Mel Gibson’s ‘Get The Gringo’ Skips Theaters & Goes Straight To DirecTV

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Get The Gringo goes straight to DirecTV Mel Gibsons Get The Gringo Skips Theaters & Goes Straight To DirecTV

Mel Gibson’s latest action extravaganza Get The Gringo is set to bypass theatres altogether and arrive on DirecTV on May 1st. The film will cost $10.99 per viewing during this exclusive period, and then later in the year it will hit other outlets on Blu-ray, VOD, and digital download.

The deal, with 20th Century Fox, is something of a coup for Gibson’s company Icon Productions and it could mean that Gibson earns another fortune from a film which he has not only financed, but also released through a unique distribution angle.

This radical release strategy follows a few years of personal problems for Gibson and the release of The Beaver, a black-comedy directed by Jodie Foster, which grossed less than $1 million at the US box office, and a little over $6 million worldwide. Some may argue that Gibson’s fan base has deserted him, and that this release is a way of minimizing expenditure through prints and advertising; however, it does fit into Gibson’s unique way of pushing the Hollywood envelope and giving audiences something that they might not normally get.

In 1989 Gibson founded Icon Productions as a way of getting the funding for Franco Zeffirelli’s Hamlet and through this company he’s balanced the mainstream with starring vehicles like Forever Young, What Women Want and Maverick with some trickier business propositions such as Immortal Beloved, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, the latter two earning Gibson over $611 million and $120 million respectively at the worldwide box office. He even risked his reputation at the peak of his success with Braveheart, an Oscar-winning hit that grossed $210 million in 1995, paving the way for such films as Gladiator.

Get The Gringo (formally How I Spent My Summer Vacation) returns Gibson to his action roots, offering audiences (what appears to be) a violent and funny film about a career criminal coping with life on the other side of the Mexican border. Gibson is something of a cross-gender star who appeals to males and females alike, with his Lethal Weapon franchise grossing almost $1 billion – not bad considering that the last installment was in 1998.

The film will get a limited cinematic showing (marketed by Icon, Fox DirecTV) in at “least 10 markets” including a screening in Austin with a post-film discussion with Gibson, his co-writer and director Adrian Grunberg and 10 year-old co-star Kevin Hernandez. This event will be moderated by Harry Knowles and beamed live to the other screenings. The film will get a cinematic release in countries such as Australia and Russia, where VOD isn’t as prevalent as it is in the US – where DirecTV has more than 20 million subscribers. Fox Home Entertainment president Mike Dunn said:

“As digital distribution evolves, we are constantly looking at new ways to bring the consumer greater access than ever before to our movies. Reaching nearly 20 million households on the DirecTV premium platform offers us an opportunity to explore innovative approaches like this one for Get The Gringo.”

According to Deadline (where you can also check out the trailer), “Gibson sparked to the chance to road-test a new distribution model” and Get The Gringo could be a way to add some credibility to VOD, expanding its core audience, and delivering exciting new films, that offer a cinematic experience at home.

A source is quoted as saying:

“We really wanted to lean into this, and they will do a very significant marketing campaign around it. It was a great way to launch this particular movie. A lot of those Sundance films going to VOD might not have a major star or be strong enough commercially to attract a wide audience. When we tested Get The Gringo, it tested 86% in the top two boxes, with all four quadrants.”

The VOD release of Get The Gringo doesn’t mean that Gibson is turning his back on releases on the big screen, as he is currently working on an untitled Viking tale written by Braveheart’s Randall Wallace, as well as another epic tale about Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee, which will be penned by Basic Instinct writer Joe Eszterhas.

At the very least, Get The Gringo should be a new chapter in Mel Gibson’s career and the success or failure of the film could have a major impact on how similar films are released and marketed.

Source Deadline

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  1. Love Mel

    Will be watching this and can’t wait for the Viking epic

  2. I’ll be looking forward to this project as well as his untitled Viking project. I enjoyed his work on The Beaver as well as the rest of the ensemble. Hopefully ‘Gringo’ will be more ‘Payback’ than ‘Edge of Darkness’.

  3. LOL. Mel Gibson’s next production will be “premiered” on You Tube. He’s now officially a member of the club that Carlos Estevez ( aka charlie sheen ) and Lindsay Lohan belong to.

    Good riddance , Gibson. Take your misogyny and your racism with you.

    • looks like the political correct thought police checking in. Shouldn’t you be posting something on the Daily Koz?

      • Ahh! Well I didn’t bring up politics , you did.

        Tell ya what ; while I read up on what’s going on at the Daily KOS – you can attend your regularly scheduled Tea Party basement meeting.

        It’s ” people ” like you who perpetuate all of the negatives of the right.

        Go on and protect and defend someone like Gibson , who is clearly a hate filled and violent misogynist and racist.

        It’s all on tape. In his own words. Try looking it up sometime.

        There’s a reason a Los Angles Judge awarded his former wife half of everything he “had.” Just two weeks ago.

        Enlighten yourself….

        • Gibson is a self destructive alcoholic. I don’t know if you have any personal experience with people like that but I can assure you when drunk they will say anything to make people hate them as much as they hate themselves. Then when sober it will all change, they’re master manipulators. I don’t blame anyone for tuning Mel Gibson out but I don’t think you can simple say he is a racist because he said racially offensive things. I hope Gibson has got his life turned in the right direction now. The thing about Gibson is he is a huge talent despite all his faults. Its not like you can just go down to the local 7-11 and get another Mel Gibson.

          • @ Dirk;

            What you write is very insightful and appreciated.

            Yes, Gibson is w/out question a troubled alcoholic. Hopefully he’s sought out serious treatment.

            However, substance abusers are not to be let off the hook when the repercussions become clear.

            When an intoxicated alcoholic gets behind the wheel of their car and kills other people on the roads the damage is done.
            Luckily for Gibson , no one got killed. What got killed was his career.

            It all comes down to taking responsibility for your own actions.

            Mel Gibson hasn’t ever apologized for his revolting actions, nor does he have to. But a little humility on his part would have proven him to be a better man.

            7-11actually sells reduced DVD’s! So, if anyone wants to find Mel @ 7-11, one can actually buy “Bird On A Wire” for only 2.99!!

            • I agree, Bird on a Wire was revolting, and he should apologize. lol

  4. “Some may argue that Gibson’s fan base has deserted him”

    It seems that way. I wonder why though?…

    • Right on. With the absolute failure of The Beaver ( an appropriate title for Melly ) and the fact that he lost HALF of everything he once had to the woman he brutally victimized, one has to ask: Why? lol

      • I guess now that i think about it, it makes sense i guess. I didn’t really pay much attention to all of that. I didn’t even know he was an alchi. Everybody has problems. The only difference is that hes a celeb and whenever they have problems it is highly publicized and are usually judged by it. I judge him on his talent only. Hopefully he gets help…

      • I think it was the other way around,and the woman just played him,and abused him for his money !
        She knew exactly what temper he had,and how to play him to get there,so yeah…played him to say all that on tape ! Poor Mel !
        I know Women like that,just in for the Money ! Get the facts right please ,before you say stuff like that about a man that is clearly a victim here !

        • How sad. You sound like one of those guys who get caught on camera on NBC’s “To Catch A Predator.”

  5. The Beaver opened in one theater in all of New York City.
    This never happens. Not even in limited releases which
    The Beaver was not and the film had excellent reviews.

    Similar restrictions by distributors occurred nationally.
    The direct release of this film is result of that history.

  6. How can someone fall from grace so hard?

    • Tom Sizemore has been asking himself that very same question for the past ten years.

  7. Wow, kind of sad when you think about it. I just watched Braveheart on TV last weekend and have to wonder just what the hell happened???

  8. My guess is that the studio has no faith in the film, either because of Mel OR the film stinks.

  9. Goes Straight To DirecTV.

    3, 2, 1, …no one cares. He’s done.

  10. The Beaver did not interest me not one bit. Edge of Darkness was cool but i like this idea to several degrees except for the price of the movie to watch it ondemand. If they did not put such a high price on some movies ondemand then it would be worth watching some of them but it would be almost cheaper to wait till their theatrically release and watch them there unless you do not like crowds or the employees at the theatre.

    Hope he does several more movies for i have missed his action movies, also kurt russel also needs to do some movies too.

    • Actually after the price of gas, and the price of theater food/drinks on top of having to wait through enormous lines and in some cases miss pieces of the movie you can’t rewind. It is cheaper to watch it on demand. Plus if you have other people in your house hold, it gives them a chance to watch it as well.

      @Johnny 100% agree. He is a great actor. Nobody is perfect nor should we be able to judge him for the things he has done. I wouldn’t want people judging me on some things I have done because like most people I do have skeletons in my closet. If he does his job good, we shouldn’t judge what he does in his personal time.

  11. Mel should be in Expendables 3

  12. Hoping Mel will indeed make his desired Viking epic, but it appears the hypocrites in Holly”weird” are unlikely to let him back into their fold. As evidenced by the hate mongers here in this discussion, there are plenty of people who cannot forgive, and therefore, they prove themselves to be just as bad, if not even worse, then Mel…

    • Yeah I hope he makes his viking movie too but I doubt it because he needs a large budget and their is no way Hollywood would produce it. And the film also has to have a theatre release in US theatres which again because of hollywoods political agenda will not allow it. And Hollywood tells people that someone is evil and people buy into the garbage and start acting like the ones in Hollywood. Unfortunately a lot of people are not smart enough to think for themselves and let Hollywood and the media do their thinking for them.

  13. To me this is BS and all leads to one thing. The fact that this movie will not make money if they send it to theaters. Is the movie good? Who knows. But everyone involved expects to make more money with this method of delivery. They are problably right but why beat around the bush. Gibson has a long way to go to get a fanbase back IMO.

  14. What a bunch of crap! Mel Gibson and his company dont want this to be released in Video on Demand, they want this to go to theaters! No-one in Hollywood will support the film or allow it in theaters because they still hold a grudge against Gibson! the film is being released in the theaters in other countries but not in the USA. Its sad that Hollywood let rapists get away like Roman Polanski and perverts like Woody Allen but Gibson cant because he is catholic and made passion of the christ.

    If Gibson was allowed back into Hollywood then he could make amazing movies like apocalypto but instead he has to make lower budget films that dont go to theatres!

    And its funny how manipulated some people on here are because their are a lot of worse people in Hollywood than Gibson (who did very little wrong) but because Hollywood and the media attacks Gibson you people buy into the garbage and start hating him. What exactly did Gibson do that was so wrong? their was no proof that he ever attacked his girlfriend, so why hate him is it because he some words privately? so you never got angry and said things you didn’t mean? so no one ever gets drunk and says inappropriate things?

    you geniuses need to stop focusing on his personal life and enjoy his amazing films!

    • Totally agree. The guy’s a brilliant action star, and Apocalypto proved his directing chops.

  15. I agree as well, there are plenty of other worse people in hollywood. Gibson is a born performer who just did and said some stupid things. Unlike a lot of actor, he just happened to get caught doing so. But his movies are amazing, the work he did on Braveheart by starring, directing and producing is an amazing feat. The only other star who immediately comes to mind is Stallone who starred and directed expendables /rocky 6 etc.

  16. Just watched “Get The Gringo” on #FIOS today and it rocked. Sort of like a Mexican Guy Ritchie flick with elements of Tarantino (“Resevoir Dogs”) and the Coen brothers (“No Country for Old Men”) mixed in for good measure. Lots of gritty action sequences here that are shot in the vintage style of a Sam Peckinpah or Sergio Leone spaghetti western. If you are a fan of classic prison break films like “Midnight Express” then this movie is for you!

  17. Just saw the movie and I really enjoyed it. I really didn’t like edge of darkness too much, but I still enjoy Mel Gibson’s acting and directing. I don’t let Hollywood or the people he has offended tell me what to think so I don’t see him losing his fan-base, which includes me. The things he has said and done does not effect my enjoyment of his work, because it isn’t in his movies. As for some of the comments about bird on a wire being sold at bargain basement prices…the movie is 22 years old! You can get nearly every 22 year old movie for very little money.

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