Mel Gibson To Direct DiCaprio In Viking Movie

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Mel Gibson may have just made his acting comeback with the yet-to-be-released Edge of Darkness and the Jodie Foster-directed comedy, The Beaver, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his work as a director. After impressing with The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, it looks like Gibson will be working with Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time as he directs an untitled Viking movie.

Variety’s BFDealmemo reports that Gibson will direct and DiCaprio will star in the yet-to-titled movie set in the world of the Viking culture. The movie will be scripted by the award-winning William Monaghan, who penned such films as The Departed and Body of Lies. The Departed producer, Graham King, will produce the Viking movie, along with Gibson himself and Tim Headington in a co-production between King’s GK Films and Gibson’s Icon Productions.

The principle people involved (Gibson, DiCaprio and King, presumably) confirmed the project but wouldn’t give out any details about what it may be about, beyond it being a drama set within the Viking world. We do know, however, that DiCaprio will definitely play a Viking in the movie, and a probable reason for him doing the project is his supposed long-time fascination with Viking history and culture.

It’s interesting to note that the prolific Graham King is keystone (so to speak) of this project: he worked with writer William Monaghan on the aforementioned Departed, as well as on his directorial debut London Boulevard; King recently worked with Gibson and Monaghan on Edge of Darkness; and he worked with DiCaprio on the Ridley Scott-directed Body of Lies last year. We’ve still to see a couple of those films in theaters, but I’m going to guess he’s doing an okay job if he’s attracting all these high profile people to collaborate with icon smile Mel Gibson To Direct DiCaprio In Viking Movie .

King said about the Viking project:

“This will be an awe-inspiring story, created with some of the industry’s finest cinematic talent and I am just over the moon to be making this film with Mel, Leo and Bill.”

It’s hard to judge how the movie sounds since, well… we don’t really know much about it. But I’ve gotta’ say that the talent involved is tremendous, and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the combined efforts of Gibson and DiCaprio for the first time ever. Should make for an interest team-up, I think.

Mel does a screen test for his Viking movie

From the little we have to go on, are you looking forward to this project? Does the team-up of Gibson and DiCaprio give you reason enough to want to see it?

Shooting on the film is expected to begin sometime in the Fall of 2010, which means it would be next up on the directing slate for Gibson. There’s currently no distributor for the film, but as Variety notes, both Gibson and King often make films outside of the studio system and then look for a distributor at a later date.

Source: Variety (BFDealmemo)

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  1. awsome

  2. @Ross, I think Gibson is directing another movie first,in Vera Cruz, the prison will be used for a movie shoot.
    As for this Viking movie, at least it is not a remake. It will probably be very violent and bloody (Vikings were rather savage and Mel likes to show a lot of blood and violence in the movies he directs (Braveheart, TPOTC and Apocalypto).
    I’ll pass.

  3. my only comment regard Gibson directing Leo in a Viking Epic is this…. :D

  4. Hell yes! I’m stoked for this! Gibson and Dicaprio with a little bit of King… there’s no way this could suck! Gibson has proved himself to be a tremendous director and Dicaprio has proved time and again that he an amazing actor worthy of Oscar gold!

  5. How bout we eliminate the Dicaprio part and have Mel directing Mel in a Viking Epic?

    Sounds like a plan to me

  6. hi all

    i’m down with this one….i’m one of those that think that apocalypto and the passion of christ were great movies…and even though dicaprio is a grat actor…still would not be my first choice for a viking film….but i would not hate it…..if they took a purto rican(benicio del toro) to play an english man in england in the end of the 18 century in wolfman why not dicaprio as a viking….

  7. @ Lord Garth

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I am no Leo fan. I liked him in Revolutionary Road and Blood Diamond, but do not think that he fits the bill of a Viking.

    I’ll probably see it because I am a big fan of Norse and Scandinavian culture. But I do not have to like the Leo part.

  8. From Braveheart to a Viking flick.
    Sounds good to me.

  9. I must admit that I am a bit critical to all this. That anti-semitic christian fanatic masochist Gibson is probably not the first guy i’d like portraying our history.
    But then again Apokalypto was awe inspiring and very entertaining (although its gore and rugged reality was perhaps taken to an unnecessary level).

    DiCaprio is a fine actor but i fail to see him fitting in to the average description of a norse raider with his short stature and fine goaté.

    furthermore i can’t say i’m too fond of the general american moral messages usually distributed in hollywood movies (Gibson’s films beeing good examples of this).

    And i would be happy to see a movie that lacks a punchline in the manner of; “Christianity is superior” or “American values are superior”.

    I’m really sorry i must seem very cynical and maybe a bit hostile towards america.
    But Hollywood movies about our culture will most likely be nothing more than “Their story about Our history”.

    Although seeing a few hirdmen marching to the music of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” would be a view i would pay for.

  10. @ Carl

    Any history, whether written, oral, or in a Hollywood movie (especially in a movie) is always going to be “their story”. The person telling, writing, or filming it. Braveheart was rife with inaccuracies, but it still entertained. I’m a big fan of history, so it bothers me when Hollywood gets it wrong, or gives us their fancy, prettied up version of it. But I have to remember that movies are made to entertain first. Is it sad that too many people get their education from movies? Yes. Is it Hollywood’s problem? I don’t think so.

  11. COme from the land of the ice and snow….

    History is written by the winners..bottom line..I have no idea how English history portrays the American Revolution but I’m sure it’s not like it was portrayed in the Patriot..

  12. “And i would be happy to see a movie that lacks a punchline in the manner of; ‘Christianity is superior’ or ‘American values are superior’.”

    Yes, because as we all know, that’s about ALL that comes out of Hollywood these days.

    Are you kidding me?


  13. Never said it was ALL coming out, can’t say its a huge problem either. But Mel Gibson has both been acting in and directed movies that encourages such thoughts.

    And i would not be suprised if this one would incorporate the same.

    “History is written by the winners..bottom line..I have no idea how English history portrays the American Revolution but I’m sure it’s not like it was portrayed in the Patriot..”

    Indeed, but i think that the revolution is a fairly poor example as the difference of portrayal are probably minimal.

    But let’s not get carried away here because of my cynical view on californication, the topic is still the movie.

  14. DiCaprio… a viking… he is about the least vikingly person that could play a viking.

  15. I would really like to an extra in Mel's Viking movie. Do you think he will only be using local talent ie. Scandinavians, Irish, Scots – depending on where he shoots the film? I have a very “viking maiden look” – besides, I would love to watch him work. Anyone have any ideas on this? Would Central Casting in Burbank have the answer? The talent that he's brought together for this movie sounds amazing.

  16. This sounds extremely exciting

  17. Nordica, can u speak old norse without an american nasal accent?
    If we were to look at how Gibson make his movies (with authenticy in mind) it would be sound to assume that the “vikings” would speak old norse. With that in mind it would be more logical for him to hire Icelanders or possibly Norwegians and people from the Faroe islands.

    Being blond might just not be enough.

  18. That was great news until i saw that Leonardo DiCaprio will cast ,……Vikings…. and he found Caprio most suited for a viking,…./facepalm,…
    …Valhalla rising… will be better, not some commercial american product with Caprio casting,…

  19. I would LOVE to play as an extra in this film, i'm English and have no particular accent so a nordic accent would be pretty easy for me, plus i have blonde hair, green eyes and i'm rather pale, i.e. i don't look like a tanned italian. Any ideas of whether they're going to do any large battles which they'll need extras for, e.g. like in gladiator which was shot in the UK??????? Any info would be really useful… im in a viking reenactment society in England so i know a relatively good amount about how they lived and fought……

    • Im thinking about the same thing. Im in a reenactment group here in finland to, and we’ve got all of the gear and clothes and everything allready and have fought on markets and events for 3 years now. Does anyone know how one could get in contact with the movie crew/some agency about extras in Gibsons movie? would be awsome :)

  20. “nordic accent would be pretty easy for me,” u sure?
    look up how icelandic sounds and try to follow. Remember the scottish R is important. I'm swedish and i think i would have a hard time trying to pronounce it.

    I'm not sure reenactments are very accurate about those things though.

  21. “nordic accent would be pretty easy for me,” u sure?
    look up how icelandic sounds and try to follow. Remember the scottish R is important. I'm swedish and i think i would have a hard time trying to pronounce it.

    I'm not sure reenactments are very accurate about those things though.

  22. I can't wait! I'm looking forward for this movie like crazy!

  23. It's very incorrect to call vikings savages. And also if you judge a movie only by the ammount of physical violence, I bet you pass most movies.

    Mel Gibson and the guys! You already have a fanbase for this movie! :D

  24. I agree. At least one small part would be cool if he'd show up. It's gonna rock anyway though! Really the best possible crew!

  25. The Vikings had NO horned helmets whatsoever. I cant believe that people cant get that myth out of their heads.
    Also the north was not cold during the viking ages. The climate was like the mediterranean climate is today. This was one of the foremost reasons for their expansion.

  26. Helt riktig, Runar! Og før man greier å legge vekk en del klisjeer om vikingtida, så blir ikke dette en autentisk film. Men det tror jeg faktisk at Mel Gibson klarer. Særlig etter det han nå gjennomgår. Det er bare gjennom smerte at det autentiske oppstår.

    • Nice rimes.

  27. Finally! This is what I have been looking for.
    There are no real viking movies out there in my opinion.
    Hoping this movie will give me goosbumps everytime I mention the movie.
    Good job Mel, I wish the best with the making!

    I would happily donate money to it.

  28. This.. Is.. AWESOME. Can’t wait, I dont care much about how they’ll do the history of it (if it will be accurate or not) but rather make the Vikings as accurate as possible, they were very voilent, yes, but also humans and pretty clever ones, not as the red-eyed once running around like wild beats raping everything they got over like I’ve seen in another movie.

    As someone already mention the best thing would be to hire Icelanders, I doubt on Norway though since Norweigan, Swedish and Danish is pretty much the same language and are all three far from the old norse. Even to Scandinavians Icelandic sounds very much like old norse.