Megatron Not In Transformers 2?

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megatron header Megatron Not In Transformers 2?

Apparently, a reader of has in his possession the 2009 preview issue of Empire and it contains some information on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Specifically, it includes comments from Michael Bay in which he points out that Megatron will not be in the sequel to the 2007 summer blockbuster. In his comments, he references the early leaked images I wrote about back in September of what seemed to be a new tank version of Megatron from the sequel and he says that’s just some new Megatron movie universe toy made by Hasbro.

Hmm… pretty decent and detailed concept art (with shots of multiple angles) just for a toy of a main character who’s not in the movie but has a new version of himself…

Is this simply direct misinformation (is that an oxymoron?) from the captain of the ship? Were those pictures of a Cybertronian tank with Megatron’s head just misinformation? It wouldn’t be unheard of, with some of the things he said about the first film that weren’t exactly accurate. And more importantly he said himself there would be lies and misinformation about the sequel.

Or is he just trying to be a funny man and is going out of his way to point out that “Megatron” won’t be in the movie but a new incarnation of the character will be… perhaps that of Galvatron?

Galvatron, in most iterations of Transformers, is the reincarnation of the Decepticon leader Megatron. In Generation 1 of Transformers, a damaged Megatron and several other defeated Decepticons under his command were jettisoned into space from Astrotrain (another Decepticon whose primary role was to transport his allies) to lower its mass and make its way home to Cybertron. For those who don’t know anything about Transformers lore (and I don’t know that much to be honest), this probably sounds ridiculous, I know. [OK, I am seriously freaking out over all this ‘Transformers’ history/tech talk – Ed.]

Anyway, while the end was in sight for the nasty Megatron, Unicron (a giant transformer of planetary size who consumes other planets like Galactus of the Marvel Universe) summoned him and offered to give him a new body and new soldiers and in return, Megatron would need to complete a mission for the giant bot.

Long story short, some similar transformation could be in order for the ruined Decepticon leader of the first Transformers film and I think that’s likely the case as Megatron seems too important to never bring back.

Either way, I don’t see the point in Bay coming out and saying this. The movie is just a few months away and while we expect a trailer during the superbowl, I really want to start seeing some of the bots that will be appearing in the film. Enough with the lame pictures of Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox – Give me some Robots not in disguise! The movie is called Transformers, not The Kids Who Take Screen Time Away From Them.

Do you think Megatron will make his return in some form for the sequel?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuts June 26 2009.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. I think this is all misinformation. Transformers won’t be Transformers without Megatron just like Batman won’t be Batman if you take Batman out. Megatron is part of Transformers history. In every cartoon series, you see Megatron in some form or another. You never see no Megatron in any series. To not have Megatron back in TF2, that’s a slap in the face for all fans and the movie won’t be a huge hit.

  2. I don’t think it would be a huge deal if Megs was not in the next film. Yes, there have been various incarnations of the character in practically every series of Transformers…but to compare Megs to Batman…… There are just so many transformers out there that they can bring to the film. The better Batman / Trans comparison should be that as there are countless Batman villains and supporting characters the same goes with Transformers.

  3. “In every cartoon series, you see Megatron in some form or another.”

    Only the American ones. In Japan there were a number of series without Megatron.

  4. Misdirection on the part of Mr.Bay. I believe that He will return as Galvatron. I would like to pint out the Title : Revenge of The Fallen. Now this may be me talking out of my butt, but Could the “Fallen” be Megatron in some incarnation??
    However if Megatron is not in the sequel, I will not lose any sleep over it, because that will open up a few doors for a Starscream story arc, with the rise and fall of Starscream as leader of the Decepticons and it also creates more screen time for other Transformer nasties.

  5. Give me Galvatron or give me death!

    Well, maybe not death…

    I’m tired of the B.S too. I want to see a trailer with some giant robots fighting, and this time, I want to be able to understand what I’m seeing without having to pause and play it frame by frame.

  6. “Now this may be me talking out of my butt, but Could the “Fallen” be Megatron in some incarnation?”

    Other speculation follows the line of reasoning that The Fallen could the character of the same name who appeared in the Dreamwave Comics series “Transformers: The War Within – The Dark Ages.”

  7. In all reality, it’s probably just misinformation. However skipping Megatron for this movie could be a strategy as there could be some internal struggle between various decepticons (particularly Starscream) as to who should be the new leader; all while The Fallen is running a muck. If he’s not in it I can easily see Soundwave (one of the few that Bay said absolutely WOULD be in the next film) setting up for Megatrons return in the third film.

  8. he’l probly make an apearance twards the end of the film as galvatron.
    and who knows BAY might throw in sum unicron refrances that would be cool.
    and the need 2 bring in a real-ish
    “sound wave”.
    and please dont give me any of that “oh we thought we’d throw FreNzy in as a omige to sound-Wave.”
    i want the real sound wave with the Cylon esqis VoiCe.
    and please hope they dont turn him in to an I-PoD.

  9. Frenzy was the dumbest transformer ever – his look and more importantly, the way he acted and the sounds he made were horrid.

  10. I think megatron should be in the movie …we never got to see a epic battle between optimus and megatron (unlike that 3 second battle in the first movie!!!)…and the movie should begin with megatrons ressurection by soundwave…and should end with megatron killing optimus at the end …. and before the moive ending ultra magnus comes out …… setting the plot for part 3 … that would make the movie a hit…

  11. i think megatron should be in the movie but not as a main charecter they should hopefully set it up for a megatron/galvatron rebirth at the end of the movie making a new plot and characters for a third one like hotrod , ultra magnus and say the sweeps also

  12. will he be in the seccond movie?, yes