Mel Gibson Talks ‘Berserker’, ‘Maccabee’ & ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

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Mel Gibson talks Berserker Mad Max and Maccabee Mel Gibson Talks Berserker, Maccabee & Mad Max: Fury Road

Mel Gibson recently gave a Q&A session after a screening of George Miller’s original Mad Max at the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles. During the event, Gibson dropped some details on his upcoming projects, which include a Viking epic – now been titled Berserker - his upcoming film about Judah Maccabee and George Miller’s thoughts on the latest Mad Max film, Fury Road.

Gibson’s next film, Get The Gringo (formally titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation), is going straight to VOD but he appears to still be interested in big-budget filmmaking – much like his previous directorial efforts Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.

With regards to the Viking film Berserker, Gibson said:

“I just got a second draft of something I’m really excited about today. It’s actually a Viking thing. Vikings, as you know, are very unsympathetic characters and these guys will be bad. I sort of hooked up again with Randall Wallace, who did the script on Braveheart. Yeah, it’s pretty good. It’s called Berserker.”

He went on to say that the portrayal of Vikings in the film would be unlike anything that we’ve seen from Hollywood before (presumably the Kirk Douglas starrer The Vikings):

“They did not have horns. No, I don’t think they had horns. They’re going to look real. I want to make something real and visceral.”

When asked if Leonardo DiCaprio and writer William Monahan were still involved in the film , the Lethal Weapon actor replied:

“Things begin and people wander off and do their thing and I do my thing. I just took my stuff and wrote it with Randall. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.”

In relation to his Maccabee movie, Gibson said:

“I’m working with Joe Eszterhas on that. That’s from the last two books of the Old Testament, which is like; just read it some time. Maccabee 1 and 2. Just read it, it’s like a Western. It’s an amazing story. It’s heroic beyond belief. The entire might of the Seleucid Empire, which was Persia, their whole objective at the time was to wipe Judea off the map and they almost did it except for this little hold out that miraculously grew and wanted it all back again.”

Gibson also spilled some of his thoughts on Mad Max: Fury Road, which has The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy taking over the titular role:

“I like that kid, Tom Hardy. He’s a very interesting actor. He reminds me of one my sons a bit but I had lunch with him, he’s a firecracker. It’ll be good. He was already cast, he just wanted to check in. I don’t know, maybe it was like ‘Is it okay?’ I was like ‘Sure, it’s fine. Have a ball, knock yourself out. I got better things to do.’”

It seems like Gibson is still very passionate (no pun intended) about making films, but it appears that he’s willing to spend more time behind the camera than in front of it.

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  1. Wow! From being labelled an “Anti Semite” to championing a movie about a Jewish warrior, it seems like Mel is trying to make a mends.

  2. I am hoping Mel gets at least one, hopefully both of these projects off the ground.

  3. A great actor in my opinion. One of the best still. Ok, he’s made his share of mistakes, and some bad ones at that. I like him as an actor and director and I am actually excited about him doing a viking movie.

    And if Dicaprio and Monahan do still attach themselves to this, then even better.

  4. I don’t care what an actor or filmmaker does in their personal life, i only care about their work. Whenever i go to a restaurant, i don’t ask if the chef ever yelled at his ex wife.

    Mel is an amazing actor and a phenomenonal filmmaker. I’m excited about any project he’s attached to. The Viking movie will be a bloody spectacle. Maccabee will be epic!

    • well said, good analogy. Plus I agree with Mel and really miss him as a director. He has not directed a single bad movie

  5. GREAT NEWS!! Can’t wait for Berserker! Just hope it actually happens, since the Hollyweird hypocrites have been hesitant to forgive Mel and accept him back into their fold. Please, Mel, continue to submerge yourself in your faith, and don’t get tempted again by the alcohol and temporary madness. You see how an incident or two can serve to demonize and stigmatize someone…

  6. Maybe he’s being even more anti-semetic by claiming Maccabbees is apart of the Old Testament. None of the Jews actually believe it to be. It was declared canonical by the Roman church in 1577 out of retaliation to the Reformers. It will be a great story for the big screen none the less.

    • danny,

      If you pick up a bible, where would you find maccabbee?

      There is your answer. It doesnt matter what one person believes over another, The facts are where they are, and the holy bible is printed as it is printed and accepted by those that place their faith into it as the true word they wish it to be. What another faith might say about it, is completely irrelevant.

      Its funny you know. When was the last time you heard a christian say, “yeah but no christian really belives that X chapter is really part of the Torrah”. See how silly that sounds?

      • Well said Pete

      • Know what you say before you say it, otherwise you end sounding ignorant! The Bible is a collection of books, not just one book. There are many other Christian and Jewish books that did not make it into the whole for various reasons. If interested search them out, if interested in a one liner to try and get a rise out of people, then stay your course.

        • Tim,

          Thank you for further illustrating my point.

          Your belief is your belief. No one can tell you, you are wrong when taken in the context of ones religion. While you may view the Bible as a “collection” of many books, though I find it very difficult to find each book published separately, but I admit I have not searched every book retail outlet. Perhaps you know of one that does so? But last I checked the Bible is still printed as one book that is a collection of many stories contained there in. At least in the technical sense.

          But that wasnt really the point now was it? The point I was attempting to make no matter its proficiency in coherence, was that to lay a higher credence to one faiths opinion of another’s writings seems a bit illogical. Why would a Buddhist care what a christian thinks of their writings? Is the christian somehow more equipped to be a figure of authority on Buddhist practices? So why is it that Christians must heed the Jewish view of Christian philosophy?

    • Define “antisemitic”..
      Do you know what it means?

      It is not a claim the Maccabee are a part of the old testamnt, and wether they were included so from day one or from year 1577 is totaly irrelevant.
      If he had said that they werent a part of a bible he could then be accused of lying, or not having read the bible, or of going agaisnt the vatican, and it was a theological question.

      He said its part of it, as it factually is, and you are totaly ignorant to pretend that making a statemnet on that can in anyway be considered as antisemitic.

      one can disagree of whether the ancient apocryphes are part of it or no doesnt make one a racist or a man who discrimnate others in anyway.
      if you dont like it go write to the pope!
      and its not even an opinion its a fact!

      The old testament is the story of the jews, so how can including the Maccabee be considered to be in contradiction with what jews wants huh?

      It can be talk as an historical or chronological error, and thats nothing to do with dicrimination.

      - You are way out of base and own Mel Gibson an apologise.

      You and your antisemitc flag, what about stopping to be such an hypocrite and get some real values instead?

      What do you know of the thora that you never read?
      Why do you pretned to defend judaisme when judaisme is not your identity but you have replace it by getting your identity on calling others antisemite and rejoice in it, and create things who dont exist just to can do so?

      They alos say in the thora that Jesus burn in hell.
      Shall christians follow it too?
      Isnt it a discrmination of christianity?
      I will say it is to an extreme degree.
      To take the macabee in the bible is an honor. Ignorant.
      It was a recogmnition of Judda Maccabee existency too.
      How can oyu say that the macceabe isnt there?

      To refuse to have it with will be in fact a discrimination of that jewish heroe.
      Shame on you!

      BTW muslim have an entirey different view on how moises life was, and issac, and even on the names of the prophetes.

      Who do you think say the truth? The jews or the muslims?
      and isnt it discriminatoric of the muslims for the thora to write things that are not in the Coran??!
      Sacrilege! Blasphemy agaisnt Ahlla the Greate!

      And isnt it a blaspheny agaisnt the catholics for the thora to contain stuff that goes agaisnt the Churchs’s canons?
      and isnt it discriminatoric for the jews to say things about christians and jesus, that are not in the new testament?

      or is it far out to even dare thinking those things that way, and despotic, and smell of sulfur from the inquisition time.
      In short your comment is as moronic as can be.

      For oyour knowledge, there isnt any different books, that expression is a figure of speech and has nothing to do with practical facts..

      The bible was writen by different scribes, and there was no books but papyrus rolls.
      The “books” are put together in chronological order, and depict different period of times as well as different issues.

      The rolls discovered late are added the end.
      Like the manuscript rolls from the Dead Sea.

      The bible is the history of the jews, while the thora is the law and has nothing to do with the story of the jews.

      And the thora has no say on what is or what is not in the bible, and nowhere in the thora the bible is mentioned, and nowhere it say anything about the Maccabee.

  7. I like Tom Hardey but he is only 5ft 4″ tall , can he reach the gas pedal in the Falcon?

    • So he’s the same height as mel; what’s the problem?

  8. Great news. Both films sound promising and with Mel Gibson attach to them they should turn out well.


  10. Maccabee and Berserker sound like they might be worth a watch.

  11. If Mel wants to replicate the success of ‘Braveheart’ he better make sure the actors in ‘Berserker’ & ‘Judah Maccabee’ have mullets.

  12. “I was like ‘Sure, it’s fine. Have a ball, knock yourself out. I got better things to do.’” – Mel Gibson

    That sounds a bit snarky to me. Better things to do? Sure Tom, you can do this piece of crap since I can’t, I have better things to do!

    I’m curious about all 3 movies. I’ve liked Tom Hardy since he was in the last Star Trek movie. He is one of the better actors of our age.

    • I definately agree with you in that he is one of the better actors of our age but he was not in Star Treck.

      • He was in the last one, prior to the JJ Abrams film.

  13. Great to hear that,and really wish him the best of luck !
    And glad to read so many positive comments here !:)

  14. I’m also surprised that nobody is attacking Mel and judging him by his talent. Which is good. Anyways, I’m pretty interested in what hes going to do with ‘Berserker’. It seems like he’s willing to go far like he did in passion as far as violence goes. Pillage! Pillage!..

    I give Hardy credit. After seeing him in ‘Bronson’, he deserves alot of praise and I don’t seem to be getting tired of him just yet. There are some other young actors out there though that its getting annoying hearing them pop up in every upcoming movie…

  15. I personally have been waiting on Mel’s viking film for a long time. “Berserker” wow, what a great title fitting for Gibson. It would be nice if we could at least see a cameo of Gibson in Fury Road.

  16. mad mad wont be he same without mel gibson in it :( well at least hes got the viking thing going on i will watch that!!!

  17. mad max i mean lol orr mad mad max yeahhhh

  18. those are great news! I wil go see all those movies i just regret that get the gringos cant be seen in american theaters due to discrimination of a person religious views, Mel Gibson’s, and due to a compeltely uncall stigmatization of the person. Its complete defamation of a person and hois caracter to have call him a drunard when he dont have touch it since 6 eyars and call him mad when he is very poised, and anti women just cause he get md at a chick that stole his money and faked a pregmnacy and bouhgt a baby on the ukrainina baby trafiking marked and pased it as his then blackmailed him with it and his nervous breakdown over what she was doing. thats so far out.
    I am glad that where i live i can go watch it in theaters from May 3rd.

    This is so sad for america.

    The misuse and abuse of the word antisemite ofr the sole purpose of staining someones name whne one has no arguments to do so and no reasons is a mascarad e of jsutice and fake indignation that should be stp in USA cause it has gone too far. Finklestein is rigth about it and has profiously disserted about it. Too bad that his words are not better known by the general population and the journalists in particular., that could trigger a new debate and too hinder that type of mistake form hapening by having journalitsts and medias who are better infromed and able to filter mass misinformation and manipulation.

    Mel Gibson is a greate man who always helped others no mattter wqhat politicla party they are on and what religioous beleives thaty had. he jhelped britney spear and courtney and Robert downey Junior who is jew, and lived in his house for monhts, to help him get out oof his mess at a time when nobody wanted to even talk to him..

    People have a short memory and are easy to be fooled.
    He shout once at someone on the phone and ditto he is monster no matter the reason why? what kid of society is that who stigmatise and is ready to destropy a man entoire life achievement based on that??
    i didnt saw them mention that he helped milon of people and saved the life of hundreds of thousands childrens in the past 15 years. It doesnt count???

    • You should never post to discussions when you are blinding drunk. No one can read it.

  19. From what i have seen of the movie “Get the Gringos” its very good, funny and action packed, and it feels home and relaxing, and very interesting. and the 2 next movies looks very promising too.
    I have to give honor to Mel Gibson for having the energy and passion enough to keep making movies after what he experienced and the way he was betrailed, and at his age.

    It crave a strong man to can do so, and a lot of faith in life.

  20. I am very curious about that viking movie should be exceptional and very grabing movie.
    As for juddha Maccabee mel gibson had that project in mind since after he made the passion, as a continuation.
    The Christian hero and then the jewish hero, and religious most central emblem.
    He wanted to make that movie before he was arested for a DUI in 2006, so it goes to prove that he could never have said what he was accused to have said by this corrupted officer, and that he couldnt be an antisemite.
    I never heard of someone hating black or chineese or mexicans or boudhists, wanting to make a movie about their prophete or hero, in such a glorifying way as the stry of Juddha maccabee is.

    It makes no sense at all.
    And in worse a story that glorify that person and the group of people, being religious or segment of population or race, it makes no sense at all to do such a movie, unless you like those peole and want to do soemthing good about them, by enlighting a glorious part of their history.

  21. OK, let’s get off this personal Mel Gibson stuff, or I’ll start deleting comments.


  22. I have been dreaming and waiting for this moment…Please Mr. Gibson, get this project off the ground…. I can help

  23. Don’t axe the Max!

    • haha. Really.

  24. I just saw the movie ” Get the Gringo ” Amnd I loved it! I have to say I really missed Mel Gibson alot! He is one of the best actors ever in my opinion. I don’t care about all the bad press he has gotten lately I still love his movies and will always be a fan!

  25. I hope Mel makes more films like Braveheart! I have to confess I have seen that film about 30 times! If it’s on Cable when I go through the dial I have to stop and watch it! One of my all time favorite movies, right up there with Ben Hur! Stop boycotting him folks, he is a great actor and I want see more from him.

  26. I love the story of Judah Maccabee! Does anyone have any idea how the making of this movie is coming along and when it can be expected??? It is worth picking up a bible with the apocrypha in it and take a read into Maccabees 1 and 2. Outstanding stories! I’m not a big movie buff any longer, but this one will be worth seeing! (I’m not upholding the apocrypha by no means, but the story of Maccabees and what these people went through is very thought-provoking)…Btw, Mel is still an appreciated actor. No one is perfect and many others have done foolishness themselves.

  27. mad max is mel, jesus crist was murder for you ,you palestinian baby killer.