Transformers 2: Two and a Half Hours of Megatron’s Revenge

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transformers 2 header Transformers 2: Two and a Half Hours of Megatrons Revenge

What are the things that Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen has to do better than the first film? More robots? Definitely. Better, more comprehensible action? Certainly. But would a longer running time be on the top ten list? I wouldn’t think so, at least not if the problems of the first film remain un-remedied for the sequel.

However, in an interview with MTV, director Michael Bay revealed the running time of Revenge of the Fallen: a whopping 147 minutes! He didn’t actually say the run time explicitly, but he said, “It’s four minutes longer than the last one,” which if you do a bit of Sherlock Holmes-style investigating (read: look at the back of the Transformers DVD), you’ll see that the first one is 143 minutes, making Transformers 2 147 minutes.

Bay gave his thoughts on the importance, or lack thereof, of running times:

“”I don’t ever talk (to executives) about run times,” he grinned. “Studios always ask, ‘What’s the run time?’ And I’m like ‘If you enjoy the movie, do you care?’”

In principle I agree with what Bay is saying about run times, but in the case of something like Revenge of The Fallen, I think running time definitely matters. I just re-watched the first movie recently, and without a doubt it’s an example of where being a bit more liberal in the editing room would have benefited enormously, especially considering the annoying overwhelming amount of human stuff there was compared to the robots.

I am all for that long of a run time for Transformers 2, providing that we get a hell of a lot more screen time for the actual robots, you know… what the film’s title suggests the movie is actually supposed to be about…

In other Transformer 2 news, ever since the release of the first film one of the biggest pieces of speculation was whether or not Megatron would be making a return for the sequel. It was “yes he is, no he isn’t, yes he is, oh wait no he isn’t,” for a long time, particularly because that sneaky Bay said he would be purposefully leaking false news to throw avid fans for a loop as to what was true and what was false.

megatron header1 Transformers 2: Two and a Half Hours of Megatrons Revenge

However, a couple of months ago, Transformers co-writer Robert Orci finally confirmed that Megatron would be returning for the sequel. However, even though Bay was forced to admit Megatron would be in the sequel after Huge Weaving said he’d finished all the voice work for the film, he still denied he’d actually be returning in the same capacity as he was in the first film:

“[Megatron would only be seen] from the long lost past. We go way back in time as this movie explains the mythology of the Primes. He is not a tank like everyone suggests, but an alien vehicle. But sadly he does not has much screen time.”

Well, time seems to have changed that, or the above quote was just another one of Bay’s little deceptions. As it turns out, not only will Megatron be back, but he will be looking for revenge on Shia Labeouf’s Sam Witwicky, and looking to conquer Optimus Prime. The info given on some toy images on tells us so:















Trapped in the black, crushing depths of the sea, his mind inert in the grip of stasis lock, Megatron knew nothing of the desperate search mounted for his remains by the other Decepticons. When he was finally brought back online, their effort and sacrifice meant little to him. The only thing that had any meaning was revenge. He would have his vengeance against the human boy who cheated him of his prize, and he swore to celebrate over the smoking wreck of Optimus Prime.

transformers 2 megatron toy Transformers 2: Two and a Half Hours of Megatrons Revenge

I guess since we now know the level of presence Megatron will have in Transformers 2, that the subtitle Revenge of the Fallen refers to both the new character of “the Fallen,” as well as Megatron himself…














I fully admit that I am not a fan of Transformers the original cartoon, the toys, or even the more recent versions in the ’90s and the 2000′s. I went into the first film knowing nothing more than the names Optimus Prime, Megatron and the fact that the Transformers were giant transforming robots.

So when the movie got to the almost incomprehensible action sequences, since I had no idea which robots were which, and whether they were the good guys or not, the shaky and ultra-zoomed-in camera didn’t help my understanding of the whole thing.

I just hope that for the sequel, Bay has taken a step back and seriously looked at all the problems the first film had, and done everything in his power as the director to remedy them for the sequel.

What is your opinion on Transformers 2 being even longer than the first film? And what about the fact that Megatron is back and out for revenge?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is released on June 24th this year.

Source: IESB, MTV Movies Blog and TF08

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  1. Perhaps someone who is not familiar with the source material or a fan of the franchise isn’t the best choice to pen Transformers updates. Either you were too old or too young for the 80′s cartoon and toy craze. In either case, I move for a vote of no confidence……

  2. Rifftrax asked the best question about that (I’m paraphrasing): “was it a wise design decision to make ALL the robots look and sound exactly the same?”

    I doubt tossing thirty brand-spaanking-new clanking piles of pistons at the audience at once is going to, at all, alleviate the confusion. :)

  3. More screen time for giant weapon wielding fighting robots that transform into super cool vehicles? What’s not to like?

    No one watches this kind of film for robot character development. They could all look and sound exactly the same and as long as buildings are crumbling and stuff is blowing up around them, my seat is already taken.

  4. @SmartAss

    If what you’re looking for is fanboy slobber I’m sure there’s plenty of sites that do just that. ScreenRant provides thoughtful views of (damn near) everything they cover, with an intelligent and reserved perspective that lets you make up your own mind without forcing you to agree with the reporters.

    I hardly thing this would have been better with lots of “OMG OP IS SO COOOLLL!!11!!1!” lines.

    Ross, thanks for the thoughts.

    For myself (who was a Transformers fanboy) I found the first movie _very_ hard to watch. The human interaction wasn’t so annoying to me because I accepted a bit of set-up. It wasn’t a gem of modern cinema so much as just plain fun. The hard part for me was the insane complexities in the robots. There were so many moving parts and empty spots I really only saw bunches of scrap metal with some voices over my shoulder. I _needed_ people in the show to have a hope of understanding what was going on.

    Thanks, Ross.

  5. dissappionting, i was hoping megatron would only have a cameo in a flashback scene or have a stinger at the end of the film showing him coming back to life and just save his return for the third film

  6. @Tim

    Actually I’m sure some of my Iron Man and Star Trek posts do come across like I’m an excited fanboy. :-P


  7. @SmartAss,

    As Tim said, so only the people who are absolute fans of (or have extensive knowledge of) the news story at hand should post about it, so they can praise the hell out of it? That would give a pretty limited view of every topic that gets posted about.

    It may just be me, but there is a little thing called “diversity of opinion” permitted in this world, and that may or may not include lack of extensive knowledge of a certain subject.

    I’m sorry I’m not a Transformers mega-fan; most of the people who saw the movie were in my exact position.

  8. It is only a differential so the running time should not matter that much. No matter all the faults from the previous film, I can honestly say that Transformers gave me my money’s worth. And that is what Michael Bay does, he might not be the most subtle director or whatever these geeks ‘hate’ about him so much but at least he gives you your money’s worth.
    When I see a film with a short run time, I do feel ripped off, no matter how good it might be, UNLESS it actually delivers what it could out of the product given. The best example of this is Crank. It is not even 90 minutes, but it delivers.

  9. That should be ’4 minute differential’.

  10. only problem i had w/ the humans was “the hackers” i mean they didnt really do anything just wasted screen time, but im not suprised that they didnt have enough robots b/c of the budgets however if they did cut the hackers from the film then we could have actually got to see bumblebee and barricade fight instead we got frenzy trying to “violate” sam

  11. @SmartAss

    Not everyone who went to see the first one was a fan of what came before – I’ve said it many times: A movie has to stand on it’s OWN. You shouldn’t HAVE to be a fan of the source material or even familiar with it for a movie to work. It’s a stand alone work.


  12. @Vic,

    I TOTALLY agree. I often hear the argument “ah, but that’s the way it was in the book.” Yeah… but this isn’t the book, or the comic, or the cartoon… this is the MOVIE. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, even if it did in the original material.

  13. I, like you Ross, came into the movie with little knowledge about Transformers. I just knowing there are two types, good and bad, I knew like 3 of their names and knew that there would be some sick action, probably because I was born in 91 which made me a little too young to get into it as a kid as it was more 80′s. Now, that being said, I thought it was a good movie, heck I thought it was one of the greatest when I saw it in theaters at the age of 16 at the time.

    But, in the last two years I have started to watch and favor more intellectual movies like Se7en and American Psycho. So, at least IMO, I think over the last two years I have gained a lot of knowledge and my opinion has changed a great deal on what I think makes a great movie. Now I still consider Transformers as good, but not nearly as good as I originally did. The humor wasn’t really funny, there was at least a little too much human involvement in the film, but it was still good thanks to the action. I am hoping this movie is more about the action and more about the robots, but even if it’s like the first movie, the action scenes will be so hardcore that I can’t help myself but get excited when I watch a trailer for this. I just think that the testosterone in my system won’t allow me to say it’s a bad movie. lol

  14. @Tim and Vic

    Don’t forget the DB Fanboys or there may be a riot on your hands if you forget them.


    Se7en was good, didn’t see American Psycho, but I don’t think many people’s IQs went up from watching them or went down for not watching them.
    This movie is going to be good.

    @Ross Miller

    Megatron has always been Paranoid that way.

  15. @SIN187UM,

    Se7en was a fantastic movie, and one of the blueprints for serial killer thrillers. I do think it was more intelligent than other movies of the sort, and if you haven’t dabbled beyond blockbuster stuff before, I think Se7en would “make your IQ go up.”

    American Psycho is also a very intelligent film – the director Mary Harron (you wouldn’t think looking at the film that it was directed by a woman…) perfectly captured the biting sattire of the original novel. It appears on the surface to be just about this “quote-worthy” dialogue, violent scenes and an iconic performance from Christian Bale, but it’s actually an intelligent sattire on the superficiality of people in that lifestyle.

    Can you tell I’m a fan?:)

  16. @ SIN187UM

    I’m not saying that watching those movies will make your IQ rise, maybe your movie IQ if there is such a thing. I’m just saying that you can’t deny that those are more mature and intellectual movies, that make you think and are wonderful classics. I know that after something like TDK everyone hopes blockbuster movies can be like that but they don’t need to be, nor would it even be possible as Christopher Nolan is just one man. For me, I’m just going to see this movie for the action, even if there isn’t as much as I hope, it will still be epic. If there is a decent story with decent acting and dialogue it won’t hurt it. But a great script along with some damn good acting can never hurt. ;)

    @ Ross

    Yeah over that past year mostly I’ve watched a lot more movies and mostly older ones like the ones I’ve mentioned and I actually look for different things in a movie now. I don’t just look for action and hot girls like when I was 13, I mean, I still do, but I look for other stuff like a great story and great acting too. :D

  17. @ Ross Miller/Stephen

    Yes I can tell. Yes I have also watched Se7en, and have enjoyed it as well. Sorry it just came across (to me anyway) that the choice in movies people watch predominantly showed intellectual level, but ok I can see what you guys meant now. So its all good.

  18. 147 minutes of awesome robots fighting each other! no complaints here.

    don’t look for a good story and acting in a popcorn flick and you won’t be disappointed. “haters” shouldn’t be shocked when they already know it’s like that going into the movie.

  19. Personally, I enjoy SR for its authors and their honest/neutral reviews and updates =D. I think SmartAss was saying that he’d prefer someone who was more educated on the original material because they’d be able to give a bit more insight in the posts for those who ARE NOT familiar.

    Transformers DOES stand on its own, so any viewer can enjoy it without having any prior knowledge about it. But it wouldn’t hurt to educate the SR regulars who fit into that category.

    But Ross does a great job! Outside of denying that Dragonball’s fan base is ginormous. =P

  20. @Smartass

    As Ross, said, this is an editorial movie news site. EVERY post has a “spin” (as you put it).

    I run this site and I tell my writers not to write up a movie item UNLESS they have an opinion about it. And yes, overall we do have a bias against Transformers because most of us thought the first movie wasn’t very good.

    We don’t make it a secret around here, either. :-P


  21. @J BIZ

    “No one watches this kind of film for robot character development.”

    Actually, there was someone who got kicked off this site for being too vocal about wanting more character development of the robots. I’d say it’s safe to assume that there are others out there who, to varying degrees, feel the same way. They may not be the majority, but there do exist.

  22. @Ross

    I agree, and I think most of us enjoy and value the opinion of you SR writers. Actually, there have been some Transformers posts that were very informative of source material that helped catch me up. So I think there is a good mix of both. And I enjoyed the first film, and I’m glad the runtime is approximately the same, HOPEFULLY giving the bots more screen time.


  23. Firehawk,

    If people are honestly concerned about the character development of fictional giant robots from another world, I would suggest they have more to worry about than the specifics of a movie sequel.

  24. @Firehawk

    What are you talking about? The ONLY time we kick ANYONE off the site is for continually offensive comments or personal attacks against either the writers or other commenters.



  25. “Not everyone who went to see the first one was a fan of what came before – I’ve said it many times: A movie has to stand on it’s OWN. You shouldn’t HAVE to be a fan of the source material or even familiar with it for a movie to work. It’s a stand alone work.”

    I said the same thing about Watchmen. The execution as a film was poor.

    In the case of TF, being a fan of the 80′s series doesn’t help opinions of the movie.

  26. @Panda,

    It’s funny because wouldn’t that then mean that anyone who wasn’t a fan of the Watchmen source material, and didn’t know anythig about it, would end up hating the movie? Well place me in the “not in the know” camp and yet I LOVED the movie.

    Go figure:)