bought that everytime but I would like to see them together again who cares about their ages it’ll still be funny

  19. i think mel gibson is a good actor. i would still watch his movies. if they make a sequel to lethal weapon i would see it. end of story. i think he can still do a good movie again. i don’t like what these dumb left wing actors say about him including zach galifiankis. gibson is one of my favorite action actors and he’s still the best in my book. my freedom of choice is to see good movies from mel gibson and any action actor i like that isn’t political.

  20. All you guys that have posted comments about mel gibsons personal problems are wrong. That dosent make him a bad actor just because of his issues. For example the musuc group Judas Priest were gays. but did that make there music bad because of their sexuality no. And obama is a black but dose that make him a bad president no. Just because celebrities and important people have bad reputations dosent mean that they are not good at their jobs. And no one including me that has posted a comment will probably never make it as far as MEL GIBSON has

    • Um, Denver?

      Calling people “mentally handicapped” (<—Correct spelling, BTW!) is a personal attack; did you not see where it clearly says, "Rules: No profanity or personal attacks."?

      I could absolutely go to town on the misspellings in your post, but I'll pass; I dance to the "music" of a different drummer.

      • @danlister – You are correct. I’ve modified the comment.

        @Denver – Keep it nice please.


        Paul Young

  21. Id be happy with another Lethal Weapon film. Although i think they do need a return to the actual lethal side of things. Maybe if Martins family is killed and he hunts down those responsible only to be hunted by the law. Roger then has to decide whose side to take and ultimately is the one who brings Martin down. I want something quite dramatic from it if it is made.

  22. Racism is NOT ILLEGAL, what you dumbasses of screenrant are referring to is SEGRAGATION. Now segragation is illegal. You all are stupid!

  23. Would love the idea of the concept of leathal wheapon 5 and in 4 his child was born which may lead onto further franchise! Ok murghtah will be in his late seventies but he has always managed as an older character (even though he did shot his sons mate Darren!) he has maintained a great roll and from 1-3 looking out for Riggs :). I am very interested in the concept of a new film or a new lethal wheapon duo!

  24. Mel
    All i ask for is one more same caricature along with the rest lethal weapon 5 that would put yall in first place with bruce in die hard yall kept it real and same people just one more


  26. Yes I would love to see another lethal weapon film. #5. That would be my dream to see. Thanks Scott