Could Mel Gibson Be Involved In Mad Max 4 After-all?

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gibson Could Mel Gibson Be Involved In Mad Max 4 After all?

Over the past few years I’ve been a bit amazed when certain films – that I honestly believed would never be made – have eventually made it to the big screen.

Films such as Live Free Or Die Hard, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull and even Superman Returns were in development for so long that at one point it appeared that they’d never be made. Now it looks like George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road might be making it onto that list.

Over the weekend Miller talked up the forthcoming action extravaganza to the Australian media, discussing casting, showing off cars for the film and giving details about when the film will shoot.

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Miller says that pre-production for Mad Max 4 will start next week and it looks like there may be a slim chance that Mel Gibson could be stepping back into his iconic leathers for the film.

When asked about casting for the film by ABC News Miller replied:

“It could be Mel, it could be anyone. In fact, I’m looking around at these faces to see if anyone’s quite interesting her.”

He went on to say:

“I’m still in the middle of casting, despite all the stuff we see on the net and so on. I don’t even know who the final cast will be. We’ve been casting fairly furiously over the last six or seven weeks and I’ve got a lot of actors to see and so no decision has been made.”

While it isn’t confirmation of Gibson’s involvement it isn’t a denial, either – have Warner Bros secured Mel’s services so that they can happily spend $100 million on an action sequel to a 30 year-old film? God I hope so.

It could also mean that Miller is talking about filling out the supporting cast and not the title role of Mad Max. Over the past few months everyone from Jeremy Renner to Sam Worthington to Tom Hardy have been mentioned in relation to the role, while Charlize Theron’s name has been connected to a supporting part.

mad max 4 car Could Mel Gibson Be Involved In Mad Max 4 After all?

Miller also seems to be on a bit of a mission to help the Australian film industry and Mad Max 4 has been called “one of the largest and most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia” by a local Politician. Considering that a couple of Star Wars and The Matrix films were lensed there, that’s a big claim. It’s believed that 540 jobs will be created over two-and-a-half years working on the film.

Check out the interview with Miller here – where he talks about casting Mad Max 4.

So has Gibson finally relented and decided to star in the film? He turned it down when he went on an acting sabbatical following The Passion of The Christ, but his recent starring turns in The Beaver and Edge of Darkness may have gotten him excited about returning to the franchise that made him a star. The cynic in me also believes that his pending divorce may also be a factor (read: $$$$$$$) – IF he does end up starring in the film.

We don’t need another hero! We want Mel Gibson! (At least I do. icon neutral Could Mel Gibson Be Involved In Mad Max 4 After all? )

More on Mad Max when we get it.

Sources: ABC News and Ain’t It Cool

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  1. “Passion of the Max”?

  2. This could be cool, but that means I will have to go and rent the old ones again, lol.

  3. I could really dig an old grizzled Max. More power to them if they can lure him back. Hopefully though we’re beyond accelerating the film to make it look faster…

  4. bring it

  5. MEL!!!

  6. Better be Mel or I refuse to watch it!!!!!

  7. If they don’t go with Mel, Hugh Jackman or Sam Worthington would be a decent choice. Personally, I want to see Mel back in the leathers and sawed off shotgun bu the is getting a bit long in the tooth for post-apocalyptic action films.

  8. The trend in Hollywood lately is that you are never too old Paul…Harrison Ford(IJ4), Bruce WIllis (DH4), Ian McKellan (LOTR), and add Mel Gibson to that list with either MM4 or LW5(if it ever gets made without Donner)…

  9. Oh please no Lethal Weapon 5, I’m a bit sick of Danny Glover. I swear if I hear him say “I’m getting to old for this $@#$%” one more time I’m going to choke someone…

  10. ANd to add to my post from above after reading Ross’s article

    SLy Stallone for Rocky7 and Rambo 5

    NEVER TOO OLD I guess..

  11. Ken it’s his catch worse than Ahnold’s ” I’ll be back”

  12. lethal weapon was cool because mels character was freaking nuts and bada$$. hes still nuts but aint no way in hell he can do all that martial arts stuff now.

    if you do another mad max where do you leave that character at the end??
    happy ending ?? in that world unlikely.
    and the points people..

    road warrior= awesome, but he basically was a gun totting gas delivery guy
    thunderdome= sweet, helped kids fly away? right?

    if they do do this with mel they need to follow live free die hards path because the older willis blended in with a whole bunch of crazy crazy action, and the all important end game was perfect.

  13. @GK

    Geez, really? I couldn’t figure that out, lol.

    So I’m sick of hearing that catch phrase, clear enough? haha

    Well, I don’t really want to hear anything from Danny Glover, much less that…

  14. If it is not Mel reboot it. But if Mel returns count me in. As long as it is more “Road Warrior” than “Thunderdome”

  15. I’d love to see that photo of Mel on the cover of the “New England Medical Journal.”

    Under the caption,
    The side effects of Rogaine,,, an FDA investigation.

  16. It’s Mel or nobody

  17. As much as I love me some Lethal Weapon, we don’t need another one. LW4 ended the franchise perfectly, with both characters now “too old for this.”

  18. How about no Mel at all? His ass-smacking goodness on SPIKE recently made for a sour taste and a yearn for simpler, better times when he just kicked ass and didn’t have a personal life that was a paparazzi magnet.

    I try desperately to force-forget anything post-Braveheart Mel and an live with a visage of the characters he created before it all started to fall apart.

  19. This could be the next Unforgiven. Max Rocatansky could be the new William Munny. A cantankerous old bastard that no one thinks could be a threat… until he unleashes himself!

  20. Even if Mel just has a cameo it will be worth it. Or do something different and make him the villain somehow.
    I think the original is good, but the sequels arent up to much, so I’m not that excited. But could still be decent.

  21. Sequel… OK fine Here’s what I want to see.

    1. Mel finds a better car than his old one.
    2. He saves a gal he takes a liking to.
    3. He takes up the job of cop again in a leftover medium size city, where he guns down a mob that has arisen from his past. Yes of course the city looks like the one at the end of “Thunderdome.” It wouldn’t be interesting if it didn’t look two thirds gutted. Frontier justice.
    4. The whole story isn’t in the city only the last half.

  22. Mel would be stupid not to be involved in this franchise again,he could do with a hit! unless the dude just carn’t be arsed!

  23. Making an observation Ken ..your about as cordial as a bag of angry wasps…that clear enough for you…

  24. I’m as cordial as I need to be when someone tells me the obvious in a tone suggesting that I’m too dumb to already know it, lol. I guess next time I’ll just respond with the forum favorite “Thanks Cpt. Obvious!” That’s a little better, I guess…

  25. I don’t seem to ever recall you being cordial Ken lol

    If I hadn’t thought of my current screen name already I would have loved to have used the moniker “Captain Obvious”. It was so obvious and I missed it altogether lol

    But hey Ken if your sensitive about your intellect I understand..There was nothing in my first post to you to even remotely suggest you were dumb..but I guess I may be overestimating your intellectual level if that’s what you focused on.. lol

    And it is extremely patronizing when you post “lol” after every snotty ten year old comment you make. Your not funny just annoying lol

    Take Care Ken lol

    Cheers lol

  26. What level are you on Guitar Hero, KenJ ??? :-)

  27. @GK

    You would think that going through all that to insult someone’s intelligence the least you could do is know it’s you’re, not your, but anyway, I’m not here to teach you elementary grammar…

    And I type lol when I think something’s funny, what’s wrong with that? LOL


    Nice of you to chime in, pretty smart comment to someone who doesn’t own a console. Hey, I’m not suggesting anything, just saying…

  28. @GK

    Alright, I’m actually serious with this on, haha. Come on man, when you say something so retardedly obvious like “it’s his catch phrase in the movie” did you really expect any other response from me? Was I supposed to be like “Whoa, really? Wow, I changed my mind, I’m not sick of Danny Glover, bring on Lethal Weapon [insert number here]”

    I mean, did you really? Tell me you knew that was coming, come on…

  29. Ken lol

    You got me there!lol right… the correct is “you’re” the contracted version of “you are” meaning you are not funny and you are just Thanks for pointing that out for me…lol

    I just wish I could possess “your” savoir-faire and joie de vivre…lol